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Monday, June 11, 2018

Germany’s Immigration Angst Deepens

A grisly rape and murder stir second thoughts about Merkel’s policies.

Gilbert T. Sewall June 11, 2018

Since 2015, the influx of about 1.4 million Middle East and North African migrants into Germany — almost all of them Muslim — has destabilized the nation’s politics and society. One of them, Ali Bashar, an Iraqi said to be 20 years old, was arrested on Friday in Kurdistan, the prime suspect in the rape and killing of Susanna Maria Feldman, a case that has turned into a German cause célèbre and global news. Susanna Feldman was a 14-year-old Jewish girl from Mainz. When she disappeared in May, her distraught mother mounted a major social media campaign. Unchaperoned, Feldman seems to have struck up a friendship with Ali Bashar a while back at a refugee center on the outskirts of Wiesbaden, where he lived with his parents and five siblings. Last week, Susanna was found strangled near railway lines close to the refugee center. An unnamed 13-year-old witness had tipped police off...............Merkel defended her course of action in the Bundestag last week as a “humanitarian” act. Merkel later expressed dismay at the crime itself and said hollowly it should remind Germans to do whatever is possible for the integration of immigrants. ............The widely read newsmagazine Der Spiegel — a dependable organ of Merkel good think — still publishes earnest open-borders articles. It contains graphs and bullets explaining why Germans should not be concerned about safety or migrant rapes, and it instructs native residents how to avoid Islamophobia. But the number of German citizens who believe such perilous nonsense seems to diminish with every local election............To Read More......

My Take - More evidence that leftism is a mental disorder.

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