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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Jennifer Rubin: MSNBC’s Fake Conservative

by Larry Horist June 14, 2108

I have read a number of Jennifer Rubin’s opinion articles for the Washington Post. I have seen several of her appearances as a contributor, mostly on MSNBC. I have always considered her the personification of the snobby and bubble encased #NeverTrump journalist.

To get a sense of her perspective, here is the lead paragraph from a recent editorial.

“After President Trump’s atrocious and irrational behavior leading up to and at the Group of Seven summit, the disintegration of the liberal world order in place since the end of World War II and the potential for a serious international crisis no longer seem hard to imagine. The president, unmoved by history, ignorant of facts and guided by sycophants, has not been forced to grapple with the real world nor to hear views that don’t coincide with his twisted worldview, in which allies are ripping us off and aggressive strongmen are to be admired and accommodated.”

This is neither atypical nor even her harshest attack on President Trump. In her appearances on such shows as Lawrence O’Donnell’s “Last Word,” she pleases her host – and earns her invitations – by parroting what can only be described as the hyper-hyperbolic narrative of O’Donnell and his producers. She offers almost no new information or difference in perspective – but rather parrots screeds that fall on my ears like the sound effects for Godzilla. ........To Read More....

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