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Thursday, June 14, 2018

International Scientific Conference Deems Evolution A "Hoax"

Monday, 04 June 2018 by

Did you come from slime and monkeys? Not according to scientists here. A collection of prestigious academics and experts from around the world, representing various disciplines, came together in late April to challenge what many described as a “lie” or a “hoax.” This ruse, they said, has underpinned all manner of evils since it first gained widespread acceptance. From communism and national socialism to terrorism, atheism, and eugenics, this theory has been crucial to propagating countless curses and scourges that have afflicted humanity for centuries, they argued.

The Enemy: The theory of evolution. Each speaker at the 3rd International Conference on the Origin of Life in Istanbul had his or her own specialty. They had varied religions, too, ranging from evangelical Christians, Catholics, and Mormons to Muslims and more generic deist-monotheists. But they all agreed on one point: A growing battery of scientific evidence debunks the evolution hypothesis, which some in attendance even compared to a powerful false religion.........To Read More...

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