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Monday, June 11, 2018

Feel the Bern: Polio makes comeback in Venezuela after decades

By AFP Sunday Jun 10, 2018
Polio has been reported in Venezuela, a crisis-wracked country where the disease had been eradicated decades ago, the Pan-American Health Organization reports. The organization said the child had no history of vaccination and lives in an under-immunized extremely impoverished Delta Amacuro state.

Polio, or poliomyelitis, is a crippling childhood disease caused by the polio virus, and preventable through immunization.........Oletta slammed health authorities in President Nicolas Maduro’s government for taking more than a month to notify the PAHO that it had identified the virus. International health regulations require it to do so within 24 hours.........Venezuela says it does not have 85 per cent of the basic medical supplies it needs even including vaccines. Maduro’s government blames US sanctions for the woes.........To Read More....

My Take - Polio, measles, TB, and who knows how many other afflictions these poor people are unnecessarily suffering, but of course it's always the fault of the U.S. But why then aren't these illegitimate tyrannical socialist governments getting the help they need from Russia, China, and Iran?  Why isn't it their fault? And whose fault is it for the failure to report this? Must be Trump's fault......Right?  But we have to understand - none of this is the fault of these socialists who've stolen billions from Venezuela.....Right? Can't you just Feel the Bern?

However, there's one thing that must be clear to everyone and that is even if these socialist monsters are overthrown it will take decades to overcome the damage they've done to their own people. Malnutrition alone has devastating results on the health, intelligence and long term well being of untold numbers of children. Most of them will never recover entirely in order to attain their full potential, adding another unnecessary burden of care of their society. Add all the other afflictions and failure to maintain even minimal health standards and hospital facilities and you have a society left in dystopia. The one thing socialism can always deliver - dystopia.

Also, why aren't these leftist Hollywood loons getting together and having a massive fund raising program that will raise millions from their fellow leftists for Venezuela?  Where's George Soros and the billions he's putting into politics in order to turn America into Venezuela?  Isn't this the government they all praised not so long ago?  Is it possible they don't believe any of that money will get to the people because this socialist government is corrupt to it's core?  Or is it also possible they never saw a financial burden so great they were unwilling to place it on someone else's back?  Is it possible they're just like all other leftists - selfish, self serving, greedy, and hateful, and will do nothing that doesn't serve their own ends? 

Can you Feel the Bern?

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