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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Time’s Up, Democrats. Throw Bill Clinton under the Bus.

You’re holding the former president to a lower standard than radio hosts, comedians, and actors.

By  June 6, 2018

Time to quit Bill Clinton, Democrats. Give him up. Chuck him under the wheels of the nearest Greyhound. Stop making him the guest of honor at your parties and fundraisers. Stop treating him as an amusing celebrity instead of a despicable human being on your talk shows, stop giving to his foundation, stop attending his speeches, stop being deferential. Denounce him publicly and without equivocation. Exile him. You’ve exiled actors and newsreaders and comedians for doing less than he did. I picture them all commiserating somewhere together, on an Island of Misfit Boys — Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor and Kevin Spacey and Charlie Rose and Al Franken and Louis C.K.

Meanwhile the Big He is still everyone’s darling. All this time, liberals and the media, you’ve been applying a lower standard of character to a former president than you apply to chat-show hosts and jesters.

Yet the party and its media arm continue to treat him ever so delicately...........Take off the kneepads, media. Stand up straight and tall. Barack Obama proved that there is such a thing as a Democratic president who doesn’t abuse women in his personal life. If you don’t want to look absurd when attacking the failings of President Trump, apologize for making excuses for President Clinton. See him clearly as the sleaze he is and always has been. Redefine him for future generations as a loathsome, lying hack.

And when you’re done with that, I’ve got another assignment for you: John F. Kennedy...........To Read More...

My Take - So Billy is the real victim, not the women he either raped or abused?  Imagine that! 
I thought it was just Hillary that was stupidly talking, and talking, and talking - digging a bigger hole for herself, and her party, who she would willingly sacrifice if she could make them responsible for her failure.  But it appears based on her daughter’s and husband's ludicrous statements and public prancing - stupidity is contagious. Or is it the family has mental problems?  I vote for the latter.

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