Sunday, May 28, 2017

Thousands Dropped from Food Stamps Due to Work Requirements

Craig Schneider, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 24, 2017

Thousands of Georgians have lost their food stamps after the state gave them an ultimatum: Get a job or lose your benefits.

Is that good news or bad news? Depends who you talk to. Placing work requirements on food stamps has proven controversial across the country, with opinions often divided along political lines.
Georgia has been rolling out work requirements for food stamp recipients for over a year. The latest round affected some 12,000 people in 21 counties, several in metro Atlanta, who are considered able-bodied without children........State officials say they plan to expand the work requirements to all 159 counties by 2019, with another 60 coming on board next year.......To Read More....

My Take - Food stamps was a good hearted attempt to help people who due to circumstances couldn't work. Like all federal relief programs this one became corrupted, and they've all turned into unaffordable expensive forms of corruption, with the idea they're all "rights".   It was never intended for people who wouldn't work.  When we keep expanding "rights" without requiring people to accept their responsibilities - we get disaster. 

But perhaps we need to keep emphasizing the "rights" as outlined  in the Constitution are "negative" rights that belong to the citizens which forbids the government from interfering in our lives. 

The "rights" the left talks about are "positive" rights, meaning the government has the right to take what you have and give it to someone else.  Positive rights are tyranny!  Why is that so hard to get?

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