Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Obama's ratlines to Russia

By Monica Showalter May 29, 2017

The mainstream press and its Deep State allies in Washington have made a big deal about Jared Kushner's supposed proposal for setting up a back channel of communications with Russia.  One former CIA director is yelling "espionage," and the leftist media hive is echoing the buzz.  One report out there says Kushner will have to take a leave of absence due to all the gravitas of the situation. Or something.

Who knows how powerful this Swamp Strikeback may be in getting Kushner out of town?  But objectively speaking, these howlings are baloney – another fustian case of tears and flapdoodle as the Deep State attempts to assure us it's still relevant.  They really are overdoing it.

Now it comes to pass that far from it being just President Trump, President Obama was all in for back channels of communication, too.  Matt Drudge dug up a 2014 Bloomberg article titled "Inside Obama's Secret Outreach to Russia" to describe, in adoring terms, the former president's efforts to set up his own back channel to Russia.

Double standard? You bet..............More

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