Monday, May 22, 2017

Bob Beckel fired by Fox News (again)

By Thomas Lifson May 21, 2017

More turmoil at the Fox News Channel, as Bob Beckel, a cast member of the prime time program The Five, has been fired in a scandal with shocking racial overtones. Dave Bauder of the Associated Press reports............Read more

My Take - What they should have fired him for was for being stupid.  They tolerated his rediculous clabber, right along with Juan Williams and Geraldo.  I would think stupid would be a criteria for being on any news show, but it isn't - and the ratings at Fox are starting to show it.  I hope the rest of that crew starts to get tougher on Williams and Geraldo.  Without logical fallacies and out right inaccuracies they're left with nothing to say.  Stop being buddies with these people.  I'm not saying be impolite - but they're not friends of conservatives or conservative thought.  Beat their arguments with the biggest stick you can find. 

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