Sunday, May 21, 2017

Third-raters clamor for the camera

By Bernie Reeves  May 20, 2017

The appointment of old FBI hand Robert Mueller to the post of special counsel, to investigate potential White House involvement in alleged Russian active measures in the past U.S. election, is just the sort of asinine behavior H.L. Mencken thrived on during his heyday as a columnist covering U.S. politics beginning in the early 1900s. Witnessing our legislators today convinces me that Mencken did not go far enough then and would levitate straight in the air with conniptions today, seeing what we Americans are subjected to daily via the miracle of television: self-serving political posturing to paint over ugly, stinking, self-serving lies.

Worse, Menken would quit the business if he knew that the Washington Post and the New York Times were co-conspirators with the Democrats. Current congresspeople, like their counterparts in Mencken's day, are third-rate citizens whose opportunities to stand in the spotlight are few and far between. Thus the clamoring to give their opinion, likely not having anything to say. The "clamor for the camera" is sadly visible, including new haircuts, Sunday suits, and blatant egos. And let's not forget the kingpins of Congress, U.S. senators, whose caliber shows them to be not much better superficially. But far worse when you realize, they take out machetes to hack their way to a clearing they can control. I point to Chuck Schumer and John McCain and rest my case............More

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