Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The End of the Collusion “BS”

By Adrian Vance May 22, 2017

Director James Comey should have been fired immediately following his disastrous press briefing July 5, 2016 in which he meticulously laid out the case against Hillary Clinton over mishandled “Classified” material so he took it upon himself to excuse her, overstepping his authority, radiating sanctimony, only to abrogate power again in October clumsily intervening in the election as he had apparently concluded Hillary would lose!

Comey should have been fired on January 20 in President Trump’s first act.

Everything since has been “cat and mouse” for Comey since. He is a former Manhattan US attorney, where his biggest case was sending Martha Stewart to prison for something every Congressman does in every year of his term; buy and sell stocks on inside information. For them it is legal, for us it is not, but no one seems to be able to say, “That is unconstitutional!” .......To Read More.....

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