Sunday, May 28, 2017

Climate Deal and My Six Day Plan

By Rich Kozlovich,

 of Climate Depot sent out this notice "Report: Trump tells ‘confidants’ U.S. will leave Paris climate deals" saying: "Multiple news agencies, including Reuters News, are now reporting that President Donald Trump has privately informed several officials in Washington DC that he intends to withdraw from the UN Paris climate pact".

He went on to say:
"A U.S. Clexit (Climate Exit from UN Paris Pact) would be a victory for science. Make no mistake, climate campaigners who tout UN agreements and EPA regulations as a way to control Earth’s temperature and storminess are guilty of belief in superstition." 
“In layman’s terms: All of the so-called ‘solutions’ to global warming are purely symbolic when it comes to climate. So, even if we actually faced a climate catastrophe and we had to rely on a UN climate agreement, we would all be doomed! " 
Marc's notice had a number of links to articles outlining what's going on behind the scenes, and I think this article in AXIOS  is particularly interesting as it notes a process I just don't understand.  It's clear this is the greatest scientific fraud ever perpetrated on humanity and it's also clear this is a treaty - which must be ratified by the U.S. Senate - and it hasn't, so why is this so difficult for the Trump administration. 

I've been told the heads of the EPA and Energy Department's transition teams views are identical to my own - so what's the hold up?

For me - dumping this mess would have been done on day one, and I would have lined up the best and brightest minds in the world to explain why with press releases daily - and attacked and exposed the junk science of these false scientists and the loony left with real science.

On day two I would have ended all grants promoting this junk science and fired anyone in the government who had a hand in promoting it. 

On day three I would have issued an executive order giving grants only to those who are now called "deniers" to show exactly how fraudulent this has been, and who has been responsible for it. 

On day four - these so-called scientists who've made scientific integrity an oxymoron in order to get on the government grant money gravy train would have done an about face so fast they would have looked like the color guard in a military parade. 

On day five I would have ordered the Attorney General to prosecute any and all of these "scientists" who've taken the taxpayer's money and perpetrated scientific fraud.  Fraud is a crime, and I would have started with a criminal investigation of Michael Mann and his "science" regarding the Hockey Stick.

On day six I would have begun a faze out of government grant money to researchers since it's become obvious grant money is now the holy grail of science - not truth - and there are far too many Ph.D's willing to say whatever the government wants them to say in order to stay on that gravy train.

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What I really don't understand is this idea Ivanka and her husband are supporters of Anthropogenic Climate Change propaganda - and worse yet - both of them are very influential with her father.  These people have access to the world's information networks far beyond most people and yet they are still incapable of defining this as fraudulent science.  Is it any wonder they lack clarity?

Fire them!

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