Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DNC Begins to Panic as Seth Rich Story Continues to Gain Traction

By Andrew West May 22, 2017

The fracturing of the democratic party has reached crisis status in the months following Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing defeat in November. Assaulted by a battery of leaked material during her campaign, Clinton was forced to slink away into the relative obscurity of her upstate NY home in the weeks immediately following the election, as the fallout from a number of Wikileaks’ disclosures threatened the very existence of the party for whom she was running.

The now-public information revealed not only that Clinton believed her best shot at becoming President would come against Donald Trump, but also that she actively pushed the media narrative to prop up Trump. Further leaks disclosed a massive collusion between the Clinton campaign and the DNC itself in which the organizations worked in tandem to nullify the threat posed by democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, who was polling much more dangerously against Trump than the corrupt former first lady.

Clinton immediately attempted to spin these leaks as part of her blanket Russian conspiracy theory, in which the Kremlin was involved in a myriad of schemes meant to get Donald Trump into the White House, where he would work in the best interests of Mother Russia.........To Read More....

My Take - It makes me wonder what's going on in the minds of these people demanding all these investigations.  It appeared to me from the beginning one of these investigations would turn up information the Democrats wouldn't like.  The Putin/Trump scenario seemed ludicrous to me from the start.   The media started demanding an impeachment three days before the innaguraltion.....no sense of conspiracy there.....right? 

Here's the way I see this playing out.

The Democrats have nothing to offer except outrage and scandal - scandal that will have no basis in fact and will come back to haunt them.  But sinse they have no policy plan other than more taxes, more spending, more regulations, bigger government and smaller people - that's all they have. 

They'll be concentrating on their unfounded claims while the Trump team - knowing this is baloney and the investigations will prove this is nothing but TV fiction show orchestrated by the left and their allies in the media - will ignore all of this allowing them to concentrate on domestic and foreign policy.  The Democrats will be caught behind and befuddled. 

Information will be uncovered - indictable information - by either the special council, investigators for the Congress or by the FBI and Justice department - against the Democrats.  Indictments will be issued against some of the biggest names in Democrat politics and eventually Obama's team will start to squeal to save themselves.   Then the TV reality show will begin!  That will be the Watergate scandal they're constantly screaming about - but against them.

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