Sunday, May 21, 2017

Feel the Bern: Rahm's latest plan to stave off Chicago financial collapse under fire – from Dems

By Thomas Lifson May 20, 2017

Chicago and the State of Illinois are toward insolvency, burdened by enormous pension liabilities, political payoffs from past generations that kept the Democrat Machine in power for generations.  Rahm Emanuel knows this and is doing his best to come up with financial schemes to keep paying bills. His latest effort at borrowing to keep the Chicago Public Schools (already almost a billion dollars behind in paying its expenses – particularly pension fund contributions) afloat is being called a "payday loan" even by Democrats, as the Dems scramble to blame Republican governor Bruce Rauner for the collapse of the Blue Model.  Fran Spielman reports for the Chicago Sun-Times:........The crash is coming.  The Dems are just looking for opportunities to blame Republicans for the consequences of their bribes to unionized public employees...........More

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