Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Media's Reliance on Skeevy Leaks and Crazy Conclusions

By Russ McSwain May 24, 2017

Our institutions are failing us. The skies are filled with bitter accusations thrown at our president. This is the outcome we should expect when we allow a man to rise to governmental heights beyond his experience and competence.

The problems are aggravated when that man shows no respect for the normal boundaries and limits on his power; When that man is unable to simply do his job, but launches public outbursts that undercut the people with whom he works, he is unfit.

 If you've been following the ongoing soap opera in Washington, you know the man I'm describing is James Comey. Comey's antics are compounded by the utter disregard for the truth displayed by our national media. One need not be a fan of President Trump to appreciate how outrageous the media attacks on him are.......To Read More....

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