Sunday, December 18, 2016

CEI Releases Free Market Reform Agenda for the Trump Administration

Posted at the Competitive Enterprise Institute

Providing guidance in five different issue areas, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) today offers its free market policy reform agenda for the incoming Trump Administration. Aimed at strengthening the economy and removing barriers to economic freedom, the series of memos provide recommendations and guidelines for actions federal agencies should take in the near future. Ranging from replacing key agency heads to overturning burdensome regulations, CEI’s recommendations promote innovation, job creation, and financial freedom for Americans.

CEI President Kent Lassman said, “Too much power in the executive branch is the path to tyranny, and too little oversight has brought regulatory burdens on many Americans.  The time is ripe for reining in federal agencies to encourage the economic freedom that leads to wealth generation that benefits all Americans.”

See each of the memos that cover the top policy issues for CEI:

First Steps for the Trump Administration: Unleash America’s Labor Force
Free-market reforms to get Americans back to work
First Steps for the Trump Administration: Rein in the Regulatory State
Free-market reforms to revive the U.S. economy’s wealth-creating potential
First Steps for the Trump Administration: Restore Financial Freedom
Free-market reforms to improve financial opportunities for all Americans
First Steps for the Trump Administration: Support Technology, Innovation
Free-market reforms to foster frontier technologies
Free-market reforms to protect the environment and promote plentiful, reliable energy

Find the complete set of recommendations here

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