Monday, December 19, 2016

I Bet $1,000 the Air Will Be Cleaner in 2020

Rich Trzupek, Breitbart

Heartland Policy Advisor Richard Trzupek offers a $1,000 challenge to environmentalists that by the end of President Donald Trump’s first term, the air quality will be better than when he entered office. Trzupek is confident that Scott Pruitt, nominated by Trump to head the Environmental Protection Agency, won’t interfere with the trend toward cleaner air and fewer emissions already underway, and instead will focus on ending EPA’s sloppy love affair with radical environmental groups.........I think Pruitt will change that way of thinking, at least as far as the EPA is concerned. He’ll get results. He’ll do so without pandering to Big Environment obstructionism. And, like Trump, I believe he’ll do so by focusing on what matters. Would it be invoking too much irony to suggest Pruitt will be a breath of fresh air?........ To Read More....

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