Tuesday, December 20, 2016

If Americans Learned the Truth from Hacking, that’s “Terrific”

By Howard Portnoy December 19, 2016

The words, or at least a shorthand version  of them, are those of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican from California. Interestingly, the words appear in the headline of an article that ran Friday at the CNN website, which reads: “GOP congressman on Russian hacking: ‘Terrific’ that voters got more truthful information.”

I say interestingly, because the sentiment gets short shrift in the article, which spends far more time attempting to debunk Rohrabacher’s claim that “the CIA and the FBI disagree as to who the hackers are” — to “whether they’re Russian.” The problem with trying to prove the congressman wrong is that the investigation is ongoing and the opinions of the various intelligence agencies on the source of the hacking remain fluid. Yes, as of Friday, there seemed to be consensus that it was the Russians, but four days earlier, the CIA and FBI were not on the same page......To Read More....

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