Monday, December 19, 2016

Obama Plays the Russian Card

Fears of “destabilizing our democracy” are real, but it’s Democrats who are doing everything in their power to accomplish it. The American people have spoken, and Democrats are refusing to listen. Worse, it’s Democrats, along with the Leftmedia, who are actively seeking to instill distrust in the American electoral system and process, first by calling for the abolition of the Electoral College, and second by seeking to convince electors to switch their votes on account of Russian election interference. Failing these things, they hope to at least convince Americans that Trump’s election victory is questionable or illegitimate. Allegations without cooperative evidence are merely hearsay bordering on conspiracy theory....... To Read More...

To Russia with Love - J. Robert Smith
The Democrats’ aim, as with George W. Bush in the aftermath of 9/11, is to delegitimize the coming Trump presidency. Ah, the Christmas season. Democrats and their propaganda organs (formerly known as the mainstream media) are full of Russia love. The sly, elfish Vlad Putin being the principal recipient. It’s an outpouring of love based on speculation and “sources” at the CIA -- and Kwanzaa-knows where else -- that the Russians hacked the Clinton campaign. Russki chicanery, we’re assured by the Washington Post and New York Times, helped Donald J. Trump secure the White House. Putin, you see, has been outed as a triple-secret ally of Trump. Journalism isn’t dead, after all........... More

Russian ‘hacking’ is a media disinformation campaign - By George Marcina
The "Russian hacking" story is a perfect example of how the communication experts manipulate us.  It's an example of top notch disinformation. The MSM is ranting and raving about how did the emails from  Podesta and the DNC got out while keeping very quiet about what was in the published documents.  Just as successful magicians they are making sure we pay attention to what they want us to see while hiding the big story.

Look here, here! Not there!

Thanks to somebody, we the American people now know what the MSM kept hidden.  We now know our elected leaders and their staffs are crooks. We now know a Secretary of State was selling her influence to anyone, including US enemies. We now know the MSM manipulates us. We now know the  MSM no longer tells the truth to power because it is too busy kissing the butt of power. We now know that after eight years of Left in power we are looking like a banana republic.  The 'Russian hacking' story is a perfect example of how the communication experts manipulate us........ More

Should we trust the CIA on Russian hackers? - By Gamaliel Isaac
Anything coming from the office of CIA director John Brennan should be taken with a grain of salt.  Democrats are creating a big brouhaha over the possibility that Russia tried to influence the American presidential election by leaking information to WikiLeaks. The argument is that it wasn't a fair election if a foreign power influenced it. That is true only if the foreign power deceived American voters. If the information was true, then that foreign power did us a favor in informing our voters. The better informed our voters, the fairer the election........ More

The CIA on Russian hackers: Intelligence estimates, or desperate political spin? - By Gene Poteat
Anything to convince Democrats the election won on November 8 is still in play. One needs an appreciation of the collection and analysis process that precedes a public announcement of a critical intelligence assessment, such as the recent charge by the CIA director that Russia interfered with our election and did so solely to get Donald Trump elected. 

 The fact that Russia also hacked the Republican National Committee is quickly brushed away as an inconvenient fact that doesn't fit the Democratic narrative. To follow their tangled thinking, which grasps at any theory that might halt the ratification of the election by electors, Russia's theft and leaking of documents showing the machinations by Clinton, Podesta, and others in their party to undercut Bernie Sanders – Clinton's more likable party rival – and their schemes to vilify Trump voters prove that Putin was on Trump's side and stole the election for him. It's a theory supported by no evidence and no facts..........More

The Democrats’ Attempted Coup - The Democrats Are Coming, The Democrats Are Coming - Larry Thornberry
Let’s call it what it is. The Democrats are attempting to engineer a coup. If we were south of the border (to the extent that we have one) there would be tanks surrounding the palace, gunfire in the streets.  On November 8, Donald J. Trump won the presidential election fair and square on the basis of rules that have been in place for more than two centuries. By putting pressure on Republican electors not to vote for Trump, Democrats are trying to overthrow that legitimate election for scam reasons that are more out of Duck Soup than out of the political life of an advanced, industrial democracy. In the current sorry drama, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta is Rufus T. Firefly without the charisma. And a lot less funny. (And by the way, the content of some of the emails Republican electors have been receiving should make it crystal clear which party is truly the party of hate.)

The idea that an untold but decisive number of voters who planned to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton then decided to vote for Trump because of something the Russians did cannot be supported. Those dots cannot be connected. It’s a total non sequitur. To find as cynical and baseless a political scheme as this, one must go back to the fire at the Reichstag. Should it succeed — it isn’t likely to — it would almost certainly lead to the biggest American crisis since the Civil War......Read More...

Trumprage of the Day: It’s the Russians! And Kanye! And Exxon! Melissa Mackenzie
isconsin certified Donald Trump the winner of the Wisconsin recount, aka the Jill Stein bank account filler-upper. So Donald Trump just won at winning. Then, Jill Stein’s millions funded an exploration into voter fraud in Detroit, Michigan. Thank you to liberals who exposed this terrible disenfranchisement with your stupid donations to a stupid candidate acting as a proxy for Hillary Clinton who’d like to delegitimize her opponent, and according to her, Democracy itself.  With all this winning, it’s not difficult to see why the Left’s primal scream is howling increasingly loudly as the days pass. Expect sackcloth, ashes, and outbreaks of boils by Obama’s last day in office.

P.S. It’s the Russians fault. Finally. Democrats are noting that Russia is bad. These people cried for Castro last week......To Read More...

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