Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Man Who Killed the Democrat Party will Lead Effort to Rehabilitate It

By Dave Jolly December 20, 2016

In 2009, Barack Obama was sworn into office. His Democratic victory was shared with many as the composition of the US Senate changed from 49 Democrats to 57. In the US House of Representatives, the composition changed from 233 Democrats to 256. The Democratic Party not only took control of the White House, but also gained control of the Senate and House, all riding on the coattails and promises of Barack Obama and his promises of hope and change.

In 2011, the composition of the Senate and House both changed. Democrats retained control of the Senate, but lost 6 seats to Republicans, giving the Democrats a 51-47 advantage. In the House, Democrats lost 59 seats and control to Republicans. The GOP controlled by a wide margin of 242-193 over the Democrats.........What is Obama’s solution to fix his perceived problem with the Democratic Party? He plans on coaching younger Democratic politicians on how to show up and win elections. Obama stated:..........It’s good news if you just look at the surface with a loser coaching others to be a loser also, but it’s also bad news since the hidden forces that put Obama in the White House could come into play and help those Obama is coaching. Only time will tell which scenario becomes reality.........To Read More......

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