Thursday, December 22, 2016

Observations From the Back Row: Green Cults

By Rich Kozlovich

Going Green has been a mantra for so long it's not even a mantra now. It's kinda mainstream to most people. But then, most people don't read very much, don't read anything that's antithetical to their belief system, they don't read history at all or very little, don't know what to think, and to tell the truth.....most people don't know how to think.  Ergo, Going Green not only sounds perfectly reasonable, it gives them a great big warm and fuzzy feeling of self righteousness, making them all warm and happy, and better than!

However, that doesn't mean they're smarter than me, more knowledgeable than me, think more clearly than me, recognize a logical fallacy when they see one, or are capable defining what's factual versus what's propaganda.

But have no fear, I'm still here! Let's start by defining traditional wisdom versus conventional wisdom.  Traditional wisdom has stood the test of time, and conventional wisdom is what everyone thinks right now but may not be able to stand the test of time and disappear faster than the latest ladies fashion.   

Fortunately I'm still here to lend definition to .....well......everything, because definition leads to clarity. Clarity leads to understanding. Understanding leads to good decision making and good decision making leads to harmony! So what's the problem?

The problem is you can't reason people out of positions they've not been reasoned into. Take vegans for instance. Make no mistake about it....they're part of the Going Green secular neo-pagan religious movement. They used to be called vegetarians, but that created problems because so many declared they were vegetarians but still ate animal products and even.....horror of horrors.....meat. No matter what anyone tells you, fish and chicken are meat. Not red meat, but it's still meat. And no matter how many times you hear pork redefined and referred to as white's's red meat.

First there were vegetarians who we foolishly believed they never ate meat of any animal. But as in all religious movements they sectarianized. There are ovo vegetarians who eat eggs, lacto vegetarians who eat milk products, ovolacto vegetarians who eat eggs and milk, pesco vegetarians who eat fish, also called pescatarians, pollo vegetarians who eat chicken, pescopollo vegetarians who eat fish and chicken and then there's fruitarians who eat only fruit.

And you wonder why the UN is such a mess? They don't even speak the same language, but neither do any of secular religions of the left - like being a vegetarian.  So all this sectarianism of the true faith needed to return to orthodoxy. It now became obvious they needed a renewed sense of righteous thought, a new sense of clarity - they needed evangelists for the "One True Dietary Faith!" Vegans!  Vegans are now the clergy of the True Dietary Faith and eschew use of all animal products, and demand all others comply to the tenets of the True Dietary Faith.

Now let me be clear....I'm an omnivore with strong carnivorous cravings. I love steak, pork chops, lamb chops, venison, fish and chicken. I've never seen an animal show where I didn't wonder if they were good eating. After all, the lions, leopards and cheetah's on those shows all seem to think they're pretty tasty since they exert so much energy to kill and eat them.

And it doesn't bother me if many are appalled by that thought, because I don't really care what they think. But I don't particularly care how they wish to live their lives either, because you see, I'm a conservative, actually I've decided I'm a conservative traditionalist. If I don't wish to eat meat...I don't.....but I don't insist others not eat meat also. If I'm a carnivore, and I am, I eat all the meat I wish to eat, but I don't demand others have to eat it also. And I really resent it when others demand - via legislation - that I change all the traditional values that's been with us for centuries to suit their latest philosophical flavor of the day.

The "vegan" mentality has become a plague on humanities thinking by declaring it's "animal cruelty" to eat meat. Well, there can be no question being slaughtered for food isn't pleasant for the animals, and it's not pleasant to watch, but, so what? I grew up on a farm, and I find the real problem is there are entirely too few people farming in western cultures, and in America it's only two percent, at least that was the last figure I saw.  They could use some lessons in reality by actually seeing how food is provided to the world's population.  

If there ever was anything that offended these moralizing meddlers more than hunting I have no idea what it could be. I don't like trophy hunting, if that's all they do with the animal. If they consume the meat and mount the rest, I've no problem with that. But to kill them only for a trophy, I consider that misuse of nature. They don't seem to be so upset about fishing, which of course makes you wonder if they think fish don't count.

I had a friend who fished (and ate them) extensively who resenting hunting declaring it immoral since you could buy meat at the supermarket. Does anyone see the logical fallacy in that? But hunting fish.....which is what fishing is......was okay because according to him fish didn't feel pain. Well, when you're looking for some form of justification or rationalization for what you really want to do - I guess any one will do.

Small animals are slaughtered by the hundreds when combines go through harvesting the fields. Should we stop harvesting grains? As someone once pointed out, "Chances are, even if you’re the most committed vegan you know, animals died in the making of your last, and next, meal."

Let's stop Going Green since most of what they approve of is basically suicidal. However, if Going Green means not eating meat....I willing to let you do that without demanding legislation forcing you to eat meat at least once a day, or once a week, or once a month or once a year.

In long as you're not hurting anyone else.....I don't care how you live your life, because you see......I'm not a liberal.  But you can be a liberal if you like.  That's okay with me, except for one thing.  Liberals can't seem to mind their own business and let everyone else mind theirs.  In spite of the fact virtually everything you embrace has failed humanity miserably you keep demanding everyone abandon traditional wisdom in favor of conventional wisdom. 

As I've said, you can't reason someone out of a position they've not been reasoned into, and Green Cults are secular religious movements based on mysticism and raw emotion - not reason and logic. 


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