Monday, December 19, 2016

Why are Hollywood Libs such Poor Losers?

By Dennis Evers

Imagine a guy who “play acted” as a wartime doctor during the Korean War (when he was actually filming in Malibu Creek State Park in sunny southern California) telling some blind veteran who’s in a wheelchair, missing several limbs because of an IED, that the vote that he and so many have fought and died for shouldn’t count.   Or how about the “celebrity” who “play acts” as a cop from the safety of a sound stage, telling the surviving wife and kids of a “real life” hero patrolman, executed solely for wearing a badge, that their votes shouldn’t count........Liberal Hollywood actors are entirely out of touch with reality; overpaid, pampered, egotistical, out of step with regular hard working Americans, yet they somehow feel qualified to act as a force majeure and have the Electoral College consider disregarding their word of honor......Boy, do I miss Jimmy Stewart.......Read more

My Take - First of all we have to understand - even days of yore - entertainers were for the most part traveling vagabonds and have never had the same values as the rest of society, one of the reasons they were considered .....well....... trash.  But society has changed and we now consider trash .....well..... art!   And of course the artists are just so special now.  Yesterday they were waiting tables, washing dishes, parking cars or pumping gas, but now..... now......because they're able to dance, sing, or act better than most we just can't wait for them to tell lus how life should be us......not! 

Have lost our minds?  Or we that stupid?  Yes!   And stupid can't be fixed. 

I personally think they're as shocked at the amount of money they're being paid as we are.......and down deep they have guilt feelings over all that lovely, lovely money.   And no matter what guilt any of them may feel.....they still think all that money is just lovely.  However,  ....they feel they "must" do something to justify all that "celebrity" and wealth.  So they throw themsleves into these leftist schemes and dreams because ........ they "know"........ the left is for the people..... and they can now feel all warm and fuzzy about themselves.  But more importantly - they can feel self-righteous, and therefore worthy of all they have.  Let's try and get matter what......they're just entertainers - who will be replaced by other entertainers - especially those who promised to the leave the country if Trump was elected.  I'm waiting!!!

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