Sunday, December 18, 2016

Voters oppose Clinton pardon by 3-1 margin

By (@anna_giaritelli) 12/15/16 6:24 PM

More than two-thirds of registered voters do not want President Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office next month, according to a Fox News poll released Thursday evening.

The poll said 68 percent of respondents who were asked from Dec. 11-13 say the Democratic president should not forgive his former secretary of state for potential crimes she may have committed in connection with the Clinton Foundation or by using a private email server in her residence. Less than one-quarter of voters, 23 percent, want Obama to help the unsuccessful 2016 Democratic nominee before President-elect Trump takes office.........While the pardon became a discussion point during the election, some Democrats pointed out that it's not clear how she could be pardoned, since she wasn't charged or convicted of anything........To Read More....

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