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De Omnibus Dubitandum - Lux Veritas

Friday, March 8, 2024


By Rich Kozlovich  


First, in my old age, I never.....ever .... watch SOTU addresses, political debates, convention speeches, or anything of that ilk because it's always a lot of BS, boring BS, and that's especially true of the SOTU addresses.  News clips maybe, but not the actual event. One side applauds wildly...and insanely, as if something great and grand was just stated, and the other side sits on their hands.  It's all theatre, political theatre filled with massive loads of horsepucky.....and did I mention boring.  

I give J.D Vance, Clearance Thomas, and Amy Barrett a lot of credit for not bothering to go.  Vance didn't want to waste his time hearing Joe lie, which he did over and over again, Thomas and Barrett gave no reasons.  

Besides, there are people being paid to watch all this clabber in order to write about it, so over the next couple of days I will have read a bushel basket full of articles and commentaries from both sides, but by the end of the first day, I know what was said and if any of it was of any value versus what was hogwash.  However, since the patterns of life play out unendingly, I usually already know the gist of what's said, it's just the details that remain. 

As a side bar, the only assigned seating at SOTU is for the Cabinet, Supreme Court justices, members of the Diplomatic Corps, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Commandant of the Coast Guard.  For everyone else it's first come first served.  So when you see members seated on the aisle in order to be seen shaking the President's hand, they may have had to get there hours ahead of time to get that seat.  Which I think is really nuts, but it is telling.  Especially when years ago a representative from my state, who's supposed to be a conservative, was sitting right on the aisle and gave Obama a hug.   Gag!  She lost the next election.

As for this SOTU, of all the commentaries I've read, I like Daniel Greenfield's the best, Biden Uses State of the Union to Threaten Civil War Not even Obama violated political norms the way Biden just did, saying:

Biden’s addresses have gotten longer as he has had less to say. Last year’s State of the Union was the 8th longest on record and this year’s clocks in behind Obama’s 2010 rant. The only reason it wasn’t even longer is that Biden rushed to get through it, mumbling and slurring words, rattling off threats and insults at a speed that made them all but impossible to understand.....Biden began his speech name-dropping presidents who people liked better than him (a long list) and threatening and berating Republicans, babbled, ranted, and came across as a weak demented old man boasting about accomplishments that weren't, and conditions that aren't. 

Here are his claims, the clabber, the threats, and just plain lies. 

He compared himself to FDR, Abraham Lincoln, and even Ronald Reagan, and attacked Trump over and over again, which isn't considered a norm of SOTU, and accused Republicans of .....well..... everything.... and lied over just about everything, and from the clips I saw I have to ask, did he look and act normal in any sense of the word?

Here was Daniel's assessment of this travesty:

Biden violated the most elementary State of the Union decorum. He gave a speech that he should not have been allowed to deliver.......Presidents deliver these addresses as guests of Congress. As a guest, Biden insulted his hosts, soiled the drapes and tried to wrap his partisan hatefest in name dropping and the flag......His legacy concludes with a series of unhinged meanspirted rants in which he demands absolute power to save the country from the threat of political dissent. Americans would be scared if they could understand what he was saying.

Here are the assessments of others:

  • Biden Had Even More Terrible Things to Say on Immigration After He Sort of Said Laken Riley's Name -  As Matt covered last night, President Joe Biden said Laken Riley's name, finally. He only sort of said it, though, given he actually said "Lincoln Riley," which has been trending. It was also only after he was heckled by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) into finally addressing her name and the fact that she was murdered. An illegal immigrant who had been arrested for other crimes before, Jose Antonio Ibarra, has been charged with her murder. ...............
  • Biden’s SOTU address was, quite simply, horrible  - Joe Biden’s State of the Union (“SOTU”) was unlike anything I’ve seen before, and I started watching these speeches in the mid-1980s. No president has ever been so maniacally wired, periodically incoherent, or viciously angry. That was style. The substance was worse. Biden opened by calling Trump a Nazi, shifted to Ukraine, promised to stamp out “insurrections,” and attacked Republicans—and then ended by calling for non-partisanship and comity. Throughout it all, he lied and then lied some more. This was a Dark Brandon campaign speech, not an SOTU.
  • Obama-Biden Administration Was Creeping Fascism -The similarities between the Obama administration and Italian fascism have been pointed out many times. Over a dozen articles about this are on this site alone (1, 2, 3, 4). It is usually said that fascism is a strain of socialism in which the means of production are beneficially owned by private persons but controlled by the government.Both the Obama administration and Mussolini used a financial crisis to take over banks and industry. Mussolini openly assumed complete control of them, even though partial private ownership was allowed to remain..............
  • The State of the Union - March 8, 2024 by J.A. Frascino -Regardless of what POTUS says, it’s what he’s doing that counts.Trump followers want to make America great again. No one seems to know what the Republican Party wants. But the goals of the Democratic Party are clear. The defining position of today’s left, now more than ever, is one of dissatisfaction and dissidence. Socioeconomic classes and inequalities are resultant of the oppressed being subjugated by the oppressors in an unjustly evolved social system based in racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and capitalistic greed. There is little or nothing in current American society that warrants perpetuation. The Democrats want to remake American society into a system they alone control..........

All of which was as predictable as night follows day:  

  • Mean-Spirited Joe, Joe Biden is delivering his State of the Union speech tonight. Apparently he will chide Americans for not appreciating his wonderful economy; declining real wages will not be mentioned. He will denounce “shrinkflation,” as though people are too stupid to know inflation when they see it. Nor will Biden mention the eight million or so illegals who have streamed across the border, wreaking havoc, since he opened it......
  •  “The Man Behind the Mask in Tonight’s SOTU Charade Is This Angry Foul Creature” - James Woods unloads on ‘Forked Tongue” Joe Biden in Runup to Tonight’s Speech - And he will do it all with the same forked tongue he has used to slither through half a century of politics, corruption, and lies. He is the worst person ever ensconced in the Oval Office..... 

Final conclusion:  He's intellectually and neurologically challenged, he's morally challenged, he's incompetent, and he's leading the nation to it's doom.  Why is that so hard for so many of these misfits to grasp?  Sorry, that's clearly the wrong question.  Here's the right question. Why are they so willing to accept that and call it saving democracy from Donald Trump and fascism?

There's a reason they're calling him Dementia Joe.  He's nuts and stupid, but it's also clear they're just as nuts and as stupid as Biden.  In point of fact, they're even nuttier than Joe.  They don't think he's nuts enough. 

Update 3/9/24:  


The above cartoon appeared on, and as I said, over the days following the SOTU speech there would be a lot of verbiage about what went on, and after a couple of days, you will get every variation possible on reality.  The leftist main stream media proclaimed his address was "fiery", and Joe Scarborough says he's known Biden for years and he's the best he's ever been intellectually and analytically.  Now that's certainly worth an eye rolling, head shaking chuckle if there ever was one.  However, others who see things that are versus delusions that aren't, think Joe's performances was a demonstration of drug induced nuttiness, and I think Joe Scarborough is either as dumb as dirt or as corrupt as Joe.... or both.  

 Here are some additional pieces!

  • In Scream of ages Silvio Canto, Jr.  asks, "Well, what do you say after all of that screaming in front of Congress? Did he get any sleep after screaming at everyone for an hour or so?......all that screaming was disturbing and a clear sign that these guys are in panic..........Where did they find whatever they gave him? Do you need a prescription? What border did it cross? Who determined what dosage to inject him? That was scary..........something about a screaming 80-year-old and it doesn't smell good....... 
  • In this piece, which follows a caveat "I don't like Trump either" piece,  And in This Corner: A Reflection on the State of the Union, James Spencer says: "The spectacle was revealing. If the angst and anger evident in the room are reflective of the way the broader American public feels, it seems clear that the United States is headed toward a battle royale. While the frustration is troubling, the most disturbing aspect of the State of the Union address was that many of our elected officials have decided to drop the fa├žade of decorum. They don’t seem to feel the need to present a nonpartisan fiction to the American people. Presenting some sense of unity or even a measure of respect for those across the aisle has, evidently, been deemed unnecessary for some of those representing the United States......
  • Biden’s SOTU: 'Old Ideas' Talk Back to an Old Man Selwyn Duke notes Biden rants about old ideas and how they're destroying the nation, but Duke points out it was those old ideas that created a stable, productive, safe, economically viable society the world envied.  He notes: "The problem with Biden is not that he’s old. The problem is that he has repeatedly shown himself to have little relationship to Truth."
  •  Since I don't watch these things, but I do review clips, I thought does this man like an act like there's something seriolsy wrong with him, so I can understand why someone would claim  he gives the impression of being possessed, so I can understand piece in the Canada Free Press,REAL JOE BIDEN Comes Out From Behind The Curtain In Highly Visible DEMONIC Form saying: "It was above all, an evil attempt at the ‘Collapse of Civilization’ on full public display during last night’s so-called State Of The Union Address. The stench of sulfur hung heavily in the air as Lucifer’s favorite demons goaded on a crazed, mask-off Joe Biden at his sinister best."  She went on to say "Joe Biden looks demonic. There is just no other word for it"......"Only the spawn of the devil could put their lust for killing babies, mutilating youngsters as they continue to transgender them; only the very spawn of the devil could prioritize abortion, the war in Ukraine above the feeding, safety, security and well being of their own people!"....
  • Anger, shouting, word salad makes expert suspect Biden was juiced.  - 'He wasn’t just talking loudly'. Joe Biden these days mostly is slow and stumbling in both his walk and his talk. He often braces himself on a podium to speak. And he's gained a reputation for randomly looking around and wandering across a stage, trying to get off. So why, during his State of the Union, was he, as supporters claimed, "fiery?" He shouted and spit words out at hyperspeed, sometimes making a verbal slip but moving on without a correction. Drugs, suspects one expert. Amphetamine. Uppers...........
  • Biden's Biggest SOTU Lies Debunked -  "This is a moment to speak the truth, to bury lies," President Joe Biden declared Thursday night during his State of the Union address.  Then, the president proceeded to do nothing but lie before the nation. Biden's deceitful 2024 SOTU address was filled with so many falsehoods it may have broken a Guinness World Record for the number of lies told within an hour.......Inflation..... Wages......Federal Deficit.....Job Creation.....Consumer Confidence.......Bonus B.S.,  .......a self-proclaimed constitutional scholar, said he "taught the Second Amendment for 12 years!"......he's never instructed anyone on constitutional law.......and......never taught a single class......


  1. Interesting to note that published transcripts by Time and CBSnews on line of Biden's SOTU eliminated his apparently added "fact" when discussing the NRA that he taught the 2nd Amendment for 12 years! A small point of fact but highlights how they attempt to hide how this man consistently lies.