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Quotes of the Day by Jonah Goldberg!

1. If vests had sleeves, Joe Biden would have an easier time figuring out which hole his head is supposed to go through.

2. Hillary Clinton was secretary of state for four years and she did little to nothing of consequence -- well, nothing of positive consequence -- beyond prepare for a job she felt entitled to. Yeah, she flew a million miles. But as I’ve said before, if you had a travelling salesman who racked up a million miles without closing any sales, he wouldn’t get the set of steak knives at the end of the year.

3.  When Ted Kennedy was asked why he wanted to be president, he couldn’t answer the question. He was a Kennedy. He felt entitled to the job and it never occurred to him to formulate a reason beyond that.

The Rule of Inevitability: When Reality Reaches Its Apex!

India Rejects Draft Text For UN Climate Deal

India Will Oppose The Paris Text, Environment Minister Announces

India on Wednesday expressed disappointment over the first draft text of the Paris climate change agreement, which was presented to the governments two days ago, and said the country would oppose it during the next round of negotiations at Bonn. In his first reaction to the draft text that completely ignores the crucial issue of ‘equity’ and transparency of action, environment and climate change minister Prakash Javadekar said, “I would like to underline that the first draft text of the Paris agreement is quite disappointing. It does not inspire.” He told the TOI that he was “not at all happy” with the text and the Indian negotiators would certainly oppose it during the next round of negotiations in run-up to the Paris conference. --Vishwa Mohan & Rajeev Deshpande, Times of India, 8 October 2015

You can be sure that many countries will be pushing for those less stringent, bracketed options. Take India, which last week outlined its climate pledge, a pledge that essentially amounted to a promise to only triple its carbon emissions by 2030, a reduction from the seven-fold increase unfettered growth might otherwise produce. India isn’t the only nation keen on choosing development over green goals. Coal-dependent Poland has already staked out a similar position, and that sentiment will be forcefully expressed by many of the world’s poorer countries in Paris. The summit may have a shorter text, but if the new draft has accomplished anything, it’s to throw into sharper relief the divide between the developed and developing worlds. --The American Interest, 5 October 2015

If anybody doubts the significance of the changes to which the puppeteers of Paris aspire, they should refer to remarks made last week by Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, who suggested that the climate thrust could destroy massive value as oil and gas assets are “stranded” by climate legislation. This is not the first time that Carney has addressed the risk of stranded assets. After a similar Bank of England claim earlier this year, Carney gave evidence before a House of Lords committee. Nigel Lawson, the redoubtable former Chancellor of the Exchequer and founder of skeptical think tank the Global Warming Policy Foundation, noted that the bank’s projections were entirely at odds with those of the International Energy Agency, which saw decades of fossil-fuelled growth. Lawson suggested that Carney should stick to his financial mandate, and that the Bank should stop spouting “green claptrap.” --Peter Foster, Financial Post, 7 October 2015

With “Mystic” Mark Carney telling anyone who crosses his palm with silver (or, indeed, anyone who crosses his path) that the insurance industry is going to be sunk by climate change, it’s interesting to see what the empirical evidence has to say on the subject. By happy coincidence, Ross McKitrick has just published a paper on just this subject. --Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, 7 October 2015

Britain’s industrial heartland has been rocked by news that Thai steelmaker Sahaviriya Steel Industries, or SSI, will close its plant at Redcar in England within months. SSI is winding down its entire U.K. subsidiary at the cost of up to 2,000 jobs. Pin the blame on David Cameron’s climate policy. Belatedly recognizing what an economy-killer the carbon-price floor is, Mr. Cameron’s government last year capped the additional amount emitters would have to pay. That’s progress, but not nearly enough to save jobs. A better idea would be to scrap Britain’s war on carbon entirely. As the science surrounding climate change becomes ever more contentious—and as green industries chronically fall short of the job creation and growth they promise—the costs of anticarbon policies grow and grow, not least for those 2,000 workers at Redcar. --Editorial, The Wall Street Journal, 7 October 2015

The Watchdog Is At The Door! Five Articles!

How much will EPA’s new ozone rule cost you?

By Rob Nikolewski / October 2, 2015 / 17 Comments

THE OZONE PRICE TAG: The cost of the EPA’s new rules for reducing ground-level ozone for cities like Houston is a matter of dispute.

When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday it was toughening the country’s rules for ground-level ozone — what’s commonly known as smog, which comes from sources such as tailpipes and smokestacks — it caught flak from environmental groups and business officials.

But when all is said and done, the people most affected financially figures to be everyday Americans who will almost certainly pay higher prices in their utility bills and the products they buy.

“They’re going to pay more for everything that’s made in the United States, if those things continue to be made in the United States,” said Dan Kish, senior energy and regulatory policy expert at Institute for Energy Research.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy made the long-awaited ozone announcement early Thursday afternoon, deciding to lower the amount of ozone in the air from 75 parts per billion to 70 parts per billion.

“If someone tells your life will change because of this, I will say it will only change for the better,” McCarthy said in a conference call with energy and environmental reporters.

Even though many came into Thursday’s announcement expecting EPA to set a standard of 65 ppb, business groups still said the regulation will result in more burdensome and expensive changes.

On the opposite spectrum, environmental and health groups complained EPA should have strengthened the standard to 60 ppb.

“We know that this regulation could have been worse, but it still feels like a punch in the gut,” said Tom Riordan, CEO and president of a metals-manufacturing company based in Wisconsin that has about 2,100 employees. “Manufacturers are tough and resilient but when Washington puts politics above job creation, we still pay a price.”

“This weak-kneed action leaves children, seniors and asthmatics without the protection doctors say they need from this dangerous pollutant,” said David Baron, managing attorney for the environmental group Earthjustice.

How much will the new rule cost the average American? Business groups insist the new regulation will be remarkably expensive.

The National Association of Manufacturers released a study in February claiming updated rules will cost the U.S. economy $1.7 trillion between 2017 and 2040. Another study compiled by NERA Economic Consulting at the request of the manufacturing group estimated that reducing ozone regulations to 65 ppb would cost the average household $830 a year.

McCarthy has dismissed those numbers as exaggerated and on Thursday said, “The National Association of Manufacturers has said a lot of things in the last 30 years … I am not looking at what other people are saying.”

EPA has emphasized its own studies that reported ground-level ozone regulations at 70 ppb translates into numerous public health benefits — reducing the number of sick days and emergency room visits, for example — that would save $6.4 billion-$13 billion per year by 2025. But at the same time, when the rules were first proposed late last year EPA acknowledged a compliance cost of close to $3.9 billion a year by 2025.

“Obviously, this is going to cost a lot,” said Kish of IER, a group that looks to solve energy and environmental issues with free-market solutions and opposed toughening the ozone standards. “If communities fail to be in compliance with this, EPA is in position to begin not allowing permits. If a factory wants to be built, they can say, ‘Sorry, we can’t give you any permits because you happen to be out of compliance.’ ”

A big reason for the expense? Stricter ozone regulations means factories and power plants have to install scrubbers and other technologies on smokestacks to reduce the chemicals put into the air. Scrubbers can cost tens of millions of dollars and each degree that the ozone standard is lowered, the costs pile up.

But McCarthy said she’s confident the new rule will not be overly burdensome and the agency “is giving states plenty of time” to meet the standard by 2025.

“The science clearly tells us that 75 ppb is not adequately protecting public health,” McCarthy said.

As for predictions that large numbers of counties across the country won’t be able to meet the goals, McCarthy said, “We can’t tell you the number exactly, but we’ve looked at modeling this issue.”

She added that EPA projections say just 14 counties outside of California will be out of attainment by 2025.

“Ultimately, the existing level of 75 (ppb) was adequate,” Kish said. “Some communities haven’t even met the 75 limit. One of the things elected officials around the country have said is, why not wait until we meet the existing limit, which we’ve been working hard on?”

George Heartwell, the mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan, appeared on the conference call with McCarthy in support of lowering the ozone level to 70 ppb.

“I’m confident in the time allowed in this new rule we’ll be able to meet the new standard,” Heartwell said. “I strongly believe the crisis of global warming and its effects on the environment provide us with moral imperatives. We must be good stewards.”

But other elected officials have pushed back at EPA — even those who are usually supportive of the Obama administration.

Last month, Colorado’s top two Democrats — Gov. John Hickenlooper and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet — said they were “deeply concerned” whether the Rocky Mountain State could afford to make the changes needed and echoed complaints from other high-altitude states such as New Mexico that stricter ozone standards hurt them more than states closer to sea level.

“Because of pollution that’s coming in from other Western states, from across the globe, from across wildfires in the West, we have significant parts of our state that would be non-attainment zones from the very beginning of the law,” Bennett said. “That doesn’t make any sense, it’s not going to work.”

“These are always difficult decisions,” McCarthy said. “What the Clean Air Act tells me to do is to make my best judgment based on the science … It should be no less than what I need to do and no more. In the end it’s a judgment call by the (EPA) administrator … I realized how serious this decision is. I did not base it on a popularity contest.”

When will the new rule go into effect? EPA will designate areas in 2017. Those that don’t attain 70 ppb will have from 2020 to 2037 to meet the standard, with the deadlines varying based on the severity of their ozone pollution.

“For me, what does this mean for foregone investment?” Kish said. “People who might invest in something or want to expand something. It’s going to limit opportunities that would have otherwise been there. The hidden costs of this is often what’s hardest to determine but … they’re real, they’re palpable. People make business decisions based on this.”

Audit: IRS improperly withholding information requested by taxpayers- The federal agency that wants your money still has a problem with transparency. A new audit shows the Internal Revenue Service improperly withheld information from requesters under the Freedom of Information Act 12.3 percent of the time. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, or TIGTA, the IRS’ auditor, reviewed a statistically valid sample of 65 FOIA requests and found eight requests for which the tax collector improperly withheld information.  A new audit shows the IRS failed to release information in Freedom of Information Act requests from taxpayers in 12 percent of the cases reviewed.  “The eight cases we identified included improperly withheld information of examination and collection activity and other tax return information that the taxpayer or authorized Power of Attorney should have received,” the audit states.  Extrapolated, some 346 FOIA/Privacy Act requests may have had information erroneously withheld between Oct. 1, 2013, and Sept. 30, 2014, according to the audit.  TIGTA also found that the IRS did not release 7.3 percent of the Internal Revenue Code information requests reviewed — information that should have been open to the requester.

“Although the IRS properly released thousands of pages from these documents, taxpayer rights still may have been violated because some information was erroneously withheld,” the audit notes….
Criminalizing climate science:‘It’s a crazy situation,’ says Georgia Tech scientist - Climate scientist Judith Curry says data tell her the earth’s surface temperature is definitely warming and humans have something to do with it. In the increasingly polarized world of climate research where, with increasing frequency, one side is labeled “deniers” and the other is called “alarmists,” the decorated scientist at Georgia Tech has become a target.  But the fire isn’t coming from those who deride her conclusions about a hotter planet, but instead from scientists who actually agree with her.  Why? Because Curry questions how much of the earth’s warming can be attributed to humans and is resistant to calling for political prescriptions for climate change. “We have this politically correct, green position that all scientists are supposed to pledge allegiance to,” Curry told “I’m not going to pledge allegiance to that silliness.”…

My Take – It won’t be long before all the Warmists will be touting this tune because their calls for  the criminalization of daring to deny AGW are going to come back to haunt them. Why?  Because fraud is a crime!  Taking public money to promote a green narative with false “data” is fraud – and that’s a crime.  And that’s what all the Warmists have done, including the universities.    I disagree with her entirely.  Science was and is fraught with criminals, starting with Rachel Carson and continuing with the AGW scaremongers, and they need to be prosecuted just like any other criminal.  We need to get over this idea that a PhD is somehow immune to the values of society because they’re educated in highly technical fields.  These are people who’ve placed government grant money over truth and integrity and spew out fraudulent claims and fraudulent “science” - much of which is only discovered when someone tries to duplicate their work and fails – over and over again.  These people are overeducated under-smart criminals and need to be prosecuted- and if found guilty - receive the full weight of civil and criminal penalties for their actions!  And the bureaucrats and politicians who've knowingly supported this massive scam on human society should be prosecuted also, starting with Al Gore!  Period!   

Right-to-work 2.0: Lawmaker wants to reform occupational licensing in Wisconsin Call it right-to-work 2.0.  A bill currently being considered in the state Assembly would prevent Wisconsin municipalities from creating new occupational and professional licenses.  “I think what we’re attempting to create could properly be called right-to-work, because you wouldn’t have to worry about municipalities creating onerous requirements you must meet in order to practice your profession” said State Rep. Dale Kooyenga, R-Brookfield.  Kooyenga, who introduced AB 116, has long been interested in reforming how occupations are licensed.  “I’ve always been pretty passionate about this,” Kooyenga told Wisconsin Watchdog. “Licensing creates a barrier to work.”  “Occupational licensing is the biggest issue in labor economics today,” said Lee McGrath, legislative counsel for the Institute for Justice.  IJ is a public interest law firm which specializes in economic liberty litigation. “About 25 percent of people in this country need permission from the government in order to pursue their calling. That’s far larger than the percentage of people who are union members or who earn the minimum wage,” McGrath explained….

Minnesota weather clouds solar power potential - If you think being a TV meteorologist is a crapshoot, try forecasting the amount of solar power the sun will generate for the grid on a given day.  First year results from a Twin Cities solar power demonstration project show Minnesota’s moody meteorology makes the sun a relatively unpredictable source of electrical generation, but the fluctuation doesn’t appear to faze the state’s booming solar industry. A state mandate requires investor-owned utilities to generate 1.5 percent of electrical power from solar by 2020, one way or another.  “We’ve seen pretty significant output differences between December and June and July, which is anticipated, though I guess we didn’t have a firm concept of how large of a difference that might have been, when we started the project,” said Andy Bergrud, senior engineering project manager for Great River Energy……GRE recorded ideal weather conditions — clear, sunny days from sun-up to sunset — just 10 percent of the time. Surprisingly, none of the perfect days came during typically sunnier, summer months.

Vermont jobs outlook possibly worse than college students think - A recent survey shows college graduates are leaving Vermont because they think the state has a bad jobs outlook. Depending on which employment data they look at, the situation may be even worse than they think.  In a survey conducted by the Vermont Department of Labor and St. Michael’s College, more than 60 percent of graduates, and 75 percent of seniors, said they planned to leave Vermont after college — or said they already left.  Just 39.8 percent of graduates said they were staying in Vermont post-graduation, and only 24.5 percent of seniors said they plan to stay, according to a statement from the governor’s office.  Among graduates who already left, 36.6 percent cited a “reported lack of job availability” as the reason for leaving. Of seniors who plan to leave, 38.1 percent said a “reported lack of available jobs” would be a key factor.  Responding to the news, Gov. Peter Shumlin blasted negative “perceptions” and touted 2,000 job openings among employers who attended the Labor Department’s mid-September job fair. Cabot, General Dynamics, Green Mountain Power and, among other companies, are “clamoring for the exact graduates who are leaving our state,” Shumlin said.  Despite Shumlin’s protestation, state and federal labor data suggest the students may be on to something….

Atlas Shrugs

Europe Braces For Second, THREE MILLION-Strong Migrant Wave After Russia’s Syria Bombing - Chancellor Angela Merkel set the wheels in motion when she declared that she would welcome a million Muslim migrants after ISIS warned they would be sending over an army of fighters in a migration to Europe. Al hijrah — immigration jihad. Obama said they will be welcome here as well. How long before this comes to our shores?  Throughout history the loss of a civilization could take well over a century or more. But this — Europe will disappear in the blink of an eye. Just. like. that.

Sixth jihad stabbing attack, Israel under violent siege by Muslim Jew-haters  - Chaos and bloodshed follow in the wake of Obama’s foreign policy disasters.  Netanyahu: “We’re in the midst of a wave of terrorism.” The world is silent.  Five stabbed in Tel Aviv in fifth jihad terror attack since Wednesday: A Muslim terrorist stabbed and lightly wounded five people at the intersection of Menahem Begin Boulevard and Moses Street in Tel Aviv on Thursday, the fifth terror attack in Israel since Wednesday. Shortly thereafter, a sixth attack took place in West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba, leaving one man seriously wounded.  More of the poisonous fruit of Obama’s nuclear pact with Iran and his very public abandonment of our steadfast ally. “Palestinian” Muslims on social...

Slovakia Threatens EU Exit Over Migrant Policy Shambles - This invasion will be the death of the EU — and rightly so, if Europe hopes to survive. The EU has broken its own laws.  This is geopolitical chaos theory in practice. Every day the European Union (EU) changes direction on how it will cope with hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and heading for a new life in Europe. Border fences go up and then they come down; Schengen open frontier principles must be honoured and then they are ignored; the Dublin Regulation of forced migrant repatriation is a mighty concept to uphold and then it is quietly placed in a bottom drawer.  All of the above seemingly driven from...

More of the poisonous fruit of Obama’s nuclear pact with Iran and his very public abandonment of our steadfast ally. “Palestinian” Muslims on social...- Slovakia Threatens EU Exit Over Migrant Policy Shambles - This invasion will be the death of the EU — and rightly so, if Europe hopes to survive. The EU has broken its own laws. This is geopolitical chaos theory in practice. Every day the European Union (EU) changes direction on how it will cope with hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and heading for a new life in Europe.  Border fences go up and then they come down; Schengen open frontier principles must be honoured and then they are ignored; the Dublin Regulation of forced migrant repatriation is a mighty concept to uphold and then it is quietly placed in a bottom drawer.  All of the above seemingly driven from...

Watch VIDEO: CCTV Of Fight, France Train Hero Stabbed, Police Hunt “Asians,” aka Muslims - Sky News is reporting that two “Asian” men in their 20s are being sought. “Asian” is Muslim in British media-speak. Has the US adopted that euphemism, too? Did the British press mean Muslims but use Asians because that’s how they report, so as not to offend Muslims? Sacramento law enforcement has already said, “it is not thought to be connected to terrorism” which means it’s probably terrorism. The attacker is still at large after US airman Spencer Stone is stabbed four times in the chest in California. CCTV footage has emerged of a knife attack on one of the Americans who overpowered a gunman on a...

Minneapolis Muslim migrant charged with brutally raping 10-year-old girl - As I said earlier today when I reported on the Muslim rape gang in Rhode Island — it’s here.  Muhammad married his favorite wife Aisha at 6 — so this savage is merely following Muhammad’s example. Obama is bringing hundreds of thousands of these “migrants” here.  Witnesses heard ‘screaming in the hallway’ of Minneapolis apartments. A 34-year-old Muslim immigrant has been arrested and charged with brutally raping a 10-year-old girl in Minnesota and the local media in Minneapolis has refused to identify the man as a refugee from Somalia.

French train attack hero Spencer Stone STABBED repeatedly in the chest, near death - French train attack hero Spencer Stone was stabbed in Sacramento early Thursday. This story is just breaking — pray for him. The 25-year-old U.S. airman 1st class was stabbed with a box cutter when he along with Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler took down jihadi Ayooub El-Khazaani after he opened fire in August. Alek Skarlatos escaped death last week when a gunman opened fire at his college, Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Oregon. Skarlatos was in California at the time. Is Obama going to call a press conference and outlaw knives? French train attack hero Spencer Stone STABBED ‘four times in the chest’ and in critical condition French train attack hero Spencer Stone was stabbed in Sacramento early...

AFDI ads banned but New York’s MTA must run ‘Muslim’ ads in subways: judge - The courts are playing fast and loose with our First Amendment rights, again. Having been in the middle of the free speech fight now for the better part of ten years, I can tell you that we are witnessing the shredding of our constitutional rights.  A federal judge on Wednesday ordered New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to run a series of dishonest advertisements promoting Islamic agitprop in the subway. A little background: Earlier this year the NYC MTA lost when we sued them for refusing to run our ads designed to increase public awareness of the jihad threat. In response to our victory, the MTA banned all political and issue-related ads and refused to run the ads. Well, the Muslims weren’t having any of...

Muslim Rape Gang in Rhode Island - It’s here — 2 Mohammeds, a Yazeed, & a Tareq accused of raping two 18 year old female Johnson & Wales students: ….. PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Four male Johnson & Wales University students have been arrested in connection with a reported sexual assault and alleged drugging of two female students at the university.  The police have charged Mohammed Alsaqer, a 20-year-old sophomore, and Yazeed Alasiri, a 23-year-old senior, both from Saudi Arabia, with assaulting the women at the young men’s residence in Pawtucket after meeting the women at a nightclub in Providence on Thursday night.  Late Tuesday night, Pawtucket...

Italian PM covers nude statue to avoid offending visiting Muslim prince - We see the principle everywhere reinforced: when Western values and Islamic values conflict, it is Western values that must give way. Western officials such as Matteo Renzi willingly apply this principle themselves, not realizing or not caring about the implications of what they’re doing.  “PM covers nude statue to spare Sheikh’s blushes,” The Local, October 7, 2015 (thanks to A naked statue in Florence was covered by the Italian premier Matteo Renzi’s team so as not to offend the visiting crown prince of Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.  Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, whose family’s wealth is estimated at €150 billion, arrived in the city on Wednesday morning for a...

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Genetic Literacy Project

Nassim Taleb’s Precautionary Principle nonsense andwarped “GMO” pseudo-category - The Precautionary approach is formulated in the Declaration on Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro, 1992), Principle 15. Originally created with the aim of protecting the environment–to push governments to adopt preventative policies against “threats” of environmental damage, even in the absence of sure scientific evidence–in its subsequent interpretation by the European Commission (2000) it was called the Precautionary Principle (PP) and was then extended to cover policies to safeguard consumers and human animal and plant health.  This is all fine if decisions are adopted correctly and empirically founded. The Commission’s declaration embodied that measured approach, including the sentence: “A decision to invoke the precautionary principle does not mean that the measures will be adopted on an arbitrary or discriminatory basis.” Defensive initiatives which are sought on environmental or health grounds were supposed to always be based on “detailed scientific and other objective information”.  Following this well-constructed framework, any attempt to apply the PP to “GMOs” is meaningless. Why is this?...

European Food Safety Authority dismisses Seralini GMO rat food 'contamination' study - In a paper published in PLoS One and entitled ‘Laboratory rodent diets contain toxic levels of environmental contaminants: Implications for regulatory tests’, Mesnage et al. (2015) analysed commercial laboratory rodent diets for environmental contaminants and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In samples from 13 different commercial rodent diets, the authors of the study report the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans, and GMOs.  There are several limitations with the methodological approach used by the authors, including insufficient information about the test material and methodology used, incomplete reporting of the data, and inappropriate interpretation of legislation and results. The vast majority of pesticides were absent (below the limit of detection), and where detected, the levels of pesticides, heavy metals and dioxins were only just above the limit of detection in the feed samples but below regulatory levels for feed and foodstuffs……

Beware mudslinging: How abuse of FOIA derails discussion of science and GMOs - In general, FOIA requests like those made of Dr. Kevin Folta, and anything else journalists can do to find out whether someone claiming the trustworthy mantle of scientist/expert has been corrupted by funders, are a good idea. But more and more, advocates on all sorts of issues are using them to cast doubt on the trustworthiness of what an opponent says.  Money can corrupt. But it is unfair, and not mature journalism, to simply say “He got money from some bad actor, and therefore you can’t trust anything he says.” Because money doesn’t always corrupt, mostly it finds those already saying what the funder likes. The views are sincerely held, and predate the cash.  There are plenty of examples of companies funding scientists and pundits to say whatever the company wants. And there are many examples on the “green” side of environmental issues too…..
Epigenetics: Why there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ human body - Epigenetics is a burgeoning field of research that is the most synthetic of the sciences in introducing the new, environmental view of biological development: it is the science of how cellular environments determine genetic expression. The field has yielded thousands of studies that show how certain nutrients, environmental toxins and psycho-social stressors can affect genetic expression without changing the underlying DNA sequence. Instead, epigenetic mechanisms affect genetic expression by influencing which genes are available to the cell’s protein-building ‘machinery’.  The implications of recent epigenetic insights are enormous. Epigenetics provides a powerful way to think about openness, indeterminacy and variation in human anatomy, physiology and behaviour. Foremost, epigenetics shows that variation is the inevitable, natural state: that is, variation is the only possible outcome because each person is made by a unique set of exposures, past and present. Its inevitability is enhanced by the fact that epigenetic processes are subtle and indeterminate. The upshot is that there is no ‘baseline’ for determining the ‘natural’ state of the human body. In other words, there is no a priori basis to treat bodily changes as deviations from a past natural state.
More Here……

Risk: Reason and Reality

Gun Control Keeps Getting Shot Down. Why Does a Tiny Minority Always Win? - Most Americans want reasonable gun safety laws, and in a democracy, the majority is supposed to win. Why isn't it working that way with gun control? My Take – The author dances around the May Pole for a while, but he clearly misses the point. 

Does Living Near a Nuclear Plant Increase Cancer Risk? The NRC Was Right to Cancel a Study to Find Out. - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has dropped a study on whether living near a nuclear plant increases the risk of cancer. Criticism of this decision is predictable, but unwarranted. The study would only have...

Can People With Different Views Find Ways to Cooperate? Here's One Hopeful Experience. - Twenty-one strangers with different values and views, thrown together on a Grand Canyon rafting trip, managed to set aside those differences and build community.

Murdered: Cecil the Lion, Blaze the Yellowstone Grizzly - The shooting of two charismatic animals stirred international outrage. But a more important event to the developing world concern with animal welfare was publication of Carl Safina's Beyond Words, What Animals...

Why Is Nagasaki Thriving While Chernobyl Remains Abandoned? - "30 years after, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are bustling cities. 30 years after Chernobyl, abandoned city. What's the difference?"

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: What Survivors Taught Us About the Danger of Excessive Fear of Radiation - Nuclear weapons do horrific widespread damage. Nuclear radiation, even at high doses, does not. But fear of radiation does. We have the survivors of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to thank for these...

The EPA Plan to Cut Power Plant Emissions Puts Climate Change Debate Behind Us - There are fair quarrels with the details of the Obama Administration plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. But beyond the details, the fact that such a major step is being taken in the first...

Cellphones and Radiation: Berkeley's Silly, and Harmful, Pandering to Fear - A decision requiring cellphone retailers to warn customers of possible radiation risk typifies the emotion-based way that democracy can supersede intelligent government risk policy-making.

'The New Yorker' Earthquake Warning. Another Alarm About 'The Big One' That Doesn't Explain Why We Aren't Alarmed. - A terrific story about the physical threat of a major earthquake in the Pacific Northwest fails to explain why people don't seem alarmed. That lack of alarm puts the public at risk as much as the shaking Earth...

The Cause of the Green Movement’s Coming Doom – Corruption and Reality!

Forget Paris: India Leads Asia’s Dash For Coal
$99.3 Billion Still Missing From $100 Billion UN Climate Fund

India is opening a mine a month as it races to double coal output by 2020, putting the world’s third-largest polluter at the forefront of a pan-Asian dash to burn more of the dirty fossil fuel that environmentalists fear will upend international efforts to contain global warming. Other Asian nations are increasingly looking to coal to power their economies too, with Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam opening new plants, pushing the Asia/Pacific region to 80 percent of new coal plants. Japan plans to build another 41 new coal-fired units over the next decade. --Krishna N Das and Tommy Wilkes, Reuters, 5 October 2015

The Green Climate Fund (GFC) was founded to manage a significant portion of the $100 billion annual fund promised by rich countries to help the developing world adapt to climate change, but so far only has an annual budget of $700 million. The Green Climate Fund was created four years ago during the COP in Durban (South Africa), with the aim of raising $100 billion per year from developed countries by 2020. But its uptake has been slow, and donations have not been forthcoming. --EurActiv, 5 October 2015
Much of the climate debate in the past 20 years has occurred in the backdrop of hysteria, data manipulation, and wholescale, shameless attempt at slandering those who don’t agree with the consensus. Climate scientists have become activists and politicians, while activists have assumed the role of policy makers, drafting rules and regulations. It is very unfortunate that the Modi government has succumbed to bullying tactics of western climate propaganda machines and devised a plan which is impractical and difficult to implement. Reality will soon dawn and the rosy projections will be exposed for what they really are. Like Pachauri’s projections of a meltdown of Himalayan glaciers. --Sriram Ramakrishnan, Times of India, 5 October 2015
The question that negotiators will ask: is the gap between India’s posture and that of the West large enough to cause a crisis at the upcoming Paris summit. The shadow of the disastrous 2009 Copenhagen climate summit still hangs over the process. India’s declared Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) is also a pointer to the areas of friction. If India insists that its targets are conditional on such assistance, talks will be in trouble. New Delhi, to some degree, has left this to the West. One view is that US President Barack Obama, determined to make climate change part of his legacy, will be prepared to let this go. French President Francois Hollande, the host of the summit, similarly wants to avoid a breakdown. Their desire for success should work in India’s negotiating favour. --Pramit Pal Chaudhuri, Hindustan Times, 2 October 2015
Divisions over money between rich and poor countries re-emerged as nations submitted their plans for tackling climate change to the UN. The Philippines said that without adequate climate compensation, their cuts in emissions wouldn’t happen. India, the last big emitter to publish its contribution, said it would need $2.5 trillion to meet its targets. Developed countries have committed to $100bn funding for developing countries to deal with climate change by 2020, but India’s environment minister suggested the bill was going to a lot bigger than that. “I am telling the world that the bill for climate action for the world is not just $100bn, it is in trillions of dollars per year,” said Prakash Javadekar. --Matt McGrath, BBC News, 2 October 2015
Poland’s prime minister says she does not consider nuclear energy a priority and is instead focused on strengthening the coal mining industry. Ewa Kopacz’s comments indicated a U-turn from earlier government plans to add nuclear energy to Poland’s mix in the coming years. Kopacz said Monday that Poland’s energy security is based on coal. --Association Press, 5 October 2015

American Council on Science and Health

2 Gene Therapies Provide Major Advancements -It has been 25 years since the first clinical trial of gene therapy was conducted, but one still has not been approved in the U.S. However, following two new studies showing that researchers are closing in on therapies for a common brain cancer and a rare eye disease, hope for approval is on the rise.

Sex Education Law is California’s Latest Health Triumph - Following a defeated attempt to overturn a vaccination law, California delivers another victory: a sex ed law, which mandates comprehensive, science-based instruction for all teens. Included are important topics like consent, sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS awareness, and the basics, like contraception.

Childhood Stress Can Lead to Adult Health Issues, Study Finds - Though stress may sometimes be beneficial – when performance is enhanced due to the positive effects of anticipatory anxiety – prolonged stress, especially stemming from childhood, may lead to long-term chronic physiological issues.

Video: Tips to Avoid Getting Kidney Stones - Take a look at this short, clever video from the American Chemical Society for tips on how to avoid getting kidney stones.

Now PETA Is Suing Whole Foods,Too - Despite the action, Whole Foods is not worried. The huge grocery chain casually dismisses it as a lawsuit-happy activist group. But hey, isn't that ironic? It the very same thing they have benefited from so many times before in the past.

Effectiveness of Beta-blockers Questioned by New Study - Beta-blockers have been integral in the treatment of heart disease and high blood pressure since the invention of Inderal almost 50 years ago. But new research indicates they may not be the medical miracle they were once considered to be.

Notable Progress Made on Male Birth Control Pill - There have been many advances in women's contraception over the past few decades, but the same cannot be said for men. The search for an oral male contraceptive has been a bust thus far, but researchers believe there may be a solution in this area in the not-too-distant future.
Solid Reporting on the (Non) Risks of Roundup - A well-written and illustrative article in the Washington Post explains a great deal about the U.N.'s International Agency for Research on Cancer, and Monsanto's herbicide glyphosate, Roundup. It should be required reading for Americans concerned about the chemical, as well as GMO food.

Asthma Meds Safe for Babies, Despite Study Findings - A study claims that infants given corticosteroids to treat asthma may face stunted growth in their future. However, the coverage of the study misses the point: despite the concern about potential height, asthma is still a deadly disease and steroids are still an effective treatment.

Defending Deserved Nobel Winners from Baseless Attacks - A recent online article, which we find outrageous, bends over backwards to attack several Nobel Prize winners whose contributions to humanity saved many millions of lives. We've taken the time to list the writer's false accusations, challenging each, point by point.

Atlas Shrugs

VIDEO: Muslim ‘migration threatens Britain’s social cohesion’ says British Home Secretary who banned Pamela Geller from the UK - British Home Secretary Theresa May just said, ‘mass migration threatens Britain’s social cohesion.’ This woman banned me from the UK for saying much less “controversial” statements. Based on her previous policy she ought to be hauled before a sharia court and be thrown in jail. Clearly her statement might incite Muslims to violence — the very policy she cited when banning me from entering the UK.  Home Secretary Theresa May issued a stark warning that high levels of immigration are unsustainable and make it “impossible to build a cohesive society” in Britain.  That cow owes me an apology. 

Migrant VIDEO: Muslim Child Does the HITLER SALUTE on German Bound Train - How bloody fitting:  If it weren’t for citizen journalists, we would know nothing of the reality of the Muslim invasion versus the political/media Disney-like fantasy they are peddling.
Thanks to Armaros: The whole video is worth watching….the arrogant healthy men…..all demanding welfare and freebies…

VIDEO: Muslim migrant riots ignored in U.S. media blackout - The enemedia refuses to cover the invasion — instead, it shills for the enemy invader. And Obama has pledged to bring this war to our shores.  Europe’s model of multiculturalism goes up in flames….Bookstore in Stockholm suburb had its windows smashed by rock-throwing refugees. Cars were torched and buildings burned but a media blackout is in place in the U.S., which plans to step up its own importation of Muslim refugees under President Barack Obama’s recently announced plan….

Sweden, seen by many American progressives as the model of multiculturalism and tolerance, has erupted into an orgy of violence as gangs of...

Australia: Muslim teen murderer got his gun at mosque and his Islamic schoolyard prayer meeting being investigated - The Muslim teen prayed for 40 minutes inside the Sydney mosque before changing out of his tracksuit and into black robes to carry out his deadly mission at police headquarters. The weapon used by Farhad Jabar was believed to be handed to the jihadi at the Parramatta mosque:  The revelation comes amid reports last night police had obtained CCTV footage from the mosque showing Jabar meeting several men in the lead-up to the brutal streetside slaying.  The head of the state’s counter-terrorism command, NSW Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn, said inquiries confirmed a number of men arrested in sweeping anti-terrorism raids across Sydney yesterday had attended the mosque on the day of the fatal shooting…

Arabic is now the fastest-growing language in the U.S. - With Muslims being the fastest growing bloc of new immigrants in the U.S., it’s perhaps no surprise that Arabic script is becoming more common across the country.  “Arabic is more than a language. It is explicated the language of Islam, so in that sense it is part of the Islamic religious imperial project. Islam advances through the Arabic language. And you go all kinds of places that aren’t in the Arab world now, like Pakistan, Indonesia, Central Asia, the Balkans, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Canada and the United States, and you will hear those Imams preaching in Arabic. Arabic is not just another language like French or Italian, it is the spearhead of an ideological project that is deeply opposed to...

Captured ISIS fighter has full map of targets for Berlin takeover - Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany has to live with the mass influx of refugees, ignoring the people of Germany and the critics within her party bloc, amid a media report that as many as 1.5 million people may arrive this year. The most generous country to Muslim migrants is the number one European target for jihadis…..On the Free Kurdistan Group Webpage appeared this news update  An ISIS fighter captured on the Turkish Syrian border had with him a map of Berlin detailing targets and places necessary for taking over the city.  Whomever drew this map must have had to have lived in...

Nuclear smugglers seek jihadi buyers: ‘I really want an Islamic buyer because they will bomb the Americans’ - This report is chilling. Clearly it is not a question of if, but of when.   Over the pulsating beat at an exclusive nightclub, the arms smuggler made his pitch to a client: 2.5 million euros for enough radioactive cesium to contaminate several city blocks. It was earlier this year, and the two men were plotting their deal at an unlikely spot: the terrace of Cocos Prive, a dance club and sushi bar in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.  “You can make a dirty bomb, which would be perfect for the Islamic State,” the smuggler said. “If you have a connection...

Playground ‘Pig’ Offends Muslims - The question isn’t, “does it offend Muslims?”; the question is, “what doesn’t offend Muslims?”  The google translation is awkward, but you get the picture…….If a pig rocking offends Allah (thanks to Religion of Peace)… In our home. Not only crucifixes in classrooms disrespectful to Muslim believers now we bring you even piglets. Yes, it reads right. This time to offend the religion...

Islamic State Muslim to non-Muslim sex slave: “Once ten of us rape you, you become Muslim” -Kidnapping and enslaving girls as sex slaves is sanctioned by the Qur’an in multiple places — not one of the Muslim groups’ condemnations of the abductions addresses that or explains how it is a misunderstanding of Islam. Neither do their clueless leftist apologists.  This is all according to Islamic law (sharia).  “Pregnant Yazidi sex slaves were forced to undergo barbaric abortions which left them unable to walk or talk, reveals freed ISIS captive who was told: ‘Once ten of us rape you, you become Muslim,'” by Sara Malm, MailOnline, October 6, 2015 (thanks to  Pregnant women abducted and sold as sex slaves by Islamic State fighters have been forced to undergo abortions leaving them unable to...

Merkel REFUSES TO BUDGE on refugees as 1.5 million seen coming - Despite the violence, rapes, costs and the opposition of the majority of the people, Merkel is storming ahead with the destruction of Germany. Unlike other immigrant groups, millions of Muslims come to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government, and establish parallel societies based on Islamic law. CAPTURED ISIS FIGHTER HAS FULL MAP OF TARGETS FOR BERLIN TAKEOVER History will not be kind to Chancellor Merkel….
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