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Black Lives Matter and the Left Responsible for Entitled Athletes Disrespecting the National Anthem

By Rachel Alexander

The left has created a new, fashionable way to bash the U.S., through its creation of Black Lives Matter. Now, some of the most wealthy, entitled athletes in the country are disrespecting the national anthem, alleging rampant racism. President Obama could have used his position as the first black president to show that race relations are better than ever, but instead he has used his bully pulpit to fan the flames of racism, making up racism where it doesn't exist. A black police officer shoots a black suspect with a gun who refuses to put his gun down? Obama asserts that is racism......Full Story

American Council on Science and Health

Scrotox: An Idea That is Just Nuts
Of all the cosmetic penile procedures that stick out, perhaps none can elicit as much of a response as the new kid on the block — Botox injections into the scrotum for the sole purpose of whipping gravity. Yep, if you want help with your dangling participles, fear not, you are no longer in a pickle.

Hospice Deaths Are Increasing; That's Probably a Good Thing
We all have to die. Those of us who process that reality ahead of time might be lucky enough to have a small say over the time and location of our unavoidable demise. And in the process, we may help society as a whole come to terms with death. That is why we applaud the increase in deaths that are occurring at hospices. 

Of Questionable Evidentiary Weight' -- Another Nail in IARC's Glyphosate Coffin
There was a time when the International Agency for Research on Cancer did fine work, separating health threats from health scares. Yet today IARC claims hot water and bacon causes cancer. What went wrong? Frankly, officials ran out of cancer-causing agents so they started inventing them. Now comes this glyphosate fiasco, in which a key paper cited was nothing but junk science.

US News Tackles the War on Fun & Other Ways Media Linked to us Last Week
Some of the top health stories making news over the last 48 hours.

Women Beware: Some Drugs Impact Emergency Contraception
A warning just published by the British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency alerts women and their healthcare providers that some medications and herbal preparations can interfere with the efficacy of emergency contraceptive pills.

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Racist Radicals Rule Charlotte


Russia and the West's Insane Syrian War


Muslim Dictator Plagiarizes Obama

Minnesota Muslim Mall Stabber's Family Praises Him for Having "Achieved a Lot During His Short Life"

Obama's Email Alias With Clinton Raises Disturbing Questions


Cruz's Courageous Right Move


Debunking the Biggest Immigration Lies


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After Paris: China Stokes Global Coal Growth

India Becomes Centre Of The World’s Oil And Coal Demand Growth

Chinese companies and banks are continuing to drive global coal expansion, as state owned companies, backed by state loans, build coal-fired power plants across the world. This is despite commitments from China’s top leaders to deliver clean energy and low carbon infrastructure for developing countries. The world’s largest carbon emitter aims to reposition itself as a global green power. However, these efforts are being undercut by Chinese backed coal power plants planned and under construction from Indonesia to Pakistan, Turkey to the Balkans –as well as in Africa and Latin America. These could boost global emissions and lock developing countries into fossil fuel intensive energy systems for decades. --Beth Walker, China Dialogue, 23 September 2016

India has become the center of the world’s oil demand growth and the country’s economic growth will affect global commodities, Citigroup Inc. said in a research note. The world’s second-largest country by population after China will see its economy expand at about 8 percent a year through 2021. The country’s working-age population will increase by 220 million over the next 20 years, and about 240 million people will move to cities. Coal demand will grow between 6 percent and 8 percent a year through 2020 as the country tries to electrify more rural areas. Domestic production of coal for power will rise even faster, reducing imports, while a strong domestic steel-production outlook means the nation will have to increase metallurgical coal imports. --Dan Murtaugh, Bloomberg, 26 September 2016

China’s Communist Party has as its highest priority its own self-preservation, and that self-preservation depends overwhelmingly on its ability to continue raising the standard of living of its citizens. With China’s economic growth faltering, the last thing the Communist Party wants is to hobble its economy further by curtailing the use of the fossil fuels upon which its economy depends. A major cutback in fossil fuel use represents an existential threat to the Communist Party’s rule. It simply isn’t going to happen. --Patricia Adams, The Truth About China, GWPF Report December 2015 

After years of delay, Mexico could open up its vast shale oil fields to U.S. drillers as soon as next year, the Mexican secretary of energy said Friday. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, speaking to energy executives, attorneys and academics at Rice University, said that the long-suspended auctions for northern Mexico’s shale fields could reopen after the first quarter of 2017. The fields could provide Houston oil companies with nearby and ready-made opportunities for expansion. Much of it is essentially an extension of the Eagle Ford reservoir, which stretches from central Texas and into Mexico. Local companies, familiar with the geology and now experts in hydraulic fracturing, could be first in line to develop the fields. --David Hunn, Houston Chronicle, 23 September 2016

The world is awash in oil (and natural gas too, for that matter), and those cheap hydrocarbon inputs will be welcomed by all sectors of the global economy besides, of course, the oil and gas industry. Moreover, it bodes well for future global energy security that after all the peak oil hand wringing, suppliers around the world keep finding and extracting more and more of one of civilization’s most important commodities. --The American Interest, 25 September 2016

A green campaign group made a series of misleading claims about the health and environmental impacts of fracking, according to a damning draft ruling by the advertising watchdog. Friends of the Earth (FoE) failed to substantiate claims that fracking could cause cancer, contaminate water supplies, increase asthma rates and send house prices plummeting, the Advertising Standards Authority says. Scientists accused the group of scaremongering after it made the claims in thousands of copies of a leaflet asking for donations to help stop fracking. --Ben Webster, The Times, 26 September 2016
The pitched battle over President Obama’s signature climate change policy, which is moving to the courts this week, carries considerable political, economic and historical stakes. Yet its legal fate, widely expected to be ultimately decided by the Supreme Court, could rest on a clerical error in an obscure provision of a 26-year-old law. If [Obama’s] plan is struck down, the United States, the world’s largest carbon polluter over the centuries, will lose its main tool to cut greenhouse gas emissions. If it is upheld, it will transform the nation’s electricity system, closing hundreds of coal-fired power plants and setting in motion a wholesale shift to wind, solar and nuclear power, as well as to improved electric transmission systems. --Coral Davenport, The New York Times, 25 September 2016

The Buffalo Billion fraud and bribery scheme: corruption and pay-to-play, a symbol of everything they’re doing

Commentary by Marita Noon @ OILPRO 

The Buffalo Billion fraud and bribery scheme: corruption and pay-to-play, a symbol of everything they’re doing

When New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo gushed over SolarCity’s new solar panel factory in Buffalo, New York, the audience, likely, didn’t grasp the recently-revealed meaning of his words: “It is such a metaphor—a symbol of everything we’re doing.”

The 1.2 million square foot building, being built by the state of New York on the site of a former steel plant, is looking more and more like another political promise of help for one of the poorest cities in the state that ends up enriching cronies without ever achieving any potential for the people.

Yes, it is a symbol of everything they’re doing.

Previously, during her first senatorial bid, Hillary Clinton also promised jobs to the economically depressed region of the state of New York—200,000 to be exact. Citing a report from the Washington Post, CBSNews states: , CBSNews states: “Jobs data show that job growth stagnated in Upstate New York during her eight years in office, the report said, and manufacturing jobs dropped by nearly a quarter.” The Post’s extensive story reveals that jobs never materialized—despite “initial glowing headlines.” It claims: “Clinton’s self-styled role as economic promoter” actually “involved loyal campaign contributors who also supported the Clinton Foundation.” Through federal grants and legislation, she helped steer money to programs, companies, and initiatives that benefitted the donors but failed to reverse the economic decline of the region.

Now, new corruption charges reveal the same pay-to-play model linked to Cuomo’s upstate “Buffalo Billion” economic revitalization plan—and the promised jobs, also, look they will never materialize.

Back on January 5, 2012, Cuomo announced a $1 billion five-year economic development pledge for Buffalo. It was to be the governor’s banner economic initiative with the SolarCity factory as the cornerstone and a pledge of 1,460 direct factory jobs. Other companies, including IBM and a Japanese clean-energy company were also lined up.

With the state-of-the-art solar panel factory ready for equipment to be installed, the wisdom of the entire program is being scrutinized—and is coming up short.

First, on September 22, two of Cuomo’s closest aides—along with several others—were charged in corruption and fraud cases involving state contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Addressing the press at his Manhattan office, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara asserted: “that ‘pervasive corruption and fraud’ infested one of the governor’s signature economic development programs. Companies got rich, and the public got bamboozled,” reports The Observer. Bharara described the bid-rigging and bribery arrangement: “Behind the scenes they were cynically rigging the whole process so that the contracts would go to handpicked ‘friends of the administration’—‘friends’ being a euphemism for large donors. Through rigged bids, state contracts worth billions of dollars in public development monies, meant to revitalize and renew upstate New York, were instead just another way to corruptly award cronies who were willing to pay to play.”

The 79-page criminal complaint notes that campaign contributions to Cuomo poured in from people connected to the bribe-paying companies as soon as those businesses began pursuing state projects.

One of the companies that received the lucrative contracts was LPCiminelli—run by “Cuomo mega-donor” Louis Ciminelli. He allegedly offered bribes to Cuomo confidante Todd Howe—who has admitted to pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars from developers to rig bids on multimillion-dollar state contracts linked to Buffalo Billion projects.

Ciminelli received the $750 million contract to build the SolarCity plant. The Buffalo News cites Bharara as saying: “the state’s bidding process for the factory being built for SolarCity at RiverBend in South Buffalo turned into a ‘criminal’ enterprise that favored LPCiminelli, where company executives were given inside information about how the deal was to be awarded.”

Part of Cuomo’s deal with SolarCity—in which the state owns the building and equipment with SolarCity leasing it under a 10-year deal—requires the company to meet a timetable of job-creation quotas or pay hefty penalties. Even before the building was complete, however, the company slashed its job commitment from 1460 to 500. According to the Investigative Post, SolarCity claims it will still employ the original number, but due to automation, the majority of them will not be at the Buffalo plant. With the state’s $750 million investment, that works out to $1.5 million per manufacturing job. In a press release, Cuomo promised 1460 “direct manufacturing jobs at the new facility.”

Even the 500 jobs will only materialize if the plant actually starts production—currently slated for June 2017. SolarCity’s future is, as Crain’s New York Business puts it: “uncertain.”

Amid the company’s myriad problems are the facts that it has never been profitable, nor does it have manufacturing experience.

In February 2014, SolarCity’s stock price peaked at about $85 a share. Today, a share is less than $20. Microaxis gives it a probability of bankruptcy score of 48 percent. Crains reports that it posted a $251 million loss in Q1 2016 and a loss of $230 million in Q2. To “stop the bleeding,” Elon Musk (a donor to both the Obama and Clinton campaigns and the Clinton Foundation), who owns more than 20 percent of the company, announced that Tesla (of which he also owns more than 20 Percent) would purchase SolarCity—this after as many as 15 other potential buyers and investors looked at the company and decided to pass. SolarCity even considered selling the solar panel manufacturing business.

Both SolarCity and Tesla are, according to the Buffalo News, facing a “cash bind”—this despite receiving billions in federal and state grants and tax credits as I’ve previously addressed. Tesla is described as “cash-eating electric vehicle and battery making businesses.” For SolarCity, its model—which finances its solar panel installations, in order to make a profit on a lease that can be as long as 30 years, while it collects the lucrative government incentives worth billions (a practice for which Solar City is currently under Congressional investigation)—requires constantly raising new money from investors. Once the Tesla deal was announced, SolarCity’s lenders started to pull back.

The Buffalo News reports: “Stock in SolarCity…now trades for $4 a share less, or 19 percent less, than what Tesla is offering—a gap indicating that investors are uncertain the deal will be completed.” Additionally, the deal is being challenged by four separate lawsuits—which could delay the deal. Addressing the merger, one analyst said: “We see a lot more that can go wrong than can go right.”

Then there is the manufacturing angle. Originally, the Buffalo plant was going to manufacture high-efficacy solar panel modules developed by Silevo—a company SolarCity bought in 2014. Crain’s reports that it will instead produce complete solar roofs. Something it says “Dow Chemical recently abandoned after five years because it could not find a way to make a profit on the technology.” But then, the Buffalo News says: “The initial production in Buffalo is expected to include photovoltaic cells that SolarCity purchases from suppliers and are used in the products that will be assembled in the South Park Avenue factory.”

Whatever the plant builds or manufactures, getting it operating will be expensive—even with the New York taxpayers owning the building and equipment—and will drain scarce cash from SolarCity at a time when its financing costs have increased.

Buffalo residents wonder if they’ll be stuck with the world’s largest empty warehouse and without the promised jobs.

No wonder the entire project is in doubt. Because of the Cuomo administration corruption allegations, other proposed job-creators, including IBM, have pulled out until the probe is completed.

For now, Cuomo is not a part of the criminal complaint—though his name is mentioned many times—and he claims he knew nothing about it, nor does he think he’s a target of the ongoing federal probe. “It is almost inconceivable the governor didn’t know what was going on,” Doug Muzzio, a professor of public affairs at Baruch College, said. “And if he didn’t know what was going on, you can argue he should have known.”

Bharara has suggested that the better name for the program would be: “The Buffalo Billion Fraud and Bribery Scheme.”

Yep, the Buffalo Billion project is a “symbol” of the political promises and crony corruption—“everything we’re doing”—that takes taxpayers dollars to reward political donors and then walks away when the jobs don’t materialize.
The author of Energy Freedom, Marita Noon serves as the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc. and the companion educational organization, the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE). She hosts a weekly radio program: America’s Voice for Energy—which expands on the content of her weekly column. Follow her @EnergyRabbit.

DEPLORABLE: The Smearing of the Middle Class by Pseudo-Intellectuals

By Mary Grabar September 26, 2016

Long before Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank claimed to have the “statistics” to prove Hillary Clinton’s assertion that half of Donald Trump supporters are “deplorables,” a liberal outlets that has repeated such slurs -- the New York Times -- published an article titled “Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated.”

That was back in April 2010, a year after the rise of the “Tea Party movement,” a movement inspired by the “rant” of Rick Santelli in 2009 over Obama’s massive “stimulus” spending on infrastructure (sidewalks that went nowhere), “green energy” (Solyndra), and bribes to governors to participate in the federal takeover of education (Common Core).

The 2010 New York Times poll found that most Tea Party members held views that were typical of the general public. Reporters wrote that their responses to questions “are like the general public’s in many ways.” Most described the amount they paid in taxes as “fair,” most sent their children to public schools, and most believed that Medicare and Social Security are worth the cost. In fact, the poll found that most Tea Party members had higher incomes and were better-educated than the general public.

But they did have three major concerns: “the recent healthcare overhaul, government spending, and a feeling that their opinions are not represented in Washington.”

In other words, these are well-informed middle-class Americans. They are concerned about federalism and spending and believe in representational government.

Such a presentation of the Tea Party was short-lived. The Tea Party was soon transmogrified into an old stereotype: bigoted and uneducated white Southerners.

Their disagreements with Barack Obama’s policies were translated into “racism.”

The journalists had the help of academics, such as those ensconced at the left-wing Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies, where the “right-wing” label is applied without distinction to Mussolini and the Tea Party.

In the fall of 2010, the Center hosted a conference and then produced a collection of essays by participants titled: Steep: The Precipitous Rise of the Tea Party. Contributor Charles Postel of San Francisco State University claimed that “’right-wing rage’” leads to a seeking of solutions in the free market, embodies the concerns of older, white Americans, and is a re-emergence of the Cold War’s “apocalyptic fears of communism.”

The pseudo-scholarship of such centers was employed by reporters to cast Tea Party members as irrational and crazed.

Neutralizing the Active Shooter: A New Technology Solution

By Stephern Bryen @ American Center for Democracy

One of the great risks we face today is what the FBI called the “active shooter” threat. The FBI has been working on this problem for some time, but meanwhile -despite their good efforts- the active shooter problem remains a threat without a good solution.

In the simplest terms, the characteristics of an active shooter is a person or persons who launch an attack either outdoors or inside a building or facility. Typically the attack comes as a surprise. If the facility is guarded, the guard may try to interdict the shooter, but lacking warning it is often the case that the guard is wounded or killed. From that initial moment on, the shooter goes on a rampage, causing a good deal of panic and, sadly, many casualties.

Buildings with alert systems can at least provide some warning to those not in the direct path of the assailant, and if there was some training (unfortunately in most cases people are not trained to deal with such threats) people may be able to escape unharmed. But most of the time citizens are in harm’s way and suffer accordingly.

The best strategy to deal with an active shooter is to identify the threat as soon as possible and to get law enforcement on the scene quickly. The faster an active shooter can be liquidated the less damage he or she can do. Unfortunately, the record is none too good on response speed. It is unusual, for example, for security to pick up a threat before it materializes before them. And it is difficult for law enforcement, especially inside unfamiliar buildings, to pinpoint where the shooter is and to figure out how to stop him.

There are more than a handful of shooting cases where even locating the shooter is difficult, especially if he or she is on the move.

Government buildings and installations, public buildings, and private businesses have invested in security systems. These systems consist of building alarms, public address systems and cameras covering interior space. Typically the imagery can be viewed by a guard at a station and in some cases by a security office or building command center. Unfortunately, law enforcement rarely has access to what the cameras see, and even worse law enforcement is unfamiliar with the layout of any office or installation, how one navigates, and where the exits and entrances are located. Thus, despite cameras and other sensors (for example gunshot sensors), law enforcement faces nearly a black hole initially. This makes law enforcement rescue attempts inefficient and dangerous, both to the possible victims and to the law enforcement officers as well.

Is it possible to change the game and give law enforcement, first responders, and security personnel a more rapid and accurate way to respond to a major security event?

An Israeli developer, Eran Jedvice, and his development team have come up with a solution that is a game changer. The good thing about what they have developed is that it can be “bolted on” to existing security systems and make them far more efficient and effective.

The basic idea of Jedvice, is to create immediate situational awareness that law enforcement can use even while on the way to the crime scene. Previously, Jedvice completed important projects in Israel protecting vulnerable villages, where the visualization ideas were developed initially

The technology permits law enforcement to “see” the entire layout of any space and to orient themselves immediately and automatically, seeing in their perspective where the threat is and how it is moving. This provides instant guidance on how to confront the attacker and how to put out instructions on how to escape the threat.

The Jedvice system exploits imaging but changes it from a flat scene projected by a camera whose location is not known to law enforcement, to a scene that is immediately relevant and compelling and in a perspective that is actionable.

TEDCO, the Maryland technology development corporation, sponsored Jedvice’s technology and funded a demonstration project, which is installed in the Oheb Shalom synagogue and school in Baltimore, Maryland.

At the synagogue and the school, various sensors have been integrated by the Jedvice software and the result displayed on a commercial computer tablet device working either with WIFI or through a VPN. If an incident occurs, police responders immediately can identify where the problem is, figure how to enter the facility and where it can interdict the threat quickly.

The main idea behind the technology is to dramatically cut down the time it takes to take down the threat.

The immediate benefit is saving lives.

In short, Jedvice and his team have harnessed technology in the service of the community.

This security breakthrough is important to universally upgrade security systems nationwide. For law enforcement, entering a building or facility under attack, hand them an active tablet that will self-orient to their location (or share contact information with them ahead of time so they can use their own tablet or smartphone) giving them the information they urgently need. No guessing, no running down hallways or kicking in doors without being sure where the threat is. With their own communications, the team can not only go after the threat but know which entrances and exits they need to cover and how to move people safely out of harm’s way.

This is a new technology the FBI and law enforcement need to see as soon as possible. They will be amazed.

See a brief video at https://youtu.be/nQ7iMsdPR4g

Respect For Authority Starts At Home, Not ‘After’ You’re Shot By Police

By on September 22, 2016 in Daily Rant, Politics, Race & Politics 26

People just don’t get it, and I am speaking specifically to blacks. Whether you like authority or not, we are a country based upon a system of laws that are there to protect us all. Accordingly when you have a gun in your hand, behaving in a threatening manner toward law enforcement officers, and the officers tell you to drop the gun, it is in your best interest to do so.

There is nothing corrupt about a police officer telling you to drop your gun. But the consequences of not obeying that command can and probably will result in a bad outcome based upon your defiant disobedience.

This was the case in the shooting death of Keith Lamont by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer. Predictably the outcry was immediate with blacks wasting no time saying the shooting represents the threat blacks live under. In addition to those claims they wasted no time in burning their neighborhoods and looting a Wal-Mart Store, in addition to looting commercial trucks and setting them afire.

The shooting was like getting a pony for Christmas to the media; they can bang the drum of cop kills African-American. The only sad thing for them is that the officer who fired in self-defense was black. The police chief is black and the city government is predominantly black. Ergo they will be limited in their ability to argue “white racist cop(s)” killed another African-American. But that will not prevent them from fomenting whatever discord they can.

However, these people will never address the brutal truth. The brutal truth is that Lamont is dead because he: A) threatened police with a firearm and B) refused to obey police officers orders that he drop the gun. Blacks, the media, and certainly the rioters do not want to hear the truth – the truth is that Lamont was responsible for his own death. Had he obeyed the command to drop the gun he would be alive today. And he would certainly be alive if he hadn’t been in the street with the gun behaving in a threatening manner.

But the truth is a rare commodity these days, unless it serves the narrative of anarchists. Of course it is a tragic occurrence, however it is a tragic occurrence that was entirely avoidable.

It is unfortunate that Lamont’s children will grow up without a father and the blame for that must be placed on him. Supposed he had shot and killed a police officer? Would these same people who are now looting and burning buildings mourn the loss of with the policeman’s family? I would say, “not likely.”

The message that should come out of this situation is the message that will not be uttered except by someone such as myself; the message is that people (blacks included) must respect and obey law enforcement.

As I said; few want to hear the truth but the truth is people wouldn’t be injured and/or killed in these situations if they obeyed the directions of law enforcement.

Mine is the least popular view of what took place in Charlotte-Mecklenburg you will hear, but the truth is the truth.

And using the belligerent and threatening acts of Lamont, which resulted in his death, as an opportunity to go on a shopping spree, ala looting and stealing, resolves nothing. The burning and looting does show that these blacks are opportunistic vultures without morals and/or respect for authority.

Maybe it’s time to start having a conversation about respecting authority juxtaposed to blaming police. However that’s a conversation that won’t take place because to have that conversation, they would need to start with the disrespect these people show their parent(s), teachers, “baby-mammas”, their neighborhoods, themselves, ad nauseum.

Who is guarding the (dictatorial) guards?

Regulators mete out fines and stymie growth, but are rarely punished for their own misconduct

Paul Driessen

Several years ago, Wells Fargo Bank discovered that employees had boosted sales, by opening some 2 million deposit and credit card accounts without customer knowledge or authorization. Over the next few years, the bank fired more than 5,000 employees for misconduct and reimbursed customers $2.6 million in fees that they may have incurred on the bogus accounts.

Insufficient response and retribution, regulators and politicians howled. They played no role in uncovering the fraud, but they are hounding bank officials and demanding $185 million in fines.

In another action, the Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission and State of California agreed to a $14.7 billion settlement with Volkswagen, to compensate 482,000 buyers who bought diesel cars that the company illegally made appear less polluting than they actually were.

“This settlement shows that EPA is committed to upholding standards to protect public health, enforce the law and protect clean air,” said Administrator Gina McCarthy. But it’s just a “partial settlement,” a “first step” in holding VW accountable for breaching “the public’s trust,” added DOJ Deputy AG Sally Yates.

Meanwhile, Ms. Yates wants prosecutors to employ the Responsible Corporate Officers Doctrine (or Park Doctrine) more often, to hold executives individually accountable for the actions of company employees, without requiring that the government prove the execs intended to break any laws – or even that senior managers were negligent or didn’t even know someone in the company was violating a law.

Hillary Clinton is incredibly lucky the Park Doctrine doesn’t apply to her. Just imagine FBI Director James Comey’s dilemma if he couldn’t use the “no intent to violate the law” excuse. In fact, countless government officials – including Ms. McCarthy and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen – are blessed beyond measure that standards they routinely use against American citizens don’t apply to them. In fact, very few laws or regulations apply to the lawmakers and regulators who concoct and impose them.

No one should be victimized by corporate fraud, negligence or incompetence. But neither should they be victimized by negligent, incompetent or criminal actions of government agencies and bureaucrats, or of third parties they hire to validate their policies and agendas. Those actions also breach the public trust.

Equally fundamental and essential, policies and rules that affect our livelihoods, living standards and liberties must be based on honesty, accountability, evenhanded application, and verifiable evidence.

Those basic guidelines are patently ignored today, as countless examples demonstrate beyond doubt.

The IRS repeatedly abused its power in targeting conservative groups. But then Lois Lerner’s emails mysteriously disappeared, she took the Fifth and retired with full pension, “two employees on the night shift” deleted the email backup tapes (with no repercussions) and Mr. Koskinen steadfastly refuses to cooperate with congressional investigators. No Park Doctrine for any of them.

Abuses are rampant throughout federal, state and local governments, as news accounts constantly attest. Incompetence, fraud and public trust violations just in the environmental arena are mind-numbing.

On August 5, 2015, an EPA-hired crew negligently reopened the Gold King Mine above Silverton, Colorado and unleashed a 3,000,000-gallon toxic flashflood that contaminated rivers all the way to Lake Powell in Utah. EPA waited an entire day before notifying the public, offered apologies but only minimal compensation, refused to fire, fine or demote anyone – and issued a report that whitewashed the agency’s incompetence and even scrubbed the names of EPA on-site coordinator Hayes Griswold and his team.

But it’s on the regulatory front that the duplicity, exaggeration, fabrication and betrayal of our public trust are really outrageous – and used to amass more power and control over our energy, economy, job creation and living standards, close down companies and industries that regulators detest, and advance crony corporatist deals with favored entities, regardless of costs or impacts on jobs, health and welfare.

EPA is determined to make our air not merely safe or healthy, but pristine, with no human pollutants. Since 1970, US cars have reduced tailpipe pollutants by 99% and coal-fired power plants have eliminated 92% of their particulate, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. That’s still not enough, says EPA.

To promote its claim that any soot and dust particles are deadly, the agency employs “epidemiological” studies that attempt to link slightly higher death and pollution rates in different locales – and attribute the difference to manmade particulates. However, it is impossible to distinguish health effects due to vehicle, refinery or power plant pollutants from scores of natural pollutants, or to tell whether a death was caused by pollution or by bacteria, obesity, smoking, diabetes or countless other factors.

So to augment its baseless claims, EPA employed illegal experiments on people. But even when its human guinea pigs breathed up to 30 times more particulates than the agency insists are lethal, no one died. Apparently, air pollutants are a health hazard when they come from cars, refineries or coal-fired power plants – but not when they are administered in massive quantities by researchers hired by EPA.

EPA gets away with this by having activist groups posing as scientific bodies rubberstamp its pseudo-science. Since 2000, it has paid the American Lung Association more than $25 million, given its “independent” Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee members over $181 million, and let CASAC deny membership to industry or other experts who might question EPA findings.

EPA also wants to regulate all ponds, puddles, creeks, ditches and other “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) that are even remotely connected to a navigable waterway. That way it can control nearly all land uses and family, farm and industrial activities in the USA – based on equally specious “science” regarding supposedly dangerous pollutants that might get into drinking water or wildlife habitats.

The junk science really goes into hyperdrive on climate change. Of course, it’s not just EPA. Virtually every Executive Branch agency has been enlisted in President Obama’s campaign to use “dangerous manmade climate change” to justify fundamentally transforming our nation’s energy, economic, legal and constitutional systems: from NASA and NOAA, to Agriculture and Interior, and even the Defense Department and Securities and Exchange Commission. The agenda overrides science and ethics.

EPA’s 54.5 mpg dictate for vehicles will force millions into smaller, lighter, plasticized cars that will not survive collisions with walls, trees, trucks and buses – causing thousands more serious injuries and deaths every year. That human toll is ignored in the agency’s “social cost of carbon” reports. So are the absence of hurricanes hitting the US mainland for 11 years, no rise in average global temperatures for 18 years, followed by a couple tenths of a degree since then, and the barely seven inches per century in Real World sea level rise, contrary to climate models and White House, EPA, IPCC and Al Gore assertions.

Equally absurd, these regulators are hobbling the US economy, while China, India and other developing nations produce and use increasing amounts of oil, natural gas and coal every year. Perhaps worse:

Federal regulations cost US businesses and families $1.9 trillion per yearwith EPA alone accounting for $353 billion of that. This is a major reason for America’s anemic 1.1% annual economic growth and its worst labor participation rate in decades. As always, poor and minority families are hit hardest. And far too many of these regulations and costs are based on questionable, fabricated, even fraudulent science.

To top it off, illegal, unethical collusion has also become rampant at EPA: in sue and settle lawsuits, Alaska’s Pebble Mine permits, the Clean Power Plan, and helping climate activists with fund raising.

If these actions were committed by a private corporation, EPA and Justice Department SWAT teams would come after its executives, with no intent, negligence or knowledge required. But Ms. McCarthy and her staff have not been held to any such Park Doctrine standards – at least not yet.

Perhaps that explains why so many DC insiders are outraged (and maybe quaking in their boots) over the prospect that an unpredictable Washington outsider might become the next US sheriff.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (www.CFACT.org), and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death and other books on the environment.

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October 1, 2016: Another Day That Will Live in Infamy

By Rich Kozlovich

I've been amazed at the lack of coverage of an event that will take place on October first of this year. I didn't expect anything from the mainstream media since they're part of the conspiracy..... and yes..... I said conspiracy.   It's always been an amazement to me how many people snicker at the idea of a conspiracy, unless of course it's a vast right wing conspiracy, then it's perfectly intelligent and rational to self-righteously nod in agreement.

However, for many of us who've been reading history books for all of our lives - and I've been doing that for most of my 70 years - we've learned - everything really is a conspiracy!  All of my friends used to laugh at me when I would say this, but that's pretty much stopped. Why? Because they know I believe it and I have more than enough information to justify that statement.

There's a difference between a conspiracy theorist and someone who believes in conspiracies. A conspiracy theorist needs conspiracies to explain things they don't understand. A person who believes in conspiracies understands how conspiracies bring things into reality.

So what is so important about October 1, 2016?

The internet will no longer be under the control of the United States. 

In an article by Senator Ted Cruz on September 8, 2016 entitled, "Obama’s Radical Proposal Could Result in Censorship Online" ,Cruz states:
"The Obama administration’s proposal to give away control of the internet poses a significant threat to our freedom, and it’s one that many Americans don’t know about. It is scheduled to go into effect on Sept. 30, 2016.  Twenty-two days away. Just over three weeks."
He notes the Obama administration is: 
"pushing through a radical proposal to take control of internet domain names and instead give it to an international organization, ICANN [Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers], that includes 162 foreign countries. And if that proposal goes through, it will empower countries like Russia, like China, like Iran to be able to censor speech on the internet, your speech. Countries like China, Russia, and Iran are not our friends, and their interests are not our interests."
The article goes on to say:
Now, some defenders of the Obama proposal say ‘this is not about censorship. It’s about handing control to a multi-stakeholder unit. They would never dream of censoring content on the internet.’
Okay, great, there will be no censorship of content on the internet!  Really?  That sounds great except that's not been my experience.  There was a time when I almost never got a hit on Paradigms and Demographics from China.  Then after posting a number of articles about China the hits started coming, and the numbers grew until within 18 months China was the number two country on the top ten list, way ahead of the rest.  Then the hits stopped. 

Over the years Russian readers hit P&D regularly and were in the top five for years.  This year the numbers really started shooting up, and then almost stopped entirely, and the same can be said for readers from the Ukraine.  Is P&D being censored in those countries now?  I think so, but I have no way of proving it.  If I asked whomever is in charge of the internet in those countries if that's what they were doing what do you think they'd say? And if they answered me saying there's no effort to censor anyone on the internet, do you really think I could trust their answer?

On September 14, 2016 Chris Pandolfo published this article: "Freedom fighter Ted Cruz leads charge to keep the internet away from liberal censors" saying, "Sen. Ted Cruz, gave a rousing defense of internet freedom, warning that transitioning oversight of the internet to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) could put the freedom at risk"


He goes on to quote Sen. Cruz saying, "by trading the United States government’s “historic guardianship” of the internet to ICANN, First Amendment protections afforded to the Web will be removed, potentially placing censorship power into the hands of a global, multi-national corporation with limited oversight."

Sen. Mike Lee  penned this article on September 19, 2016,  "We Shouldn’t Give Away the Internet to Authoritarian Regimes", which seems to me shouldn't require explanation, yet he has to explain, "If we rush this transition and it is a failure, it will be nearly impossible to get the internet back from the authoritarian regimes that are pushing for more control."  

He goes on to say, "Today, the internet is so vast and ubiquitous that it is hard to imagine it existing in any other form."........But some governments do not like ICANN’s current hands-off approach to internet regulation. They want more control over how internet traffic is managed and what domain names are allowed to exist..........If we rush this transition and ICANN fails, it will be nearly impossible to get the internet back from the authoritarian regimes that are pushing for more control.

He concludes saying: "That is simply not a risk we can take".

On September 22, 2016 John Heyward reported on Breitbart News Daily:
"former U.N. ambassador John Bolton predicted that the impending transfer of Internet domain control from American supervision to an international body will mean the end of the Internet “as we know it.” Speaking to Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, Bolton explained that we should be “very concerned” about the transfer from “a national-security perspective.”....... I will predict right here: within 10 years it will come under the control of the United Nations,........... 
"What we’ve gotten out of the Internet, under the shelter of a private American organization that contracts with the Commerce Department, [is] one of the few cases that I can think of in our history where we’ve had that kind of government involvement without regulation and interference,” said Bolton........Bolton called the Internet handover “a mistake of such colossal proportions that you would have thought we’d have a huge debate about it in this country.”
And when the U.N. takes control, and I think it would be closer to five years instead of ten, do you think they won't start charging fees to have access to the internet?  Access to publish, advertise, read, and yes.....to utilize the cloud in order to access your own information.  What kind of control would they impose after that?  And how much will they charge and do we really think they won't have back door access to all that information for potential taxing purposes.  That's what the U.N. has been pushing for years to allow them international taxing authority.  One of the components of the Law of the Sea Treaty would have allowed the U.N. to charge fees for use of the ocean and it's resources.  Which - surprise - Bush the second supported.

As for Bolton's statement “the Internet handover “a mistake of such colossal proportions that you would have thought we’d have a huge debate about it in this country”, I find that amazing also.

Where's the outcry? 

"The Internet is one of the most revolutionary forces ever unleashed on the world”, and impacts everything.....Everything!!!!  Try buying a Microsoft Office package that you actually own.  You can't.  You sort of rent it now, and it's all part of the cloud.  And does anyone really know what the cloud really is and who controls it?  Ease of use and convenience isn't the issue here.  It's about control.  I have to believe who controls the internet controls the cloud.   Where's the outrage over this from the business community, Fox News, trade associations and civil rights advocates. 

Every bit of this ultimately boils down to control, and tyranny.  Controlling what you see, what you think, how you view reality, how you conduct yourself in your daily affairs. 
"Control demands conformity!  Tyranny is about controlling people.  Tyranny is a state in which a select few make decisions for everyone else."   "Liberty is derived from the principle that every individual is born with certain unalienable rights that cannot be taken away. In order to protect your individual liberty, it’s important that you retain control over your own life. Spotting a tyrant is crucial."
Governmental conformity is what's demanded by these authoritarian countries of their own citizens, why would we believe they won't impose that on the internet?

America invented the internet.  Why would we want to give it away?  Is it broken?  Apparently not, unless you calculate the censorship that's supposedly being imposed by Google, Twitter and Facebook. But does anyone believe turning this over to these corrupt entities will make that all better?   If the internet's not broken what exactly is it they're trying to fix?

On September 7, 2016 Bethany Blankley wrote this article: On October 1st the USA Will Hand Over Control of the Internet, Endangering Free Speech – Call Congress Now! saying

"Obama has once again broken federal law by instructing the U.S. Dept. of Commerce to relinquish U.S. control of the Internet’s Domain Name System to a ‘privatized’ international body, which will take place on October 1, 2016.
  • Call your senators: 202-224-3121.
  • Tell them to pass S.3034, “Protecting Internet Freedom Act.”
  • The United Nations and other countries have no authority to control access to information and eliminate Americans’ rights protected by the First Amendment.
  • Obama broke the law. Americans have a constitutional right to free speech and freedom of the press.

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