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How Al Gore built the global warming fraud

And changed the alarmism from global cooling to global warming, and now climate change
Jay Lehr and Tom Harris
Although his science is often seriously wrong, no one can deny that Al Gore has a flare for the dramatic. Speaking about climate change in an October 12 PBS interview, the former vice-president proclaimed, “We have a global emergency.” Referring to the most recent UN climate report, Gore claimed it showed that current global warming “could actually extend to an existential threat to human civilization on this planet as we know it.”
Al Gore’s overblown rhetoric makes no sense, of course. Yet his hyperbolic claims beg the question: How did this all start?
Back in the 1970s, media articles warning of imminent climate change problems began to appear regularly. TIME and Newsweek ran multiple cover stories asserting that oil companies and America’s capitalist life style were causing catastrophic damage to Earth’s climate. They claimed scientists were almost unanimous in their opinion that manmade climate change would reduce agricultural productivity for the rest of the century.
The April 28, 1975 Newsweek proposed solutions that even included outlawing internal combustion engines.
This sounds very similar to today's climate change debate – except, in the 70s, the fear was manmade global cooling, not warming.
TIME magazine’s January 31, 1977 cover featured a story, “How to Survive The Coming Ice Age.” It included “facts” such as scientists predicting that Earth’s so-called average temperature could drop by 20 degrees Fahrenheit due to manmade global cooling. Dr. Murray Mitchell of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned readers that “the drop in temperature between 1945 and 1968 had taken us one sixth of the way to the next Ice Age temperature.” 
Global cooling gained considerable traction with the general public. But then, instead of cooling as long predicted by manmade climate change advocates, the planet started warming again. Something had to be done to rescue the climate change agenda from utter disaster. Enter Al Gore.
Al Gore Sr., a powerful Senator from Tennessee, saw to it that his son was elected to the House of Representatives, serving from 1977 to 1985, then going on to the Senate from 1985 to 1993.  Gore Junior’s primary issue was his conviction that the Earth would perish if we did not eliminate fossil fuels.
Gore advanced to Vice President under President Bill Clinton, where he was able to enact policies and direct funding to ensure that the climate change agenda became a top priority of the United States Government. Gore’s mission was boosted when Clinton gave him authority over the newly created President’s Council on Sustainable Development. 
It will come as no surprise then that, when the Council’s Charter was revised on April 25, 1997, the “Scope of Activities” included the following direction to the Council:
Advise the President on domestic implementation of policy options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Council should not debate the science of global warming [emphasis added], but should instead focus on the implementation of national and local greenhouse gas reduction policies and activities, and adaptations in the U.S. economy and society that maximize environmental and social benefits, minimize economic impacts, and are consistent with U.S. international agreements. The Council should, at a minimum, identify and encourage potentially replicable examples of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions across diverse sectors and levels of society.
Considering that the Council was tasked with advising the President “on matters involving sustainable development,” and alternative points of view on the science of climate change were effectively excluded, it was a foregone conclusion that the Clinton administration would go in the direction Gore wanted. Indeed, in their cover letter to the President accompanying their 1999 report, Advancing Prosperity, Opportunity and a Healthy Environment for the 21st Century, the Council stated: “Our report presents consensus recommendations on how America can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take other steps to protect the climate.”
A cornerstone of Gore’s strategy was to ensure that all high-ranking government officials who had any involvement with funding policies relating to climate change were in line with his vision. These agencies included the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, National Science Foundation, Department of Education, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 
An example of his power was shown when physicist Dr. William Happer, then Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy, testified before Congress in 1993 that scientific data did not support the hypothesis of manmade global warming. Gore saw to it that Happer was immediately fired. Fifteen years later, Happer quipped, “I had the privilege of being fired by Al Gore, since I refused to go along with his alarmism. I did not need the job that badly.”
Al Gore was also able to leverage his high visibility, his movie awards, his Nobel Prize, and his involvement in various carbon trading and other schemes into a personal fortune. When he ended his tenure as Vice President in 2001, his net worth was $2 million. By 2013, it exceeded $300 million.
Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth, provided a series of graphic images showing the apocalyptic consequences that some had predicted if fossil fuels were allowed to continue warming the planet. Images included melting glaciers, dying polar bears, spreading diseases, coastal cities inundated by massive floods, cities wiped out by hurricanes and tornadoes, and food supplies exterminated by droughts.
This compelling propaganda played a major role in frightening an entire generation about the future, causing young people and many parents to feel guilty about the role that they and their country were supposedly having in destroying our beautiful planet.
Since then, Americans have been told constantly that they should feel irresponsible if they drive cars or use fossil fuel energy to heat their homes or power their businesses. A rapid, massive conversion away from coal, oil and natural gas to renewable energy sources such and wind and solar, we are told, is the only hope for saving the planet.
Now children are increasingly depressed about their future, thanks to the constant barrage of global warming propaganda that they receive at school. Indeed, they have become so brainwashed and cowed by their peers that they no longer dare to question any statement made about catastrophic climate change.
Yet, essentially everything in Gore's climate change agenda is either wrong or highly misrepresented.
Now that he is President Donald Trump’s Senior Scientist for the National Security Council, Dr. Happer needs to show there is no “scientific consensus” on these issues, rekindle informed debate on climate and energy issues, and help bring hope, common sense and real science back into the discourse – to help end the dangerous mythology of dangerous manmade global warming.
Dr. Jay Lehr is the Science Director of The Heartland Institute of Arlington Heights, Illinois. Tom Harris is Executive Director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition. Portions of this article were excerpted with permission of the publisher and author of the 2018 book The Mythology of Global Warming, by Bruce Bunker, PhD, published by Moonshine Cove.

Cardinal Viganó New Letter: Pope Francis is ‘Gravely Responsible’ for Church Corruption

By Emily Ward | October 19, 2018

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó, the cardinal who has written two letters accusing Pope Francis of complicity in the cover-up of sexual abuse by former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, released a third letter on Thursday, Oct. 19, repeating his original claims and calling the pope “gravely responsible” for corruption in the Catholic Church.

Vigano also stressed that the abuse crisis in the church is “due to the plague of homosexuality, in those who practice it” among the clergy. In the letter, Vigano states, “Pope Francis himself seems either to be conniving with the spread of this corruption or, aware of what he is doing, is gravely responsible because he does not oppose it and does not try to eradicate..........To Read More..... 


Conservative’ Steubenville Is Becoming Liberal Notre Dame

At the center of this evil evolution are two products of Donald Wuerl’s world

George NeumayrOctober 19, 2018

Sadly, Franciscan University of Steubenville, which many Catholics assume is safe from that secularist contagion, is succumbing to it. Both the president of Steubenville University and his COO (who functions as a de facto executive vice president) are “pushing the school to embrace the LGBT agenda,” says an angry parent. Concerned Catholics, including several shocked parents and students, contacted me several months ago about the secularizing mischief of Fr. Sean Sheridan, Steubenville University’s president, and his hand-picked COO William Gorman.

They have set up a “Diversity and Inclusion Committee,” which they are using to “undermine the Church’s teachings on human sexuality,” says a concerned Catholic who has witnessed the school’s slide toward secularism over many years. “Sheridan and Gorman want to drive conservatives off campus and bring gay-rights propagandists like Jesuit James Martin on to it.” (In 2017, Donald Wuerl hosted a special luncheon for Martin. Wuerl’s hand-picked pastor at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Monsignor W. Ronald Jameson, has signed an interfaith declaration in favor of gay marriage. ............

It is becoming as flaky as the order that runs it. Sheridan, according to informed sources, represents a modernist, Gay Mafia-friendly trend within his branch of the Franciscan order, TOR (Third Order Regular). “It is not surprising that the McCarrick-Wuerl culture would pour into Steubenville through a Third Order Regular Franciscan like Sheridan and his hire Gorman,” says a veteran Church observer. “TOR has a serious gay problem and lot of Franciscans like Sheridan have accepted the modern zeitgeist.” ..........To Read More.....

Cory Booker says 'he 'can’t stand how they’re out-Americaning us in Canada'

By Rick Moran October 19, 2018

Senator Cory Booker, a probable candidate for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, can't hide his admiration for Canada - or his ignorance about America.
Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), a possible 2020 candidate for president, said that he “can’t stand how they’re out-Americaning us in Canada” during a speech at Allen University in South Carolina on Thursday.
“Every country we are competing with is driving down the cost of college. Germany – it cost between zero and four percent of median income to go to college,” Booker said. “Canada – I can’t stand how they’re out-Americaning us in Canada. Trudeau – give me a break.”

Booker goes on to say that other countries are “out-Americaning” the United States because they want to build a great economy for everybody. Canada is a beautiful country with wonderful people. But its unemployment rate is twice that of the US and its per capita income is only 2/3 that of America. I daresay that Booker's admiration for Canada is not only misplaced, but indicative of a deeper animus toward the United States..............Read more

Toronto Children’s Hospital Set to Begin Assisted Suicide for Children. It Gets Worse.


Once you open the floodgate of morally acceptable euthanasia, there’s no telling what kind of rapid moral decay will flow out.  In a world that increasingly views the lives of the unborn, terminally ill, and disabled as less valuable and worth living, it’s impossible to adequately distinguish between when it is and is not appropriate to end a human life.  So don’t be surprised when you hear that a Canadian children’s hospital is taking steps to begin euthanizing terminally-ill children........To Read More.....

Texas Dems ask noncitizens to register to vote, send applications with citizenship box pre-checked

- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 18, 2018     
The Texas Democratic Party asked non-citizens to register to vote, sending out applications to immigrants with the box citizenship already checked "Yes", according to new complaints filed Thursday asking prosecutors to see what laws may have been broken.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation alerted district attorneys and the federal Justice Department to the pre-checked applications, and also included a signed affidavit from a man who said some of his relatives, who aren't citizens, received the mailing.

This is how the Texas Democratic Party is inviting foreign influence in an election in a federal election cycle, said Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the PILF, a group that's made its mark policing states' voter registration practices.

The Texas secretary of state's office said it, too, had gotten complaints both from immigrants and from relatives of dead people who said they got mailings asking them to register.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to investigate............To Read More.....

Marsha Blackburn calls out ‘angry mob’ after restaurant that hosted campaign event threatened

October 19, 2018

Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Wednesday slammed the “radical left” after a restaurant owner who recently hosted a campaign event for her reported being targeted by harassing messages and threats.

“The radical Left is out of control, and their angry mob is right here in Tennessee,” tweeted Mrs. Blackburn, who is running for U.S. Senate. “Tom, we appreciate your opening your restaurant up to us, and we hope you are treated with the same respect as you treat your customers.”

Tom Courtney, owner of Courtney’s Restaurant and Catering in Mt. Juliet, Tenn., told The Wilson Post that he’s been called a Nazi, received death threats his staff has been verbally attacked ever since he rented his event room to Mrs. Blackburn on Saturday.

“People have posted they love our food, but will no longer come to the restaurant,” Mr. Courtney told the paper Monday. “I have never in my life experienced such a thing. It’s scary.”.........To Read More....

Rush Limbaugh’s midterms prediction: GOP keeps House and Senate, and exposes bogus polls

October 19, 2018

Radio host Rush Limbaugh is confident that the unreliability of political polling will be highlighted once again once the midterm election results roll in. A preview for “El Rushbo’s” Thursday interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity offered a prediction from the famous conservative: Republicans will hold onto the House and Senate in large part because of political developments over the past month.

The radio host noted the confirmation process of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh as a key motivator for Republicans. “The Democrat Party deserves to lose in the single biggest landslide defeat in my lifetime just for the actions they’ve taken in the last month,” he said in promotional material shared by Fox News Insider............To Read More.......

We're Not Battling Craziness. We're Battling Evil.

Ever since the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, the American left has been – as my mother likes to put it – in "rare form." Such "form" these last two years has resulted in obscene fits by individual leftists and, yes, liberal mobs. Someone should ask these petulant, angry leftists – as did my mother when she encountered a tantrum (usually from a child): do you get a fever with those fits?

The answer is no, because – in spite of what many have implied as they've witnessed the rage, violence, and vulgarities so often employed by today's liberals – we're not dealing with sickness or mere lunacy, craziness, stupidity, or even the deranged. These characterizations are tempting – I've used them myself – and often accurate, but they fail to describe best what we are dealing with.

As Selwyn Duke alluded to recently, and others noted more directly years ago, modern liberalism – aided and abetted by the Democratic Party – is a dastardly tool of the enemy of all mankind. It's like a modern-day Mephistopheles luring hordes of Faustian fools with promises of worldly pleasure – especially sex – and perpetual provision from a paternalistic, godless nanny state. Such dark pursuits consume their personal lives and thus their politics as well. This is what results when one makes a god of government.

Speaking of "dark pursuits," it seems that witches now outnumber Presbyterians in the U.S.............. Today's liberalism isn't merely " intrinsically uncivil," but rather inherently evil...........Read more

The Democratic Party’s 2020 Platform is a Socialist’s Dream. Here’s What it Contains.

Karl Marx would be proud.


The Democratic Party is already hard at work putting together their platform for the 2020 presidential election, and let’s just say that Karl Marx would be super proud of all they want to accomplish. In other words, the platform is a socialist’s dream. Apparently they want everyone to have lots and lots of “free stuff,” which we all know is impossible because nothing is really ever free. Someone is also footing the bill somewhere.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has developed a plan that would make college tuition free for students, which in reality means he plans on using $75 billion in taxpayer dollars for this “free” college education. Tack this on to this 90 percent tax bracket and you have an economic disaster of biblical proportions just waiting to happen...........To Read More...

Red Harvest, 2018

By Steve Grammatico October 19, 2018

It may take until November 7 for Democrats to realize they have accomplished what many thought impossible: wrest from the GOP the title, “The Stupid Party.”

“All politics is local,” supposedly opined the late House Speaker, Tip O’Neill. True perhaps in his day, before the advent of cable TV and social media. An updated adage might read, “All politics is local, except when it’s nationalized.” Case in point: Democrats have made the upcoming midterms a referendum on Trump and Judge Kavanaugh. They may regret doing so.

For months, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have been giddy about their chances of taking the House and possibly the Senate on November 6. That confidence was bolstered by the ongoing Mueller probe and then the Kavanaugh hearings, with Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats assuming, whatever the outcome, their posturing as truth-seekers unmasking evil would energize the base and play well even in Peoria.

But political calculations are often self-delusional constructs born of wishful thinking. For example, in 2008 I believed the far-left community organizer.....................Read more

Friday, October 19, 2018

Who Represents Your Values?

By Rich Kozlovich

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, left wing campus activists, violent mobs, leftists attacking Republicans and/or conservatives in public arenas.  Seeing leftist mobs violently attacking conservatives on campuses, meeting halls and in public has now become common place, and not only do Democrats defend them - they're encouraging them.

These are a scary bunch of people. They are a segment of society that only hates. They hate Jews, they hate Christians, they hate capitalists and capitalism, they hate the police, they hate the military, they hate the banks, they hate the pharmaceutical companies, they hate America, they hate Americans and they despise authority.   But they love Muslim fanatics and communists, who epitomize authority in its most tyrannical forms.  Their other big love affair is with environmentalism, which has killed almost as many people as Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro and Mao combined.

They rail against violence of any kind while they are perpetuating it themselves. How insane can all of that be? In truth, they hate humanity, and they hate themselves, because the left only has envy, greed, and hate as it's moral foundation.   To quote Dennis Prager; "People who are haters can't be happy and happy people can't be haters". How else can you explain why they do the things they do?  These people are scary, crazy, violent and self-righteous. What better definition can there be for fascists?

FYI: Fascists are the right wing of socialism and communism is the left wing, but they are still two sides of the same coin. We really do need to get that!

So, I have a few questions:
  • Who do you think really represents a stable society?
  • Who do you think represents an organized society?
  • Who do you think represents policies for long term stable economics?
  • Who do you think defends real personal freedoms?
  • Who do you think represents law and order?
  • Who do you think represents tyrannical government control over everyone's lives? 
  • Finally....who do you identify with?
Nuf Ced?

Cartoon of the Day

Did Elizabeth ‘She Who Lies Through Teeth’ just lose 2020?

 October 18, 2018 2 comments

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a liar. She’s long been a liar, but on Monday she decided to release proof that she’s a liar, in the form of DNA test results.

The Massachusetts Democrat has claimed for decades that she is part American Indian, that her mother has Indian ancestry. The way she tells the tale, the lineage was so recent that her father’s parents told him “you can’t marry [Warren’s mother] because she’s part Cherokee and she’s part Delaware.” They had to flee to be free from the racism they would suffer.

President Trump enjoys taunting Ms. Warren with the nickname “Pocahontas,” and it’s clearly gotten under her skin. So with her 2020 ambitions coming into view, Ms. Warren decided to get a DNA test to prove her longtime claim.

Oof. That did not go well.........To Read More.....

They’re Coming After the Prop. 13 ‘Loophole’

The 2018 midterms look dire enough, but liberal activists already are gathering signatures to place a massive tax hike on the 2020 ballot.

Steven Greenhut October 18, 2018

The award for the most ridiculous opening paragraph in a news story, this week anyway, goes to CBS Sacramento for its coverage of a 2020 ballot measure that the secretary of state has recently approved for signature gathering: “A ballot measure that would close a loophole in property taxes for commercial businesses has qualified for the 2020 ballot.” Granted the article echoed the language used by the initiative’s supporters, but this is not about closing a loophole.

A loophole is an “ambiguity or inadequacy in the law or a set of rules,” per one dictionary definition. A tax loophole is basically some poorly drafted part of the tax code that enables taxpayers, often with the help of clever accountants, to legally reduce their tax liability. It’s a gap created by the inadequacy of lawmakers to draft language that grabs as much revenue as they had sought. Thank goodness for such loopholes — and for anything else that allows us to keep a few more dollars out of the grasp of those who prefer to spend it.

But the coming ballot initiative won’t attempt to correct some inadvertent tax language. It is, without doubt, a direct assault on one of the most clearly drafted and important laws in California history. It’s a bald-faced attempt to increase annual property taxes by $6 billion to $10 billion by undermining Proposition 13, which had long been considered the “third rail” of California politics. The big question is whether California voters can still be electrified by efforts to raise their taxes................ To Read More......

MEF Reveals Islamic Relief under Investigation; Congress Demands Answers

Middle East Forum October 18, 2018

Following the Middle East Forum’s exposé of a possible criminal investigation into Islamic Relief, the recipient of at least $700,000 in U.S. taxpayer funding, seven members of Congress have demanded answers from the federal government.

Islamic Relief is the largest Islamic charity in the West, with branches in more than 20 countries. Founded by students affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, it has received at least $80 million from Western governments and international bodies.

Citing an “extensive report by the Middle East Forum,” representatives Ted Budd, Chuck Fleischmann, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Debbie Lesko, Barry Loudermilk, and Walter Jones issued a letter to the directors of the FBI, IRS, and Office of Personnel Management (OPM):

As members of the legislative branch, we have a vital role in ensuring taxpayer money is spent wisely and certainly to ensure that such money is not spent on entities that are subsidizing terrorism. If the United States Government has information suggesting criminal or extremist activity by Islamic Relief, it is critically important that Congress be informed so we can make decisions concerning any funding that might go to Islamic Relief. That “extensive report” refers to a June 2018 MEF study on Islamic Relief’s extremism and terror connections. It reveals the response from OPM to a Freedom of Information Act request:
"We are withholding the records … as they were compiled for law enforcement purposes and their disclosure could reasonably be expected to interfere with ongoing enforcement proceedings, by—for example—suggesting the scope of an investigation and alerting potential subjects as to the nature of the Government’s evidence and strategy." ......To Read More....

Alumni and faculty demand that St. Lawrence revoke Susan Collins’ honorary degree

Washington Times October 18, 2018

More than a thousand alumni and faculty of St. Lawrence University are calling for Republican Sen. Susan Collins to be stripped of her honorary degree after voting to confirm Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Two letters were sent to the university’s President William Fox last week, but the signatories grew to include more than 1,800 alumni and dozens of faculty by Tuesday.

CBS News first reported on the petitions.

“St. Lawrence students, faculty, and alumni have long fought to hear victims of sexual assault on our own campus,” the alumni letter read. “We feel that Sen. Collins’ support of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court is not in line with the core values of St. Lawrence University and the commitments of its faculty, students, and staff.”

The Maine senator received the degree from her own alma mater in 2017 for opposing the GOP’s effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Faculty and alumni now argue that her vote for Justice Kavanaugh undermined her commitment to university’s values..........To Read More.....

My Take - So, a leftist academic enclave's tolerance for the views of others is on display!

Belfast and the poison of identity politics

By Thomas Lifson October 18, 2018

I spent yesterday in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a city that nearly destroyed itself thanks to the embrace of identity politics. For three decades of the late twentieth century, physically indistinguishable Irish people slaughtered each other using terrorism based on their tribal identity as Catholics or Protestants. Terror bombings of pubs were a common tactic, as were kidnappings and torture. It wasn't even a religious conflict, for the correct path to salvation or any religious doctrine at all was never a point of dispute. The Protestant terrorists identified as British and wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom, while the Catholic terrorists wanted to unite with their cousins to the south in a United Ireland. Despite common Irishness and Christianity, people in large numbers felt justified in slaughtering strangers in the name vengeance for wrongs of the past................Read more

Mob Rule — Endorsed by CNN, Democrats — Takes Ugly Turn

October 18, 2018

What did they think was going to happen? If harassment occurs, and it’s not disavowed, what do media outlets such as CNN and left-wing agitators such as Maxine Waters think will happen next?

If disrupting the lives of American citizens is not only not condemned but actually praised, then the only logical next step is physical violence. Guess what? The mob rule endorsed by the left is here. It’s happening. And people are getting hurt...............How did we get to this point? It’s quite simple. When Democrats can’t win at the ballot box, and their media counterparts can influence the general population like they used to, then threats, intimidation, and violence become the tools. It’s not an exaggeration. It’s reality.............To Read More........

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Can “renewables” dent the world’s need for Electricity?

By Ronald Stein and Todd Royal

All 7.8 billion on this planet want affordable, scalable, reliable electricity. And for countries like the United States, China, India, most of Africa and the European Union (EU) the cheapest way to produce electrons is by burning coal..............

Renewables, such as solar, wind, and biofuels, require taxpayer financial subsidies, need significant fossil fuel resources because of their intermittent nature and require countryside-devouring land mass sprawl due to their low-power density to produce significant power, i.e., precious land that will be required to feed the billions on this earth. On a planet where a child under the age ten dies of hunger every five minutes, to hijack land used to grow crops constitutes a crime against humanity.

Basic math tells us that intermittent electricity from the huge land mass requirements of wind and solar are driving up the cost of electricity. California households are already paying about 40 percent more than the national average for electricity according to 2016 data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

With all the world’s efforts to protect life and endangered species, United States wind farms are killing hundreds of thousands of birds, eagles, hawks, and bats every year, and it’s appalling that society has given the wind industry a FREE get-out-of-jail card! ..........To Read More....

Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test Tells Us Nothing

By Alex Berezow — October 15, 2018 @ American Council on Science and Health

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has taken flak for her claims to Native American ancestry, just released the results of a genetic test that definitively proves... well, nothing. She might be 1/32nd Native American. Or 1/1,024th. Nobody really knows.

The Boston Globe story, which is very well reported, explains some of the major caveats with genetic ancestry testing. For example, a person's genome sequence must be compared to someone else's, and accuracy requires a sufficiently large database. However, as the Boston Globe states, there is very little genetic data on Native Americans, and Sen. Warren's DNA had to be compared to that from Mexicans, Peruvians, and Colombians.

Using this data, the original analysis, which was prepared by a respected geneticist, determined that five segments of Sen. Warren's DNA -- totaling about 12.3 million bases ("letters") -- are of Native American ancestry. That might sound like a lot, but the human genome contains more than 3.2 billion bases, which means that only about 0.4% of Sen. Warren's DNA sequence can be attributed to Native American ancestry.

Thus, the vast, vast majority of her DNA is of European descent. Though her pedigree probably contains a Native American ancestor, he or she existed six to ten generations ago. If a generation is roughly 25 years, that means that Sen. Warren's (possibly one and only) Native American ancestor lived 150 to 250 years ago.

While that means that Sen. Warren is technically correct that she has Native American ancestry, it falls far short of her rather boastful claims: "I am very proud of my heritage... These are my family stories. This is what my brothers and I were told by my mom and my dad, my mamaw and my papaw. This is our lives. And I'm very proud of it." She makes it sound as if she lived in a teepee and smoked peyote.

I'm proud of my heritage, as well. I might be related to Charlemagne. And Nefertiti. And you probably are, too. But most of us don't claim to be descended from conquerors or royalty, even though we may contain trace DNA segments indicating that we are.

Genetic Ancestry Tests Are a Bit Like Horoscopes

Consumer tests usually examine the Y chromosome (if the person is male), mitochondrial DNA, and a select number of "single nucleotide polymorphisms," which can be thought of as unique mutations scattered around the genome. In this case, the test examined nearly 765,000 data points from Sen. Warren's genome.

But these tests have limitations. For instance, the U.S. National Library of Medicine writes that "ethnicity estimates may not be consistent from one provider to another." That's why, as Science News says, DNA tests are just a starting point for genealogy. To really find out who your ancestors were, you must examine "marriage certificates, military rolls, census records, immigration documents, old photographs and other records."

Anything less than that, and -- as Ross Pomeroy at RealClearScience wrote -- you're basically just reading a horoscope.

Why are the media so interested in the Khashoggi death over so many other deaths?

By Jack Hellner

The media and other Democrats are extremely concerned about missing Jamal Khashoggi, as they should be, and they believe that the Saudis murdered him. I am just curious why they had so little concern about other people who have been killed and why there is so much coverage about Khashoggi in comparison.

On Dec. 14, 2010, border guard Brian Terry was murdered with an AK-47 provided by the Obama administration. President Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, improperly withheld information from Congress for years, showing they had little empathy at all for Terry, while journalists throughout the country and other Democrats generally didn't care...............The reason why there is so much emphasis on Khashoggi is that they believe that it will harm Trump and help Democrats in the election. That is the goal of journalists every day. They should just admit that lives don't matter if they happen to harm Democrats or their agenda.............. Read more

Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes in FY 2018; Still Run $779B Deficit

By Terence P. Jeffrey | October 15, 2018

The federal government collected a record $1,683,537,000,000 in individual income taxes in fiscal 2018 (October 2017 through September 2018), according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today.  owever, the federal government also ran a deficit of $778,996,000,000 during the fiscal year, according to the statement.

(As has previously reported, the debt of the federal government--as opposed to the deficit--increased by $1,271,158,167,126.72 in fiscal 2018, according to official data published by the Treasury.)

The previous record for individual income tax collections in a fiscal year was in fiscal 2015, when the Treasury collected $1,634,657,240.........To Read More.....

Gloria Steinem’s Rape Cover-Up?

The curious things feminists do to protect their political brand.

Second wave feminism, edgy, in-your-face, bra-burning feminism reached its crescendo in the late sixties and early seventies. The Pill hit the market at the same time which immediately opened a brave new world – a world where sex was de-coupled from reproduction. Almost overnight, marriage and motherhood were deemed to be “below” the aspirations of young girls who were encouraged to pursue careers rather than eligible men. Gloria Steinem’s Ms. magazine was at the forefront of this movement.
Marriage was out, children were out, free love was in, and it was definitely fun while it lasted.
Soon, however, feminism turned to an outright attack on men. Steinem herself famously quipped, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”...............the women’s movement is turned into simply another tool to smear a political opponent, it has lost its way. The backlash will be broad and deep, mark my words..............

In 1979-80, Phyllis Chesler took a position at the UN working for Davidson Nicol, a dignitary from Sierra Leone..........Though Nicol was married, he soon began pursuing Chesler (who re-buffed his advances) and then shockingly, he raped her..............Chesler begged Morgan and Steinem to help her confront her rapist, even long after the conference. No dice. Morgan maintained it would be bad for Ms. to accuse a black man, because quite simply, in the victim hierarchy of things, black, third-world men rate above white, first-world women. Ms. might be accused of racism – an even greater sin than sexism.............The hypocrisy is startling............Gloria Steinem might have some explaining to do......To Read More.....

Revolutionary Diplomacy’: Cuban Diplomats Shout Down US Event on Political Prisoners

By Patrick Goodenough | October 16, 2018 Cuban diplomats at the United Nations shouted down speakers and disrupted a U.S.-hosted event Tuesday highlighting the plight of Cuban political prisoners, prompting an American ambassador to say if the communist regime’s diplomats behave that way, one can only wonder how its police behave. 
“I have never in my life seen diplomats behave the way that the Cuban delegation did today,” Ambassador Kelley Currie told reporters outside. “It was really shocking and disturbing.”

“And it makes you wonder, that if the diplomats of this government behave this way, how do the police behave? You can understand very well why people feel afraid to speak their minds, why people are thrown in jail for speaking their minds, with this kind of government, this kind of thuggish behavior.”

The Cuban delegation, she said, “should be ashamed of themselves for the way that they behaved today.”..........To Read More...

The Frankenstein Unleashed by the Democratic Party Threatens Us All

Bob Barr  Oct 17, 2018

To most Americans, a large group of black-clad individuals blockading the streets and harassing motorists who disobey their commands would, quite naturally, be considered a mob. This also would be an apt and reasonable name given to groups of people stalking and screaming at others dining in a restaurant, destroying public monuments, or throwing Molotov cocktails in protest of speakers at a college campus. After all, by definition, a mob is “a large and disorderly crowd of people,” especially those “bent on riotous or destructive action”; and, these incidents are such examples.  As we lawyers say, res ipsa loquitur, “the matter speaks for itself.” 

The problem is, the Mainstream Media and congressional Democrats are not most Americans. In their Liberal La-La Land, like at CNN, one dares not speak “the ‘M’-word” (“mob”) when commenting on events such as these.  To these pundits, those roaming gangs and shouting crowds are not mobs, but merely concerned citizens understandably “motivated” by the dangerous actions of the Trump Administration.

Herein lies the existential crisis for Democrats, and the dirty little secret they refuse to acknowledge openly -- is mob rule what Democrats have become?  And is it what our country is becoming?........To Read More....

Shut Up, They Explain

John Stossel Oct 17, 2018

Gloria Alvarez, the young woman from Guatemala I wrote about last week, just got blocked by Facebook. Why? Because she criticizes socialism.

After Alvarez joined me in my American studio to make a video we titled "Socialism Fails Every Time," she flew to Mexico City to make a speech.

A few days later she wrote me that "some leftist 'students' posted on a fanpage called 'Marxist and Leninist Memes': 'BOYCOTT Gloria Alvarez in our University! We won't let her in!'".......To Read More......

Liberally Biased Press Coalition Sues President Trump For 'Stifling Free Speech And The Free Press'

Beth Baumann @eb454 Oct 16, 2018

PEN America, a nonprofit coalition of writers, including journalists, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against President Donald Trump. According to the group, Trump has used his official capacity as President of the United States to "stifle exercise of the constitutional protections of free speech and a free press."

PEN America is partnering with Protect Democracy – which has a bunch of former Democratic staffers – and the Yale Law School Media Freedom and Information Clinic to bring about the suit.  The organization explained their reasoning behind the lawsuit in a blog post on their website:
President Trump’s tirades against the press are not new. His cries of “fake news” are an almost daily occurrence. The White House has called for individual journalists to be fired, and the president has referred to the media as “the enemy of the American people.” This has created an environment of hostility toward the media wherein journalists have been subject to death threats, needed bodyguards to cover political rallies, and have faced attacks in their newsrooms. The president has also threatened book publishers and authors who have published critical volumes. While many media outlets are unrelenting in their robust coverage, individual writers may think twice before publishing pieces or commentary that could put them in the White House’s crosshairs..........To Read More....

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Analysis: Trump KO’s ’60 Minutes’ on ‘climate change’ – Trump’s skeptical remarks were ‘scientifically, politically and economically accurate’

By: - Climate Depot October 14, 2018

The mainstream media once again attempted to challenge President Donald Trump on “climate change,” but Trump emerged unscathed by refuting typical climate claims with accurate and remarkably scientific comments in an October 14, 2018, 60 Minutes interview. (Even the mainstream media acknowledged Trump’s overall interview victory: See:  Variety: ’60 Minutes’ Was Outmatched by Trump – ‘He won every segment of the interview’)

Video here: 

A Climate Depot analysis finds that President Trump’s climate remarks were scientifically, politically and economically accurate. Finally, the United States has a president who understands “global warming”! See: Full climate transcript: Trump: Scientists who promote ‘climate’ fears ‘have a very big political agenda’ – [As Variety noted, Trump understands how to battle the mainstream media: Reporter Lesley Stahl asked Trump about “the scientists who say [the effects of climate change are] worse than ever,” but was [she] unprepared to cite one; knowing, now, that the human factor will not work on Trump, a broadcaster should be prepared to cite hard facts in a faceoff with the President.]........More Here........

The Ugly Terror Truth About Jamal Khashoggi

Posted by Daniel Greenfield 0 Comments Tuesday, October 16, 2018 @ Sultan Knish Blog

In high school, Jamal Khashoggi had a good friend. His name was Osama bin Laden.

“We were hoping to establish an Islamic state anywhere,” Khashoggi reminisced about their time together in the Muslim Brotherhood. “We believed that the first one would lead to another, and that would have a domino effect which could reverse the history of mankind.”

The friendship endured with Jamal Khashoggi following Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan. Khashoggi credited Adel Batterjee, listed at one time as one of “the world’s foremost terrorist financiers” by the Treasury Department, with bringing him to Afghanistan to report on the fighting.

The media calls Khashoggi a journalist, but his writings from 80s Afghanistan read as Jihadist propaganda with titles like, "Arab Mujahadeen in Afghanistan II: Exemplifies the Unity of Islamic Ummah".

And when Osama bin Laden set up Al Qaeda, he called Khashoggi with the details.

After Afghanistan, Jamal Khashoggi went to work as a media adviser for former Saudi intel boss, Prince Turki bin Faisal, alleged to have links to Al Qaeda. Those allegations came from, among others, Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged twentieth hijacker.

When the other 19 hijackers perpetrated the attacks of September 11, Khashoggi wrote that the Saudis would not “give in” to American “demands” for “unconditional condemnation” and “total cooperation”.

"Saudis tend to link the ugliness of what happened in New York and Washington with what has happened and continues to happen in Palestine. It is time that the United States comes to understand the effect of its foreign policy and the consequences of that policy," he declared.

"A Muslim cannot be happy with the suffering of others. Even if this suffering is that of Americans who neglected the suffering of Palestinians for half a century."

That’s the real Khashoggi, a cynical and manipulative apologist for Islamic terrorism, not the mythical martyred dissident whose disappearance the media has spent the worst part of a week raving about.

Jamal Khashoggi was not a moderate. Some describe him as the leader of the Saudi Muslim Brotherhood. The Islamist network admires Hitler and seeks to impose Islamic law around the world. Nor was he a supporter of freedom of the press. In one of his Al Jazeera appearances, he complained that the Saudi government was allowing some journalists to report positively on Israel.

His final project, DAWN or Democracy for the Arab World Now was meant to aid Islamists. According to Azzam Al-Tamimi, an old Muslim Brotherhood ally aiding Jamal, "The Muslim Brothers and Islamists were the biggest victims of the foiled Arab spring." Al-Tamimi has endorsed suicide bombings.

But unlike Osama bin Laden, Khashoggi did not use the Muslim Brotherhood as a gateway drug to the pure and uncut violence of Al Qaeda or ISIS. He was still betting on a political takeover.

As he recently put it, “Democracy and political Islam go together.”

Khashoggi went on making the case for the Islamic state of the Muslim Brotherhood. He went on making that case even as the Saudis decided that the Brotherhood had become too dangerous.

Like his old friend, Jamal Khashoggi went into exile in a friendly Islamist country. Osama bin Laden found refuge in Pakistan and Khashoggi ended up in Turkey. The Khashoggi family had originated from Turkey. And Turkey was swiftly becoming the leading Sunni Islamist power in the region. Living in Turkey put Khashoggi at the intersection of the Turkish-Qatari backers of the Brotherhood and the Western media.

His disappearance has touched off fury and anger from the Islamist regime that harbored him. And it has also set off an unprecedented firestorm of rage and grief by the American media which adored him.

Media spin describes Khashoggi as a dissident. And he certainly was that. But so was Osama bin Laden.

What Khashoggi wasn’t, was a moderate. No more so than the Muslim Brotherhood. He wasn’t a proponent of human rights, but of Islamic rule. He could be found on Al Jazeera, Qatar’s Jihadist propaganda network, bemoaning Saudi opposition to the Brotherhood and its friendliness to Israel.

"Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman should get rid of his complex against the Muslim Brotherhood and stop treating them as the enemy or a threat to Saudi Arabia," he complained, and urged the Saudis to fight Israel instead.

Jamal Khashoggi’s career of spouting Muslim Brotherhood propaganda for his new Turkish and Qatari masters came to an end in a curious way. Before Khashoggi allegedly entered the Saudi embassy, from which Turkey claims that he disappeared, he told his Turkish fiancé to call Yasin Aktay if he didn’t return.

Before the summer coup of 2016, Turkey was said to have 50,000 political prisoners. Many of them were members of the country’s oppressed Kurdish minority which is deprived of its most basic civil rights. These include even the use of their own language. Doing so can carry a prison sentence.

In that terrible summer, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey’s Islamic tyrant, finished securing his absolute hold on power with the coup as his Reichstag fire. The alleged coup became a blank check for the mass arrest and torture of countless thousands of political prisoners. Amnesty International estimated that 50,000 had been detained. The UN listed a figure as high as 180,000. They included 300 journalists.

Lawyers described clients being brought to them covered in blood.

Erdogan went after professors, judges, law enforcement, the military and the last remnants of a free press. A Human Rights Watch report documented electric shocks, beatings with truncheons and rubber hoses, and rape by Erdogan’s Islamic thugs. Heads were banged against walls. Men were forced to kneel on burning hot asphalt. Medical reports showed skull fractures, damage to testicles and dehydration.

The media didn’t show any of the hysterical outrage at these crimes that it has over the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi. The media cares more about Khashoggi, a former media mouthpiece of the Saudi regime before it turned on his Muslim Brotherhood brothers, than about 300 Turkish reporters.

It’s not hypocrisy, it’s consistency.

Erdogan and Khashoggi are both militant Islamic activists. And their opponents, the victims of Erdogan’s Reichstag fire and the new Saudi king, had fallen afoul of them for being insufficiently militantly Islamist.

The media will always take the side of Islamists over non-Islamists. That’s why it bleeds for Khashoggi.

There was a reason why Jamal Khashoggi felt so comfortable in Turkey, while actual journalists in the country were terrified of being locked up, tortured and disappeared. If that was the fate that befell Khashoggi, it was a commonplace one in Turkey. And it may have been carried out by his own Turkish allies who decided that their Saudi subversive had more value as a false flag martyr than a house guest.

The media’s disproportionate outrage over Khashoggi has nothing to do with human rights. If it did, the media would have been just as outraged at the arrests and torture of tens of thousands in Turkey.

It’s not. And it won’t be.

And the politicians shrilly urging that we punish the Saudis never thought about curtailing arms sales to Turkey. Many of the same politicians were unhappy when President Trump used economic pressure on Erdogan in an effort to free American hostages, like Pastor Andrew Brunson, being held by Turkey.

This is about Islam.

The struggle between Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the one hand, and Turkey, Qatar and Iran on the other, is the next stage of the Arab Spring. And, from Yemen to Turkey, the media has made no secret of being on the Islamist side. Its outrage over Khashoggi, like its claims of a human rights crisis over the Saudi bombings in Yemen, are not journalism, they’re the political spin of the Islamist axis.

The media has reported every claim of victimhood by the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar’s Al Jazeera propaganda arm, while giving as little attention as possible to the victims of Muslim Brotherhood church bombings. Its coverage of Israel has been little more than terrorist propaganda since Osama was in diapers. Its coverage of the Khashoggi case is every bit as dishonest as its slanted attacks on the Saudi embargo of Qatar, as its propaganda about the wars in Yemen and Libya, and just as devoid of context.

The Khashoggi case demands context.

Before the media and the politicians who listen to it drag the United States into a conflict with Saudi Arabia over a Muslim Brotherhood activist based on the word of an enemy country still holding Americans hostage, we deserve the context.

And we deserve the truth.

The media wants the Saudis to answer questions about Jamal Khashoggi. But maybe the media should be forced to answer why the Washington Post was working with a Muslim Brotherhood propagandist?

The real mystery isn’t Khashoggi’s disappearance. It’s why Republicans aren’t asking those questions.

The media’s relationship with Khashoggi is far more damning than anything the Saudis might have done to him. And the media should be held accountable for its relationship with Osama bin Laden’s old friend.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thank you for reading.

The Anti-Trump Riots are a Smoke Screen The Real Goal – Eliminate the Electoral College


Many seem bewildered by the anti-Trump riots and demonstrations that have covered the nation since the 2016 election. And many keep trying to find a reasonable response. Give it up. You can’t reason with them with words.

Here is my take. They know full well that they aren’t going to overturn the election. These privately funded forces are being used to create pressure to destroy the Electoral College so they won’t have to deal with it next election. This is how the Left operates. Make a big deal over here to force the hidden agenda over there. The plan is to make enough trouble that Congress will move to abolish the EC to get some peace.

For clues on who is behind this effort one only has to watch to see which member of Congress would propose such action. The answer, of course, was California Senator Barbara Boxer. It only took a week after the election for her to come to the rescue of the broken and distraught Left.

The danger is real and gaining ground. But it didn’t start with the 2016 election result. A campaign to eliminate the Electoral College and “let the people elect the president,” has been gaining steam for several years. A group called “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact,” started in 2006, has won commitments from eleven states to award their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote.

These include Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Massachusetts, California, New York, Hawaii, the District of Columbia and Connecticut. These states control 172 electoral votes. They only need states representing 98 more electoral votes to join and the Electoral College will be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, such legislation is under consideration in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arizona, to name a few.

When a state passes legislation to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, it pledges that all of that state’s electoral votes will be given to whichever presidential candidate wins the popular vote nationwide. These bills will take effect only when states with a majority of the electoral votes have passed similar legislation. States with electoral votes totaling 270 of the 538 electoral votes would have to pass NPV bills before the compact kicks in and any state’s bill could take effect.

As usual, it’s easy to get people to join this cause – yet another sound bite based on emotion rather than knowledge or logic. “Let the people decide.” “It’s the American way.” “It’s Democracy at work.” Yep, that’s why America was never set up as a democracy. Here’s another sound bite for you – “Democracy is a lynch mob.” Here’s another one – “Democracy is three wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch.” Majority rule violates the rights of minorities. It’s not a good thing.  Get the picture?

The United States was created by the individual sovereign states. They were already free and independent governments on their own. As they came together to create a central government they feared it would grow too strong and overpower the states, making them subjugated to the central government. So, to prevent that, the states created the Electoral College to make the election of the President a STATE election.

Throughout history, certain factions have challenged the legality of the Electoral College. Opponents point out that our President is actually elected by 538 virtually unknown people who are members of 51 small delegations in fifty States and the District of Columbia. Moreover, in most states, the electors are not even bound to vote for the candidate that won the popular vote. In fact, many Constitutional scholars believe that’s just what the founders intended, 538 independent thinkers, bound to no one. There is reason and logic behind the idea.

The Founding Fathers, particularly those from small States, were very concerned that they would be smothered by the larger states. Under the representative republic (not a democracy) established by the founders, the United States is made up of fifty sovereign States. Under the Constitution, except for limited powers specifically defined for the central government, power for the rule of law is intended to reside in the States.

To deal with the problem, the founders decided on a compromise that would establish two chambers for the Congress; the House of Representatives, whose size would be dictated by the population in each state and the Senate in which every state would get two representatives, regardless of its size or population. You see, in the beginning, the states appointed Senators to be their representatives in Congress. But, like these so-called scholars of today who want to wreck the Electoral College, previous “experts” came up with the idea that Senators should be elected by the people – “It’s only fair,” went the mantra! The result is an imperial Senate that answers to no one but their own elite club members. That’s what happens when you mess with the real genius of the Constitution.

The same problem arose in deciding how to select a President, the one nationally-elected official. Here again, there was the fear that election by popular vote would overwhelm the will of smaller States. Again, a compromise was reached to address the issue in a fair and equitable manner in order to maintain the power of the states. Each state was assigned a number of presidential electoral votes equal to its representation in the House and the Senate. In each state, the electors would vote for a President and Vice President. The candidate receiving the largest number of electoral votes would be elected.

Under the plan, the connection to the popular vote was the selection of state electors. The popular vote was to be used to select individuals trusted by the people to select the President. Each presidential candidate has a slate of electors committed to them. As the people vote for a candidate, they are actually electing his/her slate of electors. Again, the selection of electors goes directly to local control of the process. Under the Constitution, even the smallest state was assured at least three votes in the process. To provide a further check to protect the smaller states, in the event no candidate won a majority of the electoral vote, the names of the top five would go to the House of Representatives, where each state delegation would cast one vote for one of the candidates. In this process each state, again, is equal.

To understand the Electoral College one must realize that the Founders considered the states as the dominant power in the nation. Election of the office of President was a bit like the selection of the Chairman of the Board, with the states serving as the board of directors for the nation. The great mistake Electoral College opponents make is to believe the President was supposed to be elected by the people. It was never the plan.

There are fundamental and often regional differences in how Americans view the role of government and the leaders they elect to run it. Little wonder those who seek to strengthen the power of the central government prefer that elections be decided by the popular vote. It’s a great sound bite- but the results will not give “the people” the “fair” result they desire.

Such a move will eliminate the power of individual states in favor of elections decided by the population of large, politically liberal cities. I’ve actually heard it said by residents of California, San Francisco, in particular, “why do we even let people in Ohio and Iowa vote?” Such elitism is behind the “National Popular Vote” movement which apparently believes that only the East and West Coasts count. The rest is just flyover country.

Keep these facts in mind as we watch the enforcement of Sustainable Development policies that lead to Smart Growth cities. The stated plans of such ideas are that most people will eventually be ‘persuaded” to leave the rural areas and migrate to the cities. In addition, we now are witnessing the invasion of illegal immigrants who normally land in such communities and swell their size.

The “feel good” propaganda of the National Popular Vote movement insists that a popular vote would not change the face of the nation. However, by design or not, the fact is their scheme plays right into the hands of the Sustainablists who openly seek top-down control through the establishment of megacities. By forcing the massive majority of citizens into such areas, a majority vote in just a few will drown any other area in the nation.

In such a planned agenda for the 21st Century, individuals living in the majority of the nation’s territory will quickly learn how little their “popular vote” counts if the Electoral College is abandoned by the “National Popular Vote” scheme. Those smaller states (and therefore their votes) may have no impact on the election of the President, just as our founders feared. Control by a few over the many can only be defined as tyranny.

The abolishment of the Electoral College would, in fact, establish an election tyranny giving control of the government to the massive population centers of the nation’s Northeastern sector, along with the area around Los Angeles. If these sections of the nation were to control the election of our nation’s leaders, the voice of the ranchers and farmers of the Mid and Far West would be lost, along with the values and virtues of the South. It would also mean the end of the Tenth Amendment and state sovereignty.

Not happy to even let the states decide if they want to support the idea of the National Popular vote or not, the hard Left has manufactured the unrest in the streets to pressure a fast solution. In 2016 Senator Boxer answered the call with legislation to end the Electoral College. Such demands to end it masquerade as the answer to the people’s unrest. If achieved the end, the result will have nothing to do with Donald Trump. He is just the convenient excuse.

Allow that to happen now and the great silent majority of middle America in this nation will never again have a fair say in who is elected our president. And that is the true goal of today’s unrest.
Tom DeWeese
Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.

The Real Reason for Rising Red Ink

October 16, 2018 by Dan Mitchell @ International Liberty
The Congressional Budget Office just released a Monthly Budget Review showing a $782 billion deficit for the 2018 fiscal year.

My recommendation is to mostly ignore data on red ink. Yes, it is possible that a country can get in trouble because of deficits and debt, but it’s far more important to look at what’s happening with government spending.

This is for two reasons.
  • First, spending is the most accurate way of measuring the fiscal burden of government. Regardless of whether it is financed by taxes or borrowing, spending is what requires resources to be diverted from the economy’s productive sector.
  • Second, the best way of predicting red ink is to look at what’s happening to spending. If the burden of government spending is growing faster than the private sector, that’s a very worrisome trend. In the long run, it leads to fiscal crisis.
With this in mind, I dug into the CBO numbers to see what’s really happening.

Lo and behold, we find that the deficit was falling rapidly when there was a de facto spending freeze between 2009 and 2014. But ever since 2014, spending has been growing more than twice the rate of inflation and the deficit is climbing.

Does tax revenue also play a role? Of course.

I’ve already explained that the Trump plan has a front-loaded tax cut, so that has an effect on short-run deficits. But I also noted that the tax cut gradually disappears because the revenue-raising provisions from last year’s legislation become more important in the long run.

In other words, America’s long-run fiscal challenge is entirely the result of a rising burden of government spending. And that’s very clear in the Congressional Budget Office numbers.

The bottom line is that America has a spending problem, not a red ink problem. Deficits and debt are symptoms, but the underlying disease is that the federal government is too big and that spending is growing too fast.

The solution is to follow my Golden Rule with a spending cap.

P.S. To help them understand this point, Republicans need shock therapy.

P.P.S. Maybe it’s difficult to educate Republicans because they’re part of the problem?

Smothered: Six Democratic Scandals That The Elite News Media Suffocated With A Pillow This Cycle

Matt Vespa @mvespa1 Oct 16, 2018

In the Trump era, liberal media bias is worse than ever. So, it shouldn’t shock us that the Media Research Center’s Newsbusters division probably has carpal tunnel syndrome from jotting down all the insanity that is transpiring across CNN, MSNBC, and the Big Three (CBS, NBC, and ABC). In this media bubble, Trump colluded with the Russians to win an election; he’s a tax cheat, a serial sexual abuser, and the most corrupt politician since Henry Clay and the corrupt bargain of 1824.

Outside of this glass case of emotion, the economy is growing at four percent. There are more jobs than job seekers, and job openings are at a whopping 7.1 million. Three million jobs have been created, new trade deals with Mexico and Canada are in motion, the Trump tax cuts have formed a solid base for growth, and more than three million working-class families have received bonuses of $1,000 or more. Oh, and consumer and small business confidence have reached 18-year highs. And did I mention that unemployment is at 3.7 percent. Yeah, things are going well, but the Democrat-media complex is hoping that the president fails, of course.

To better Democrats’ 2018 chances, there have been six rather major scandals that have hit some key candidates, which the elite media decided to smother with a pillow. From domestic abuse allegations to fraud and DUIs, Newsbusters’ Geoffrey Dickens found six major scandals, where the elite news media has devoted little to no coverage. ...........To Read More......

Fraud: Farmers Caught Selling Conventional Crops as Organic

By Alex Berezow — October 12, 2018 @ American Council on Science and Health

Comedy is an excellent tool for pointing out the absurdities of society.

Several years ago, Penn and Teller did an episode of Bullsh**! that examined the claims made by organic food enthusiasts. (See a clip here.) Though they didn't conduct a publication quality scientific experiment, they showed (rather convincingly and quite hilariously) that the average food snob simply can't tell the difference between conventionally grown food and organic food.

Their prank has been replicated by others. In one video, two guys attended a foodie convention and presented guests with a new "organic" alternative to fast food. The guests went on and on about how wonderful it was, completely oblivious to the fact that they were eating chicken nuggets and other food from McDonald's.

At the very end of the video, they presented their conclusion (translated from Dutch): "If you tell people that something is organic, they'll automatically believe it's organic." Indeed.

Farmers Busted for Marketing Conventional Crops as Certified Organic

Three farmers in Nebraska just plead guilty to a food fraud scheme in which they were selling conventionally grown corn and soybeans as organic. They pulled off this scheme from 2010 to 2017 and made nearly $11 million in the process. How could they get away with it for so long?

For starters, nobody can tell the difference between conventional and organic food. It's not as if organic corn and soybeans look, smell, or taste differently compared to their conventional counterparts. So, the only way to catch food fraud is by doing a chemical analysis. In this case, the analysis would look for the presence of pesticides that are banned according to organic agriculture's (completely arbitrary) rules.

These rules are supposedly enforced by the National Organic Program (NOP), which is part of the USDA. Obviously, it isn't doing a particularly good job. According to the Washington Post:
"[T]he [organic food] system suffers from multiple weaknesses in enforcement: Farmers hire their own inspection companies; most inspections are announced days or weeks in advance and lack the element of surprise; and testing for pesticides is the exception rather than the rule."
In other words, the USDA's policy is just to trust farmers and suppliers if they say their food is organic. As a result of such a lax attitude toward regulation, food fraud occurs, not just with homegrown crops but with imported ones, as well.

The organic industry is built upon a gigantic lie: that is, the notion that "natural" farming methods are safer and healthier while "unnatural" methods are dangerous. Worse, the organic industry perpetuates a myth that it does not use pesticides, when it absolutely does. It should surprise no one, therefore, that such a deceptive industry would attract its fair share of hucksters.

Bloodstream Infections And A Promising New Weapon Against Them

October 15, 2018 By Michael D. Shaw @ HealthNewsDigest

This column has discussed the matter of healthcare-associated infections on several occasions. The most recent such article examined the problems inherent to endoscope reprocessing.

As recently noted by infection control guru Lawrence Muscarella, PhD, a bronchoscope is linked again in the US to an outbreak of the feared CRE superbug. Recalls have been issued by the manufacturer for several models that could apply to thousands of devices in the field.

Bloodstream infections (BSI) are infectious diseases defined by the presence of viable bacterial or fungal microorganisms in the bloodstream (later demonstrated by the positivity of one or more blood cultures) that elicit or have elicited an inflammatory response characterized by the alteration of clinical, laboratory, and hemodynamic parameters.

Most authorities agree that bloodstream infections (BSI) are the most serious form of healthcare associated infection, as they cause significant morbidity and mortality. It is no simple matter to get current statistics on BSI, so we refer to this widely cited CDC page posted in 2011. This article focuses on central line-associated bloodstream infections, which seem to be the type most actively tracked. Here are a few highlights, quoting numbers for the US:.........To Read More....

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cartoon of the Day

Dems promise more goodies and fewer freedoms if they take power

October 15, 2018 By Ed Straker

Politico had a nice summary of all the things the Democrats are promising to do if elected. It was the usual mix of authoritarian-socialism.

1. Single-payer health care. Single-payer health care. Isn't that great? And only one payer! And I suppose one payer won't be any of us, right? In reality, all of us who pay taxes (and none of us who doesn't) will end up being the single payer. They really should call it "single-doctor" health care, because once health care becomes "free," demand will overwhelm supply. As in Cuba, everyone will have a "right" to health care, but few will actually receive it.
2. $15 minimum wage..........
3. Abolishing ICE........
4. Repealing the Trump tax cuts...........
5. Debt-free college...........
6. Net neutrality............
7. A $1-trillion "infrastructure" plan.........
8. Defense cuts...........
9. Limiting executive compensation........
10. Global warming tax........... Read more