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WHO’s IARC’s new target: Red meat, which may be classified ‘likely carcinogen’

Deena Shanker | July 31, 2015 | Quartz

In March, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) made headlines when it declared that glyphosate, one of the world’s most commonly used herbicides, “probably” causes cancer in humans.  But in October, the organization is expected to issue a report on a much bigger target: meat. And the industry is bracing for the worst.  “It’s our 12-alarm fire, because if they determine that red and processed meat causes cancer—and I think that they will—that moniker will stick around for years,” Betsy Booren, vice president for scientific affairs at the North American Meat Institute, said at a recent conference, trade publication Meatingplace reported. “It could take decades and billions of dollars to change that,” she added.......To Read More…..

My Take - I don’t agree with her assessment. It's my view those who eschew red meat for one reason or the other will continue to do so, and those who don't will largely ignore this clabber. The thing I really think will happen is the world will see more clearly just how partisan and unscientific this organization is and how much flakey science is involved in all these determinations.  Here's what is the real problem.  This is just one more example of how the world's organizations - filled with looney activists and NGOs - are working to eventually legislate "sustainable consumption" where bureaucrats will tell us what we will consume, how much we will consume and whether or not we will be allowed to consume.   

Why former organic farmer, food inspector turned against Big Organic to embrace GMOs

Mischa Popoff | July 30, 2015 | Genetic Literacy Project

There was a time, not so long ago, when the American organic movement actually stood for something.  I grew up on an organic grain farm and worked from 1998 to 2003 as a USDA organic inspector. Organic farmers were still in control during this time, and were nearly unanimous in supporting the development of no-till (or min-till) methods that don’t rely on synthetic herbicides, which are banned in organic production. Sadly, the effort failed, thanks entirely to the rise of a new, rabidly anti-GMO, urban organic leadership.

Natural substances were experimented with to replace Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, but all proved ineffective, leaving the roots of weeds to regenerate, or proving more toxic than Roundup, turning an organic field into a moonscape devoid of beneficial insects and microorganisms.  Not a single peer-reviewed article was written admitting to the failure. …… The organic industry is now bigger than Major League Baseball, based in part on cheap imports from countries like China, where standards and enforcement are even lower than in the US, and paranoia…… urban activists who had never worked a day on a farm simply redoubled their attack against…….GMOs……Meanwhile, since organic crops are not tested under the Clinton-Bush USDA NOP, a whopping 43 percent of certified-organic food now contains synthetic pesticide residue……To Read More….

Executive Branch Dictatorship: From Lend Lease (1941) to Iran (2015)

By Diana West

As I have learned, and particularly since the publication of American Betrayal, history is far too important to be left to professional historians content (ordered?) to trudge along the familiar groove of false narrative (until roused to any-means-necessary search-and-destroy missions against those who venture off-road in search of buried truth).

This is a matter of more than academic import. It is of much wider concern than to students or buffs. History is, should be, the guidestar of our conduct as a nation.The fact that we founder so dangerously today is directly related to the continuous loop of falsehood and misunderstanding about exactly how we got this way.

Take the 1940s international war aid program for anti-Axis powers known as Lend Lease. This program, which passed into law in 1941, gutted Congress's powers of the purse and war-making, also advise-and-consent, and gave them to the executive branch….... I came across the (above) video of a 1941 speech opposing Lend Lease as a Constitutional matter by Rep. Hamilton Fish III. By itself, it is a fascinating history lesson about Lend Lease, but it also carries echoes of our modern-day crisis concerning the history of executive branch dictatorship. ...To Read More….

Quote of the Day!

That’s the nuts and bolts of what makes the countries that rule the world the counties that rule the world.  The balance of transport determines wealth and security.  Deep water navigation determines reach. Industrialization determines economic muscle tone.  And the three combined shape everything from exposure to durability to economic cycles to outlook.  - Peter Zeihan, The Accidental Superpower

Don't Fall Prey to Propaganda: Life Expectancy and Infant Mortality are Unreliable Measures for Comparing the U.S. Health Care System to Others

by David Hogberg, Ph.D., July 2006

How does the United States health care system fare when compared to the rest of the industrialized world? This is an important question. Accurately measuring our health care system relative to those of other nations can yield insight into the types of health care policies America should pursue…..This paper examines the deficiencies of using life expectancy and infant mortality to measure a health care system. It also examines the question: How should we measure a health care system?....

Life expectancy and infant mortality are widely used as measures of a health care system because doing so serves an ideological agenda of greater government involvement in health care. However, these measures are useless for trying to determine the effectiveness of a health care system.....Life expectancy is a poor statistic for determining the efficacy of a health care system because it fails the first criterion of assuming interaction with the health care system…… infant mortality tells us a lot less about a health care system than one might think…..infant mortality is measured far too inconsistently to make cross-national comparisons useful. Thus, just like life expectancy, infant mortality is not a reliable measure of the relative merits of health care systems……To Read More…



Rasmussen Report

Obama Says He Could Win Again - True or False? A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 30% of Likely U.S. Voters say they would vote for the president if he ran for a third term. Sixty-three percent (63%) would not. (To see survey question wording, click here.) Most Democrats (57%) would vote to give Obama a third term. Ninety-three percent (93%) of Republicans, 68% of voters not affiliated with either major party - and 32% of Democrats - would not. (My Take – This poll is meaningless in my opinion.  He won the second term as a result of massive voter fraud.  Recognize it and move on to stop it. RK)

Hey, Fellas, How 'Bout Some Teamwork? Voters can't make it much clearer, but apparently President Obama and Congress still don't get the message.   (My Take - The teamwork in Congress for the last 100 years is what has gotten us into the state we're in.  Given this kind of history might it be possible that ‘cooperation’ isn't the way to go in future?  Generally I've found there's a right way and a wrong way. If that's true - and it is - why try a third way? Why can't we just go the right way? All it takes is defining the problem properly in order to have clarity. Clarity then leads to understanding and understanding leads to good decision making. There is one more component to this.  It still takes guts!)
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Check Out Today's Obama Approval Ratings - The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama's job performance. Fifty-two percent (52%) disapprove (see trends).  (My Take – Dumb seems to be stuck just under 50%, and Dumber is a solid 26%.)

 Most Still Question Accuracy of Textbooks - School textbooks remain a central issue in the cultural battle over America's past, and voters continue to strongly believe most textbooks value political correctness over accuracy.

Asymmetrical Politics: Republicans Act Like an Unruly Mob, Democrats Like a Regimented Army By Michael Barone - As the presidential campaign heats up, and we head into the first debate among the 16 declared Republican candidates, there is an asymmetry between the two political parties.  Republican voters have been seething with discontent toward their party's officeholders and have not become enchanted with any one of 15 more or less conventional politicians who are running. Democratic voters support their officeholders with lockstep loyalty and seem untroubled by the serious flaws of their party's clear frontrunner.  This asymmetry helps explain some otherwise puzzling things. One is why polls have continued for several years to show the Republican Party being disliked more than the Democratic Party, even as both parties get roughly the same number of votes. The reason is that while virtually no Democrats express negative feelings about their party, many Republicans do……

Desperate Dems Recycle Planned Parenthood's Mammogram Lie By Michelle Malkin - The gruesome hits keep coming for the baby butchers of Planned Parenthood. President Obama and his top health officials have one last-ditch response left: Quick, hide behind the imaginary mammogram machine! As more graphic, money-grubbing undercover videos of Planned Parenthood's for-profit aborted baby parts racket emerge thanks to the investigative work of the Center for Medical Progress, desperate Democrats are in full deflection mode. U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Mathews Burwell defended federal funding for Planned Parenthood this week by invoking the women's health shield. "What I think is important is that our HHS funding is focused on issues of preventative care for women, things like mammograms," Burwell told the House Education and Workforce Committee…..Once again, it was undercover pro-life journalists who unmasked the truth…..

Spot the Vested Interest: The $1.5 Trillion Climate Change Industry

By Jo Nova

Climate Change Business Journal estimates the Climate Change Industry is a $1.5 Trillion dollar escapade, which means four billion dollars a day is spent on our quest to change the climate. That includes everything from carbon markets to carbon consulting, carbon sequestration, renewables, biofuels, green buildings and insipid cars. For comparison global retail sales online are worth around $1.5 trillion. So all the money wasted on the climate is equivalent to all the goods bought online.

The special thing about this industry is that it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for an assumption about relative humidity that is probably wrong. As such, it’s the only major industry in the world dependent on consumer and voter ignorance. This is not just another vested interest in a political debate; it’s vested-on-steroids, a mere opinion poll away from extinction. You can almost hear the captains of climate industry bellowing: “Keep ‘em ignorant and believing, or the money goes away!”……..To Read More……

American Thinker

Featured Article

The day Reagan took over office from Jimmy Carter, our hostages in Iran were released. Iran manipulated it so that Carter looked like a fool. True. He was humiliated. Carter had been feckless. He turned the most powerful nation in the world into a paper tiger. He was afraid to use our natural power because he had the naïve notion that his passiveness was kindness rather than dangerous to us.

But Carter was Superman compared to Obama. Ali Younesi, Rouhani’s senior advisor, calls Obama “the weakest of U.S. presidents.” He says, “Americans witnessed their greatest defeats in Obama’s era: Terrorism expanded, [the] U.S. had huge defeats under Obama [and] that is why they want to compromise with Iran.”…..Obama is bankrolling and financing the terrorists in the Middle East. He is either consciously or unwittingly a traitor……I long for the good old days of cowardly Carter. So much better than surrender Obama


Would you let your 12-year-old daughter sleep in a tent with an 18-year-old boy?, Jack Cashill - Once you answer the question, you may have a sense of whether allowing homosexual Boy Scout leaders is a good idea.

A Paradigm Change: Re-directing public concern from Global Warming to Global Cooling, S. Fred Singer - There is little doubt that a near-term cooling is among the major calamities facing the population on our planet; concern about global warming is entirely misplaced. A Little Ice Age may arrive within decades

Exposed: America's Enemies Within, Lloyd Marcus - No longer are we simply engaged in a battle of ideas -- Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative. America's choice of governing has become far more daunting -- light vs. darkness, good vs. evil. Walter Palmer, DDS: The Left's Perfect Villain, William Sullivan - Perfect, and so very useful.

What the Abortion Industry Can Teach Corporate America, John-Henry Westen - Planned Parenthood and its ilk have the sort of business acumen any corporation with no conscience whatsoever must envy.

Experts Weigh In on the Iran Deal, Elise Cooper - American Thinker interviewed national security experts regarding their opinion on the nuclear piece of the agreement.

Does Iran Already Have Nuclear Weapons?, Stephen Bryen and Shoshana Bryen - Countries developing nuclear weapons often follow multiple tracks and build significant redundancy into their program so that a single point of failure won't block progress in development.

American Thinker Blog

White House calls Planned Parenthood videos 'fraudulent' - Government shutdown over funding for PP a virtual certainty.

Hillary's private server emails contained info from 5 intelligence agencies - Democratic Party elders and the Obama White House, especially Valerie Jarrett, have got to be plotting the most effective way to dump her before she takes down the party in the 2016 election.

Lois Lerner's hard drive may have been physically tampered with - A fortuitous coincidence that Lerner's hard drive meltdown occurred shortly after Congress showed initial interest in the possible targeting of conservative groups?

Iran Deputy Foreign Minister reveals what a big joke the inspections will be -Reveals secret conditions on Iran state TV that Congress doesn't know about.

Ben Stein explains Obama-Kerry's genocidal danger - The truth, told brutally and compactly.

Why Romney and Bush want Cruz to mumble like they do - Ted Cruz is destroying the Republican brand, of course.

Three prominent New York Catholics critical of Trump - One of Trump's main advisors is pro-choice.

Planned Parenthood's chop shops - Babies being treated like auto parts.

Bush believes in man-made global warming and wants plenty more of it - Amnesty and global warming don't really go together.

'Hope and change' has turned into lousy GDP growth - The GOP really needs a "growth, growth, growth" message.

Tell us how you plan to celebrate Dem-declared 'judicial emergency'! - Suddenly liberal judges aren't getting confirmed at the lightning speed congressional Democrats would prefer.

To Orrin Hatch: Action matters, not name-calling - Orrin Hatch has claimed, “We serve the people, not our own egos,” but Mr. Hatch serves little else.

An Unbalanced Article in NYT - Only Israelis can commit war crimes.

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Quote of the Day!

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." - Philip K. Dick

The Colossal Hoax Of Organic Agriculture

By Henry I. Miller and Drew L. Kershen

Consumers of organic foods are getting both more and less than they bargained for. On both counts, it’s not good.  Many people who pay the huge premium—often more than a hundred percent–for organic foods do so because they’re afraid of pesticides. If that’s their rationale, they misunderstand the nuances of organic agriculture. Although it’s true that synthetic chemical pesticides are generally prohibited, there is a lengthy list of exceptions listed in the Organic Foods Production Act, while most “natural” ones are permitted. However, “organic” pesticides can be toxic. As evolutionary biologist Christie Wilcox explained in a 2012 Scientific American article (“Are lower pesticide residues a good reason to buy organic? Probably not.”): “Organic pesticides pose the same health risks as non-organic ones.”

 Another poorly recognized aspect of this issue is that the vast majority of pesticidal substances that we consume are in our diets “naturally and are present in organic foods as well as non-organic ones. In a classic study, UC Berkeley biochemist Bruce Ames and his colleagues found that “99.99 percent (by weight) of the pesticides in the American diet are chemicals that plants produce to defend themselves.” Moreover, “natural and synthetic chemicals are equally likely to be positive in animal cancer tests.” Thus, consumers who buy organic to avoid pesticide exposure are focusing their attention on just one-hundredth of one percent of the pesticides they consume.....To Read More....

Ohio’s Obamacare expansion has cost $4 billion

By Jason Hart / July 10, 2015 / 18 Comments

Part 15 of 15 in the series Ohio's Obamacare expansion

Expanding Medicaid to working-age Ohioans with no kids and no disabilities was supposed to cost $2.56 billion in its first year and a half.  So much for that.

After just 18 months, Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Obamacare expansion has cost federal taxpayers more than $4 billion.


Kasich underestimated the cost of the first 18 months of his Obamacare expansion by roughly $1.5 billion. Enrollment was almost 600,000 at the end of June, compared to Kasich’s projection of 366,000.
Ohio’s Obamacare expansion has cost far more than expected because enrollment and per-member costs have both rocketed past expectations.
Benefit costs have exceeded $325 million each of the past three months, and $300 million for seven months straight — setting a course for a total cost of $5 billion before the end of the year.
Obamacare provides 100 percent federal funding for Medicaid expansion through December 2016. States will have to pay five percent of the expansion’s benefit costs starting in 2017, and ten percent starting in 2020.
With the federal government $18 trillion in debt, Congress is likely to make changes to Obamacare expansion’s federal match rate, further increasing the burden on participating states.
Jonathan Ingram, research director at the free-market Foundation for Government Accountability, said Ohioans should be concerned about who will be “put on the chopping block” to pay for Kasich’s Obamacare expansion.
“In just a year and a half, Kasich has put more able-bodied adults on Medicaid welfare than his administration thought would ever enroll,” Ingram said.
He noted that in Kasich’s last two budgets, the governor “has proposed slashing funding to pediatric hospitals and kicking pregnant women off of the program.”
“At this point, one thing is clear: Ohio’s Medicaid expansion costs are rapidly spiraling out of control,” Ingram said.
“Instead of traveling the country lobbying other states to expand ObamaCare, maybe Gov. Kasich should stay in Ohio and figure out a way to roll back his disastrous Medicaid expansion, before it’s too late,” he concluded.
Kasich contends his Obamacare expansion is paid for with “Ohio money” and has been a rousing success. He has bashed the policy’s critics during unofficial presidential campaign trips to South Dakota, Montana, Georgia, North Carolina and elsewhere.
On Thursday when the Ohio Department of Medicaid released its June spending report, Kasich was in Tennessee telling Gov. Bill Haslam to keep up the fight for Obamacare expansion.
“Part of the problem is people develop an ideological opposition and then don’t want to be confused by the facts,” Kasich told Obamacare supporters at a campaign stop in Nashville.
Unlike Kasich, who expanded Medicaid unilaterally after Ohio lawmakers voted against it, Haslam — a fellow Republican — has been thwarted repeatedly by his state’s legislature.

Part 15 of 15 in the series Ohio's Obamacare expansion

Neonicotinoid ban based on precautionary principle, not science

Posted on July 27, 2015 @ The American Council on Science and Health by Gil Ross

An op-ed in the Wall St. Journal by Owen Paterson, U.K. Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs from 2012 until 2014 and Member Parliament (MP) since 1997, tries to bring scientific perspective to the ideological, precautionary-principle based ban on the safe and useful class of modern pesticides, neonicotinoids (“neonics”).

Paterson points out that the data seeming to incriminate neonics as a factor in the alleged decline in bee colonies was itself highly unreliable. In fact, bee colonies are thriving and were when neonics were commonly used. But several important agricultural crops are suffering serious declines due to resurgent pest infestations, thanks to the loss of neonics.

The ban was instituted at the behest of anti-science NGOs and their millions of adherents — people who had little familiarity with science or farming or farmers. Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, writes, the 2013 ban “was based on faulty science and pressure exerted by environmental lobbyists…caused a widespread deterioration in crops across the U.K. and Europe. Now that the ban is set to expire in November, the EU has a chance to correct its mistake before any more damage is done.”

“If neonics are banned, then we will have to revert back to the much more savage pyrethroid sprays, which have been proven to do so much more harm to bees—and all other insects,” says Viv Marsh, a horticulturalist working on biodiversity conservation in my North Shropshire constituency.

What canola fields really look like without neonics:
Left has not been treated, while the right has.
Credit: Gregory Sekulic, Canola Council of Canada Agronomy Specialist

The anti-neonic hysteria drummed up by anti-science groups is but one example of how science, economics and simple common sense are all too often sacrificed to the mob mentality easily harnessed by so-called “environmental” groups. Merely a claim of some adverse effect on vulnerable species can be an inspiration for some activist crusade, based on nothing more than fear-mongering and the compliance of green-leaning precautionary EU regulators and bureaucrats. The campaign against neonics is another example: there are many others.

As MP Paterson concludes: “The ban is an indictment of Europe’s ‘precautionary principle’—Brussels’s trump card for implementing regulations without proof that it is necessary or beneficial. In this case, it was supposed to be an opportunity for the European Commission to examine the facts and determine whether continuing the ban after the initial two-year period was warranted. Now that the facts and the science are in, rarely has a supposed environmental hazard been so completely debunked.

“If the Commission does the right thing and allows the two-year ban to expire, it would be a huge relief to farmers trying to save their crops and conservationists trying to save the bees. Just as important, it would be a repudiation of the scare mongering employed by environmentalists and an indication that maybe, at long last, Brussels will start putting facts, science and common sense back into the process of regulatory decision making.”

I would be content with a reversal of the neonic ban. To imagine that this lesson will be emblazoned in the EU’s regulatory schema and be used to counter future such unscientific, counterproductive edicts is merely wishful thinking, I fear.

The Bees Are Safe—Now Lift This Pesticide Ban” demands Paterson. EU’s farmers and the scientific world couldn’t agree more.

American Council on Science and Health

Former Greenpeace founder criticizes organization’s “lack of science” in video - When Patrick Moore helped start GreenPeace his intent was to stop nuclear war, and to prevent whales from becoming extinct. However, somewhere along the way he realized he was the only scientist in the group. So he left. In a recent video he explains why. Read more.

Playing the name game with autism - There is a wealth of data that shows an increase in prevalence of autism over the past few decades. There is also a wealth of activities, such as pesticide use and vaccines, that have been blamed for this increase. However, a new study from researchers might finally have the answer to the cause of this increase. Read more.

Does organic food contain prohibited substances? USDA says many do. - Organic food aficionados proclaim that their preferred products are ‘healthier’ because they contain no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. But a recent report from the USDA suggests this really isn’t true. We question whether it even matters. Read more.

A new class of cholesterol drugs. But are they worth it? - Since 1987, the year in which the first of the statin-class drugs, Mevacor/lovastatin, was approved, statin drugs have been the standard of care for reducing high cholesterol, especially LDL (‘bad”) cholesterol. Now, there is a new option for reducing LDL cholesterol but is it worth the cost? Read more.

Data suggest we’re seeing a real decrease in Americans’ calorie consumption - The good news is that Americans seem to be buying and consuming fewer calories than before — perhaps signaling a slowing of the obesity epidemic. In spite of difficulties with data acquisition and analysis, the trend seems to be solid, and lends hope for the health of future generations. Read more.

Why GMO labeling is confusing, misleading, and ultimately pointless - On Thursday, the US House of Representatives passed the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 – a bill that would ban states from requiring labels for all genetically modified foods. James Hamblin, MD, in The Atlantic explains why such a label is totally unnecessary. Read more.

Reduced nicotine in cigarettes failed to help smokers quit: Study - One tactic promulgated by anti-smoking advocates over the years has been lowering the nicotine content of cigarettes to less-addictive levels. A new study by one such advocate seems to show that method will not help reduce the toll of smoking. Read more.

Exploration of the HIV epidemic in rural Indiana finds ideology over health - A perspective article in the NEJM re-explores in depth the ongoing epidemic of HIV in rural southeastern Scott County, IN. The authors (from San Diego, CA and Baltimore, MD) discuss the various factors responsible for the onset and spread of HIV — and HCV as well. Read more.

USPSTF recommends all adults should be screened for depression - The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is updating their recommendation for depression screening. Now they urge family physicians to regularly screen all adults for symptoms using standardized questionnaires. Read more.

Swan song for antibiotics? Can phage therapy and gene editing fill the gap? - It’s time to face the music: the golden age of antibiotics is over. They revolutionized medicine in the 20th century, and have together with vaccination led to the near eradication of many diseases in the developed world. But its time to move on to something thing new: phage therapy. Read more.

Will Aspartame Critics Now Be Less Bitter? - I’ve been writing about artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame (NutraSweet) for years. Why Well, the same reason that I write anything—to cut through the crap. And if you want to find more junk, you’d better get yourself tickets to a political debate. Read more.

Pepsi exchanges one artificial chemical sweetener for another artificial chemical sweetener - Pepsi has joined the ranks of Chipotle, Kraft, and many others who have forgone science in an attempt to win customer approval. In just a few days, Diet Pepsi will no longer contain aspartame, but it will contain a different artificial sweetener. Read more.

Changes in attitudes about obesity led to drop in Americans’ calorie consumption - Why have Americans’ calorie intake dropped over the last several years? Was it a shift in professionals’ attitudes? Perhaps the public’s perception of obesity as a health threat changed? Or was it the public’s recognition of the obesity-linked increase in chronic disease? Probably all of the above played a role. Read more.

Another Greenie Crisis That Wasn't

Beepocalypse Myth Handbook: Dissecting claims of pollinator collapse  posted @ Genetic Literacy Project -  This is the latest in a series of GLP reports on The Real Facts About the Birds and the Bees. Myths and truths about bees: There is no dangerous recent decline in the global honey bee population and a class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids are not fostering a global pollinator crisis. For years, environmental activists and the media have been warning of an impending “bee-pocalypse” in which a drastic fall in the honey bee population, which they claimed was already underway, would threaten bees with extinction and – because bees pollinate much of the food we eat – the word with starvation. The number one culprit in this extinction scenario is a class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids, or neonics, for short. In fact, the honey bee population did face a crisis in 2006, when honey bee queens began turning up dead in hives and the hive population dove. It is a phenomenon dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder. First GMOs and then later neonics were fingered as likely drivers of the bee deaths……

Also see:

What do the EPA, Endangered Species Act, Center for Biological Diversity, new Floodplain Standards, Environmental Justice and Obama have in common?

“Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding."  [Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438 (1928) (dissenting)]” ― Louis D. Brandeis

By Kathleen Marquardt

What they have in common is the desire for complete control over private property and thus nothing less than our liberty, our freedom. Without the right to private property man cannot be free. What you see are bureaucrats (and their laws) conspiring with NGOs to take our land by a proliferation of restrictions, edicts, executive orders and laws. The cfact article enumerates just a few of them.

Below that is the URL for the EPA’s Environmental Justice Screen mentioned in the cfact article.

Greens, Feds team up to link land-use restrictions to climate change: Their goal -- complete control over all private property

“In determining what constitutes a ‘future flood risk,’ the White House assured the nation that such decisions would be closely tied to, in Obama’s words, ‘a national policy on resilience and risk reduction consistent with my Climate Action Plan.’ In other words, the administration’s policies to ‘combat climate change’ will serve to justify a new bundle of regulations and standards imposed on communities throughout the country in the name of protecting them from flooding.” [Read more]

Social Justice Warriors don’t want justice; they want to upend civilization

By Kathleen Marquardt

Social Justice has nothing to do with justice; it is a tool – an especially big and powerful tool in the Sustainable Development realm – being used to tear apart Western Culture and replace it with chaos and civil war. As a tool it is doing the job very well. In this Observer article, Cathy Young does an excellent job of shining the light on SJWs.

The Pecking Disorder: Social Justice Warriors Gone Wild

“Working to correct inequities is a noble goal—which explains the appeal of the “social justice” movement to many fair-minded people. But the movement in its current form is not about that. It elevates an extreme and polarizing version of identity politics in which individuals are little more than the sum of their labels. It encourages wallowing in anger and guilt. It promotes intolerance and the politicization of everything. It must be stopped—not only for the sake of freedom, but for the sake of a kinder, fairer society.”  [Read more]

My Take - Another example of how the left uses our own values to destroy us.

Why The Patriot Act is Tyranny and Rand Paul is a Hero

Posted by Tom DeWeese @ American Policy Center

Senator Rand Paul is taking a lot of heat from establishment Conservatives and some in the media for his unwavering stand against the Patriot Act. The party line that is emerging says that we are now vulnerable to terrorist attack. Even Senator Paul, himself, said he was being accused of damaging America’s defenses against such attacks.

These accusations are almost humorous considering that many of these same establishment Republicans have refused to force Barack Obama to enforce immigration laws. That fact now allows literally anyone who wants to harm our nation to cross over the border and to not only remain here, but also to receive tax payer benefits and perhaps even the right to vote. Reportedly, Obama is allowing people from the same Middle Eastern nations that give rise to terrorism to flood into our nation at horrific rates.

Newly announced presidential candidate Lindsey Graham is especially guilty of this let down in American security as he has pushed for policies to open our borders even further. So too have Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Has anyone accused them of damaging American national security?

The fact is Rand Paul is a defender of American security unlike any other candidate currently running to lead this nation. He’s one of a very few to openly stand for the Constitutional rights of all Americans to be secure in their homes and free of government snooping into their private business.

The created hysteria over the Patriot Act being a guardian of our freedom is hog wash. This is the Patriot Act that was rushed into place just after a horrific terrorist attack – 911. Of course the nation was scared and of course out went the cry – “Do something NOW to protect us.”

When introduced, we were assured by the Justice Department that the Patriot Act was simply to give federal law enforcement agencies the surveillance and investigative tools they needed to deter future terror attacks. However, the emotional rush to “do something” by quickly passing the Patriot Act, left little time for lawmakers to put its measures under scrutiny. In fact, then Congressman Ron Paul said he couldn’t even get a copy of the Act before the vote.

As a result, provisions of the Act offered major opportunities for government abuses of law-abiding private citizens. The Act says that the government does not need to have a suspect or to even be conducting an investigation related to terrorism to monitor your visits into web sites on the Internet.

The Patriot Act changed the definition of terrorism, allowing even legitimate protestors, such as pro-life activists, to be at risk of being labeled “terrorists” if violence erupted at their events. And since its enactment, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has officially contracted with the Department of Homeland Security to create definitions of what and who constitute domestic terrorists. Just as predicted, that definition does not include Middle Eastern men connected with groups like Al-Qaeda or ISIS. Instead, in many official circles it has come to mean those Americans who demand that the United States government adhere to the U.S. Constitution.

The Patriot Act expands the capability to obtain warrants and conduct searches without disclosing them immediately. Under the Act, law enforcement can walk into your home and take records without your knowing they were there. If a warrant is obtained, you may never know about it. It doesn’t even require a real judge to obtain one anymore.

The Act requires fuller identification of bank customers. A year before 9-11 more than 150,000 Americans protested these very provisions in a scheme by the FDIC called “Know Your Customer.” Congressman Ron Paul wrote of the Know Your Customer plan, “Under these regulations, banks will be required to first create a profile of all new and current customers. The profile will include such information as their credit history and other standard financial reviews, but will be expanded to include the customer’s deposit and withdrawal habits. This information will be gathered over the first few months of the account’s creation. After that, any account activity that deviates from the profile will be considered suspicious behavior.”

Rep. Paul went on to say, “Not only will ‘unusual’ deposits into your account trigger suspicion, but so too might large cash withdrawals.” Privacy advocates were able to officially stop the Know Your Customer scheme. But most of its provisions returned in the Patriot Act. And just this year, 2015, the Justice Department announced its intention to carefully watch the activities of all Americans and their bank accounts by suggesting banks report anyone withdrawing at least $5000.

Under the Patriot Act, a special software was developed to help firms in 25 finance-related industries, covered by the law, to compare millions of customer records with thousands of entries on federal blacklists.

Businesses such as car dealers, insurance companies, investment brokers, lenders and real estate firms are required to file “Suspicious Activity Reports” to the Treasury Department.

Here’s an interesting fact. The Patriot Act only mentions protecting our northern border. It says not a word about the southern one. Our southern border remains, absolutely wide open, allowing anyone to literally walk into this country. And the Obama Administration has used that loophole beyond what any normal American could have ever foreseen at the writing of the Act.

In the name of fighting terrorism, we have witnessed a new kind of government “urban sprawl” oozing out of Washington, D.C. into every back alley, bedroom, and underwear drawer in America.

In 2004 the Government Electronics and Information Technology Association (GEIA) reported that there were more than 100 federal entities involved in forging the largest conglomeration of government/private contractor interests since the creation of the Pentagon. GEIA represents hundreds of corporate members which had cashed in on the Homeland Security-citizen-surveillance-spending spree.

In September 2002, dozens of major high-tech companies formed the “Homeland Security Industries Association.” A key objective of the association was to win a piece of the action for the creation of national ID cards for travelers.

Business Week reported that the SAS Institute was among many corporations scrambling to launch a whole new line of anti-money laundering software designed to help insurance companies, investment banks and brokerage firms spy on their clients’ financial activities on behalf of the government in compliance with the Patriot Act.

Bert Ely, the head of a consulting company for financial institutions, warned that the anti-money laundering provisions of the Patriot Act would do nothing to stop the financing of international terrorists. At best, he said, the new provisions would actually provide evildoers with a road map to avoid detection.

What the Patriot Act provisions are really about, said Ely, is to have the United States fall into line with an international campaign being waged by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Financial Action Task Force against countries that serve as tax havens. It’s all about tax collection!

Business Week also reported that private-sector software makers were racing to develop programs to zero in on gambling. Business Week noted that, “the feds have put casinos on notice that they’re next in the line of security.” Now, how many terrorists have actually raised their funds in Las Vegas?

In mid-September 2002, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Office of Homeland Security held an expo in Washington. Medium and small firms from across the nation were invited in to showcase the very latest in citizen surveillance wares.

The US Chamber of Commerce hired the former deputy assistant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to act as a liaison between the chamber and businesses seeking homeland security contracts. PoliticalMoneyline reported that 444 groups and individuals had registered as lobbyists to deal with “terror” and “security” issues.

IBM has opened a “Government Solutions Center” in Vienna, Virginia. The high-tech Unisys Corporation established a similar exhibition for inspection by federal surveillance planners, called the “Homeland Security Center for Excellence.”

Both corporations raced to cash in on billions of dollars for facial recognition systems at airports and, in anticipation of “trusted traveler” cards, a high-tech ID tied to extensive background checks and biometric identification.

So, in the name of fighting terrorism, America was saddled with a massive control over the actions of all Americans, yet it failed to foil even a single terrorist plot. What it did accomplish, however, was a massive buildup of government policing power, designed to keep tabs on every movement of the American people. In addition, the Patriot Act created massive financial opportunity for industries that produced surveillance equipment and software.

All of this is what Senator Paul was objecting to. This massive growth of government and the obvious loss of liberty that comes with it is what he was trying to stop.

Does it then come as a surprise that Senator Rand Paul has become public enemy #1 by establishment Republican hawks, big money Republican fund raisers, all big government proponents and their Patriot Act-dependent industries? As said in the landmark movie “Network,” he has messed with the natural order of things.”

Senator Rand Paul is a hero to all who value their liberty, personal privacy and private property rights. He is the only candidate now running for President to actually take positive action to try to preserve and protect our freedoms. He deserves the respect and support of all who claim to favor those liberties.

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