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P&D: One Million and Counting

By Rich Kozlovich

At approximately 5:57 AM EST this morning P&D went over one million hits.  The number of hits per country run as follows:
  • United States, 544, 998
  • Germany, 58, 423
  • Russia, 52, 909
  • France, 35, 420
  • China ,22, 686
  • Ukraine, 21,942
  • Canada, 14, 863
  • Bulgaria, 12, 529
  • Slovenia, 10536
  • Ireland, 9,817
  • All other countries, 215,877
On a monthly basis the countries in the top ten change, and some not on this All Time top ten list are on the monthly, weekly or daily list.  I know this is no big deal compared to sites that get a million hits a day, but I'm pleased and based on e-mails I receive I believe I have a substantial number of what's called in the blogger world - "quality readers". 
Most of these numbers came in the last five years, and at this point I'm getting approximately 50,000 hits a month.  That number varies depending on how actively I post, but even when I have a bit of a hiatus and don't post at all - I don't get less than 10,000 hits a month. Not to bad for an autodidact bug man.
There are countries that surge based on issues, such as Bulgaria.  I ran links to a series of articles on fracking and Bulgarians started hitting P&D.   I ran a series of links on solar energy and Japan started hitting P&D, this was right after their nuke plant disaster.  China was never on the list at all and then about two years ago I started getting some hits and the number started climbing until they were number two almost overnight on the monthly list - every month for about a  year - and then the numbers crashed to almost nothing. 
I always had some hits from Russia, but at one point the hits started coming in hard and fast - and then crashed, and at the same time they dropped off for Ukraine.  At the beginning I got a lot of hits from the UK, that dropped over the years to the point they're not on the All Time top ten list. 
So why does any blog get hits?   I have no idea, except when it comes to blog sites over all nearly “80 percent read blogs because they offer news they can't find elsewhere. About 78 percent say blogs give them a better perspective, and about 66 percent say blogs provide them with news faster than other sites or media. The study found that blog readers are media hungry….”

I'm not striving to be a popularity site in that I don't do entertainment or sports, except I started posting about my Cleveland Browns a couple of years ago, but that became an emotion burden - one all Browns fans understand, and it was time consuming so I stopped and decided never to waste my time on sports or entertainment people and events unless it involved social issues.  
My efforts deal only with history and current events that impact our thinking and understanding.  I'm not only interested in what people should think - I'm concerned with presenting information to show people how to think. 
We need to understand - nothing we see on the news, what we read in the newspaper, on web sites or even the history channel, and in recent decades, what we're taught in history classes - is what it appears.  The media lies - yes Trump is right - the media lies.  Not so much outright lies of commission - although they're notorious for that - it's the lies of omission of which they're largely guilty.  That's the challenge - present the whole story without pride, prejudice or privilege. 
Truth is the sublime convergence of history and reality.  Everything we're told has an historical foundation and structure.  Everything we're told should bear some resemblance to reality.  If what's presented to us fails in either of these categories it's wrong!  All that's left to do is develop the intellectual response to explain why it's wrong.  That's what P&D is all about - the  truth! 
The truth isn't unkind - it's just the truth. 

P&D For February, 24, 2017

Commentary of the Day by James Dillingpole
Democrats, Leftists, et al

Thought For the Day

What President Trump Should Know about California's Bullet Train

Posted by K. Lloyd Billingsley February 10th, 2017 @ 

In his State of the State address, California governor Jerry Brown went off on President Trump with unusual fury, but he also extended an olive branch of sorts. California has “roads, tunnels and railroads” that the president “could help us with,” Brown said, and that will “create good-paying American jobs.” Before he gets on board the president should take a hard look at this railroad the governor is touting.

It was pitched as a swift route from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, but construction began way out by Fresno. The land the rail project needs is still in the hands of the rightful owners, and the first 118 miles could cost $3.6 billion more than expected. The Federal Railroad Administration has already forked over grants of $3.5 billion for that very segment, supposedly the easiest to build. Other parts would require the most elaborate tunneling project in U.S. history, certain to incur massive cost overruns.

Few California commuters were panting for a 19th-century form of transportation both slower and more expensive than air travel. California’s high-speed rail project is best viewed as a bait-and-switch ploy to get state voters to finance local transit projects they otherwise would not support. The state’s High Speed Rail Authority has no experience building anything but has established a Sacramento headquarters and three regional offices. The Authority works well as a comfy sinecure for ruling-class retreads like board member Lynn Schenk, a former congresswoman and chief of staff for former governor Gray Davis. As we noted, a convicted embezzler also found work with the rail authority, so criminals are also all aboard.

President Trump and Congress should weigh all that before loading any taxpayer dollars on the bullet train. The president should also take a hard look at the massive tunnels the governor wants to dig under the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta, at a cost of $15 billion, certain to be higher. As for “good-paying American jobs,” the president should note that California chose to use cheap Chinese steel on the new span of the Bay Bridge, which still came in $5 billion over budget, ten years late, and remains riddled with safety issues. Despite a whistleblower’s call for a criminal investigation, nobody was held accountable for any of it.

Five festering problems the Democrats cynically ignore

By Russ McSwain

Our national media have a knack for missing important trends.  They are focused on what is seen as general confusion and a lack factual fidelity in the Trump administration.  The media miss entirely the contrast in adult responsible behavior by Republicans and the increasingly irresponsible Democrats.  Republicans at all levels of government are trying to solve America's problems.  Democrats are, at best, indifferent; it requires only a sliver of cynicism to conclude that very liberal Democrats are actually working to make our problems worse. Here's a review of five of our most pressing problems.  If I'm missing some good works from the Democrats, I'd love to hear about them.

1. Bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare.
2. Obamacare.
3. Race relations and the police
4. Underfunded pension plans in Democrat-controlled state and local governments
5. The connection between illegal immigration and California's electoral power...........Read more

Is a Chuck Schumer-Elizabeth Warren feud breaking out?

By Thomas Lifson

If I were Elizabeth Warren, I would have to restrain myself to avoid responding in kind to an insult delivered by her own Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer. More

My Take - This is just the beginning.  As things stand the Democrats have taken on a "band of brothers" mentality in an attempt to gain national party solidarity.  That's an effort in futility.  As the Trump team continues down the path of government de-volution any number of them are going to make changes in their positions because they're up for re-election in 2018.  But the big problem with the left is they're a coalition of divergent groups who often times have divergent goals.  The environmentalist versus the labor unions are an example.  But they also have way too many people who are egocentric big mouth buffoons like Maxine Waters spouting nonsense. 

By next year at this time this will be a party in total disarray  - back biting and bickering with each other as much as the administration - maybe more.  Get over it. 

And people like Shumer - whose power base is the radical left - is going to lead them into that quagmire.  Shumer, like Weiner, is not a nice man.  He's just as big a jerk as Weiner, but he knows how to keep his zipper zipped. 

Intelligence Community Leaking

Saboteurs set on bringing down a president.

Matthew Vadum  February 23, 2017  87 

Saboteurs in the U.S. intelligence community posing as patriots have been working hard to drive President Donald Trump from the White House.  Former National Security Agency intelligence analyst and former War College professor John R. Schindler bragged on Twitter last week about the spy-led plot his friends are conducting against the president.

“Now we go nuclear,” he tweeted. “IC [intelligence community] war [is] going to new levels. Just got an [email from] senior IC friend, it began: ‘He will die in jail.'”  “US intelligence is not the problem here,” Schindler added. “The President’s collusion with Russian intelligence is. Many details, but the essence is simple.”........Before leaving office President Obama cleared the way for his confederates in the intel world to ramp up their use of dirty tricks to kick the legs out from under the incoming Trump administration by changing intelligence-sharing rules. The goal is to prevent Trump from rolling back Obama’s poisonous legacy.......To Read More....

My Take - If anyone doubts this is possible, you may wish to read Diana West's book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character, to see this kind of treason occurred during Franklin Roosevelt's administration, only it wasn't against the President and his treasonous collaborators, it was against those working to expose the massive communist  government infiltration Roosevelt was responsible for, and 'their' treasonous actions.  And this must be made clear.  I find it impossible to believe Roosevelt didn't know it was going on. Their infiltration was so pervasive and so obvious even FDR - who wasn't the brightest pebble in the brook - couldn't have failed to realize it.  Harry Dexter White - a Stalinist spy - even lived in the White House for two years. 

The British had a thirty year ban on secrets regarding WWII, and when they released that information we found out about the enigma code machine used by the Germans and how the code was broken early in the war.  They had some secrets that were so sensitive they placed a fifty year ban on releasing that information.  That ban ended in 1995......and nothing came out.  Why?  Because they extended it indefinitely.  What was that sensitive?  I think a great many truths about Roosevelt was in that batch, including his knowing about the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor - although there's a great deal of other information that makes that a reasonable view already. 

Green Lunacy: £450 Million Lost Over Failed 'Green' Power That Is Worse Than Coal

Household Solar Storage Increases CO2 Emissions, Study Concludes

Brought to you by Benny Peiser's Global Warming Policy Forum

Britain is wasting hundreds of millions of pounds subsidising power stations to burn American wood pellets that do more harm to the climate than the coal they replaced, a study has found. Chopping down trees and transporting wood across the Atlantic Ocean to feed power stations produces more greenhouse gases than much cheaper coal, according to the report. It blames the rush to meet EU renewable energy targets, which resulted in ministers making the false assumption that burning trees was carbon-neutral. --Ben Webster, The Times, 23 February 2017

Image result for biomass wood pellets CO2
Contrary to popular belief, household storage for solar power doesn’t reduce cost or CO2 emissions, an American study suggests. As charging and discharging a home battery itself consumes energy, feeding surplus solar power into the storage device instead of into the grid results in higher overall electricity consumption for the household, as well as higher emissions because the increased consumption needs to be covered by fossil fuel-based energy. This increase is quite substantial – up to 591KWh annually. --Tereza Pultarova, Energy & Technology, 31 January 2017

Protected forests are being indiscriminately felled across Europe to meet the EU’s renewable energy targets, according to an investigation by the conservation group Birdlife. Up to 65% of Europe’s renewable output currently comes from bioenergy, involving fuels such as wood pellets and chips, rather than wind and solar power. --Adam Neslen, The Guardian 24 November 2016

“Everybody hates me,” says the New York-based analyst in jest, acknowledging his reputation as solar’s notorious bear, a soundbite-ready contrarian among a group of analysts generally bullish on the industry’s long-term prospects. “Companies don’t like me because I have sell ratings on their stocks.” Johnson’s contrarian view derives from a simple thesis: solar, he says, can’t compete with, or replace, natural gas because it can’t provide around-the-clock power and because it has needed subsidies to be competitive. --Brian Eckhouse, Bloomberg, 16 February 2017

Climate models show twice as much warming during the 21st Century than what’s actually been observed, according to a new report highlighting the limitations of global climate models, or GCMs. “So far in the 21st century, the GCMs are warming, on average, about a factor of 2 faster than the observed temperature increase,” Dr. Judith Curry, a former Georgia Tech climate scientist who now runs her own climate forecasting company, wrote in a report for the U.K.-based Global Warming Policy Foundation. Curry has been one of the foremost critics of climate models, arguing that while they can be useful, there are too many uncertainties and issues to rely on models for public policy decisions. --Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller, 22 February 2017


The great diesel disaster shows how badly wrong-headed environmentalism can harm the planet

No one has claimed responsibility for the Great Diesel Car Scandal and almost certainly no heads will roll

@ The Spectator

Who do you think was responsible for Europe’s biggest environmental disaster of the past three decades; one that caused more widespread damage and killed more people than even the nuclear accident at Chernobyl?

Was it a) greedy and selfish capitalists, probably linked to Big Oil, riding roughshod over the stringent health and safety regulations our wise, caring politicians have designed to protect us and our natural environment?

Or b) an alliance of fluffy green activists, campaigning journalists and virtue-signalling politicians, united on a noble mission to save the planet from the greatest environmental threat it has ever known?

If you guessed b) then you may appreciate why we climate sceptics are experiencing such schadenfreude right now. For years we’ve been vilified by the powerful green lobby as nature–loathing, anti-science ‘deniers’ in the pay of sinister interests. Now it turns out that the real bad guys (as some of us have been saying all along) are those worthy greenies.

I’m talking about the Great Diesel Car Scandal, which has exacerbated all manner of illnesses from asthma, autism and dementia to respiratory problems, heart disease and cancer, driven city air pollution to levels sometimes higher than Beijing’s, and caused tens of thousands of premature deaths across the EU.

No one has claimed responsibility for it and almost certainly no heads will roll. But this was an avoidable, completely man-made disaster: the consequence of a state-orchestrated, tax-incentivised, EU-wide drive from the early 1990s onwards to replace petrol car engines with diesel ones, organised in the belief that it would reduce CO2 levels and thus help spare the planet from the horrors of man-made global warming.

And so it has. One expert calculation says Europe’s mass switch to diesel means that in the next half century, global warming may be as much as four thousandths of a degree Celsius less. Unfortunately, it also dramatically increased the production of more evidently harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates (soot particles), with consequences we are all now ruing.

How did our politicians ever fall prey to such lunacy? Why did no scientists warn them? And why did our fearless media not hold them to account? You know why already: because such was the clamour of the times, as it has been for at least three decades. Once a culture has made up its mind that a harmless trace gas is public enemy number one, the potential for suicidal regulatory idiocy is limitless. As one of the few who has been right pretty much all along about this, I’m not asking much. In fact the only thing I want (apart from my bronze equestrian statue, somewhere discreet, like maybe on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square) is for the people responsible to acknowledge their mistakes and begin undoing them as quickly as possible.

This, after all, was the thing that first got me interested in the whole environment/-energy field. As a keen wild swimmer, hill-walker and naturalist, I couldn’t understand why we were allowing our matchlessly beautiful countryside to be blighted — effectively turned into industrial zones — by ugly, environmentally destructive wind turbines. Well, one awkward question led to another, and soon, quite contrary to any life plans I’d made, I found myself being traduced by every-one from BBC Radio 4 comics to the president of the Royal Society as the very emblem of anti-environmental ignorance and wickedness.

My grovelling apology from these people can wait: I’m really not holding my breath. What I do feel very strongly, however, is that none of those involved in the green disasters of our time — not the BBC’s pop-science presenters, not all those politicians who signed the Climate Change Act, many of whom (that’s you, Greg Clark) still defend its nonsensical principles, not the toffs doing nicely out of the wind subsidies on their estates — should be allowed to save face. Their errors must be confronted now and dealt with now; not in five or ten years or 20 years, when everyone has moved on.

The other day I emailed two of the environmentalists I most respect — Matt Ridley and the Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore — for suggestions as to what great green causes Donald Trump could get behind to counter the inevitable eco-propaganda that he doesn’t care about the planet. We came swiftly to the conclusion that almost all the major environmental problems in the world right now are the result of environmental policy.

Beside the Great Diesel Car Disaster you have: forests cut down to create ‘biomass’ for power stations such as Drax; primary rainforest replaced by palm-oil plantations for biofuels; upland landscapes ravaged and millions of birds and bats killed by wind turbines; birds frazzled by solar arrays; forests in America’s Pacific north-west rendered sterile by legislation designed to protect the spotted owl.

Then, of course, there’s the human cost: the malnutrition and high mortality caused by the greens’ war on GM produce such as golden rice; food shortages and poverty caused by the diversion of agricultural land to biofuels; lower living standards created by the enforced rejection of cheap fossil fuel in favour of ‘renewable’ energy; fuel poverty deaths caused by artificially inflated ‘clean’ energy prices.

A few years ago I wrote a book called Watermelons with the subtitle ‘How Environmentalists Are Killing The Planet, Destroying The Economy and Stealing Your Children’s Future’. It wasn’t a provocation. It was no more than the truth. The greens and their useful idiots in politics, business and the media have got away with doing far too much damage for far too long. They are not the good guys. What they have done is evil. It is time the guilty parties made amends.

Andrew Napolitano: The chickens have come home to roost

By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, February 23, 2017
Last week, The Wall Street Journal revealed that members of the intelligence community – part of the deep state, the unseen government within the government that does not change with elections – now have acquired so much data on everyone in America that they can selectively reveal it to reward their friends and harm their foes. Their principal foe today is the president of the United States.

Liberty is rarely lost overnight. The wall of tyranny often begins with benign building blocks of safety – each one lying on top of a predecessor – eventually collectively constituting an impediment to the exercise of free choices by free people, often not even recognized until it is too late.........Continue Reading.....
Klayman: Judge Napolitano is right and Freedom Watch successfully sued to stop this wholesale illegal spying. The case continues in DC Federal court. See www.freedomwat

Nancy Pelosi showing signs of mental breakdown

By Thomas Lifson

Has Trump Derangement Syndrome affected the ability of Nancy Pelosi to perform normal life functions (for a politician)? Or is age finally taking its toll on her? Or have the laws of karma struck back at the party that claims that the 25th Amendment could be used to force President Trump out of office for "mental incapacity"? It is hard to say, but yesterday, Rep. Pelosi appeared to suffer a form of mental breakdown while speaking to a leftist support group, repeating words, choosing the incorrect word, and claiming that John Kasich is the Governor of Illinois. Kyle Olsen of The American Mirror spotted the signs of a breakdown, and edited a video featuring them, in Pelosi's address to Families USA, a left-wing group.......... More

My Take - I've no doubt she's losing it.  I will admit this is a bit over the top, but she's always been loony, always said stupid things......and let's face it.....she's and Maxine Waters are founding members of the Club For the Galacticly Stupid, so what else would you expect?  What I'm surprised at is someone is reporting it. The real question we should be asking is this:  If these two loons are the best and brightest in their districts is it possible their voting constituents are all dead or dumb as dirt?

Of course Pelosi, like Waters, is a gift that keep on giving, so maybe there's no reason to complain after all.  You  just couldn't conspire to get anyone that stupid to be stupid so often publicly if you tried.  Thank you Nancy, keep up the good work!  

What’s Left for the Left to Do?

John Horvat II

If the 2016 elections proved anything, it was that the classic American order still prevails. Americans still have a strong attachment to the Founders’ vision of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Translating this conservative vision into Red State terms, this means that many Americans still stubbornly cling to their morals, guns, and religion.

The supporters of the liberal agenda lost the election primarily because people perceived that they had abandoned this traditional narrative. The massive upset that carried the day in so many states and statehouses points to the fact that significant sectors of the population are happy with a kind of historical immobilism that confounds the agents of change who want a progressive America without the restraints of family, community, and faith.

Liberals now face the inconvenient truth that the traditional American order will not be defeated soon by their competing misinterpretation............More

France Criminalizes Pro-life Speech

Written by 

“Freedom of expression does not signify a right to lying,” asserted French Minister for Families, Children, and Women's Rights Laurence Rossignol. A new law in France imposes a punishment of a maximum of two years in prison and a fine of $30,000 for “spreading or transmitting allegations or indications liable to intentionally mislead, with the purpose of deterring [from abortion], on the characteristics or medical consequences of a voluntary interruption” of pregnancy. In other words, if a person asserts, on a pro-life website, that abortion could lead to certain adverse medical situations for the pregnant woman, and the government considers that “misexplaining the need for a new law in France," that person could be criminally prosecuted........To Read More......

The Wrong March

By Larry San

Despite America’s veer to the right in the recent election, Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions” goes on unimpeded.  Antonio Gramsci, an early 20th Century Marxist, believed that it was most effective to spread revolutionary ideology slowly and incrementally. By doing it gradually, he thought that enough people would eventually be won over to Marxist […] Continue Reading

Michelle Obama And Chef Tom Colicchio Form A Misguided Partnership

By Henry I. Miller and Jeff Stier February 22, 2017

Just when many of us hoped that we would soon be seeing the last of the Obamas, it appears that Michelle Obama will still be involved in what passes for public service in progressives' parallel universe. She has decided to partner with the far left-wing Food Policy Action Education Fund, a sister organization of the radical Food Policy Action.

In an advertisement video released in early January, Mrs. Obama intones, "What a wonderful world it would be if all the children had the nutrition they need." That is rich, given that at every turn her husband's administration obstructed new, innovative technologies that could have offered cheaper, safer, higher-quality products.

The three-year campaign, dubbed "A Place at the Table," is backed by $300 million in donated media, including TV, digital and print. It is a kind of sequel to the film documentary of the same name that chef and FPA co-founder Tom Colicchio helped produce (and that was co-directed by his wife). The nationwide campaign will be managed by another member of the left-wing, pro-nanny-state All-Star Team, Willy Ritch, former communications director for Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine), a leading demagogue in the fight to politicize food........To Read More....

Thursday, February 23, 2017

P&D For February 23, 2017

Commentary of the Day by Daniel Greenfield
Fixing Government
Global Warming
Medical Care

Cartoon of the Day


The End of Palestine

Posted by Daniel Greenfield 7 Comments @ Sultan Knish Blog
Palestine is many things. A Roman name and a Cold War lie. Mostly it’s a justification for killing Jews.

Palestine was an old Saudi-Soviet scam which invented a fake nationality for the Arab clans who had invaded and colonized Israel. This big lie transformed the leftist and Islamist terrorists run by them into the liberators of an imaginary nation. Suddenly the efforts of the Muslim bloc and the Soviet bloc to destroy the Jewish State became an undertaking of sympathetically murderous underdogs.

But the Palestine lie is past its sell by date.

What we think of as “Palestinian” terrorism was a low-level conflict pursued by the Arab Socialist states in between their invasions of Israel. After several lost wars, the terrorism was all that remained. Egypt, Syria and the USSR threw in the towel on actually destroying Israel with tanks and jets, but funding terrorism was cheap and low-risk. And the rewards were disproportionate to the cost.

For less than the price of a single jet fighter, Islamic terrorists could strike deep inside Israel while isolating the Jewish State internationally with demands for “negotiations” and “statehood.”

After the Cold War ended, Russia was low on cash and the PLO’s Muslim sugar daddies were tired of paying for Arafat’s wife’s shoe collection and his keffiyah dry cleaning bills.

The terror group was on its last legs. “Palestine” was a dying delusion that didn’t have much of a future.

That’s when Bill Clinton and the flailing left-wing Israeli Labor Party which, unlike its British counterpart, had failed to adapt to the new economic boom, decided to rescue Arafat and create ”Palestine”.

The resulting terrorist disaster killed thousands, scarred two generations of Israelis, isolated the country and allowed Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other major cities to come under fire for the first time since the major wars. No matter how often Israeli concessions were met with Islamic terrorism, nothing seemed able to shake loose the two-state solution monkey on Israel’s back. Destroying Israel, instantaneously or incrementally, had always been a small price to pay for maintaining the international order.

The same economic forces that were transforming the world after the Cold War had salvaged “Palestine”. Arafat had lost his sponsors in Moscow, but his new sugar daddy’s name was “Globalism”.

The Cold War had been the focus of international affairs. What replaced it was the conviction that a new world tied together by international commerce, the internet and international law would be born.

The demands of a clan in Hebron used to be able to hijack the attention of the world because the scope of the clash between Capitalism and Communism could globalize any local conflict. Globalization was just as insistent on taking local conflicts and making them the world’s business through its insistence that every place was connected. The terrorist blowing up an Israeli pizzeria affected stock prices in New York, the expansion prospects of a company in China and the risk of another terrorist attack in Paris. And interconnectedness, from airplane hijacking to plugging into the international’s left alliance of global protest movements, had become the best weapon of Islamic terrorists.

But now globalization is dying. And its death may just take “Palestine” with it.

A new generation of leaders is rising who are actively hostile to globalization. Trump and Brexit were the most vocal rebukes to transnationalism. But polls suggest that they will not be the only ones. The US and the UK, once the vanguards of the international order, now have governments that are competitively seeking national advantages rather than relying on the ordered rules of the transnational safety net.

These governments will not just toss aside their commitment to a Palestinian state. Not when the Saudis, Qataris and countless other rich and powerful Muslim countries bring it up at every session.

But they will be less committed to it.

45% of Americans support the creation of a PLO state. 42% are opposed. That's a near split. These historical numbers have to be viewed within the context of the larger changes sweeping the country.

The transnationalists actively believed that it was their job to solve the problems of other countries. Nationalists are concerned with how the problems of other countries directly impinge on them without resorting to the mystical interconnectedness of everything, from climate change to global justice, that is at the core of the transnational worldview.

More intense competition by Western nations may make it easier for Islamic agendas to gain influence through the old game of divide and conquer. Nations facing terrorism will still find that the economic influence of Islamic oil power will rally the Western trading partners of Islam against them.

But without the transnational order, such efforts will often amount to little more than lip service.

Nationalist governments will find Israel’s struggle against the Islamic invaders inconvenient because it threatens their business interests, but they will also be less willing to rubber stamp the terror agenda the way that transnationalist governments were willing to do. The elimination of the transnational safety net will also cause nationalist governments to look harder at consequences and results.

Endlessly pouring fortunes into a Palestinian state that will never exist just to keep Muslim oil tyrants happy is not unimaginable behavior even for a nationalist government. Japan has been doing just that.

But it will be a less popular approach for countries that don’t suffer from Japan’s energy insecurity.

Transnationalists are ideologically incapable of viewing a problem as unsolvable. Their faith in human progress through international law made it impossible for them to give up on the two-state solution.

Nationalist governments have a colder and harder view of human nature. They will not endlessly pour efforts and resources into a diplomatic black hole. They will eventually take “No” for an answer.

This won’t mean instantaneous smooth sailing for Israel. It will however mean that the exit is there.

For two decades, pledging allegiance to the two-state solution and its intent to create a deadly Islamic terror state inside Israel has been the price demanded of the Jewish State for its participation in the international community. That price will not immediately vanish. But it will become easier to negotiate.

The real change will be on the “Palestinian” side where a terrorist kleptoracy feeds off human misery in its mansions downwind of Ramallah. That terror state, conceived insincerely by the enemies of the West during the Cold War and sincerely brought into being by Western transnationalists after the Cold War ended, is a creature of that transnational order.

The “Palestinian Authority”, a shell company of the PLO which is a shell company of the Fatah terrorists, has no economy worth speaking of. It has foreign aid. Its diplomatic achievements are achieved for it by the transnational network of foreign diplomats, the UN, the media and assorted international NGOs. During the last round of “negotiations”, Secretary of State John Kerry even attempted to do the negotiating on behalf of the Palestinian Authority in the talks with Israel.

Take away the transnational order and the Palestinian Authority will need a new sugar daddy. The Saudis are better at promising money than actually delivering it. Russia may decide to take on the job. But it isn’t about to put in the money and resources that the PA has grown used to receiving from us.

Without significant American support, the Palestinian Authority will perish. And the farce will end.

It won’t happen overnight. But Israel now has the ability to make it happen if it is willing to take the risk of transforming a corrosive status quo into a conflict that will be more explosive in the short term, but more manageable in the long term.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, in stark contrast to rivals on the left like Peres and on the right like Sharon, is not a gambler. The peace process was a big gamble. As was the withdrawal from Lebanon and the expulsion from Gaza. These gambles failed and left behind scars and enduring crises.

Unlike the prime ministers before and after him, Netanyahu has made no big moves. Instead he serves as a sensible steward of a rising economy and a growing nation. He has stayed in office for so long because Israelis know that he won’t do anything crazy. That sensible stewardship, which infuriated Obama who accused him of refusing to take risks, has made him one of the longest serving leaders in Israeli history.

Netanyahu is also a former commando who participated in the rescue of a hijacked airplane. He doesn’t believe in taking foolish risks until he has his shot all lined up. But the time is coming when not taking a risk will be a bigger risk than taking a risk. Eventually he will have to roll the dice.

The new nationalist wave may not hold. The transnational order may return. Or the new wave may prove darker and more unpredictable. It’s even possible that something else may take its place.

The status quo, a weak Islamist-Socialist terror state in Ramallah supported by the United States, a rising Muslim Brotherhood terror state in Gaza backed by Qatar and Turkey, and an Israel using technological brilliance to manage the threat from both, is already unstable. It may collapse in a matter of years.

The PLO has inflicted a great deal of diplomatic damage on Israel and Hamas has terrorized its major cities. Together they form an existential threat that Israel has allowed to grow under the guise of managing it. The next few years may leave Israel with a deadlier and less predictable struggle.

“Palestine” is dying. Israel didn’t kill it. The fall of the transnational order did. The question is what will take its place. As the nationalist wave sweeps the West, Israel has the opportunity to reclaim its nation.

G20: Merkel Sets A Climate Ambush For Trump

Scott Pruitt Signals Dramatic Shift in EPA Priorities
Brought to you by Benny Peiser's Global Warming Policy Forum

German chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing to spring an ambush on President Trump at this year’s G-20 summit in July. And Trump’s response will determine whether his presidency plays out like George W. Bush’s second term or puts America’s energy exceptionalism at the service of reviving American greatness. --Rupert Darwall, National Review Online, 22 February 2017
Some commentators expressed hope that Donald Trump would become more "presidential" when he entered office. They might have also hoped former Oklahoma attorney general and climate change sceptic Scott Pruitt would adopt green gloves when he became the Environmental Protection Agency director. During his first speech at the helm of the EPA, Mr Pruitt did not mention climate change or any recent negative impact on the environment. Instead, he talked about the founding fathers who discussed moving the capital city away from New York to the shores of the Potomac despite differing views, and applied this metaphor to how he would address "our environment and natural resources". His only reference of the "toxic environment" was related to politics, and how it damaged compromise. --Rachael Revesz, The Independent, 22 February 2017

In his first speech as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt stressed a dramatic change of priorities at the agency, stating the importance of the agency’s communication and relationship with businesses but giving few details about policy changes. --Amy Harder, The Wall Street Journal, 22 February 2017

Don’t look now, but the United States is ready to once again pass a major oil supply milestone. After seeing output dip from a June 2015 high of more than 9.6 million barrels per day (bpd) down below 8.5 million bpd in October 2016, American oil production is now knocking at the door of the 9 million bpd range, as the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports we produced 8.977 million bpd this past week. According to the latest data, it only has to rise 23,000 bpd before the U.S. is once again pumping more than 9 million bpd. If OPEC and the rest of the world’s petrostates continue to constrain their own supplies in order to inflate prices, we can expect our own output to rise well past that 9 million mark. Welcome to the shale revolution, 2.0. --The American Interest, 22 February 2017

The U.S. Senate passed legislation recently cutting funding for NASA’s global warming research. The House is expected to pass the bill, and President Trump will likely sign it. Supporters say it “re-balances” NASA’s budget back toward space exploration and away from global warming and earth science research. Republicans plan to end the more than $2 billion NASA spends on its Earth Science Mission Directorate. --Andrew Follett, The Daily Caller, 20 February 2017

Theresa May must not use Donald Trump’s climate change denial as an excuse to “backslide” on environmental commitments, the Liberal Democrats have said. In a speech today to the think-tank Policy Exchange Tim Farron accused the Government of being  “blinkered by right-wing climate change-sceptics who put warped ideology before common sense.” Mr Farron said: “The consensus is unravelling. We have a climate change denier in the White House; which provides a reason or an excuse for other countries to backslide a little too. “We have a Tory Government that went from hugging huskies to dismissing intelligent environmental policies as ‘green crap’, and a Labour Party that has no coherent vision for the environment, industry or the economy. “The Prime Minister choosing to pander to President Trump hardly makes us any more optimistic that her next choices on climate change will be wisdom over transparent political short-termism.” --Jon Stone, The Independent, 22 February 2017

Norma McCorvey and the Mountain of Lies That Legal Abortion Was Built Upon

By Benny Huang February 22, 2017

Norma Gene McCorvey died at an assisted-living home in Katy, Texas on February 18, 2017. She was 69 years old. Ms. McCorvey is perhaps better known by another name—Jane Roe. That’s the pseudonym she used when she sued the State of Texas to overturn its laws against killing unborn children. Her case was decided by the Supreme Court in January of 1973. Seven justices ruled that the Constitution contains a right to abortion even though the document neither mentions nor hints at the word.........

Roe v. Wade remains the single most shameful decision ever handed down by the court. Other infamous cases—Plessy v. Ferguson, Buck v. Bell, and Korematsu v. United States—do not compare to Roe in terms of sheer evil. Besides the fact that it has been a death warrant for millions of unborn children since 1973, the decision was also completely unmoored from the US Constitution. Even its defenders can’t cite the relevant section of the Constitution; they just think that consequence-free sex is pretty neat.

The entire legal foundation for Roe is pack of lies. The plaintiff, her lawyers, and the judges all told breathtaking whoppers in pursuit of their shared legal goal.....To Read More....

This happens if Trump fails to rein in HUD

By John Anthony

If you want to know what will happen to your hometown if Trump allows the Department of Housing and Urban Development to continue its devastating control of local rule, look at Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania. It is the latest community to surrender to HUD’s aggressive tactics.

Much of the chaos we see in America today is designed to stop President Trump from dismantling the federal system of rampant waste, dishonesty, and bullying. The largest “swamp” he must drain, is the embedded federal bureaucracy.

In theory, at least, we can “fire” politicians every 2, 4, and 6 years. But federal agency employees can linger for decades, beneath the radar, issuing guidance documents on little understood regulations that are now devastating our communities and property rights.

That is why the administration must work closely with Congress to pass the House and Senate bills, titled, the  “Local Zoning Decisions Protection Act of 2017”.   Once signed by the President, the new law will outlaw HUD’s worst offenders, its “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” (AFFH) regulation.

AFFH uses legal actions against communities that accept popular HUD grants, to force them into a bizarre, centrally managed program of regionalism and forced socio-economic integration. AFFH use of litigation threats is becoming a widespread enforcement tool for the agency.....Read More Here........

The Not So Cold War of Urban Renewal and Social Engineering

by Kathleen Marquardt

Tom (DeWeese) has been telling you all the latest with AFFH, HUD, DOT, and the rest of the swamp. That is, the recent part of the swamp that is our federal government. But the swamp is far deeper, far murkier, and far more sinister in its aims than most people are willing to believe. And it is being promoted by the Pope, Mark Zuckerberg, the UN, and the world’s elite.

I am trying to keep this somewhat short, but there is so much background that needs to be exposed to the light of day. If you can’t read it all, scan it; things will pop out and you will be surprised at the evil in our swamp. I was always told that before air conditioning, foreign governments paid their US embassy staff hazardous duty pay above their regular salaries for working in DC because it was built on a swamp. Now I wonder if there was a second reason, a second swamp to be negotiated.

Communitarians suggest a series of measures that would significantly enhance public safety and public health, without endangering basic individual rights and constitutional protections. Often these modifications entail no mare than limited reinterpretations of legal traditions – for instance, of what constitutes reasonable search and seizure, which, of course, the Constitution allows. Such reinterpretations have been taking place continuously over the past two hundred years.

There are those who openly admit that the courts, especially the US Supreme Court, treat the Constitution as a living document that may be modified to respond to the changing times and changes in our moral values. Others argue that the Constitution is to be treated as a sacred text that is unalterable. The latter group of legal scholars does its adjusting of the Constitution by interpreting what they see as the Founding Fathers’ intent. In either case, we are not irrevocably bound by what was written two hundred years ago. Amitai Etzioni, The Spirit of Community – the Reinvention of American Society.

“Our changing moral values” and “we are not irrevocably bound by what was written two hundred years ago.” Unless one believes in moral relativity, morality is not readily mutable. But in order to move from individual rights and freedom to socialism/communitarianism, communism and, as Mary Parker Follett says, the ‘state (UN) ‘. . .must be a coordinating agency. It must appear as the great moral leader. Its supreme function is moral ordering,” and individuals be damned.

Urban Renewal

Jo Hindman wrote the following in1966; the only difference today is that there is no international cold war.

Much is written about the international cold war, but little about the incognito warfare on United States soil which public officials and their accomplices are waging to wrest private property from landowners.

The strategy is to make property ownership so unbearable by harassment through building inspections, remodeling orders, fines and jailings, that owners give up in despair and sell to land developers at cut-rate prices. Punitive municipal codes are the weapons in the warfare.

Hindman also wrote, “Planning assistance subsidized by Federal money leads small cities and counties into direct obedience under a regional master plan. Land use rights are literally stolen from landowners when zoning is applied to land.”

Now you might think, so what, there is no cold war and Trump says he is going to rid our country of anything that is evil. Hold on to your hats and your tongues. I want to show you some things from our not too distant history. Our government has been corrupted for many decades; we are not going to get rid of the rot and poison with 500 executive orders. This was written 32 years before the Rio Accord gave us Agenda 21. It is from the Constitution of the American Institute of Planners, the forerunner of the American Planning Association. ...........Read More Here

The Real Cause for the Rise in Anti-Semitism

By Larry Klayman, February 22, 2017

The headline today in the out-of-control ultra-leftist rag known as USA Today is "Trump too late on hate, critics say." The top of the fold article, which represents yellow – actually I would change that to say "red" (communist) – journalism of the highest magnitude, was written by some hack named Heidi M. Przybyla.

But the leftist media, Democratic and Muslim chorus against President Donald Trump and the "fake news" claim he has not sufficiently spoken out about the tens of threats against Jewish community centers and the rise in anti-Semitic acts in this country is dangerously hypocritical.

A simple perusal of the timeline of these multiple threats reveals that most of them occurred while our previous, half-Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama, occupied the White House, and the leftist media said nothing about his and his administration's not too opaque anti-Semitism.

America’s Whirlwind Week and the Media’s Thin Skin

By Raymond Meyers February 22, 2017

A Democratic congressman from Massachusetts in a congressional hearing on food stamps, Jim McGovern, said, “I Googled Donald Trump’s eating habits. It’s not a pretty picture.” 

We’re finally going to get to the important stuff.

Now that we’ve covered racism, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, orange skin and the hair, we can start to discuss the things that really matter about the leader of the free world:
  • Is he getting enough fiber, vitamin K, and antioxidants in his diet?
  • Is he eating enough raw fruits and vegetables?
People who need something, anything to snivel about need to opine.

Senator Rand Paul is Right about John McCain

By Philip Hodges February 22, 2017

As I said in another article, the big news over the past couple days was a tweet from the President (no surprise there), in which he said that fake news was not his enemy, but rather the enemy of the people.  Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said that Trump’s bad relationship with the press is “how dictators get started.”...........Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live like to portray Trump as this know-nothing buffoon who calls up random foreign countries and threatens to bomb them over the slightest disagreement. In reality, that caricature is more like McCain than Trump. So, it’s a good thing McCain isn’t in charge......To Read More....

Feeling the Bern: Majority Migrant Suburb in Sweden Riots [VIDEO]

By Joe Scudder February 22, 2017

Rioters in an immigrant suburb in Stockholm responded to an arrest by throwing rocks at police, setting fires, looting, and beating up people.  No sooner has the media spent a news cycle treating Donald Trump as a fake news propagandist about migrants in Sweden, than we get this AP story about a predominately immigrant suburb in Stockholm:.......Does that look like a scene created by people who appreciate their community and are invested in its future?   I’ll answer my own question: No, it looks like the result of a population that is seething with hatred for the wider community ........To Read More....

Feeling the Bern: If Socialized Medicine is so Wonderful, How Did these Horror Stories Happen?

By Jonathon Dunne February 22, 2017

One of the most popular debates in America right now is that of healthcare. We have all watched for the last seven years and seen the GOP kick, scream and make countless promises to repeal Obamacare but to date nothing has happened. On the left you are starting to see the same recycled excuses used to defend Obamacare, in that it did not go far enough, insurance companies are too greedy and what America really needs is a Medicare for all program...........

When you read the stories above did you notice a common theme? They are six stories of people living under socialized medicine where healthcare is classed as a right, yet they had to travel to another country for treatment – and not just any country, but a country where a portion of the population know you do NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to someone else’s labor. I wonder if the Senator from Vermont got to speak to these people, would they share his view that America is uncompassionate and cruel? ........To Read More...

Trump and the Media's Stockholm Syndrome

The rise in Swedish rapes and murders didn’t just happen "last night," but Trump is right that it is happening and that it is tied to the rapid and unrestricted influx of refugees from Muslim countries.

Daniel John Sobieski

The usual media suspects were aghast at President Trump’s mention in his Florida rally speech regarding unrestricted acceptance of refugees:...........Except for the fact that there was not much going on that particular night in Sweden, President Trump, who was conflating the steady descent of Sweden into a caliphate with a Tucker Carlson report on Fox News was exactly right. Europe is rapidly becoming Eurabia due to unrestricted immigration. Yet the media obsessed about the “last night” part, quoted allegedly “confused” Swedish officials, officials who have much to hide about their reckless policies, ignoring Sweden’s decline into radical Islamic terrorist hell. As reported on Fox Nation:.......Read more

FCC Announces Investigation Into Klayman/Leftist Strike Force Complaint Against CNN and Jeff Zucker

Freedom Watch Had Filed Action Over Trump Assassination Suggestion by CNN on Wolf Blitzer's "Situation Room" The Day Before the Inauguration
(Washington, D.C., February 23, 2017). Today, Larry Klayman, the founder of both Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, and a former federal prosecutor, announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had commenced an investigation into a complaint filed by Freedom Watch's Leftist Media Strike Force (see, alleging that the network had engaged in criminal activity by inciting "Trump haters" and terrorists with the plan that if President-Elect Trump, Vice President-Elect Pence, and the Speaker of the House were assassinated on the steps of the Capitol before their swearing in last January 20, then an Obama cabinet secretary would be in line to inherit the presidency. Klayman had asked the FCC to take remedial action against CNN, including but not limited to heavy fines and removing and revoking any broadcast licenses. Klayman also urged FCC remedial action against CNN's ultra-leftist president Jeff Zucker. Zucker previously had a falling out with Donald Trump over the president's prior show "The Apprentice," when he ran NBC. The hate-filled Zucker was forced to leave NBC under a cloud when through bad management he drove it financially and otherwise into the ground. He then became the head of CNN.

In addition, the FCC complaint was also copied and sent to the U.S. Secret Service, with a request to also investigate and take remedial action, as it is a felony to suggest the assassination of the president and vice president, and other government officials, such as the Speaker of the House.

Klayman had this to say upon receiving the FCC's announcement by email, which is embedded below along with the original complaint:

"It's time that someone took action against the likes of CNN, which are attempting to destroy the Trump presidency out of their leftist hatred for him. President Trump, who was duly elected by We the People, deserves a chance to succeed, without being destroyed with 'Fake News' and the not too transparent desire by CNN, its president Jeff Zucker and others on the left that he be assassinated."

For further information or an interview, contact or (424) 274 2579. The FCC complaint and the FCC's announcement are embedded below. See and

How I Learned About Blacks

William Hendershot, American Renaissance, February 10, 2017

Being a landlord in the ghetto is a quick education.

When I first bought rental property in East Cleveland, I was a typical suburban kid. I mostly believed what I had been told about race in college: that black underperformance was due to racism, whatever that was. At the time of my purchase in 1981, East Cleveland was still a partly white suburb with good schools, public services, and the other amenities that make suburban life comfortable. It was just two miles east of bustling University Circle, Cleveland’s cultural center. It had hospitals, factories, and businesses, and was once the home of John D. Rockefeller, the richest man in the world. Had I been more astute—or, I should say, more racially aware—I could have foreseen the disaster that East Cleveland was to become. There were still a few whites left, but I didn’t realize they were moving out so quickly.

My youthful enthusiasm was soon tempered by the reality of black behavior. After I started renting, I commented to one tenant that another tenant seemed to have a lot of visitors, including people rolling up in wheelchairs. He replied, “Don’t you know? She’s a hooker. She’s turning tricks in there!” My enlightenment continued when a tenant’s boyfriend came out with a butcher knife in his hand to ask me to repair a pipe in her unit. He had no shirt on, his pants were dangling, and I don’t think he had just been helping his girlfriend chop meat. It dawned on me that things were different here than in white suburbia.......To Read More.....


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

P&D For February 22, 2017

My Commentary
  • Environmentalism Has Nothing To Do With The Environment
Fixing Government
Voter Fraud

Cartoon of the Day

What is it With the Swedes?

By Rich Kozlovich

Editor's Note I originally ran this on June 20th, 2013, but with the current lack of historical memory and a typical failure in fact finding by the media I decided to re-post it.  You will note  - nothing has changed, and the media is just as clueless as ever.  And the left is just as disgraceful as ever. 

What is it with Scandanavians?  Are they trying to make up for having been Vikings?  If so, they need to get over it, because that was a long, long time ago, and I really don't think the rest of us care, but that is the only explanation I can come up with to explain their strange views.

On June 20, 2013 Bruce Bawer posted an article titled, Crime and Non-Punishment in Sweden” discussing rape in Europe, and specifically Sweden because it has become rampant there.  He discusses the gang rape of a fifteen year old girl by six minor Muslims.  Most of us would consider this a heinous sex crime deserving serious treatment by the criminal justice system --that is unless you live in Sweden. 
Let’s start with what would have happened to these rapists if they weren’t minors.  They might have had the full weight of the court system fall on them like a ….well…. bag of feathers and get four years, of which the actual time served would almost certainly have ended up being considerably less”.
Because Sweden has the second highest Muslim population in Europe the “incidence of rape has soared”, yet “Sweden has continued to treat rapists more leniently than pretty much every other country in the Western world.”  These minors were “sentenced to pay 55,000 kroner ($8,500) to the victim. In addition, all but one were required to perform a few days’ worth of community service.”
The media, being complicit in the multiculturalism scams being imposed on the world, largely failed to publish the names of these six sexual predators; “Amer Akrem Abdu, Jibril Adam Aden, Bashir Ibrahim Hussein, Mohammed Yassin Ben Lofti, and the sixth sexual predator was Mehmet Acaralp “who, by the way, describes himself on his Facebook page as “a proud Muslim”.  Like the others he received special consideration and “won’t have to do any “youth service” at all. Why? Two reasons were given. First, his family is homeless (or, at least, has no official place of residence, which may simply mean that they’re living in Sweden illegally); second, the court felt (and I’m not making this up) that poor Mehmet had already been punished sufficiently because somebody had posted his photo online – which, you see, will make it uncomfortable for him to attend school or go out at night.”
Is this what the average Swede believes constitutes justice?  I don’t know to tell you the truth, but one thing is clear; the country is being run by people who are more concerned about the feelings of a criminal religious movement than they are about their own innocent citizens.   It appears Sweden's leaders share the “guiding philosophy of Norway’s justice system is “that society is ultimately to blame for every crime, and that to put people away for a very long time is itself a terrible crime.”
He goes on to say that;
“Judges in both countries seem to be less scared by bestial crimes than by the idea that someone, somewhere, might ever suspect them for an instant of harboring anything so vulgar as a thirst for vengeance. To them, proper justice means striving magnanimously to heal felons’ wounded souls – period. Forget the wounds visited by these felons upon the souls (and bodies) of their victims; never mind the additional suffering inflicted upon these victims by a system so perverse in its motives and sympathies that it’s desperately eager to demonstrate its own generosity of spirit by releasing back onto the streets the savages who brutalized them.”
He continues saying;
You’d expect that decent, self-respecting people who’ve held public office in Sweden in recent decades would be ashamed of what they’ve allowed to happen to countless girls and women on their watch – ashamed to be part of a system that’s pampered rapists and covered up the scale of their transgressions……Yet for people in positions of responsibility to refuse to take responsibility for the welfare of the innocent – and for the appropriate punishment of the guilty – is, of course, a mark not of civilization but of the utmost decadence. By treating rape as an offense barely more serious than littering or jaywalking, Swedish legislators and judges think they’re modeling virtue, healing souls, giving a helping hand to misguided “youths”; in fact the proper term for what’s going on here isn’t “helping” – it’s “aiding and abetting.”
It appears to me that Swedish culture is so thoroughly screwed up they actually believe that people perform all these heinous acts because its their fault!  Do I interpret that correctly? After all….they are society.   They also believe that since “society is ultimately to blame for every put people away for a very long time is itself a terrible crime.”   Okay then, let’s see if I understand this correctly; it was the 16 year old girl's fault, not the six sexual perverts that attacked her.  Is that what I'm supposed to believe?
Well.....let me say this about can be really hard, but it's even harder when you’re stupid. I don't know who chooses these people as leaders, but anyone who is in a leadership position and takes these rapes so lightly should be embarrassed to be seen publically. These leaders are who are to blame for this because they have allowed a religious culture that is militantly criminal in its teachings - Islam - to run rampant within their nation.  Islam embraces a concept called “leitmotif”, meaning “We love death more than you love life”.
Is the problem in Sweden that people don’t know the truth?  Let’s take a look at this religion of peace.  Have Sweden’s policy makers (or those in the rest of the western world for that matter, including George Bush) really looked at Islam?  It isn’t obvious by their actions, or perhaps as Diana West says;
[They] must have only read the ‘good parts’ – the 124 verses of tolerance – that are rendered meaningless according to the rule of ‘abrogation’.  The rule of abrogation is the key that Islamic scholars use to resolve contradiction with the Koran.  By means of this doctrine, Koranic passages are ‘abrogated’, or canceled, by any subsequently ‘revealed’ versus that convey a different meaning.  IN other words, when there is a contradiction (e.g., don’t kill the infidel vs. yes, kill the infidel), whatever was ‘revealed’ to Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, more recently trumps whatever was ‘revealed’ before it.  This technique comes from Mohammed himself at the Koran’s sure 2:105 “Whatever verses we [i.e., Allah] cancel or cause you to forget, we bring a better or its like.” She goes on to say; “Tolerance” has been abrogated by ‘intolerance’.   Just to be clear: Islamic tolerance in the Koran has been canceled by Islam intolerance in the Koran. 
It’s clear they don’t know and have deliberately chosen to continue being ignorant - criminally ignorant - or should I say, criminally negligent.  
Due to this insane doctrine of “cultural sensitivity”, a religion that permits and promotes every vile criminal activity against non-believers Swedes are left with a “whitewash Islam or else”, policy.  This policy permeates the EU by statute.   Under the Lisbon Treaty the corrupt governing body of the EU became an international government of unelected bureaucrats that gave diplomatic immunity to the police of EuroPol.  
Diana West notes;
EuroPol polices the E.U. on 32 criminal counts, 2 of which are particularly interesting because they don’t’ exist in the penal codes of any other country.  One is “racism’ and the other is’ xenophobia’.     She goes on to say that those who “run the EU have already indicated that opposition to EU immigration policy, for example, may count as “racism,” while opposing further integration of Europe may trigger a “xenophobia” alert. 
Is it only me that thinks there is something seriously wrong with these people’s minds?  They are deliberately ignoring the reality of Islam; deliberately ignoring the reality of violence going on around them; undermining the safety of the citizens they are supposed to protect; destroying the culture that bred them.  Life is hard, but it’s really hard when you’re stupid.  How much harder it must be for those who are ruled by those who are clearly stupid, incompetent, and in my opinon - teasonous?   
One thing I am willing to bet on is this.  That 15 year old girl, who was savagely raped by six young men, and her parents don’t believe this vile act was society's fault.  At least I hope they don’t. 
I really don’t understand the Swedes because I find there is so much about Swedish thinking, like most leftist reasonings, seems completely illogical.  Mostly because all they believe and practice flies in the face of what is going on in reality.    We all need to understand this. Every issue has an historical foundation, and everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality. If what we see and are told fails either one of those criteria; it’s wrong! Sweden needs to ignore their media and their leaders. They need to start reading history books and pay attention to reality and believe what they see. 
There is one thing about Sweden that I am sure of however; Sweden’s leaders are the ones who should be prosecuted.