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Green Apostacy

By Rich Kozlovich

Below is a well written article by Marita Noon entitled, Greens “smuggle” climate policy into the church to tip climate politics.  This will be a shocker to most, but we shouldn't think of this as an action of the "green" movement.  Think of it as an action of the "left/green" movement, since the left infiltrated American churches in the late 1800's as part of what became the progressive movement's "progressive gospel".

European socialism is fundamentally atheistic going back to the French Revolution and this gave it very little traction in the United States 100 plus years ago.  So they called themselves "progressives", who later became "liberals" and have now once again metamorphosed into progressives.  Here's the kick in the pants.  The binding force for this movement in the late 1800's and early 1900's was religion, hence - the "progressive gospel". 

They viewed socialism as the practical application of Christian ethic with enormous influence on public policy until WWII.  After WWII the true socialists within that movement kicked the religionists to the curb and the binding force became "psychology", i.e., if you disagree with us you're insane.  Groups like the National Council of Churches (the NCC  spends over 19 million dollars a year on leftist programs) have been leftists for over 100 years, many of which were probably leftists before there were leftists.

After the fall of the Soviet Union Environmentalism became the cause célèbre of the world’s so-called progressives.  Environmentalism was now the only real force of influence that remains to them.  Everything else they've promoted has proven to be abject failures, that made environmentalism the spearpoint of worldwide socialism, and that's why the left has thrown everything they have into these insane global warming, climate change initiatives.

However, long before this many of the churches were already contaminated and apostate, and since they were tossed aside after WWII they view this as their last opportunity to become a player in the socialist movement once again and get into the good graces of their athiest master.

They lost their minds, they lost their integrity and they lost their credibility over 100 years ago by embracing any and every leftist philosphical flavor of the day, irrespective of what the Bible - the book that's supposed to be foundational to everything they believe, practice and preach - may say that's contrary to leftist moral relativism.   They are as corrupt as the rest of the left!  Is it any wonder people stop going to church.  Paraphrasing Ronald Reagan - They didn't leave the churches - the churches left them!

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The Poor Murderers

Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ The Sultan Knish Blog

Outside the synagogue a police car waits silently painting the sidewalk red and blue. No matter what the mayor and his pet police commissioner says, the NYPD is bracing for a terrorist attack.

After 9/11, the sight of heavily armed police officers became the new normal in New York. It's the new normal in gun-free Europe where the capital cities of the continent fall are locked down and the people are told to stay away from the windows.

It's just life.

Growing up, just before I was old enough to go to school, there was a terrorist attack. The targets were Jewish children. After that, the school was a fortress. There were two sets of heavy steel doors. One on the inside and the other on the outside. Children came and went in staggered groups.

If a Muslim terrorist did attack, he wouldn't be able to get us all. Not at once.

It was just life. With Islam.

A New York City teacher/arms dealer was just sentenced for trying to sell weapons to terrorists. He knew right away where to point the attackers. To a police station or a Jewish community center.

Since 9/11, Jewish synagogues have been some of the most frequent targets of Muslim terror plots. And each time the professional civil libertarians, the lawyers and the reporters dismiss the attacks.

Four Muslim men wanted to bomb two synagogues in the Bronx. The media came to their defense. HBO even ordered a documentary defending the attackers. It won a Peabody award. Ahmed Ferhani and Mohammad Mamdouh planned to attack a synagogue and maybe a church. Again the media and the activists of the left rushed to their defense. They were entrapped. They never wanted to do it.

The victims were not the Jews they wanted to kill. The victims were the murderers. As the Guardian wrote of the four Muslim terrorists, "Poor, black, and jailed." It's enough to make an HBO exec weep.

The Muslim murderers always have tragic problems to sympathize with.

The Times Square bomber had mortgage issues. As the New York Times empathized, "His anger toward his adopted country seemed to have grown in lockstep with his personal struggles. He had lost his home to foreclosure last year." The Boston Marathon killers also faced "personal struggles" and had "difficulty adapting". To a journalist, every terrorist just seems to be a lonely little boy inside.

And it's all abstract. Just another game of social justice. A little white wine and a little intersectionality. Throw in a dose of noble savage and watch civilization burn.

But then there are police cars outside synagogues, soldiers in Paris and lockdowns in Brussels, then you stand watching the ash fall in Lower Manhattan, then you walk into schools that are more secure than prisons, then you deal with a reality that is more real than Twitter hashtags.

The ADL and the AJC have joined BDS organizations in a push to fill America with Syrian migrants. Even the Orthodox Union has signed on while shamefully invoking the Holocaust. When Netanyahu pointed out that a major Muslim Brotherhood ally had played a key role in the Holocaust, the media howled with rage and accused him of exploiting the Holocaust. But when it comes to promoting the arrival of tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims, from a country that hosted real Nazis, then the media trips all over itself to compare a population which supports ISIS and Al Qaeda to Jews in WW2.

A poll of Syrian refugees found that 13% supported ISIS. Out of Obama's first batch of 10,000 refugees, that's 1,300. How many will they kill? Whom will they kill?

In real life, terrorism is ordinary. It's something horrible that happens. You can see it on videos of Muslim terrorists chasing after Jews on the streets of Jerusalem. You could see it on September 11, a scene that countless blockbusters have tried to recreate with robots and aliens. You saw it again in Paris.

We live in a state of civilization. It's a state as fragile as the human body. It's big, but so are skyscrapers. Anything can be destroyed when you find a weak point.

Sometimes it's a plane flying into a building. Sometimes it's a photo of a dead child.

Courage is a moral force. It makes us who we are. But it isn't always right. The SS were courageous and so were the Bolsheviks. So are the ACLU lawyers who rush to defend Muslim terrorists and their clients who blow themselves up to kill non-Muslims and their infidel civilization.

Warped morals that invert the innocent and the guilty, that turns murderers into victims, make courage into an evil thing. They make it into a crime.

Murder is not a mystery. Its harbinger is the police car, the plane flying low, the smiling man who opens his coat. Evil is not a mystery either. It is moral courage tuned to the destruction of civilization. The murderer can be courageous, but not creative. The ends of evil are power and ruination.

Liberalism is all too often the cult of the poor murderer. The thug who kills over inequality. The terrorist who bombs over bigotry. And it is outrage at the victims of its own Utopian crimes.

Utopia is another name for power. It is an absolute good that negates the humanity of every person on earth. It doesn't matter whether it's the Islamic Caliphate of ISIS or the Socialist gulag. The destruction of the individual is not only necessary, but celebrated as evidence of the triumph of the ideology. Destroying people shows the absolute power and total importance of the creed.

That is the force that destroys civilizations. It's a moral force, but it's the moral force of evil.

Civilization is the moral force that resists destruction. It is the speech that dares to name murderers, murderers. As civilization dwindles, streets darken and savages and their lawyers hunt the night. Murderers become victims, destroyers become the future and good is invoked in the name of evil.

Sometimes upholding civilization is a difficult thing. It can mean being a soldier on the front lines or a police officer sitting in a car waiting for a terrorist to strike.

Or sometimes it can simply mean speaking the truth. And that is something that any of us can do.

Even at the best of times, civilization is a fragile thing. At the worst of times, it can be held up with a few words, with a few people reminding each other that truth is worth fighting for.

Daniel Greenfield is a New York City based writer and blogger and a Shillman Journalism Fellow of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Greens “smuggle” climate policy into the church to tip climate politics

Posted by Marita Noon @ OILPRO

Without the evangelical community’s involvement, efforts to build a “broad coalition to pass major climate policies” are “doomed,” according to a just-released report from New America—a nonprofit group that claims to be “dedicated to the renewal of American politics, prosperity, and purpose in the Digital Age.”
“Spreading the Gospel of climate change: an evangelical battleground,” according to E & E News, offers: “An autopsy of evangelicals’ influence on U.S. Climate law.” While the efforts “failed,” the report concludes it is “not a lost cause,” as the authors posit: “there is an untapped potential for environmental activism in the world of evangelical Christianity.” The closing words are “it is a battle worth fighting.”
So, while the initial effort may have failed, its supporters haven’t given up. They hope to learn from their mistakes and continue the crusade to “get evangelicals to tip the politics of the climate”—which consists of big-government solutions like a carbon tax and higher energy prices.
The report offers several reasons for failure, including: “donors who pushed for this ‘deliverable’ did not really understand the internal dynamic of the evangelical world,” and suggests future tactics such as: “better messaging” and more “person-to-person connections.”
Its authors lament that the evangelical community is “a decentralized religious tradition that lacks a clear hierarchy like the Catholic Church” (which helps explain the recent alarmist views adopted by the Pope and many Catholic Bishops). They claim that since most evangelicals are Republicans, asking them to embrace climate change “challenged the belief in the primacy of unregulated markets that is the ideological glue that holds the Republican coalition together.” Both statements, I believe, show how little those attempting to engage “evangelicals on climate change” really understand the Christian faith—despite one of the report’s authors being “an expert on evangelicals.”
We are not “decentralized” nor is our resistance to “engaging” in climate change based in betraying Republican values. Our faith is centered on the Bible—which we look to for inspiration, guidance, and teaching. The messaging of climate change includes an entire world-view that challenges the primacy of biblical teaching.
We believe that God created the Earth and that no part of His creation was by mistake or without intent. He created the earth to benefit humans, not the other way around. And, He is bigger than we are and has a plan. With that foundation, we see that God put coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium under our feet for a reason: because we would need it. In biblical times it wasn’t needed, but in His plan, he knew that we’d need it today. The carbon that was stored within the earth is released today providing power and food for a world that has greater population than the apostles could have ever imagined—but God knew what it would be. We appreciate nature; value the earth and the bounty it provides. We’ve learned from the past mistakes and are pleased that America has greatly cleaned up the pollution of the 70s, but we don’t worship the earth.
While I hope all readers find the report’s inside strategic analysis interesting, evangelicals should be particularly alarmed with the realization that we have been, and will continue to be, the target of an organized and well-funded effort, from outsiders who “lacked deep knowledge about evangelicalism,” to “recruit evangelicals into policy solutions to climate change.”
While admitting failure, there was some early success. Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in California and author of the best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life, was, in 2006, a signatory to the Evangelical Climate Initiative (ECI). In 2008, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Pat Robertson appeared in an ad for climate action. Some Southern Baptist leaders drafted their own ECI—which was never launched. The report states: “Movement leaders, funders, and the environmental movement were optimistic that this small victory could be the foundation for even more ambitious legislative goals.”
The report is a fascinating case study of the outside effort to “smuggle” the climate policy campaign into churches.
When I read the full 27-page document, the influence of “environmental funders” became obvious: “Since the mid-1990s, environmental funders recognized the need for a broader field of faith-based movements who could expand the influence of environmentalism to unlikely allies. They also realized that evangelicals had a special role to play in this religious portfolio because their religious community was closely associated with the Republican Party.” Evangelical Christians became the target of “constituency engagement development.” Financial grants were made to increase the role of climate change in churches. Environmentalists worked to reframe climate change as “Creation Care” and “hoped that evangelical Christians might publically embrace climate change as a moral issue and an authentically ‘conservative’ concern.”
To do this, funders looked to the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) “to reach out to evangelicals and leverage the moral authority of faith.” The report states: “With funding from the Hewlett and Energy Foundations, the EEN launched the Evangelical Climate Initiative, the culmination of its four-year effort to encourage major evangelical institutions to develop a public witness on climate change.” Notable Christian organizations, such as World Vision, Habitat for Humanity, and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship were given thousands of dollars to name a “Creation Care Chair” in their senior staff. The report concludes: “From 1996 to 2006, EEN leaders and environmental funders believed that the Creation Care movement was on a trajectory of growing legitimacy and power.”
The efforts at infiltration included “building faith-based environmental clubs in Christian colleges” and offering to help churches “reduce their energy bills.”
The report chronicles the work of Georgia Interfaith Power and Light—led by an Episcopal priest: Rev. Alexis Chase. She persuaded Southern Baptist churches to host HEAT classes to train lay leaders to save energy and money in their own homes. And then, “smuggled” the climate policy campaign “into the class as an extension of personal discipleship.”
According to the report, EEN hoped to persuade Barrett Duke, Vice President for Public Policy and Research and Director of the Research Institute of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission—the policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention—to become an ally. Apparently, Duke “was open to the EEN’s message about climate change.” He explored the issue and listened to differing views—including the Cornwall Alliance’s Calvin Beisner (who the report paints as the key voice in exposing the Creation Care movement). Duke realized none of the climate change people gave “any consideration to the role of the Sun in affecting the climate.” Instead, climate action was about large-scale government solutions. He “settled on a belief that climate change was not human-caused and that large-scale government solutions being proposed would impose unacceptable human costs.”
They weren’t really solving the problem…They’re talking trillions of dollars of investment, a complete restructuring of the economy in order to simply slow down the rate of warming…I said, okay, millions of people will lose their jobs. The entire energy industry will be basically recalibrated. Plus, energy will be more expensive, and the undeveloped world will be plunged into poverty for another generation.
Eventually the funders became frustrated. Quoting an anonymous source addressing the lack of enthusiasm of the evangelicals they were able to bring on board, the report states: “They certainly didn’t turn out to be everything that our funders hoped they would be. Our funders and, I think, some of our inside team to a lesser extent, hoped that this group would become zealots, would kind of be a new army for the community, and would really marshal the troops to this new height. The number of them that have done that is really small. It’s a handful actually.”
In short, the evangelical Christian community has been used. National funders and environmental allies targeted us, thinking that we’d be ready to “influence legislation in Washington.” The strategy was to get “evangelical elites” to embrace “Creation Care” and “frame environmental concerns as moral issues”—thus “creating their own set of biblical and theological themes.” Then, the funders believed, they could “borrow their relationship with their constituencies and have them engage their members on the issue and have it be in a way that would appeal to their constituency.”
While environmental funders who invested in building the Creation Care movement have admittedly failed, the report states: “Movement leaders have also deepened their commitment to more long-term, values-based organizing in local evangelical spaces.” Now, instead of targeting “evangelical elites,” they realize they need “rank-and-file evangelicals.”
I encourage my fellow evangelicals to put on the full armor of God. As Duke did, use your intellect and prayer to discern the truth. Much like the serpent’s efforts with Eve, many Christians have come to realize that Creation Care has nothing to do with The Creator; instead it is attractive messaging for a political agenda.
Be alert. You are the prize to those who lack knowledge about who you are and what you believe in. Without you, their efforts are “doomed.”
The author of Energy Freedom, Marita Noon serves as the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc. and the companion educational organization, the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE). She hosts a weekly radio program: America’s Voice for Energy—which expands on the content of her weekly column. Follow her @EnergyRabbit.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Venezuela: Sean Penn's Socialist Paradise

By Rich Kozlovich

Last week Anthony Dipaola and Golnar Motevalli published an article entitled, Venezuela Sees Crude inMid-$20s If OPEC Doesn't Act”, stating  “Oil prices may drop to as low as the mid-$20s a barrel unless OPEC takes action to stabilize the market” which the desire of , Venezuelan Oil Minister Eulogio Del Pino.  It appears the government of “Venezuela is urging the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to adopt an “equilibrium price” that covers the cost of new investment in production capacity, Del Pino told reporters Sunday in Tehran. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are considering his country’s proposal for an equilibrium price at $88 a barrel”, and “OPEC ministers plan assess the producer group’s output policy amid a global supply glut that has pushed down crude prices by 45 percent in the last 12 months” 

Does anyone besides me see the humor in all of this?  The vast amount of the world’s oil – and the price of oil - has not been controlled by Exxon – or any of the other companies leftists scream about– it’s been in the hands of socialist nations.  These leftist hypocrites screamed against the greedy capitalists raising prices unendingly and now the very countries they laud are worried about …..watch out…..here in comes now….. falling prices.  

Well, in Venezuela’s case it’s a lot more dire than just the price of oil.  It’s the desire for anyone to purchase Venezuela’s oil in the first place.  Venezuela’s crude oil “is so viscous and thick with contaminants that only a handful of refineries anywhere in the world can process the stuff. Almost all f those refineries are on the Gulf Coast of the United States”.  That was written by Zeihan in his book The Accidental Superpower, which I highly recommend.  

The fact of the matter is this.  Fracking will kill Venezuela oil production, or at the very least – they will not be able to sell their oil at the prices they’re trying to get OPEC to demand.
Whereas Venezuela’s oil is “viscous and think with contaminants”, oil produced through fracking is sweet and light, in fact it “isn’t just sweet and light, it is ultra-sweet and ultra-light, and so is remarkably easy to refine into light distilled products, like gasoline."  At the current trend, “Venezuela will become the first energy producer in history to not have a market”.

That’s just a part of Venezuela’s problems.  Zeihan goes on to state Colombia and Venezuela “are for all practical purposes in another world”, because the roads that link them are remote and low-quality and their railroad doesn’t even connect Columbia and Venezuela, they don’t connect with any other country either.

 They don’t even have the ability to easily travel into their own interiors.  That means their only hope is to the north, where all their populated centers face…….north….to the hated United States, who is their only natural economic partner.  But the United States has no need to be involved in Venezuela – if Venezuela wants that economic relationship with the U.S. – they will have to initiate it.

Now that does present a bit of a problem – don’t you think?  Hugo Chavez – when he was alive and abusing his people with his insane leftist policies – wanted to “reduce his country’s economic  connections with the U.S. in general and those refineries” he needed to accept his rotten oil specifically.   He wasted huge sums promoting the very socialism throughout South America that  imposed crushing poverty on his own people.  And now if these socialist leaders in Venezuela want any kind of economy they’re going to have to kiss some capitalist butt.  And won’t Sean Penn who just thought Hugo Chavez and his commie buddies were just dandy - be thrilled about that?

Is this a case of paradise lost, or reality overcoming delusion?

Time for Congress to defund "sue and settle"

By Rick Manning

In July, Representative Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) took on the little known radical environmentalist scam known as “sue and settle” where a green group acting in cahoots with the EPA or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sues the Agency demanding that they apply the law in a new, expanded way that increases the agency’s jurisdiction.

The agency, rather than defending the law, enters into a consent decree with the party who filed the original lawsuit. A judge signs the consent decree without review, since the two “disputing” parties are in agreement. Suddenly, the agency has new, expansive powers to wield against job creators. And then for the kicker, taxpayers have to foot the legal bills of the attorneys who filed the suit.

The Westmoreland defund amendment to the Interior Department appropriation bill would have rolled back this abuse of taxpayer funds by denying the payment of attorney fees in ‘sue and settle’ cases. This action is needed to stop this Obama Administration orchestrated expansion of executive power……. As Westmoreland noted in his July 7 floor speech, “Between 2009 and 2012, the EPA chose not to defend itself in over 60 of these lawsuits from special interest advocacy groups. Those 60 lawsuits resulted in settlement agreements and in the EPA’s publishing more than 100 new regulations.”…… It is time to shut the door on Obama’s sue and settle loophole……To Read More…

More Odious Examples of Welfare-Subsidized Terrorism

Dan Mitchell

When I wrote earlier this year about “Europe’s suicidal welfare state,” it wasn’t so that I could make points about excessive spending and demographic decline.  Yes, those are very important issues. But I was focusing instead on the fact that Europe’s welfare states have a masochistic habit of giving handouts to terrorists. So I wasn’t surprised to learn that some of the dirtbags who launched the recent terror attacks in Paris have been sponging off taxpayers.  Here are some excerpts from a story in the U.K.-based Daily Mail.

The former wife of Paris bomber Ibrahim Abdeslam has broken her silence to say he was a jobless layabout… Speaking from her home in Moleenbeek, Brussels, Niama, 36, said: ‘…He often slept during the day...Despite his diploma as an electrician, he found no job,’… Money was tight for the couple. ‘We lived on unemployment benefit which was only €1,000 a month between us so we worried a lot about money.’

By the way, money wasn’t “tight for the couple.”……given the destructive lavishness of European welfare systems.  Ibrahim wasn’t the only terrorist with a snout in the public trough. 

Before he blew himself up outside a French soccer stadium, Bilal Hadfi lived in state-subsidized housing. …Open wallets as much as open borders doom Europe. Harboring shiftless populations alienated from the surrounding culture by religion asks for trouble. Give them blank checks and watch them fill up the blank spaces of indolence with destruction. …They pay back the dole with gunfire.

These are just two of the terrorists….the Moocher Hall of Fame has a special section for deadbeats who want to kill taxpayers.  Members of this Terror Section of the MHoF include:…….To Read More....  

Islamophobia is an Oxymoron

Prominent Scientists Declare Climate Claims Ahead of UN Summit ‘Irrational’ – ‘Based On Nonsense’ – ‘Leading us down a false path’

Note: CFACT’s new skeptical documentary, Climate Hustle, is set to rock the UN climate summit with red carpet’world premiere in Paris. 

IT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen: 'Demonization of CO2 is irrational at best and even modest warming is mostly beneficial.' - 'When someone says this is the warmest temperature on record. What are they talking about? It’s just nonsense. This is a very tiny change period.'

Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer: 'Policies to slow CO2 emissions are really based on nonsense. We are being led down a false path. To call carbon dioxide a pollutant is really Orwellian. You are calling something a pollutant that we all produce. Where does that lead us eventually?'

Greenpeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore: 'We are dealing with pure political propaganda that has nothing to do with science.'

A team of prominent scientists gathered in Texas today at a climate summit to declare that fears of man-made global warming were “irrational” and “based on nonsense” that “had nothing to do with science.” They warned that “we are being led down a false path” by the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris.

The scientists appeared at a climate summit sponsored by the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The summit in Austin was titled: “At the Crossroads: Energy & Climate Policy Summit.”  Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen, an emeritus Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT, derided what he termed climate “catastrophism.”  “Demonization of CO2 is irrational at best and even modest warming is mostly beneficial,” Lindzen said.  Lindzen cautioned: “The most important thing to keep in mind is – when you ask ‘is it warming, is it cooling’, etc.  — is that we are talking about something tiny (temperature changes) and that is the crucial point.”.......To Read More.....

American Council on Science and Health

For Some O-Rs, Swinging Doors Raise Infection Risk
Operating rooms are often thought of as sterile, germ-free environments — but even they aren't immune from infection. In some O-Rs, this appears to be the case. According to an unique study, increased comings and goings through the surgical theater contributes to an increased infection risk for patients. 

The 50+ year silicone breast implant fiasco never goes away. Long after the matter should have been put to bed, another study comes out, saying the same thing: no evidence of any harm. American Council trustee, author, and retired plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Fisher speaks out. Again. 

Proton pump inhibitors are the third most common doctor-recommended medication in the U.S., with over 19 million prescriptions written annually. A recent study says that routine use in a hospital setting can lead to an increase in mortality from pneumonia and C. diff infection, a deadly gut bacteria. 

Some new, alarming information from the World Health Organization shows that we need a better understanding of how to correct the problem of antibiotic-resistant infections in humans. A large, multi-country survey revealed widespread confusion of how antibiotics should be used. 

A capsule containing feces to cure C. diff? (Yeah, we know what you're thinking.) But the thing is, It probably works.

Atlas Shrugs

Pamela Geller, WND: “I warned about demise of Europe 6 years ago” - Warnings went unheeded: DEFENDING THE WEST I warned about demise of Europe 6 years ago Exclusive: Pamela Geller urges Americans to ‘protect and defend our nation’ The mainstream media and Barack Obama may be surprised by what happened in Paris on Nov. 13. I was not. I have seen this coming, and warned about it, […]

Lawmakers plan to respond to housing crisis

Legislation is in the works to help address the shortage of affordable housing statewide.

Paris Achen 

Lawmakers plan to offer an omnibus housing bill in February to respond to a shortage of affordable housing that has reached crisis levels statewide. The House Committee on Human Services and Housing has two months to finalize details of the proposal, said committee Chairwoman Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer.   “We want to figure out what we can do to help people who are struggling right now,” Keny-Guyer said.   The Portland Democrat said the committee also plans to bring back legislation to increase funding for a state program that helps build new affordable housing for families with children who are at risk of homelessness. In 2015, the Legislature committed $40 million of general obligation bonds to support the program. Keny-Guyer said she wants lawmakers to approve $60 million more......To Read More... 

Editor's Note:  Here's a published comment worth reading:

This is yet another story of the necessary role of government to ameliorate the excesses of our American free market economy with regards to housing. It is a policy issue which continues to bedevil politicians because most of them do not have the education, the meaningful, accurate, complete and timely Public and Affordable Housing Statistical Data nor the skill to debate the matter with facts, clarity and defensible arguments. The same is true for the Press.

The standard political response to a so-called “housing crisis” is to throw more taxpayer dollars at the problem which they always deliberately misidentify as “affordable housing” * when what they are really talking about is PUBLIC HOUSING.**

What is always missing are the facts that support exactly which economic constituency(s) has a “housing crisis”, to what degree and in which neighborhoods. Defining the problem and solution by neighborhoods is absolutely necessary for the public to understand how the government’s decision making will affect them. Explaining housing decisions by neighborhood is anathema to every politician because it exposes their ignorant, indefensible protectionist and economic segregationist views.

Also undefined is precisely on which economic constituency(s) and in which neighborhoods will the proposed tax dollars be spent?

Finally, does the solution match the problem? Of course the answer is always, We Don’t Have A Clue. Hardly any other public policy exposes the myth of holding government accountable more then that of housing. And so it goes.

Richard Ellmyer. North Portland
Author of more stories on the politics, players and policies of Public Housing and its euphemisms, Affordable/ Regulated Affordable/ Publicly Subsidized Affordable and Low-Income Housing in Multnomah County over the last fourteen years than all other journalists and elected officials combined.
I make an open ended offer to discuss/debate this issue in public or private with any publicly elected official in the state of Oregon with the authority to spend taxpayer dollars on housing project.
AFFORDABLE HOUSING is a mathematical construct defined as, Rent/Mortgage + Insurance + Taxes + Utilities <=30% Household Income. EVERY house, condo and apartment is AFFORDABLE to someone.
PUBLIC HOUSING is a class of housing defined as, Means Test (<=80%MFI) + Government Subsidy (any government any type) + rental agreement.