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3 Children

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A father told his 3 children when he sent them to college:  "I feel it's my duty to provide you with the best possible education, and you do not owe me anything for that.  However, I want you to appreciate it. As a token, please each put $1,000 into my coffin when I die."

And so it happened.

One became a doctor, one a lawyer, and one a financial planner, each very financially successful.  When their father's time had come, and they saw their father in the coffin, they remembered his wish.
  • First, it was the doctor who put 10 newly printed, crisp $100 bills onto the chest of the deceased.
  • Then, came the financial planner, who also placed $1,000 in cash there.
  • Finally, it was the heartbroken lawyer's turn. She dipped into her purse, took out her checkbook,  wrote a check for $3,000, placed it into her father's coffin, and took the $2,000 cash.
Guess which one will be running for President of the United States.

Will Hillary Accept Defeat?

Posted by Daniel Greenfield 0 Comments @ Sultan Knish Blog 

The headlines are in. Trump is the “anti-Democratic” candidate because he refuses to rule out challenging the results of an election that has yet to take place. Such a course of action is “beyond the pale”. It’s a threat to democracy. And it is utterly and thoroughly unacceptable.

Except when Democrats do it.

It was the day after the election. While the Democratic Party faithful waited in the rain in Nashville, William Daley strode out and announced, “Our campaign continues”. Al Gore had called George W. Bush to withdraw his concession. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?" a baffled Bush asked. “You don’t have to be snippy about it," Gore retorted snippily.

Gore did eventually concede. Though years later he would attempt to retract his concession a second time. But his political movement never did concede. It remained a widespread belief in left-wing circles that President Bush was illegitimately elected and that President Gore was the real winner.

How mainstream is that belief?

When Hillary dragged Gore away from playing with his Earth globe to campaign for her, the crowd booed at his mention of the election and then chanted, “You won, you won”.

Hillary grinned and nodded.

Hillary Clinton has always believed that President Bush illegitimately took office. She has told Democrats that Bush was “selected” rather than “elected”. In Nigeria, of all places, she implied that Jeb Bush had rigged the election for his brother.

But it’s not unprecedented, beyond the pale or utterly unacceptable when Democrats do it.

It’s just business as usual.

The media’s focus has been on whether Trump would accept the results if he loses. Yet a better question might be whether Hillary Clinton would accept her defeat.

Even when it came to the battle for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton refused to concede defeat until the bitter end and then past it. Not only did Hillary refuse to drop out even when Obama was the clear winner, while her people threatened a convention floor fight, but she insisted on staying on in the race for increasingly bizarre and even downright disturbing reasons.

In South Dakota, Hillary explained that there was no reason for her to drop out because somebody might shoot Barack Obama, "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California."

There’s something disturbing in the revelation that Hillary was basing her decision to stay in the race in the hope that her rival would be assassinated.

Obama’s spokesman said that her remark “has no place in this campaign”. But it had a place inside Hillary Clinton’s very warped brain which preferred to see Obama die than concede the election to him.

If that’s how Hillary felt about a fellow Democrat, imagine how she feels about Trump.

Even after Obama had clinched the delegate votes, Hillary’s speech brought back the Gore argument insisting that, “Nearly 18 million of you cast your votes for our campaign, carrying the popular vote with more votes than any primary candidate in history. Even when the pundits and the naysayers proclaimed week after week that this race was over, you kept on voting.”

Then the fabulously wealthy Hillary asked those 18 million people to go to her website and give her money while refusing to make any decision on ending her campaign. It took her another day to do that.

It’s not as if the Obama side was any better. It was arguably worse. Governor Wilder, an Obama ally, threatened a return of the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention riots if Hillary won. "If you think 1968 was bad, you watch; in 2008, it will be worse,” Wilder warned.

Unprecedented. Outrageous. Beyond the pale. Except this is how Democrats act even to each other.

Now how would they respond to a Trump victory? Would they urge Hillary to concede or to fight on? Would they stage more riots while claiming voter disenfranchisement had stolen the election?

Hillary Clinton has made it clear that she views Trump’s candidacy as illegitimate. She has called him “unfit” and described his supporters as “deplorables”. Democrats, all the way up to the White House, are constantly accusing Republicans of scheming to disenfranchise voters. These “schemes” involve asking undocumented Democrats to show some ID instead of relying on an honor system and removing illegitimate voters from the rolls. But beyond enabling voter fraud, such arguments can easily be employed to attack the legitimacy of a Republican winner. They provide the fodder for another Florida.

Does anyone really believe that Hillary Clinton, who couldn’t even graciously concede to Obama will graciously concede to Trump?

And, given the fact that Hillary won the nomination by using the DNC to rig the process, leading to the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, are Trump’s concerns of a rigged election illegitimate?

Donald Trump has clarified that he would accept “a clear election result” but that he was “being asked to waive centuries of legal precedent designed to protect the voters.”

And he’s right. No one preemptively cedes elections. And Hillary Clinton has faced accusations of abusive and fraudulent tactics from Democratic rivals in two different presidential elections.

Why should Republicans assume that she’ll treat them better than she treated Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders?

Not all that long ago, the left wanted Gore to fight to the bitter end. A Gore adviser recalled, "People were calling us from everywhere, telling us, 'Don't concede.'" Left-wing voices urged Bernie Sanders to stay in the race long after it became obvious that the left-winger had no realistic path to victory left.

But the same behavior that is virtuous when Democrats do it becomes an unpardonable sin when Republicans take it up.

That’s a pernicious double standard that cannot and should not be allowed to stand.

When Democrats warn of voter disenfranchisement, the media backs them up. When Republicans complain about voter fraud, they are accused of voter suppression. When Democrats fight elections past the point that they’re lost, then they are courageous. But when Republicans do it, they are a threat to democracy.

But democracy does not mean Democratic Party rule. That’s just the mistake that the media makes.

Whatever rules we have, run both ways. Any practices, new or old, also apply to both sides. If challenging election results is legitimate, then it is so for both sides. Whatever options were available to Gore and Hillary cannot help but be available to Trump.

That is how democracy, rather than Democratic Party rule, works.

Energy & Environmental Newsletter: October 24, 2016

By -- October 24, 2016

The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of individuals and organizations interested in improving national, state, and local energy and environmental policies. Our premise is that technical matters like these should be addressed by using Real Science (please consult for more information).

A key element of AWED’s efforts is public education. Towards that end, every three weeks we put together a newsletter to balance what is found in the mainstream media about energy and the environment. We appreciate MasterResource for their assistance in publishing this information.

Some of the more important articles in this issue are: 

Peer-reviewed Study: Four Decades of Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health
Green Overload
An examination of Future Energy Scenarios – Cost of Supply
Vermont Wind Project Needs Votes, So Company Offers to Pay Voters
Iowa Wind Project Generates More Tax Credits than Electricity
$25k (EU) = Renewable Energy Cost for Each German Family of Four
US Offshore Wind Facility costs $17,600 per Home Powered
PV Solar, Increasing Everybody’s Electricity Costs
Green Energy Reforms Will Hurt the Poor
Dr. Rotunda’s Testimony to House Science, Space & Technology Committee
Hubris: the Troubling Science, Economics and Politics of Climate Change
No One Wants to go Broke for Ineffective Climate Change Solutions
Climatologist: Despite the Hype, Paris Climate Accord ‘Doesn’t Really Do Anything’ to Reduce Global Warming
Global Warming is Mild and Manageable
Probability Based Climate Decision Tool

Greed Energy Economics:

Green Energy Reforms Will Hurt the Poor
An examination of Future Energy Scenarios – Cost of Supply
Vermont Wind Project Needs Votes, So Company Offers to Pay Voters
Iowa Wind Project Generates More Tax Credits than Electricity
$25k (EU) = Renewable Energy Cost for Each German Family of Four
US Offshore Wind Facility costs $17,600 per Home Powered
PV Solar, Increasing Everybody’s Electricity Costs
US Tax Credit Powers Wind-Project Upgrades
Green Power Works When There is a Daddy to Pay
Renewable subsidies ‘to add more to energy bills than planned’
Washington State Initiative 732 — All Cost, No Benefit
Renewable firms are courting labor unions to build offshore wind projects
France to Drop Carbon Tax Plan

Turbine Health Matters:

Peer-reviewed Study: Four Decades of Wind Turbine Noise and Human Health
Vermont cabin becomes lab to study wind turbine noise
Falmouth Turbines – More Problematic Infrasound Information

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Green Overload
An Examination of Future Energy Scenarios — Security of Supply
“Clean Power Plan” Puts States’ Rights on Trial
Visions Clash at World Energy Conference
War on Coal Can’t Stop Rally Built on Fuel’s Enduring Demand
Setback for EPA in federal court
Hillary’s America: Unrenewable and Unsustainable
Archive: Increased Use of Bioenergy Results in Increased CO2
A Comparison of Wood Chip and Fossil Fuel Power Plants
The Inevitable Failure of the US Electric Grid

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Dr. Rotunda’s Testimony to House Science, Space & Technology Committee
Hubris: the Troubling Science, Economics and Politics of Climate Change
No One Wants to go Broke for Ineffective Climate Change Solutions
Climatologist: Despite the Hype, Paris Climate Accord ‘Doesn’t Really Do Anything’ to Reduce Global Warming
Global Warming is Mild and Manageable
Probability Based Climate Decision Tool
Government Agendas Drive Climate “Science”
Hillary and Gore Politicize Hurricane Matthew
Global Warming Hurricane Influence Is Overblown
New Climate Deal another Erosion of our Modern Society
Scientists Accidentally Discover Process to Turn CO2 into Ethanol
How sea level hype is hampering an important space-debris tracking site
First Amendment Freedoms Include the Right to Question Climate Change Science
Global Warming vs Global Greening
Scientists say Pope Francis is misguided on ‘climate change’ as ‘sin’
Climate Change Debate


What Is to Be Done? Trump Has Some Ideas

Steven Hayward in 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump

Trump Has Some Ideas Donald Trump has come out with his “Contract with the American Voter.” Hmmm, where have we heard this “contract” language before? Do I see the roly-poly profile of the person who’s name rhymes with “flute” lurking in the shadows? Actually this is a good idea for Trump. Beyond the wall, tax cut plan, and his views of tighter scrutiny for Muslim immigrants, he’s been lacking in details. His contract is quite specific, offering 28 specific items in four separate groupings. The first six are the things he pledges to on his first day in office. Let’s take them in order:
  • FIRST, propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress. .........
  • SECOND, a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health).......
  • THIRD, a requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated.......To Read More....

Liberal Jews teach their kids to deal with anti-Semitism on liberal campuses

by Paul Mirengoff in Anti-Semitism, Higher education, Leftism

Recently I learned that my Jewish congregation is providing training for college age congregants on how to deal with anti-Semitism on campus. That’s how bad things have gotten.  I wonder whether the sad irony of the situation has registered with the congregation, the vast majority of whose members are leftists. Anti-Semitism is so rampant at America’s colleges and universities that teenage Jews need special training before entering this bastion of leftism.

During the High Holidays, I heard congregants moan at the mention of Donald Trump. That’s understandable; I had to suppress a moan myself (though not because Trump is at all anti-Semitic). But many of these same liberals found Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan chilling (though some will no longer admit it). As for George W. Bush, he was evil incarnate for many a Jewish liberal of my acquaintance.

Yet, it is the playground of the leftist social justice warriors — with whom many of my fellow congregants strongly associate — that produces the anti-Semitism my synagogue feels it must counter. The conservative ethos does not prevail on campus; nor is it anti-Semitic. ......To Read More....

The Liberal Crusade to Eliminate Justice

Hillary Clinton's morality – getting an admitted child rapist off on a one-year sentence – is not unique for liberals.  It's epidemic.

Tom Trinko

One of the strongest arguments that shows how much Hillary hates women is her effort to ensure that a man who raped a 12-year-old girl got off with a one-year sentence.  But liberals say Hillary was just doing what she was supposed to do: use any legal trickery to ensure that the guilty walk.   This is the corrupted vision of what a fair trial is.  It is what liberals have been foisting on America since the Warren Court made up rights to protect criminals.

A fair trial is one where the innocent are found innocent and the guilty are found guilty.  But to liberals, a "fair" trial is one where the rules are followed irrespective of whether or not justice is served.   Clearly, police beating confessions out of defendants or breaking into houses without a warrant are not acceptable policies, but the restrictions put on the justice system by the über-liberal Warren Court go far beyond that by excluding evidence based on clerical errors...... That sort of moral defect is far greater than anything Trump has been accused of.  Trump is far from perfect, but Hillary is a moral abomination........Read more.....

Think You Know How Bad the Clintons Are?

Think again.  There's always more, and this is a doozy.
Jack Cashill

"The White House is like a subway. You have to put in coins to open the gates." Such were the immortal words of one Johnny Chung, who admitted to a Senate committee in 1997 that he funneled $100,000 from the Chinese military to the Democratic National Committee. In the Clinton White House, it was pay to play all the way. That either Bill or Hillary had a political life after their treasonous run on Asian piggy banks is a testament to the ever escalating corruption of the American media. The White House honcho who made the subways run on time – no shock here – was Hillary Clinton. It was she who convened the secret meeting with adviser Dick Morris in the White House treaty room a month after the Democrats' historic drubbing in November 1994. Blamed for the debacle, the Clintons were running for their political lives. To preserve those lives would take huge amounts of money, much of it, if not most, raised and spent illegally..... To Read More

Dear Media: Stop Pretending Hillary Clinton is Witty

Stephen Kruiser

After decades of cataloging and writing about left-leaning bias in America’s mainstream media, I am quite used to the fact that it’s not going anywhere for a while. I make allowances and greatly lower my expectations, which makes monitoring the nonsense less stressful.   This year, however, I’m having a rough go of it watching them do their “in the tank” routine for Hillary Clinton, who we all know Democrats are merely tolerating. Mrs. Bill couldn’t inspire ice to melt in the Sahara, so it is difficult to believe some of the effusive praise that the MSM is reflexively heaping on her merely because we are close to election day and that’s just what they do......... The public doesn’t like her.  Between her forced cackle and a fake smile that looks like a prelude to peeling off her mask to show her true alien face, rational humans prefer that she never try to lighten things up.....To Read More....

Poor Josh Earnest and Donna Brazile: Trying and Failing to Defend Hillary and Obama

Melissa Clouthier

The pain and anguish of trying and failing to defend Democrats in two videos. Watch and enjoy. There’s so little pleasure in this election season. Watching the media squirm while faced with incontrovertible truth makes up for it a little bit......To Read and See More....

Moments of Truth: The Free Speech Movement of 2016

The awareness of media enslavement is now infused within the consciousness of the American people. The treasure trove of truth is seemingly endless: the darkness of government, its bureaucracy, and its secrets. WikiLeaks and other brave individuals have freed people from the enslavement of the so-called free press. WikiLeaks has reinforced the people’s right to know. Once the people know, the need to enforce self-governance and hold their United States representative Republic accountable is up to the citizenry.

By Monica Morrill

Few would have predicted that WikiLeaks would be freeing Americans from enslavement by the mainstream media. If the Free Press has officially enslaved the American people and beyond; then WikiLeaks and people aligned with it would be the modern day abolitionists running the Underground Railroad.

A free press has responsibility. It must serve the people by being the people’s investigator – and do so in a non-partisan way. A free press is critical to a representative Republic, for people must have access to all the knowledge – accurate and unbiased knowledge – in order to exercise their vote with the judgment they deserve – a judgment based on knowing the facts, not the spin..........Read More

WikiLeaks, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and Blessed Pope Paul VI

By John M. Snyder

When Blessed Pope Paul VI in 1972 affirmed his sense that “the smoke of Satan has entered the” Catholic Church, he may not have foreseen that alleged Catholic John Podesta, chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, would work actively to subvert Catholic Church doctrine and moral authority.  Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening. The recently released WikiLeaks email messages make that clear.

This development, when considered along with Clinton’s well known anti-Catholic policy positions, makes it incumbent upon individual Catholic bishops and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to inform Catholic faithful they cannot in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton for president.

In a recent WikiLeaks drop of hacked emails, Podesta indicated he and his associates created two organizations, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United. Their purpose: to plant within the Catholic Church here in the United States the “seeds of revolution.”..........“Hillary has a problem with the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion – they must be changed.”  A President Hillary Clinton would try to force the Catholic Church to accept and endorse morally unacceptable behavior. She would use the power of the presidency to persecute loyal Catholics and the institutional Catholic Church........Read More

My Take - The writer is confused a bit.  Maybe he hasn't been following all the things the Pope has been saying since elevated to that post.  Or perhaps he's not noticed the positions taken by this nation's Catholic bishops, and not only Catholic bishops. The leadership in the nation's mainstream Christian churches is of the left, which I find totally confusing since the left promotes everything that's antithetical to the Christian teachings making them....well.....heretics.....Right? Or did I miss something?

Corruption: Why Trump Will No Longer Defend Ryan

By William R. Hawkins

Trump has won the attention of the working class on the issues of trade and immigration. These issues are intertwined under the heading of “open borders” and are central to the division within the GOP. In short, Big Business wants open borders because they no longer see commerce as related to national societies. The issue is not trade in its traditional form. The outsourcing of consumer goods is obvious, but heavy manufacturing has also been hollowed out. Republican leaders and establishment conservatives are on board with this. It is to defend this corrupt system that has led House Speaker Paul Ryan to break with Donald Trump.............To Read More

My Take - His recent history is interesting but his conclusions are all wrong, especially espousing  Teddy Roosevelt.  TR was a progressive, the name adopted by socialists because socialism wasn't popular in the U.S. because it's foundationally atheistic, so they adopted the name progressive to fool the public.  Teddy had to know that, yet he was the first national leader to give the progressive movement personality, and for that reason I consider TR to have been the worst President the 20th century.  All the fascist policies of Woodrow Wilson and then the rebirth of those policies in the form of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal were given foundation by TR

Elections 2016 – Swapping Myths

By Sol W. Sanders @ American Center for Democracy

Enduring American political parties have always been coalitions. The country is too big and populous, with too many strong regional and other economic demands to meet the models of European-style ideological political configurations. In reality, the coalitions have often included absolutely contradictory forces making the fight for leadership of the parties in conventions and primaries more issue-oriented than the final election itself. We have seen that this year when the Republican primary candidates discussed every issue on the political battlefield but the general election is going to be purely a contest of personalities, the cool, even cold, professional Clinton against the amateurish showman but attractive Trump.
These coalition-parties often have built myths about who constitutes the party machines and who votes for them.
The Democrats had been consistently viewed as the party of “the people” – big city Irish-American machines, strong personalities with highly personal followings, not the least Franklin Delano Roosevelt for almost half a century, and Southern bosses with their solid, segregationist following. Then there was trade union support, and demagogic oratory backing up their claims which overwhelmingly depended on government legislation and intervention. The Republicans, on the other hand, were characterized as aristocratic with their “permanent” New to a New England constituency, their supposed strong links to Wall Street and the innocent rubes in the flyover rural hinterland.
We may well be in one of those rare periods when even the myths are changing. One of the things Donald Trump is doing –- assuming he comes in a strong vote-getter if not the winner in November – is remolding these traditional parties’ mystique. In fact, he appears to be swapping them, one for the other almost intact.
His hard-core base of supporters are the proverbial “little people” who have lost their jobs to technology in the digital revolution or to overseas low-wage competitors, a large following that feel they haven’t got a fair shake from the system. In reality, Hillary Clinton’s Democrats have long since had uncelebrated stronger ties to the new Wall Street of the MBAs and widening international markets than the GOP. The South – look at the current loud battle for North Carolina – is not only less than solid Democrat but with strong Republican leanings since Richard Nixon’s days. Trade unions [except for the powerful traditionally conservative Teamsters] may still be Democrats but their numbers have melted except as government workers tied to the party in power.
Trump’s stream-of-consciousness oratory now often sounds like the old Democrat swan song. Democrat Hillary’s ties to the corporate world – particularly Wall St. – were no better demonstrated than tens of millions of dollars collected by her from the still to be revealed speeches to financial entities in the primary run-up to the general election campaign.
The old myths may hang on for a while in some benighted and less political circles. But what Trump is in the process of doing, if nothing else, is creating a new set of myths about the two great political coalitions – and, in fact, up to a point, simply swapping them as we go into a new political era.
* This article was posted on on Oct. 19, 2016

Rachel Carson, environmentalism's answer to Pol Pot.

James Dillingpole, May 28th, 2009

Yesterday would have been her 102nd birthday and I'm sorry I missed it, but my sharp-eyed fellow-traveller David Hinz at The Minority Report celebrated with a lively dance on the old fraud's grave. He doesn't mince his words: Rachel Carson - poster girl of the international eco movement - was a "mass murderer" to rival Stalin and Pol Pot.

Was she really responsible for the deaths of as many as 50 million people? That's just an estimate. What we do know is that her landmark 1962 bestseller Silent Spring - the book that set a million and one green activists on the path of eco righteousness - was responsible for the worldwide ban on the insecticide DDT, the most effective preventative against the mosquitos which spread the world's deadliest disease, Malaria. In this way countless millions of people, mostly Third World children, were condemned to death in the name of ecological correctness.

Rather as so many people do now with the global warming/climate change story, readers in the 1960s just couldn't get enough of Rachel Carson's apocalyptic predictions of man-made eco doom. There might, she claimed, be a cancer epidemic which would hit 'practically 100 per cent' of the human population; bird life would be wiped out. And all because of the evil DDT. As a result of this scare-mongering DDT was banned first by an eco-activist administrator at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), subsequently by the UN and the World Health Organisation.

Problem was, few if any of the claims made by Carson were true. They were derived from a complete misrepresentation of research by Dr James DeWitt.

She claimed: "Dr DeWitt's now classic experiments [show] that exposure to DDT, even when doing no observable harm to the birds, may seriously affect reproduction. Quail into whose diet DDT was introduced throughout the breeding season survived and even produced normal numbers of fertile eggs. But few of the eggs hatched."

In fact DeWitt's research had shown the exact opposite:

"DeWitt reported no significant difference in egg hatching between birds fed DDT and birds not fed DDT. Carson omitted mentioning DeWitt's report that DDT-fed pheasants hatched about 50 percent more eggs than "control" pheasants."

DDT doesn't cause cancer. (Carson blamed DDT for something that was actually, later research found, caused by aflatoxin, a toxic by-product of fungi). Nor does it damage bird reproduction. In 1971-72 an EPA judge concluded after seven months and 9,000 pages of testimony:

"DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man... DDT is not a mutagenic or teratogenic hazard to man... The use of DDT under the regulations involved here do not have a deleterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds or other wildlife."

In 2006, the WHO tacitly acknowledged its mistake by partially rescinding the ban. "We must take a position based on the science and the data. One of the best tools we have against malaria is indoor residual spraying. Of the dozen or so insecticides WHO has approved as safe for house spraying, the most effective is DDT," said Arata Kochi of WHO.

Do the utterly misleading "extreme scenarios" posited by Rachel Carson remind you of anyone? Prince Charles, maybe? Al Gore? Dr James Hansen? No surprise if they do. Carson's bestselling brand of junk science and misanthropic, anti-capitalist doom-mongering has provided the model for the international green movement ever since.

Baby Boomers are Living Proof That Pesticides Are Safe

New Mexico Pest Management Association

The Baby Boom generation holds a lot of distinctions, but one you may not have thought about is this ... Baby Boomers are the first generation to grow up eating food treated with pesticides. Synthetic chemical pesticides were introduced in the 1940s, when our nation needed to produce more food to feed the post-war babies. Pesticides protected crops from harmful bugs and plant diseases. Their use by farmers helped ensure both the quality and quantity of the food supply.

These early pesticides have been greatly improved. Crop protection chemicals now used by farmers are safer and degrade much more quickly in the environment. Yet, environmental activist groups continue to attack pesticide use. Lately, the rhetoric has become more reckless and desperate.

If pesticides are as harmful to human health as the Environmental Working Group and Consumers Union would have you believe, then there ought to be plenty of proof of this in the Baby Boom generation which has lived 50 years with pesticide-treated food......To Read More....

5 environmentalist ideas that have spectacularly backfired.

The green fraud

“Save the Earth.” “Fight Global Warming.” You see those slogans on car bumpers quite a bit. But when it comes to actual public policy, environmentalists have a habit of producing horrific unintended consequences that harm the earth more than they help.  In honor of this week’s news that a solar plant has been vaporizing birds, here are five environmentalist ideas that have spectacularly backfired......

1. Solar Power......
2. Wind Turbines......
3. Ethanol......
4. DDT......
5. Horse Slaughter.......To Read More.....

My Take - The horse slaughter issue was new to me, but the outcome of meddling by the Church of Eternal Grievence is to be expected more so than not.

DDT: A Case Study in Scientific Fraud

J. Gordon Edwards, Ph.D.

The chemical compound that has saved more human lives than any other in history, DDT, was banned by order of one man, the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Public pressure was generated by one popular book and sustained by faulty or fraudulent research.  Widely believed claims of carcinogenicity, toxicity to birds, anti-androgenic properties, and prolonged environmental persistence are false or grossly exaggerated.  The worldwide effect of the U.S. ban has been millions of preventable deaths.......To Read More....

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Punching Back Twice as Hard (Oz version)

by Mark Steyn The War on Free Speech

I believe our headline was first coined by the Instapundit, who was kind enough to apply it to my book "A Disgrace to the Profession". But I'm glad to see, following the latest attempt to use Australia's disgraceful Section 18C to throttle freedom of speech Down Under, that The Australian's Bill Leak is introducing the concept to the Antipodes. His latest cartoon (right) features Tim Soutphommasane, the totalitarian hack who trousers a third of a million a year as Oz's "Racial Discrimination" Commissar. Mr Leak invites Commissar Tim Jong-Un to sue him for "facial discrimination".

~As for "facial discrimination", in my column on Mr Leak I mentioned Commissar Soutphommasane's thuggish bullying of a young basketball player, who made the mistake of going to a fancy-dress party as her fave pop star, Kanye West. When I spoke in Sydney a little while back, I brought up a similar and even nuttier outbreak of hysteria from one of America's many loony campuses:.......To Read More.....

My Take - The Church of Perpetual Grievance never sleeps, never gives up, never stops finding fault with Christians, conservatives, traditionalists, whites, people who actually work at meaningful jobs and those who create jobs. 

Exposed: The Great Green LSE Con

'A clear case of fraud – using deception for financial gain'

One of the world’s leading institutes for researching the impact of global warming has repeatedly claimed credit for work done by rivals – and used it to win millions from the taxpayer. An investigation by The Mail on Sunday also reveals that when the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) made a bid for more Government funds, it claimed it was responsible for work that was published before the organisation even existed. Last night, our evidence was described by one leading professor whose work was misrepresented as ‘a clear case of fraud – using deception for financial gain’. The chairman of the CCCEP since 2008 has been Nick Stern, a renowned global advocate for drastic action to combat climate change. --David Rose, Mail on Sunday, 23 October 2016

Our paper had no relationship to the CCCEP. It came out of David Anthoff’s masters thesis. At the time, the CCCEP did not exist, and it only came into existence after the paper was published. Fraud means deception for financial gain. That is what this is. -- Professor Richard Tol, Mail on Sunday, 23 October 2016

Former Labour Minister Lord Donaghue, a governor of the LSE for 25 years, called for an inquiry, saying: 'To preserve the academic integrity of the LSE, it is necessary that the relevant funding authorities launch a full investigation.' --, Mail on Sunday, 23 October 2016

This and That From Drudge Report

Finally Someone is Shining a Light on Democrat Voter Fraud

By The Common Constitutionalist October 23, 2016

I’ll give Donald Trump props for at least one thing. He has and still is causing the needle to move on some very important issues which would otherwise get little press.  Early on it was illegal immigration and building the wall. To his credit he brought that topic to the forefront. Then it was the Muslim/refugee issue. Again, he spearheaded the attention brought to the subject.

And now, thanks to The Donald’s recent debate declaration about shady electioneering, everyone is talking about voter fraud.  And just like every other political topic, battle lines have been drawn.

The ones who are having the fraud perpetrated on them, the Republicans, are raising alarms all over the nation and the ones perpetrating the fraud, the Democrats, are saying its all much ado about nothing.

But then you go back, watch and listen to the two senior democrat operatives (and others) highlighted in James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video, and anyone with a brain must conclude that these two will do and have already done anything to get Hillary elected.......To Read More.....

Just the Worst: the Most Shocking WikiLeaks!

By iPatriot Reposted with Permission from iPatriot:
In an effort to not allow any of Hillary and Obama’s misdeeds to slip through the cracks, the following is a summary of the worst crimes against the American people as revealed in the first 13 days of now daily Wikileaks email leaks. Each day seems to bring more damaging information to light which reveals a layer of corruption and deceit that is truly unprecedented in American politics....To Read More.....

Mosque Uses Lawsuit to Abolish Zoning Power of Small California Community

Georgine Scott-Codiga

In a small rural area of Santa Clara County California lies a geographically unique area of land called San Martin, close to, but not of, Silicon Valley. In 1981 the Board of Supervisors established the San Martin Planning Advisory Committee (SMPAC), the only entity of its kind in the county, to give local residents and land owners a voice in decisions affecting San Martin. Members were appointed by the Board of Supervisors to review interim land use policies, the San Martin Water Quality Study, and to make recommendation to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors on land use matters of interest to the San Martin Community.

Follow the money........Now that we’ve established this isn’t just your local religious organization desiring to build a little mosque in small town San Martin, but instead a once proposed project of 8,250 sq. ft. that has transformed into a 105,456 sq. ft. monstrosity funded by unindicted co-conspirators of terrorism, ISNA and NAIT, and friends of the Muslim Brotherhood. (see chart below)....... More

How government rigs elections

There's definitely a thumb on the scale.  A big one

By James V. DeLong

The Manhattan Contrarian ranks at the top of my list of perceptive bloggers. He specializes in elegant analyses of dysfunctional NYC policies on welfare and housing, but he adds excellent forays into national politics. One of his best is "The Government Puts A Gigantic Lead Weight On The Scale Of This And Every Election," which examines the ways in which the government weights elections in favor of the Democrats and statism to the point where "you really wonder how it is possible for any Republican to be competitive in any race ever." He starts by quoting George Will on the IRS war against the Tea Party, then adds his own list: ......... More

Nature’s own Republicans and Democrats

By Michael Geer

The last two largest living organisms in the world offer startling metaphors for the two parties.    The Pando is dying after centuries of growth. It is no longer producing new trees. Meanwhile the Honey Mushroom is killing everything in sight by consuming it.

The Pando is 106 acres of mountain forest around Fish Lake, Utah. It was, for years, thought to be the world’s largest living organism. It is an Aspen grove. A single Aspen grove. Aspen look like trees but every grove shares a single root system, making it quite like a colony. This colony, with a single root, survives by sprouting new trees when older trees die off.  

The giant honey mushroom in Oregon is now recognized as the largest single living organism in the word. It is a fungus. Its footprint covers nearly 3 square miles. The visible part is a white fungus that spreads up under the tree’s bark and rots its roots. It is parasitic. Its black advance agent “shoestrings” form as they move slightly underground and out of sight, working their way into trees and scrub and shrub, choking the life out of everything they touch, then consume. Where the black tendrils go, nothing grows except for the humungus fungus.........Read more

Immigrant who can't speak English feels alienated by US

By Ed Straker

The Washington Post published a touching story about an immigrant who feels alienated because she can't speak English well. She feels "vetted" all the time by evil Americans because of her lack of ability to speak our language.  Part of the continuing propaganda campaign to tell us all immigrants are virtuous and that if you question their lack of assimilation, you are racist. More

My Take - All of my great grandparents and grandparents were born in either Serbia or Croatia, none of them spoke English well or at all.  Were they taken advantage of occasionally. I'm sure they were.  But all of them felt honored to be here, and they didn't come here to be Serbians or Croatians who merely lived in America.  They came here to become Americans who happened to be from somewhere else. 

That's the difference I find between the immigrants of today and those who came here at end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century.  They came here to become Americans and add flavor to the American culture - not change it!  Let's try and get this once and for all.  If where they left wasn't stinko.....they wouldn't have left! 

What a large number of these modern immigrants want is for America to become what they left.  Well, if what they left is so great - why did they leave? And if they're so dissatisfied - why don't they go back?  Because it's stinko where they came from! 

America isn't perfect - it's never been perfect.  But compared to the rest of the world we're paragons of virtue for one reason.  You can become anything you wish to become if you have the skills. 

A number of years ago the media made a big deal out of a whole bunch of Russian artists who immigrated to America and then en masse decided to go back.  Why?  They said in America they could paint whatever they liked but they couldn't afford to buy the paint, presumably because they couldn't sell it.  In Russia they painted what they were told to paint and the government paid them and provided the paint. 

That's the beauty of're permitted to succeed and you're permitted to fail.  But whether or not you succeed or fail - you get the chance to try!  And if you fail in one area no one will stop you from trying again or attempting to do something else. 

Those Russian artists could have possibly gone to work for newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies or any number of other situations where they could have been paid for the efforts painting what someone was willing to pay them to paint. 

But they wanted to paint what they wanted to paint without restriction or instruction.  Okay....that's what America's all about, but if you can't sell what you paint - who cares what you paint?  They could also have become something else and be a part of the American dream. 

I've often thought about this and wonder if these spoiled communist crybabies ever regretted their actions considering this happened before the fall of the Soviet Union.  But either way - good riddence!  We have enough of our own deadbeats and cry babies, we don't need someone elses. 

Classical Liberalism: How Small Government Can Regain Its Voice

There is a clear void that needs to be filled to properly represent the culture, and supporters of small government are already laying the groundwork for such a solution.

Trevor Louis

The late Andrew Breitbart said that politics is downstream from culture.  Essentially, political battles are won or lost based on the culture from which voters derive their values.  For conservatives, this has meant appealing to an American culture deeply rooted in family and religious values, and for years, this was a successful strategy.  However, in today’s increasingly secular America, these same appeals are no longer popular with most of the electorate, making it an uphill battle for conservatives to find strong support.  If there is going to be a voice for small government in the future, something needs to change........More

We Should Not Be Surprised by Paul Ryan’s Devious Support of Hillary

By Michael Ware

It is funny to watch. It is funny because this circus shows us just how connected the two parties really are when all is said and done. Paul Ryan acts as if he is taking the high ground in his denying support to Donald Trump, when in reality it has nothing to do with morality.  The connection that Ryan and Clinton share is not moral but philosophical. Ryan and Clinton are both globalists. They both want to see one big global community that never puts one people over others. It is the new socialism........
They are on the same side and have the same goals; they simply differ on the means we should use to meet those goals.  This is why our system is broken beyond repair........To Read More.....

The Incestuous Left and Those Who Provide Cover for them

By Clarice Feldman

As the election nears, the media hype, designed to affect the results, demoralize and demonize Trump and his supporters and confirm the bias of its elite coastal consumers, continues. Saturday’s opinion-posing-as-news lead in the Washington Post says the end is near for Trump -- the polls have him down everywhere and he was booed for crass attacks at the Al Smith dinner in New York.

What do you expect from media whose reporters are literally in bed with the administration?
Not only are reporters feeding debate questions to the Clinton campaign, we have a video of one of them, Andrea Mitchell, seemingly being fed what to ask by Hillary’s traveling press secretary.

Extensive evidence from Wikileaks, FOIA responses, and “human sources” of the incestuous and improper coordination between the media and the Democrats have been detailed by Sharyl Attkisson. She concludes.......Read more:

16 Muslim Terrorists Accidentally Blow themselves Up when Suicide Vests Malfunction!

By Tim Brown

 It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys! A report out of Iraq confirms that 16 members of the Islamic State were blown to bits after an explosive vest malfunctioned and exploded.  Iraqi News reports:.....To Read More....

Millennials Would Support Trump If They Were Told The Truth

By Pamela Adams October 23, 2016

recent study revealed a third of millennials believe President George W. Bush killed more people than Joseph Stalin. In fact, 75% are oblivious that communist governments have slaughtered over 100 million people. This ignorance of history is completely by design.

Liberal progressives are actively scrubbing Imperial Japan, the Holocaust, Nazi Germany, and socialism from our history books.

They have already succeeded in removing Stalin and other communist dictators as the recent polls revealed.  Stalin initially joined forces with Adolf Hilter leading up to World War II. Since Stalin massacred his own people and starved millions of Ukrainians, he saw no problem with Hilter. Stalin’s breaking point only came after Hilter invaded parts of the U.S.S.R. The Soviet Union quickly changed sides and cooperated with the Allies to defeat him.......During his 30-year reign, Stalin killed an estimated 20 million of his own people but it could be as high as 60 million. As accurate records were not kept, no one knows for sure...........To Read More....

Liberty Alliance,, and Eagle Rising Making Waves in the Mainstream Media!

By Onan Coca October 23, 2016

This post was written with help from Phil Hodges at Eagle
Over the last few weeks your favorite online publications from Liberty Alliance have been making some major waves in the mainstream media. First, our publications made an appearance in the New York Times as part of a larger conversation about social media’s impact on the political landscape. The New York Times wasn’t exactly kind in their reporting but they did offer their assessment that we at Liberty Alliance had built a media network that was making an important impact on the American political landscape.......To Read More


Most Say Media, Not Russians, Tilting the Election

Rasmussen Report

Most voters aren’t buying the story that the Russians are trying to manipulate the election for Donald Trump but think the U.S. media is trying to swing things for Hillary Clinton.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 56% of Likely U.S. Voters believe it’s more likely that many in the media are working to get Clinton elected president. Just 26% disagree and say it’s more likely that the Russian government is working to get Trump elected. Eighteen percent (18%) are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.) .....To Read More...

Heartland Institute George Soros Profile - Multi-billionaire George Soros is arguably the world’s largest and most eccentric donor to radical left-wing nonprofit organizations and politicians worldwide. Soros has given hundreds of millions of dollars to nearly 5,000 liberal and ultra-left American organizations campaigning for socialism or communism. Heartland’s Ron Arnold has written an exhaustively researched profile of Soros, exposing his malevolent influence on the world stage.....

Changed Conditions May Justify Term Limits, Rob Natelson, Detroit News
The Articles of Confederation, the document governing the United States between 1781 and 1789, restricted members of Congress to three years of service out of every six, but when drafting the Constitution, the framers decided to eliminate term limits. Were the framers correct to omit them? Or are modern advocates correct to seek them? Answer: The framers were right for their times, and modern advocates are right for ours. ....

Wikipedia: Broken, Biased, and Corrupt - Visit Heartland’s new page dedicated to exposing Wikipedia’s dishonesty, bias, and corruption, at, and learn how you can help bring much-needed fairness and accuracy to the broken “free encyclopedia.” Regular readers of this newsletter know Wikipedia allowed left-wing advocates to hijack The Heartland Institute’s profile, remove objective descriptions of our programs and publications, and replace them with lies, errors, and outright libelous claims. We are fighting back, and we hope you will join the cause......

Getting Climate Priorities Right, H. Sterling Burnett, Climate Change Weekly
Kudos to Bill Gates and other private actors’ investments in finding the next great energy breakthrough. The profit motive is most likely to secure reliable, affordable energy over the long term. But Gates and prominent “lukewarmers” like Bjorn Lomborg are wrong to declare the world also needs government to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to hasten an “energy miracle.” World leaders and government bureaucrats simply lack the individual or collective wisdom to know what types of investments, whether in energy or elsewhere, would most benefit the world......

The Climate Action Network: Funding Climate Alarmist Stunts Around the World

Ron Arnold @ Environment & Climate News

Climate Action Network International and its U.S. subsidiary, the U.S. Climate Action Network, are dangerous climate-alarmist coordination centers with unique access to climate negotiations and an outsized influence on climate policies.

The U.S. Climate Action Network (USCAN) is a dangerous and influential climate-alarmist coordination center located in Washington, DC that must be watched closely by those who support liberty and the free market.
USCAN is an affiliate of the Climate Action Network International (CANI), a worldwide network headquartered in Bonn, Germany. CANI was founded in 1989, one year after the U.N. Environment Program and the World Meteorological Organization were created by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
CANI is comprised of more than 900 climate-activist groups or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and is active in about 100 countries. At the end of 2015, USCAN was made up of 88 NGO groups.
CANI and the United Nations
CANI’s founders, including Michael Oppenheimer, senior scientist with the Environmental Defense Fund, are European and U.S. scientists who attended a U.N.-sponsored climate conference held in Villach, Austria in October, 1985. The conference was designed to tackle whether climate concern could be leveraged to create global government action.
The Villach conference’s activist scientists worked for several years to persuade key U.S. officials to back the IPCC concept. It became clear by the time IPCC’s “First Assessment” was due in 1990 IPCC would require an outside coordinating committee to develop a joint strategy diverse global groups could campaign with to reach their goal of “leveraging government action worldwide.” After the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change became a reality, CANI was formed to inform and encourage the development of a binding international climate treaty.
CANI was initially designed to be a temporary project, but because funding would only continue as long as CANI remained operative, the group transitioned into a policy and activism network, publishing papers and reports in the wake of the Convention, such as Climate Change: A Reader’s Guide to the IPCC Report, published in 1990 by Greenpeace-United Kingdom. This and other publications attracted donors to CANI.
Initially, only organizations from certain European nations and the United States were included in CANI, but CANI now has 10 regional networks and 10 national networks that include groups from all over the globe. Many of the 900 organizations included in the network have received funding and support from powerful government bodies, including the European Commission and the Belgian Environment Ministry.
USCAN is directed by a 21-member board of directors that is comprised entirely of officials from wealthy far-Left environmental groups, including Greenpeace, Union of Concerned Scientists, Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.
USCAN’s six-member staff members have unremarkable backgrounds, except for Keya Chatterjee, who serves as executive director. Chatterjee worked for the World Wide Fund for Nature for eight years after serving in climate-related positions at the U.S. Agency for International Development and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
USCAN and CANI operate full-time programs that are designed to influence global policy on climate change. Both organizations have close ties with U.N. delegates and communicate privately with U.N. leadership. They are most active during the United Nations’ Conference of the Parties (COP) meetings, which are attended by nations taking part in various U.N. climate negotiations and agreements, and PrepCons, which are preparatory conferences held prior to COP meetings. During these important meetings, CANI concentrates on convincing U.N. negotiators and the public to support its calls for draconian climate change policy reforms.
Since CANI was founded, network members have gained unprecedented access to U.N. leaders, and during pre-COP and COP meetings, CANI activists send a daily newsletter, titled ECO, to all diplomatic delegates and the media and have full access to U.N. facilities closed to all other NGOs.
Labor Provisions in Paris Climate Agreement
CANI played an influential role at the 2015 COP21 meeting in Paris, France. At a U.N.-sanctioned CANI panel discussion and press briefing, speakers discussed getting human rights and labor provisions embedded in the Paris climate agreement. This was especially controversial because no similar provisions have ever been contained within previous climate agreements or treaties.
One panel speaker, Kelly Stone, a senior policy analyst at ActionAid, a far-Left activist group, said language in any formal climate agreement emerging from the COP21 talks would include specific language regarding human rights, gender equality, and a “just transition to quality jobs in the workforce.”
The CANI panel proved prescient; the Paris agreement contained provisions stating parties to the agreement should, when addressing climate change, respect and promote human rights, gender equality, the empowerment of women, and should account for “a just transition of the workforce and the creation of decent work, and quality jobs.”
Despite the fact this later provision was in the preamble to the Paris agreement, rather than as a provision contained in its operational language, it was enough to help build support of the Paris agreement with the AFL-CIO, America’s labor power house, which issued a statement calling the agreement “a landmark achievement in international cooperation.”
AFL-CIO’s approval of the Paris agreement was a clear break from the way it and other labor unions viewed climate change agreements in the past. Worried about the impacts greenhouse-gas emissions restrictions would have on workers, AFL-CIO opposed the Kyoto climate agreement and refused to endorse any subsequent climate agreement—until the COP21 agreement was approved in Paris.
Eject, Arrest ‘Climate Criminals’
CANI called for the United Nations to eject all skeptics from the Paris talks, but CANI was unsuccessful because many of the skeptic groups had held for years the proper credentials issued by the U.N. Economic and Social Council, the agency that grants credentials to participate in COP events.
In response to a COP21 counter climate conference held at the Hotel California in Paris by The Heartland Institute, which publishes Environment & Climate News, CANI activists pasted “Wanted” posters outside Paris’ luxury hotels, falsely accusing skeptics of “having ties to the fossil fuel industry” and calling them “climate change criminals.”
CANI produced and distributed the posters with the help of New York City-based Left-wing organization Avaaz, a nonprofit group that arranges direct-action events, such as protests, petition signings, and meetings to lobby public officials.
Avaaz, which had organized hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to march in their home locations in favor of a strong climate agreement during the Paris negotiations, printed more than 1,000 “Wanted” posters overnight, and CANI activists posted them. Avaaz volunteers also helped CANI by passing out fliers featuring climate change skeptics’ photos, which appeared alongside text that read “Criminal Wanted.” The fliers were placed in metro stations near the conference. CANI and Avaaz activists also blocked entrances to various events while handing out the “Wanted” posters. Paris Security Forces had to remove Avaaz members from several locations while the conference was being held.
An ‘Exercise in Silliness’
The New York Times ridiculed the “Wanted” posters, calling them a “[s]tunt by environmental activists target[ing] climate doubters.”
Concerning the wanted posters and the protests, the Times quoted Emma Ruby-Sachs, acting executive director of Avaaz, who told the newspaper, “These lobbyists have come to Paris to sabotage a global deal for ambitious climate action. Ministers must listen to their people, not polluters, and refuse meetings with climate criminals who want to derail a deal the whole world wants.”
The Times asked each of the seven climate skeptics who appeared on the wanted posters for comment.
Marc Morano, executive editor of the climate news site Climate Depot and one of the seven individuals who appeared on the posters, responded, “The posters are an exercise in silliness. Climate skeptics are here promoting open debate and arguing to allow dissent. The idea that any alternative views amount to a ‘criminal’ perspective is obscene.”
CANI’s actions did not prevent Morano from premiering his film Climate Hustle to a packed theater at the historic Cinéma du Panthéon. The publicity generated by the protests may have even contributed to the large crowd.
James M. Taylor, who was at the time a senior fellow at The Heartland Institute and is now president of the Spark of Freedom Foundation, was also targeted by the wanted posters. Taylor says the posters are an example of “vitriol” and “harassment.”
“It is a shame that people must experience such vitriol and harassment when they make scientific arguments supported by scientific data,” said Taylor. “If such attacks must be made, however, I am glad it was my face that appeared on their posters. I will always be proud to stand up for free and open discourse and ultimate truth.”
Following the Big-Green Money Trail
From 2006 through 2014, USCAN has received 236 grants from 54 foundations. Together, the grants are worth more than $13.7 million.
Most donors are members of the Environmental Grantmakers Association, a planning and organizing cartel for environmental foundations. Leading the way in donations given to USCAN is the Sea Change Foundation, which gave $3.6 million by the end of 2014, and the Energy Foundation, which gave $2.5 million. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Rockefeller Family Fund gave a combined $1.1 million to USCAN.
The donations given directly to USCAN only describe a small part of its funding and influence. Combined, USCAN-affiliated NGOs had an income of roughly $1.4 billion at the end of the 2014 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax-filing deadline, according to research provided by Robert Brulle in Changing Climate Politics: U.S. Policies and Civic Action.
More than 20 groups joined USCAN in the run up to the Paris climate talks in 2015, so its influence, wealth, and power have grown since Brulle’s research was conducted.
USCAN directly controls over $1 million in assets, according to 2014 IRS reporting data, and it had an income topping $2.1 million in 2014.
USCAN and CANI should be monitored closely by those concerned about the transparency and substance of global climate agreements, especially since they have enjoyed unique access to some of the world’s powerful politicians.
Ron Arnold ( is a free-enterprise activist, author, and commentator.