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Antonio Santiago killed on March 22, 2013

Tim Pulliam

SmFriday (March 22, 2014) is the first anniversary of Antonio Santiago's murder. His mother, Sherry West, says his death has changed her life forever.  The 13-month-old was shot and killed while on a neighborhood stroll with West. De'Marquise Elkins, 18, is serving a life sentence for the murder. A second teen charged with the murder is awaiting his trial.....To Read More....

Paradigms and Demographics: Morning Edition

Posted by Rich Kozlovich

genocide_template_clip_image002In June, Western democratic leaders invited Vladimir Putin to the 70th anniversary of D-Day memorial in France, but there’s no good reason he should have been be there. Putin is an autocrat, not a democrat. He laments the demise of the Soviet Union, a dictatorship that played no role in the D-Day operation. And since Putin is now conducting an incremental invasion of Ukraine, a different memorial would be more suitable. As it happens, this one is long overdue and remains shrouded in ignorance.
Seventy-five years ago, on August 23, 1939, the USSR and Nazi Germany became allies through the Stalin-Hitler Pact. Joachim von Ribbentrop signed for Hitler and Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov signed on behalf of Stalin. Molotov said that Hitlerism was “a matter of taste,” and that it was “not only senseless, but criminal” to wage war on Hitler “camouflaged as a fight for democracy.” Though often described as a “non-aggression pact,” the reverse was true.

The month after the Pact, Stalin and Hitler both invaded Poland, starting World War II. The Pact also gave Stalin control of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, which he retained after the war, along with other conquests such as Czechoslovakia, Hungary and what became the German Democrat Republic, the regime that made emigration an exciting experience......

Race Relations

Damn the evidence. Full speed ahead.

A Former Community Organizer’s View of Ferguson - Y. Kerry Sara How Obama's destructive legacy is reflected in the Missouri lynch mobHow Obama's destructive legacy on black issues is on display in Missouri. more »

Two Americas -Bob Lonsberry
The real divide in the United States.


Confirmed: 800 meters beneath Antarctic ice sheet, subglacial lake holds viable microbial ecosystems Cutting-edge technology and science of the NSF-funded WISSARD project make discovery possible In a finding that has implications for life in other extreme environments, both on Earth … Continue reading

Once in a life time opportunity to be an honest climate modeller — research scholarships! - Joanne Nova
This is a first! Announcing three scholarships for research-based higher degrees in Australia. Seeking Australian or New Zealand candidates who are science and engineering grads and interested in using neural nets to build climate models that work. This really is something new. Skeptical minds encouraged to apply. Please pass this on to people you think might be interested… – Jo Once in a Life Time Opportunity to be an Honest Climate Modeller From Jennifer Marohasy Most critics of anthropogenic global warming, and there are many, never get the opportunity to actually have a go at...more »  

Weakest solar wind of the space age and the current “mini” solar maximum - Anthony Watts From the new paper by McComas et al. The last solar minimum, which extended into 2009, was especially deep and prolonged. Since then, sunspot activity has gone through a very small peak while the heliospheric current sheet achieved large tilt …more »

Climate Craziness of the Week: Lowbrow science schtick for the Florida Governor - Anthony Watts From the you have to see this to believe it department. Dr. Ryan Maue brings attention to this ridiculous photo op outside the Florida Governor Rick Scott‘s office by an activist outfit called NextGenClimate…..

Foreign Policy - Middle East

Hillary’s Two-Faced Foreign Policy - Daniel Greenfield
The Obama rerun.

If you thought the U.N. International Baccalaureate and federal No Child Left Behind educational schemes were bad enough, you might want to look a little deeper. In light of the 9/11 attacks, you would think the current administration would use a little prudence if they were sincerely concerned about a Muslim threat. When Obama took his oath of office, he instead defied America in numerous ways. He has given $1.5 billion to Muslim-led Egypt in foreign aid, shortly after the Muslim Brotherhood declared war on the United States. This is the same man that said America is "no longer a Christian nation," followed by a reference that America may be described as a Muslim nation. Muslim indoctrination in public schools…..

Obama Delivers Empty Rhetoric About ISIS - Mark Tapson The enemy isn’t exactly quaking in its boots. more » more »

Understanding the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi Alliance - Caroline GlickWhy erstwhile enemies are joining forces in the Middle East.

more » Beheading as Symbolic Warfare - Dawn Perlmutter Deeper meanings hidden in the recording of James Foley's horrific death. more »

Appoint a Qualified Special Envoy for Religious Freedom, Mr. President Lindsay Vessey - A Radical-in-Chief's inaction in the face of genocide against religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

The Fate of the West - Enza Ferreri Either it will become Christian again or it will become Muslim. more »

Hamas’ Love Letter to ISIS (with Ten Tips) - Noah Beck How to manipulate the media to support the jihadist cause.

Other Stupidities

Feminism and Feminists Are a Big Part of What is Wrong With Modern American Society by Brandi Kay
Feminism and feminists are a big part of what is wrong in American society today. Men and women are different. We have always been different and will always be different. This seems like stating the obvious, but, unfortunately, feminists abhor this concept. They have tried to exploit these differences as a negative influence on society. They are wrong. This bears repeating: THEY ARE WRONG. Anyone, regardless of race, sexual preference, disability, or sex can be whatever they choose to be; they just have to be willing to work for it. And work hard, with the gifts that God has given them……

The Environmentalists' Solution to Pollution on MountEverest - Ileana Johnson
Environmentalists have switched their assault on the world economy to a new frontier, previously unaffected by their agenda – peaks. Mount Everest, to be more specific, located between China and Nepal in the Himalayas. The 29,029-foot mountain is in danger. What is the crisis? According to the National Geographic team, the mountain is "overcrowded with inexperienced climbers and polluted with waste." The nature of the pollution includes human corpses, human excrement, garbage leaking from glaciers, abandoned equipment, and overcrowding. How crowded could it be? Mark Jenkins described, at 26,000 feet, the dangerous inconvenience of more than 100 climbers moving slowly, forcing everybody else to move at the same pace.

It should be evident enough with our porous Southern Border that the fear hyped from potential terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11 is more a mechanism of societal control than a real, tangible threat.  But nothing has proven that more than a recent WIRED report into how completely useless those Rapiscan full body scanners the Transportation Security Administration had been using at airports up until last year — you know, the ones that showed off you and your grandmother and children’s private parts in fine detail for all of TSA to see — really are.

Police, lawyerrelease statements on student's alleged dinosaur killing By Ray Rivera and Sujata Jain
A Summerville High School student who says he was arrested and suspended after writing about killing a dinosaur using a gun in a class assignment has hired a lawyer. Attorney David Aylor, who is representing 16-year-old Alex Stone, said his client's arrest over a creative writing assignment on Tuesday was "completely absurd," and is seeking to appeal the suspension and "proceed with the legal issues of [Stone's] arrest." “This is a perfect example of ‘political correctness' that has exceeded the boundaries of common sense," Aylor said in a statement released on Thursday."Students were asked to write about themselves and a creative Facebook status update – just days into the new school year – and my client was arrested and suspended after a school assignment."

Several members of the grand jury that indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry on abuse of power charges are a little hurt that the governor labeled their actions as politically motivated (via Houston Chronicle):


From Benny Peiser's Global Warming Policy Foundation

Refracking Ready To Rejuvenate Shale Revolution

Amazing Shale Revolution To Bring Down World Food Prices

Wells sunk as little as three years ago are being fracked again, the latest innovation in the technology-driven shale oil revolution. Thanks to the dual-deployment of horizontal well drilling and hydraulic fracturing, oil and gas firms have unlocked massive new reserves across the United States, completely transforming America’s energy fortunes in just a matter of years. It’s a common but very serious mistake to predict the future based on what holds true today. In this case, those who have predicted the demise of the shale revolution may soon be forced to eat their words. The pace of technological change is accelerating, redefining possibilities along the way. --Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest, 20 August 2014

History has taught us that nothing transforms a society or improves the quality of life more than man’s ability to effectively and efficiently harness and develop previously untapped sources of energy. The discovery of fire took us out of the stone-age, hydro-power, combustion, and coal power birthed the Industrial Revolution, our discovery and development of fossil fuels such as oil and gas catapulted us to the modern and technological age we are in today. The recent expansion of oil and gas production in Northern Mexico is expected to top $1 trillion in investment over 10 years and create over 2.5 million new jobs by 2025 creating a new energy paradigm for North America. By combining the United States, Canada, and Mexico, oil and gas production in North America will be bigger than OPEC. --Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, Bakken News, 20 August 2014

The “gale of shale” is hitting the US and the world with surplus energy. In 2000, shale was 2% of natural gas supply; in 2012, it was about 37%; and will be about 65% within the next two decades. The US is poised for shipping out shale gas in liquefied form as net exporter of energy. American motorists are consuming less gasoline, thereby limiting the blend of biofuels like ethanol. The “energy security” lobby of the US is no longer supportive of biofuels. With sufficiency and viability of shale gas, the future demand of ethanol will shrink, resulting into demand compression of corn, especially in the US, and its price will move southwards in the coming years. --Tejinder Narang, The Financial Express, 19 August 2014

Europe may be on the cusp of developing a shale natural gas sector that could mimic the expansion in the United States, analysis from Wood Mackenzie finds. Robert Clarke, director of research into the area for Wood Mackenzie, said U.S. shale gas production has evolved from operations in easy-to-reach and highly productive basins to what he’s describing as “unconventional 3.0
—a phase characterized by a lessons-learned approach to areas once considered too difficult for commercial drilling.“Europe is one of the best areas outside of the United States for this to occur,” he said Wednesday in an e-mailed statement. --Daniel J. Graeber, UPI, 20 August 2014

The violence and cutthroat politics of the Middle East, combined with declining oil and gas production levels, has triggered a subtle but significant shift away from what has long been the center of the energy industry to other regions around the world. On top of that, the region’s production and share of the market is in decline. It all adds up to a subtle but significant shifting of the center of the oil and gas universe toward Africa, Asia, and North and South America. As the Reuters report says, “Advances in horizontal
drilling, hydraulic fracturing, seismic surveying and deepwater drilling have opened a much broader global oil and gas resource base, giving exploration and production companies many more options.” --Claude Salhani, Oil Price, 20 August 2014

China is looking to the West – and especially to Texas – as it seeks to unlock its vast shale formations in hopes of launching an American-style energy revolution. Facing stubborn rock and high costs, Chinese oil companies are giving U.S. firms a bigger stake in exchange for the tools and technology of hydraulic fracturing, which helped turn American production around and gave the nation new status as an energy power. --Collin Eaton, Houston Chronicle, 16 August 2014

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Our Descent into Madness

by EDWARD CLINE  August 18, 2014

"Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad." -
Euripides, 5th Century B.C. Greek tragedian

No, we are not all descending into madness. Just our political leaders, our news media, our schools, and assorted loose human cannons who are plumbing the depths of insanity and institutional irrationality to see when their and our craniums crack. And they seem to want the rest of us to go berserk and take up residence with them in their loony bin where we can all tiptoe through the tulips and have huggy-bear sessions with our killers. They are mad, and they wish to make us mad. Insanity is the new norm.

The America Heritage Medical Dictionary defines insanity (or madness) as:

1. Persistent mental disorder or derangement. Not in scientific use.
2. Unsoundness of mind sufficient in the judgment of a civil court to render a person unfit to maintain a contractual or other legal relationship or to warrant commitment to a mental health facility.
3. In most criminal jurisdictions, a degree of mental malfunctioning considered to be sufficient to relieve the accused of legal responsibility for the act committed.

In a sane world, men would not, for example, protest the right of Israel or any other sovereign nation to defend itself against attacks by its neighbors or by terrorist groups like Hamas. Instead, they would urge the Israeli government to wipe out its enemies and uproot them, or at least spray Hamas with a root-killing chemical (shall we call it "DDT" - Deter Deranged Terrorism?) and leave their former subjects and human shields to fend for themselves.

Another mark of madness is the spectacle of Jews opposing Israel's existence and blaming Jews for anti-Semitism, and even accusing them of racism. Daniel Greenfield, in his August 8th FrontPage article, "J Street Accuses Jews of Racism, Blames Jews for Anti-Semitism," noted another form of madness:

After Hamas violated yet another ceasefire, anti-Israel group J Street stepped up to do what it does best. Attack Jews and Israel.

Jeremy Ben Ami [a spokesman for J Street] then launched into a pitch for letting Hamas smuggle as many weapons as it wants "Occupation, Blockade, Frustration, etc...), accused Israel of racism, warned Israel to "heed to the advice of its friends in the White House and the State Department and at a minimum should show them the respect that the country's closest ally deserves."

Then Jeremy Ben Ami claimed that the conflict was promoting anti-Semitism and ranted about "growth and extent of hatred of the other, intolerance and outright racism in our own Jewish community."

For example, one would have thought that the virulent anti-Semitism that as a rule in the past expressed itself Nazi-style in murders, fire-bombings, attacking Jews, and in loud and noisy demonstrations against Jews and Israel was a disease that had been eradicated or at least suppressed, like polio or malaria. There was a time when, if one was an anti-Semite, one kept it to oneself. There was a time when it was at the risk of social embarrassment and even ostracism to blurt it out. Now tens of thousands of people are flaunting it, boasting of it, spitting out their venom under the pretence of "freedom of speech." It is a form of Kristallnacht, practiced by Muslims and their allies on the Left in demonstrations and by roving mobs. Douglas Murray, in his August 13th Gatestone Institute article "Are ‘Integrated Muslims' Integrated?" writes:

The Gaza War has produced flagrantly anti-Semitic protests, attacks on Jews and the burning down of Jewish buildings. Those protests have come as a surprise to parts of the European public - nowhere more so than in Germany, where a hatred thought to have been disgraced for all time has found its way back onto European streets under a new guise....

Most noticeable was that the protests across Western European cities have overwhelmingly been led by Muslims - not Islamists - just normal, "integrated" Muslims, who stay at home when any other war occurs. (Where were their protests against Qatar for funding Hamas?)

Where were they? Whatever advances the imposition of an Islamic caliphate is justified, even when it's a violent imposition, and not a candidate for protest. It's nothing to shout about, not an opportune time to carry signs that say, "Islam will dominate" and "Kill those who insult the Prophet." The Koran permits latitude of discretionary protesting. To wit, one of many, many instances:

Sura 8:38-42 (Keep fighting them until they stop persecuting believers and until Islam is established. If they stop fighting then stop. Now, a fifth of all the booty belongs to God and His leader.)

"Say to the unbelievers, if (now) they desist (from unbelief), their past would be forgiven them, but if they persist, the punishment of those before them is already (a matter of warning for them)." And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God altogether and everywhere. But if they cease, verily God doth see all that they do. [YA: "If they cease from fighting and from the persecution of truth, God judges them by their actions and their motives, and would not wish that they should be harassed with further hostility."]

There are 164 such verses in the Koran, each as bloody minded as the next.

And what is the policy of the mad men who know what a global Islamic "world order" would entail, which is slaughter, rapine, destruction, and legalized looting? To submit peacefully and without prejudice to Islam, for otherwise there would be "violence."

Notwithstanding the mountains of data and evidence about the fundamental means and ends of Islam and Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas, our political culture is poisoned with the Kantian/Hegelian imperative that the West must, in the name of "peace," negotiate and tolerate our executioners. These urgent supplications have come from such demonstrable fools and professional altruists, and gadflies for "peace" such as Jimmy Carter, former U.S. president, and Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland in their Foreign Policy article , "How to Fix it," of August 4th :

This tragedy results from the deliberate obstruction of a promising move toward peace in the region, when a reconciliation agreement among the Palestinian factions was announced in April. This was a major concession by Hamas, in opening Gaza to joint control under a technocratic government that did not include any Hamas members. The new government also pledged to adopt the three basic principles demanded by the Middle East Quartet comprised of the United Nations, the United States, the European Union, and Russia: nonviolence, recognition of Israel, and adherence to past agreements. Tragically, Israel rejected this opportunity for peace and has succeeded in preventing the new government's deployment in Gaza....

There is no humane or legal justification for the way the Israeli Defense Forces are conducting this war. Israeli bombs, missiles, and artillery have pulverized large parts of Gaza, including thousands of homes, schools, and hospitals....

There is never an excuse for deliberate attacks on civilians in conflict. These are war crimes. This is true for both sides. Hamas's indiscriminate targeting of Israeli civilians is equally unacceptable. However, three Israeli civilians have been killed by Palestinian rockets, while an overwhelming majority of the 1,600 Palestinians killed have been civilians, including more than 330 children. The need for international judicial proceedings to investigate and end these violations of international law should be taken very seriously.

According to Carter and Robinson, Israel is guilty by the fact that regardless of Israel being attacked by Hamas, and its rockets deliberately pointed at Israeli citizens, hoping to inflict as many deaths as possible, especially of Israeli children, it had no right to retaliate with all the force it could muster, and regardless of Hamas's using Palestinians as human shields, including men, women and children, Israel is more guilty than Hamas because more Palestinians died than did Israelis. This is topsy-turvy thinking, if can be called thinking at all. It is lunacy. It defies reason, logic, and all measures of morality. Carter and Robinson must know down deep - or perhaps they don't, and that is a measure of their insanity - that if Israel meets all of Hamas's demands, it would be signing its own death warrant. Andrew McCarthy, in his PJ Media article of August 6th, "Carter and Robinson: The Hamas Jihad's Useful Idiots," noted that:

Carter and Robinson are desperate to derive or otherwise manufacture Hamas's purported agreement to the Quartet conditions because Hamas has made quite clear that it will never actually agree to renounce the jihad and accept Israel's right to exist. The authors would cut Hamas slack on this score because, they say, the organization cannot be expected to "cooperate in its own demise."

Even by loathsome Carter-Robinson standards, the assertion is breathtaking. The operating assumption of their op-ed is thatIsrael must cooperate in its own demise by ceasing to defend itself and abandoning the blockades absent which Hamas would quickly acquire even more deadly mass-destruction weapons. Furthermore, Hamas' raison d'ĂȘtre is the annihilation of Israel by terrorist jihad; so by the authors' reasoning, it could never be expected to agree to non-violent coexistence with a Jewish state since that would amount to the demise of Hamas. Without the demise of Hamas, there is no chance for peace in the Middle East. It will require tuning out terror's useful idiots.

In his FrontPage article of August 6th, "Jimmy Carter: The Only Way to Fix Gaza is by Giving Hamas Everything It Wants,"Daniel Greenfield notes that:

Carter skips over that by claiming that peace will only come from a PLO-Hamas agreement (what's more likely to bring peace than a unity agreement between two terror groups?) and urges a lifting of the blockade and replacing Egyptian and Israeli border monitoring with the UN.

"The international community's initial goal should be the full restoration of the free movement of people and goods to and from Gaza through Israel, Egypt, and the sea. Concurrently, the United States and EU should recognize that Hamas is not just a military but also a political force. Hamas cannot be wished away, nor will it cooperate in its own demise. Only by recognizing its legitimacy as a political actor - one that represents a substantial portion of the Palestinian people - can the West begin to provide the right incentives for Hamas to lay down its weapons."

Carter presumes that Hamas wants to lay down its weapons. There is no evidence of that whatsoever. Hamas is an acronym for "Islamic Resistance Movement". The goal of terrorist groups is to take power, not put down their weapons. Hamas deals with dissent by shooting dissenters.

Hamas, if Israel is foolish enough to empower it with concessions, means to commit genocide, just as the "Islamic State or ISIS is committed to the genocide of the Yazidis, by kidnapping Yazidi women and girls for rape and sex slavery. An unsigned Catholic Online article of August 14th, "300 Kurds kidnapped for rape: The Islamic state plans to breed out the blonde Iraqis," reports:

There are fears that the 300 Yazidi women who have been kidnapped by militants from the Islamic State last week will be used to bear children in order to break up the ancient community's bloodline....

Referencing the kidnapping of the Yazidi women, Adnan Kochar, chairman of the Kurdish Cultural Center in London told MailOnline: "The Kurds and Yazidis are originally Aryans. But because the Yazidis are such a closed community they have retained a fairer complexion, blonder hair and blue eyes. They don't marry non-Yazidis. Kochar continued: "ISIS have taken around 300 women from Sinjar to give to jihadists to marry and make pregnant to have a Muslim child. If they can't kill all Yazidis, they will try to smash the blond bloodline."

This story was also carried by the Daily Mail and other sites. Well, there's Islam's tolerance and absence of racism for you.

Meanwhile, in Europe and other places, anti-Semitism is raising its ancient and ugly head. H ere is a photo gallery of the cities in which anti-Israel (and anti-Semitic) "protests" took place, with the Gaza War, which Hamas was losing, being the excuse to vent one's hatred. Or madness.

The U.S. has seen its share of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel demonstrations. But the Metropolitan Opera has committed the most outrageous and contemptible expression of anti-Semitism by going ahead with the production of an "opera" that decidedly blames Jews for their murders. Surely this is a sign of troubling derangement. The opera is The Death of Klinghoffer. The New York Post reported on June 16th in its article, "Metropolitan Opera romanticizes one NYer's murder":

In 1985, New Yorker Leon Klinghoffer, 69, and his wife Marilyn took a cruise to celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary. Leon never came back: Four members of the Palestine Liberation Front hijacked the Achille Lauro, shot him in the head and threw him overboard in his wheelchair.

Starting in October, The Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Center plans to show a mockery of this brutal murder - the long-dormant "The Death of Klinghoffer." The title gives away the show's agenda: Klinghoffer didn't "die": This World War II vet was murdered by terrorists.

The show has widely been denounced as anti-Semitic and sympathetic to the hijackers. Performances planned in Boston and elsewhere were cancelled shortly after 9/11. If it wasn't then, what makes it acceptable now for Lincoln Center to glorify the murderers of a disabled New Yorker?....

The Metropolitan Opera receives local, state and federal funding. Will taxpayer funds support anti-Semitism? What is the artistic value in celebrating the murder of innocents?

The Met cancelled its lucrative simulcast of the show which would have reached perhaps thousands of paying subscribers in the U.S. and across the word when it was broadcast in local theaters. Fox News, in its June 24th article, "Met Opera stands behind decision to cancel ‘Klinghoffer' simulcast amid anti-Semitic concerns," reported the cancellation of the simulcast and revealed the depraved state of its general manager, Peter Gelb. If the opera is not anti-Semitic, it is in the worse possible taste. The cancellation of the simulcast was a reaction to the severe criticism the opera received.

The Metropolitan Opera is standing firm in its decision to cancel plans for a global simulcast to cinemas of John Adams' "The Death of Klinghoffer" despite receiving criticism for shifting their plans once concerns rose that the show could stir anti-Semitic sentiments.

The Met's press director, Peter Clark, acknowledged the criticism when reached by FOX411, but said there are no plans to reconsider the decision, despite the harsh reactions [from those accusing the opera's critics of censorship].

"I'm convinced that the opera is not anti-Semitic," Peter Gelb said. "But I've also become convinced that there is genuine concern in the international Jewish community that the live transmission of ‘The Death of Klinghoffer' would be inappropriate at this time of rising anti-Semitism, particularly in Europe...."

Jewish advocacy groups immediately lauded the move to cancel the simulcast.

The ADL praised the decision, noting that "while the opera itself is not anti-Semitic, there is a concern the opera could be used in foreign countries as a means to stir up anti-Israel sentiments or as a vehicle to promote anti-Semitism."

Put another way, staging The Death of Klinghoffer is tantamount to staging an opera, complete with atonal singing and music and an absurdist script, about the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman during the Ferguson, Missouri riots over the shooting of Michael Brown, a thug, by a city police officer. It, too, would also be elevating criminality and unreason to a high art, and celebrating insanity.

The gods are not destroying us and Western civilization. We are destroying ourselves and it.

Edward Cline is the author of the Sparrowhawk novels set in England and Virginia in the pre-Revolutionary period, of several detective and suspense novels, and three collections of his commentaries and columns, all available on Amazon Books. His essays, book reviews, and other articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Journal of Information Ethics and other publications. He is a frequent contributor to Rule of Reason, Family Security Matters, Capitalism Magazine and other Web publications.

Read more: Family Security Matters

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Tell Me Their Names?

By Rich Kozlovich

Editor's Note: I ran this originally on November 23, 2013, referencing the false Trayvon Martin narrative created by the media. This is just as valid with Michael Brown as it was then with Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin was an aggressive, violent thug, and it seems perfectly clear to me so was Michael Brown.

For the readers of Paradigms and Demographics this won’t be anything new, but (kudos to Fox) recently Fox News has been running features on a growing problem in the black community called “knockout”. According to black youths its 'just a game’. Interesting game! They pick out a person who is alone or seeming incapable of standing against a young violent thug…or thugs….and beat them senseless. The goal is to do it with one punch, but often times they just beat them to death. Men or women, it doesn’t matter, just so long as they are white.

These punks are nothing but cowardly curs, but they’re all black cowardly curs, so the mainstream media says nothing. Big mouths like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP leadership, and all the trash talking Hollywood crowd who just thought it was terrible that a thug like Trayvon Martin (whom idiots like Richard Dreyfus started calling ‘a child’) was killed are saying nothing. They are just as silent now as they were when that 13 month old baby was murdered by two black ‘children’ aged 17 and 14.Apparently black ‘children’ really are that dangerous.

By the way -without looking it up - what was that 13 month old child’s name? You don’t know it do you? You know Trayvon Martin’s name, why don’t you know that child’s name? Martin was a criminal and a thug, but you all know his name, and it was presented in such a way to generate sympathy for him. That 13 month old baby really was innocent. He never did one bit of harm to anyone. He wasn’t a criminal, he wasn’t a thug, but most importantly, he was a white baby deliberately murdered by black ‘children’, so little was made of it by the media. If it wasn’t for the internet no one would know about this tragedy. For those who disagree with me, tell me, please – what was that poor child’s name?

Recently an article appeared, entitled, Three “Knockout” Attacks Reported In Philadelphia Area, saying;“knockout” attacks have been reported in several states around the country and now investigators believe three people have been attacked in our area. Police in Lower Merion are investigating two attacks in the area, and Philadelphia detectives are investigating an attack in Northeast Philadelphia. It’s a violent crime that in other parts of the country has proven fatal.”

This article demonstrates the pattern of cowardice displayed by these cowardly black youths. One victim said; “Someone asked me for a cigarette and by the time I got my hands out my pocket I was getting hit by four kids.” He says, “It was hard seeing and I’m still having trouble breathing and swallowing.”

Then, “On October 29th, two black ‘children’ beat “a 63-year-old man who was walking his dog.” “He punched him right in the mouth and knocked him to the ground.” In another case “an elderly man was also attacked when he was mowing his lawn outside of his home.”The victim said some “‘kid’ came up to him and just punching him in the mouth. He ended up laying the street with his lawnmower.” It turns out this ’kid’ “did it on a dare. He said give me five dollars and I’ll knock that guy out.”This elderly man “is now using a cane and a walker to get around. He has had to undergo multiple medical procedures”, and Jesse and his mob, which includes the main stream media, remain silent.

By the way, what was that old man’s name?

There was a recent article in entitled, Eric Holder, Hate Crimes and Double Standards, by Colin Flaherty, where-in he highlights this national violent out of control racism by blacks against whites, and in some cases against homosexuals.

1. In Brooklyn ten black people surrounded a car, then beat the two white occupants, a husband and wife. They even called them racial names, as in “Get those crackers” and “get that white whore.” All in front of witnesses in the middle of the day. The Brooklyn DA says he will not file hate crime charges.

2. In New Haven, a few days before that, 500 black people attending a party called An All Black Affair,” destroyed property and rioted in a downtown restaurant. Then outside. Then in two more restaurants. Not only are there no hate crime charges, New Haven police did not arrest anyone for anything during these rampages. Race was the central organizing feature of the party — and the riot.

3. A few days before that in St. Paul, a car full of black people robbed and assaulted a white woman. They called her a “white bitch” while holding her down so one of the assailants could urinate on her.

4.A few days before that in Tacoma, a car full of black people shouted racial expletives at two white soldiers. Soon one soldier was dead from a knife. No hate crime charges have been filed.

5. A few days before that in Pittsburgh, a group of black people pulled a white woman from her car, and while beating her, yelled “Shut up white [expletive].” The other said, “Get that white [expletive].”

6. In Iowa – yes Iowa — hordes of black people beat white people in and out of the Iowa State Fair for three nights in a row in 2011. A police report says some of the people involved were chanting “Beat Whitey Night.” It only takes a few magic words to turn a vicious assault into a federal hate crime. And that seems to fit the bill.

Hate crimes? Really? Then why aren't we seeing the Justice Department going after these people under hate crime laws? Holder is still trying to figure out some way to put Zimmerman in jail, so what's different here? These thugs are black; Holder is a vile racist; and the members of the main stream media have sunken to the level of 'sewer trout', except that is an insult to sewers.

By the way. What were all of these people’s names?

Thomas Sowell, on October 24, 2013, wrote an article entitled Early Skirmishes in a Race War” noting that : “officials and media aren’t being honest about the violence.” He first outlines the problem and what is going on and then ends the article with these paragraphs.

“books are emerging that are more clearly a white backlash, in the sense that they attack behavior patterns among contemporary blacks in general. Perhaps the most clearly “backlash” books are those written by Paul Kersey, whose central theme is that whites have created thriving cities, which blacks subsequently took over and ruined. Examples include his books about Birmingham (The Tragic City) and Detroit (Escape from Detroit).

“Kersey even takes a swing at Rush Limbaugh (and at yours truly) for saying that liberal policies destroyed these cities. He says that San Francisco and other cities with liberal policies, but without black demographic and political takeovers, have not been ruined. His books are poorly written, but they raise tough questions.”

“It would be easy to simply dismiss Kersey as a racist. But denouncing him or ignoring him is not refuting him. Refuting requires thought, which has largely been replaced by fashionable buzzwords and catchphrases when it comes to discussions of race.”

“Thought is long overdue. So is honesty.”

One more thing! That 13 month old child’s name was Antonio Santiago.

Paradigms and Demographics: Morning Edition - Ferguson In Perspective

Ferguson and the Real Race War by
Since the shooting of Michael Brown by a white policeman and the ensuing riots and looting in Ferguson, MO, Americans have been told, yet again, that there is an epidemic of crime against black people in this country. But is there really a race war, and if so, which side is actually waging it? See Bill Whittle’s video below and transcript here. 

The events in Ferguson, Missouri this past week have triggered calls for President Obama to push for an anti-race profiling-bill to prevent police from “disproportionately targeting ethnic minorities for investigation, interrogation and arrest” – Obama has helped pass such legislation when he was a state senator –Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) has urged Congress to introduce legislation that would “once and for all prohibit racial profiling by law enforcement officials."  In spite of“racial profiling” more naturally being a state matter (insofar that it’s regulatable), such a power grab by the federal government is entirely possible due to the gradual expansion of the Thirteenth Amendment’s ban on slavery. Although relatively dormant during the first 100 years of its passage, the Thirteenth Amendment’s Section 2 enforcement power, which authorizes Congress to enact “appropriate legislation”to end the “badges and incidents of slavery,” has dramatically widened since the 1960s and could “justify” such a bill.......

Perhaps it’s time for conservatives to finally concede the undeniable truth: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and their fellow civil-rights crusaders have apparently been correct all along: There is indeed a whole lot of racism in America that just won’t go away. Thus it’s wholly understandable that Sharpton—emphasizing that “We have had enough!”—has so passionately condemned the recent police “execution” of Michael Brown in Missouri. It’s likewise understandable that he calls this a “defining moment” for our country, a moment where the nation itself—with all its weighty, racist baggage—“is on trial.”  The numbers, after all, don’t lie. During the most recent five-year period for which single-offender, interracial crime statistics are available, whites committed, on average, 65,923 assaults annually against black victims.[1] To frame it another way, 33.5 of every 100,000 whites in the U.S. assaulted a black victim at some point during each of those five years.  Oh, sure, the nitpickers will point out that during the same five-year period, blacks in the U.S. committed, on average, some 327,900 assaults annually against whites—meaning that about 898 of every 100,000 blacks nationwide assaulted a white victim at some point each year. In other words, statistically the average black was nearly 27 times more likely to assault a white, than vice versa—898 versus 33.5 (out of every 100,000).

The events in Ferguson, Missouri this past week have triggered calls for President Obama to push for an anti-race profiling-bill to prevent police from “disproportionately targeting ethnic minorities for investigation, interrogation and arrest” – Obama has helped pass such legislation when he was a state senator –Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) has urged Congress to introduce legislation that would “once and for all prohibit racial profiling by law enforcement officials.”  In spite of “racial profiling” more naturally being a state matter (insofar that it’s regulatable), such a power grab by the federal government is entirely possible due to the gradual expansion of the Thirteenth Amendment’s ban on slavery. Although relatively dormant during the first 100 years of its passage, the Thirteenth Amendment’s Section 2 enforcement power, which authorizes Congress to enact “appropriate legislation” to end the “badges and incidents of slavery,” has dramatically widened since the 1960s and could “justify” such a bill.......

Why isn’t anyone speaking the most obvious and most disturbing truth about what has been taking place in Ferguson? This is a lynch mob. It is unconcerned with the facts, impatient with due process, and it wants a severely injured officer who is probably the victim of a vicious criminal thug, indicted, tried and convicted or else. And the reason it wants him convicted is that he is white. This lynch mob even wants the prosecutor removed because his father was the victim of a black criminal 50 years ago.  This thuggery would be seen as classic lynch mob behavior except that it is composed mainly of blacks and its leaders include the Democrat Attorney General of the United States and the Democratic Governor the state of Missouri (on second thought this not so unusual). The mob is inflamed and abetted by an anti-white media that accepts the unfounded, actually ludicrous idea that unarmed black teens are regularly shot down in the streets by white police officers who are protected by a white supremacist power structure. As Bill O’Reilly courageously pointed out, there are approximately 12 million arrests every year in America and only 400 police shootings – and how many of these inspire criminal riots in the streets? Moreover, as O’Reilly did not mention, crime statistics show that a white person is 25 times more likely to be the victim of a violent crime committed by a black person than vice versa......