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Thouht For the Day: Ya Gotta Believe!!!!!!

So, Where's the Beef?

By Rich Kozlovich

Many years ago there was a hamburger commercial with a little old lady asking:  "Where's the Beef"? A legitimate question considering how small some beef patties are at some fast food joints. Well, I also think it's a legitimate question for what's going on in American politics and society today.  So, let's see if we can find it?

Commonsense & Wonder is a news blog that links something from Paradigms and Demographics on most days, which I appreciate.  But yesterday they also posted a link to an October 19th article by Joe Schoffstall entitled, GOP Women’s Group Attacking Trump Funded Solely by Male Democratic Donor, which reports:
"A new Republican women's group who is "fed up with Trump" and pouring cash into toss-up congressional districts is bankrolled solely by a male billionaire venture capitalist who is a major donor to Democratic campaigns and causes, Federal Election Commission filings show." 
"Republican Women for Progress, a Washington, D.C.-based "grassroots" nonprofit, was founded by Jennifer Pierotti Lim and Meghan Milloy and is comprised of "right-leaning" women who are opposed to President Donald Trump. The group has garnered glowing national media profiles that include a ten-minute segment on CBS News and articles in publications such as Glamour, Slate, and others."  
"We think the best thing that we can do for the party and for the country right now is to make sure there are good women—Democrat or Republican—that are elected to office and who can serve as a check on this administration and on the president," Milloy told the Detroit Metro Times. "[This effort] really was inspired by us talking to Republican women in these districts where they said there was just no way that they could vote for the Republican."  
"The group established a political action committee, the Republican Women for Progress PAC, on Sept. 13 to support their work for the midterms and has since spent $231,000 on independent expenditures for voter recruitment and advertisement productions in the toss-up districts in three states."
 And guess who's the sole donor bankrolling this effort?

"The PAC's October quarterly filing—the first from the group—also shows that the group of Republican women is bankrolled by just one donor: Reid Hoffman, a venture capitalist and co-founder of LinkedIn, who is a major donor to Democrats. Hoffman cut a $400,000 to the PAC on Sept. 27, its filings show."

I have some questions.
  • Does this seem just a little bit wacky to anyone else besides me?
  • How did they connect with Hoffman?
  • Should we really think this is truly all about finding "good women", irrespective of party to run for office?  
  • What qualifies as a "good woman" politician?
  • Are these women really members of the Republican party?
  • Is this nothing more than a leftist scheme to fool Republican women?
The left has been infiltrating and infesting every American institution - education, entertainment, news, unions and government - since the late 1800's.  Why would we believe they've not done the same thing to the Republican party becoming a Fifth Column foundationally undermining the Republican party base?

Hoffman has donated millions to far left politicians, and since he's the only person funding this "grass roots" group why would anyone believe he's open minded, or would support anyone who really is open minded?  That seems to be a far more important question to be answered, especially since "The co-founders of Republican Women for Progress previously led Republican Women for Hillary during the 2016 elections." 

Well, maybe this is legitimate, but if so, I have to ask:  If they can stomach Hillary Clinton, an exemplar of corruption and crime, what has Trump done that could possibly upset them so much? 

Where's the Beef?

On October 22 Dov Fischer published an article entitled, Ever Get the Feeling Someone Out there Is Bi-Poller?, saying maybe they want:
 "Maxine Waters to chair the House Committee on Financial Services. Indeed, what Caucasian married woman in America does not wear a button that says “Please, Maxine, Destroy My Family’s Finances”?  .............That appeals to women voters:" 
"Eric Holder urging them to kick Republicans. Cory Booker urging them to get in Republicans’ faces. And Hillary telling them that the only thing holding them back is that their husbands and sons control their minds and tell them how to vote?"
Or perhaps these Fifth Columnists think America wants to return to the "Obama pseudo-economy that never exceeded 2 percent GDP growth because — as President Trump always has feared — they just are sick-and-tired of winning."

Then the author says perhaps they're upset over:
  • a robust economy. 
  • deregulation of the Obama strangleholds on business.
  • expansion of energy exploration from hydraulic fracturing to ANWR leading to American energy independence.
  • strengthening and complete rebuilding of the United States military. 
  • revamping healthcare for veterans.
  • moving the American Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.
  • staring down North Korea and stopping the Doughboy’s missile launchings. 
  • staring down Vladimir Putin and arming Ukrainians as Obama never did.
  • destroying the ISIS caliphate in Raqqa.
  • forcing NATO countries to pony up on their payments before America withdraws from protecting their derrieres. 
  • successfully renegotiating NAFTA by inducing Mexico to agree to new terms that advantage American workers and then leaving Trudeau with no choice but to back down and agree likewise to America’s terms of renegotiation.
  • pulling out of the ridiculous Paris Climate Accord that allowed everyone to sit back and watch American industry handcuff itself and allow our jobs to go to China, India, and other emerging powers.
  • walking out of the perilous Iran Deal.
He goes on to say: "maybe suburbanites really are getting disgusted with and nauseated by winning so much"..... "tax cuts, pride in the flag, security at the border". 

So we have to ask, if this upsets them what exactly do they want?  Fischer mockingly goes on to say: 
  • If only we could have a return to Hillary and Benghazi.
  • Eric Holder and “Fast and Furious”.
  •  Susan Rice and her television interviews attributing the 9-11 Benghazi massacres to a YouTube video that only she and Hillary saw.
  • Susan returning to glory by hailing Bo Bergdahl for his “distinguished” service.
  • Lois Lerner weaponizing the IRS to use tax levies and withdraw tax accreditations based on politics.
  • Loretta Lynch meeting with #MeToo Bill at the tarmac to pervert justice.
  • [a] corrupt FBI upper-echelon made a mockery of investigation and justice when they confronted Hillary’s felonious spoliation of evidence during the scandal over her bathroom computer server.
  • Maybe......[they] miss the days when we were losing our manufacturing base to China and India. Maybe they have identified blocs of voters who are nervous that, in the event of a serious war, we now are assured that we always will have a thriving steel and aluminum industrial base at home.
  • Maybe they felt more comfortable knowing that, in war time, we always could rely on other countries to divert all their aluminum and steel to us. Like, why would Great Britain or Japan or Germany give themselves priority over America in supplying aluminum and steel during war time? 
  •  Maybe [there are] districts of people who can’t stand winning the re-shaping of the federal judiciary to reflect a respect for the Constitution as it is written and as it was conceived by our Founders. Maybe the suburban voters rue the reduction of judges who basically skip over the Constitution, ignore precedent, defy stare decisis, and just wake up in the morning and decide: “Here’s the new law I am going to legislate today from the bench — and then I will issue a nationwide injunction coercing every other court in America to follow the great idea that I came up with over my organic corn flakes and almond milk.”
  • Maybe there is a wave of voters breathlessly panting for their homes to become Sanctuary Cities, too, where Illegals can return again and again — after being deported again and again — and , sooner or later, kill someone innocent like a Kate Steinle… and then have a jury let them off.
So, I come right back to the original question. Where's the beef?

Well, here's something to beef about.  "The world has now amassed $247 trillion in debt, including $63 trillion borrowed by central governments".  Some day there will be a reckoning for all this debt.  Are we to believe Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Diane Feinstein, the Democrat party, and many in the Republican party are the solution?

Picture Diane Feinstein as Senate Judicial Committee chairman, Bernie Sanders as Senate Budget Committee chairman, Adam Schiff as Intelligence Committee chairman and Maxine Waters as Financial Services Committee’s chairman.  Are we to believe any of them are better at fixing this than Trump? If so, I've not seen one thing any of them has done in their careers that could possibly make any rational person believe that.

We've been told by Democrats over and over again that character doesn't count when determining who should be elected. All those listed above keep getting elected so it shows that must be true. 

You don't have to like Trump, but that's a separate issue that's largely immaterial, especially since all he's been criticized for was while he was a private citizen, not a public official, unlike all those listed whose corruption while in the public's service has been largely ignored by the media.

Now that's something to beef about.  

"Unreasonable": Superior Court Judge Signals She's Going To Gut Glyphosate Cancer Judgment

By ACSH Staff — October 19, 2018, 

In a blow to trial lawyers hoping to profit from a sympathetic jury in San Francisco, not to mention organic trade groups and activists at the University of California San Francisco, Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bolanos has shown she is likely to grant Monsanto's request for a new trial in the case they lost brought by trial lawyers who claim a weedkiller which can only affect the shikimate pathway in plants somehow caused non-Hodgkin lymphoma in a human.

In the first trial, an attorney from Baum Hedlund Aristei Goldman assured jurors they would "change the world" if they found Monsanto liable. Brent Wisner painted a picture of terrified corporate executives lamenting a decision against them. suggesting the science community knows it is wrong and was worried about being caught. Though it was pure theater, it worked, and despite it being impossible for a weedkiller to have a cancerous effect on human biology, they awarded an alarming $250,000,000 in punitive damages, because the left coast jury believed the company knew that the product could cause cancer and warned no one. And that seems to be what concerned Judge Bolanos, who noted there was no "clear and convincing evidence" of malice. Which is legalese for 'the jury got it wrong.'

In reality, the company would not warn people about cancer because it would be illegal. It is false advertising and they can't be compelled to lie on a label any more than they could claim Roundup cures cancer. The entire scientific community has proved glyphosate only acts in plants. The only group that suggests otherwise is a cabal of statisticians at the U.N., and one of them, Chris Portier, was outed as being a consultant for an activist group which was lobbying against glyphosate. He even signed a contract with trial lawyers out to sue over glyphosate before the IARC finding he helped manipulate was released. How did they know it would go in their favor? Critics believe Portier tipped them off so he could collect a check.

The ruling was scientifically an abomination but the behavior of the jury since has been even more bizarre. Three jurors have written the judge to tell her she would be wrong to overturn it, and have made numerous media appearances, which is uncharacteristically aggressive. But the lawyers, armed with a support network of trade groups for a sector that competes against companies like Monsanto, have made that part of their strategy. The fact that Organic Consumers Association, the trade group which provides the bulk of the funding behind Baum Hedlund allies U.S. Right To Know, is prominently egging on the jurors may be a concern for the judge.

“I have never heard of jurors after the fact picking a fight with the judge over judicial rulings,” said Dr. Val Giddings, a senior fellow at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation in Washington.

The plaintiff, Dewayne Johnson, contracted non-Hodgkin lymphoma and was convinced that sporadic use of glyphosate in the weedkiller Roundup caused it, but a study of 55,000 full-time agriculture workers who used the herbicide found no evidence it increased risk of cancers. The American Council on Science and Health submitted an amicus brief for the pro-science side.

Texas vs. California

October 22, 2018 by Dan Mitchell  @ International Liberty
California is like France. Both are wonderful places to visit. They’re also great places to live if you’re part of the elite.
But neither is the ideal option for ordinary people who want upward mobility.
Back in 2016, I shared Census Bureau data showing that income was growing much faster for people in Texas, especially if you focus on median income (and this data doesn’t even adjust for the cost of living).
So why is Texas growing faster?
Unsurprisingly, I think part of the answer is that the burden of government is significantly greater in California.
Take a look at this table from the most recent edition of Freedom in the 50 States.
Texas is not the freest state, but its #10 ranking is much better than California’s lowly #48 position.
If you’re wondering why Illinois isn’t at or near the bottom, keep in mind that this is a measure of overall economic freedom, not just fiscal policy.
In other words, California doesn’t just have onerous taxes and an excessive burden of government, it also has lots of red tape and intervention.
These numbers presumably help explain why Babylon Bee came up with this clever satire.
The Texas legislature has approved construction of a border wall surrounding the state in order to keep out unwanted refugees fleeing the rapidly crumbling dystopia of California. …The wall will run around the entirety of Texas, with extra security measures on the west side of the state to ensure undesirable Californian immigrants can’t make it across. …the west side will feature a 10-foot-thick concrete wall with laser turrets, barbed wire, and a moat filled with sharks to stop residents of the coastal state from slipping in undocumented and undetected. …“Far too many immigrants from California come here, take advantage of our pro-business, pro-liberty laws, and refuse to adjust to our way of life,” one Texas state rep said in an address to the assembly. “It is time for us to build a wall and make Governor Jerry Brown pay for it.”
This is the flip side of Walter Williams’ joke about California building a wall to keep taxpayers imprisoned.
But let’s return to serious analysis.
Writing for Forbes, Chuck DeVore highlights some differences between his home state and his new state.
Over the past decade, the top states by GDP growth are: North Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, Washington, and Oregon. …When using Supplemental Poverty Measure, the states with the highest poverty as averaged from 2014 to 2016, are: California (20.4%); Florida (18.8%); Louisiana (18.4%), Arizona (17.8%) and Mississippi (16.9%). The national average Supplemental Poverty rate over the last three years reported was 14.7%. Texas’ poverty rate was at the national average. …Combining two key factors, economic growth from 2007 to 2017 and the Supplemental Poverty Measure from 2014 to 2016, provides a better look at a state’s economic wellbeing.
Here’s a table from his column, which looks at growth and poverty in the nation’s five-largest states.
Texas wins for prosperity and California “wins” for poverty.

If you want more data comparing Texas and California, click here, here, and here.
P.S. Texas gets a bad score and California gets a middle-of-the-road score when looking at personal freedom, so the Lone Star State is not a libertarian paradise. If you do the same thing for international comparisons, Denmark is the world’s most libertarian nation.
P.P.S. Here’s my favorite California vs Texas joke.

Dream big, to build a brighter future

An immigrant’s saga offers lessons for all Americans, in every social and economic class

Mark Murphy

Whether they are bright-eyed college graduates plotting their life courses, entrepreneurs expanding their businesses or executives approaching retirement, my advice to anyone seeking to build a brighter future always starts with two words: Dream big!

I have found that entrepreneurial business owners will often overestimate what they can accomplish in one year and underestimate what they can accomplish in five years.

From my personal experience, I can think of no better example of the payoffs that basic, bold thinking can bring than my longtime client “Dylan” and his family (name changed to ensure his privacy).

As a young man, he crossed from Ireland to the United States and bussed tables in restaurants. Humility, hard work and the unlimited opportunity of America was his guide. Immediately, Dylan saved: a few dollars here, a few there. Eventually he had enough to invest in a convenience store. And another. And a third.

Five decades later, Dylan and his family have built an empire of over 600 convenience stores across the country. Their portfolio also includes a major real estate conglomerate and a chain of printing shops.

Dylan’s saga is a poignant case in point of two things. It shows that realizing dreams is not just the stuff of Horatio Alger and Netflix movies. In this 2018 economy, it is within anyone’s reach. To a large extent, it always has been.

His story also illustrates the role that a smart, innovative strategy can play in making that reach for the stars really happen. As a consultant, I have worked closely with Dylan and his family and other clients for decades, helping them make wise business planning and investment decisions. To articulate that vision and turn it into an actionable plan is one of the highlights of anyone in my profession.

Our recommendations often differ dramatically from other consultants’ advice. Theirs is often an old-school approach: take investors’ savings and put them in mix of money market CDs, IRAs and 401k’s, and talk about the returns they can generate. That’s beneficial, but it’s also limiting.

In the end, these generally amount to little more than inflation-adjusted holding accounts. The yields are limited. Did Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos earn their wealth by maxing out on 401k contribution?

Our advice: Open yourself to considering more imaginative options, each plan individually tailored to each individual entrepreneur. In general, we recommend focusing on other investments like re-investing in your own businesses.

In addition to devising such plans, providing ongoing, sound, consistent, long-term counsel, direction, compassionate companionship and corporate creativity is also vital.

In an era when the economic landscape can shift frequently and rapidly, corporate creativity – the efficient use of profits and innovative tax strategies – is especially important. The new US tax code, enacted at the end of 2017, has opened exciting new options. It includes some excellent new provisions to spur reinvestment.

More and more, these unconventional approaches to investment yield the most impressive boons. And in working with dentists, doctors and other professionals, we also seek to change their concept of retirement.

In the past, the retirement formula involved selling one’s practice and living off the proceeds. However, an exciting, alternative option is to maintain ownership of practices and transform them into revenue producing ventures. The clients can then step back from their daily professional careers and pursue their dreams.

So far, only a small percentage of entrepreneurs is open to these uncommon ways of thinking. Most prefer socking away profits in those money market funds and other old-school approaches to investment. For those more comfortable with portfolios that yield modest but secure returns, that is understandable. Often, it’s a core belief.

But one of the roles for companies like mine is to challenge core beliefs. We believe that entrepreneurs who are willing to engage in unconventional approaches can come much closer to achieving their dreams.

There are many additional examples. Andrew is a dentist who worked diligently to put away $5 million in savings over three and a half decades. Using that cache to make strategic investments, he slowly but steadily acquired the means to enjoy the life he and his family dreamed about when he first opened his practice.

Indeed, the time and commitment required is one of the most essential and least understood aspects of transforming big dreams into realities. Entrepreneurs are often restless and impatient; they are visionary and big picture. That’s good.

But the important thing is to identify the goal and be patient and diligent in working toward it.

In Dylan’s case, he was able to articulate his dream early. Beyond the business investments, what he really wanted was the unity and happiness of his family. The businesses were always a means to that end.

Before opening his first convenience store, Dylan sent back to Ireland for his eldest son. Soon he brought another over. Others followed, one by one. Fifty years later, the whole clan and its descendants, more than two hundred strong, is settled in the United States – thriving, investing, expanding and hiring.

With that, Dylan’s real big dream became a reality. That’s why we love working with entrepreneurs, investigating more visionary alternatives, and focusing on the “long game” with our clients.

Mark Murphy is the founder of Northeast Private Client Group and author of “The Win-Win Outcome: The deal maker’s guide to buying and selling dental practices.” Financial advisor Benjamin Bush is a partner in the Group.

Ticks Feast, Death Rate Spikes for Young Moose, Study Finds

By Erik Lief — October 17, 2018

New Hampshire-based researchers are witnessing something abnormal and troubling in the state's northern woodlands in recent years. They report that the moose population is being threatened, with a sharp increase in fatalities among its young being an alarming "unprecedented " development.

In a new study, these scientists found that 70 percent of moose calves have died in a recent three-year period, with the cause attributed to the dramatic rise in winter ticks that feast on their blood, "causing emaciation and severe metabolic imbalance."

For the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, 179 calves aged 9-to-12 months, all tagged with radio-frequency markings, were followed and observed. Over that time researchers discovered that 125 had died, with the primary cause of death for 88 percent of them being blood loss.

Upon post-mortem examination, an average of 47,371 winter ticks were found – on each calf.......To Read More.....

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Thought For the Day!

A.F. Branco Cartoon Roundup - Hillary Civility

Planned Parenthood Endorsed Him, Then He Bit a Woman

Posted by Daniel Greenfield 0 Comments Saturday, October 20, 2018 @ Sultan Knish Blog

State Senator Jeff Woodburn was the New Hampshire Senate Minority Leader, a frequent Trump critic and the former chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

Planned Parenthood’s New Hampshire Action Fund endorsed Woodburn. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England put money behind him. And Woodburn declared that he was “proud” to have the abortion organization’s support and to be a “strong advocate for women's health.”

Except maybe the health of the woman whom he is accused of biting and punching in the stomach.

A progressive politician, Senator Woodburn had regularly voted for abortion, gun control and repealing the death penalty. He cosponsored a bill to prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity” and pushed for legalizing marijuana. When the Democrats rolled out their Russian conspiracy theories after losing the election, he demanded a crackdown on vodka sales in New Hampshire.

"I didn’t realize there were so many Russian vodka connoisseurs," he fumed.

At the 2015 New Hampshire Democratic Convention, Woodburn spoke alongside Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and many other top national Dems. ”Onward! We need a Democratic Senate in the next election,” he bellowed at a joyless room of frowning millennial Bernie supporters and frumpy Clinton ‘H’ banner wavers. “We’ll get things done. We’ll serve the people!”

Hillary for New Hampshire held an open house with Senator Woodburn who led “a discussion on Hillary Clinton's plan for a vibrant rural America”. After the Access Hollywood tape came out, Woodburn urged, “It is time for each state Senate candidate to condemn, withdraw support for Donald Trump.”

And then in August, Senator Woodburn was arrested for allegedly biting a woman. The progressive politician was also accused of punching her, the first female County Democrat chair, in the stomach.

The feminist politician allegedly punched his fiancé, a social worker, former Dem chair and mother of two sons, in the stomach on Christmas Eve while she was wrapping Christmas presents.

New Hampshire Democrats had previously touted the woman allegedly assaulted by Woodburn as, “the first female in Coos history to become a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.”

But the Dems appear to be much less interested in the 35-year-old Bernie supporter now than when she was in a relationship with Woodburn, a party top dog twenty years older than her, who backed Hillary.

She’s no longer making their kind of history. Instead she’s making the wrong kind of history.

According to her account, as relayed by the attorney general’s office, “the victim said to him, ‘You just punched me in the stomach’ and he reportedly replied something to the effect of ‘oh did I hurt you…I’m sorry’ in a mocking manner.”

The biting allegedly happened when Woodburn tried to grab the wheel of the car as his fiancé was driving the drunken Democrat back from his birthday party which also doubled as a political fundraiser. After pulling over, “The victim said that Mr. Woodburn then proceeded to bite her left hand in the area of the palm and wrist as she reached for his phone.”

Photos of her hand have been released. They appear to show significant bruising and swelling where the Planned Parenthood endorsed politician allegedly bit her.

Senator Woodburn is claiming self-defense.

Despite Senator Woodburn’s arrest and trial, the nine domestic violence charges, four counts of assault, his progressive party is sticking with him. He is no longer the Minority Leader, but otherwise he isn’t going anywhere.

So much for believing all women.

“No one present supported calling for the Senator’s resignation,” acting county party Chairman Theodore Bosen said. And, a press release stated, “No one present believed he would fail to be re-elected or that his pending charges would hurt the party’s prospects this fall.”

They were right.

Woodburn easily won the Democrat primary against a write-in candidate with over 65% of the vote. The alleged domestic abuser took over 2 votes for every 1 by his female challenger.

"They’ve given me the job and they’re the only ones who can take it away," Senator Woodburn had said, explaining his refusal to resign.

And the Democrats chose to stand by their man while ignoring their woman.

Senator Woodburn had previously defeated Republican Dolly McPhaul by a sizable margin in 2016. He beat a previous female Republican challenger in 2012 by an even bigger margin. And it seems likely that, despite his upcoming trial, Woodburn will win again. Because the Democrats will stand with him.

The left likes to claim that it believes women. That its political movement is feminist and stands against abuse. Even while a tour featuring Bill and Hillary Clinton is becoming the hottest ticket in town.

The investigation of Keith Ellison’s allegations of domestic abuse has been rigged. Anthony Weiner, a close Clinton ally, is due to leave prison early for good behavior. Eric Schneiderman, another top New York Democrat, had gotten away with choking and abusing women for years.

One of his alleged victims wrote, “Three of my close friends told me to keep quiet because Eric's work was so important to the progressive cause.”

Schneiderman, like Woodward, Franken, Filner, Ellison and Ted Kennedy, and many other alleged abusers of women, was close to Planned Parenthood. And even after the allegations went public, Planned Parenthood attacked Kellyanne Conway for criticizing him. Democrats will drop abusers, when their abuses go national enough to become an embarrassment, but otherwise they will stick by them.

New Hampshire Democrats have played the same double game with Woodburn, as some national Democrats are doing with Keith Ellison, condemning him in word, but doing nothing about him in deed.

Woodburn, Schneiderman, Filner, Franken, Ellison, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton were able to thrive because the Democrats made their victims, their friends, the media and any potential allies feel that they would be betraying the cause of women’s rights if they made these accusations of abuse public.

The twisted logic of the left demanded that women accept their abuse to protect “women’s rights”.

Democrat abusers have frequently drawn their victims from the ranks of leftist activists. That was true of Ellison, Franken, Schneiderman and Woodburn. Their politics aren’t incidental to their abusers; it’s how they attract their victims. They tout their Planned Parenthood credentials before the chokings, the beatings and the assaults begin. And they are enabled by a party that believes all women.

Except those women who accuse their own leaders.

When attacking President Trump, Senator Woodburn wrote of his empathy for his more felonious constituents. "With most of the state’s incarcerated men being in my district, I’m a regular visitor to our prisons. I recall touring the hobby shop, where long-term inmates learn the skills to craft beautiful things."

Perhaps one day, Senator Woodburn will also learn to craft beautiful things.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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Thank you for reading.

Journalist Dies Six Months After Getting Attacked for Being White, Police Report Says

It would seem the media would want to cover a story like this, but have you even heard about it until now?

Jerry Wolkowitz was severely injured six months ago after getting attacked for being white.
Jerry has now passed away at the age of 55.  It would seem the media would want to cover a story like this, but have you even heard about it until now?

From Daily Wire.  The media usually rush to defend those who can be claimed as one of their own, just look at the coverage of Saudi nationalist Jamal Khashoggi........To Read More....

Vestal Victims and the Cult of Left-Wing Narcissism

By Deborah C. Tyler October 21, 2018

The magical vestal virgins of ancient Rome were believed to be so powerful that the vestals held sway over the daily life of Rome for almost one thousand years. Their mystical powers were believed to originate in sanctified chastity through a complicated system of rituals. The touch of a vestal virgin, incorruptibly pure, could exonerate a convict; their testimony was accepted without question or need to swear an oath.

The Romans did not have faith in their many gods in the modern sense of the concept. Rather, they maintained a "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" contractual relationship with their deities. Roman daily life included ubiquitous rituals, sacrifices, and flattery to the gods to win material advantages – a bountiful harvest, protection of the city, good health. Today, ordinary people enjoy a surfeit of material comforts even the Roman emperors would have envied. In a nation of plenty, what, then, is the purpose of the left wing's obsession with victimology? ..........The Democratic Party is no longer a political party; it is a cult.

 Democrat candidates run no longer on a political platform, but on a promise to energize the hatred against whomever their base needs to revile. Similarly, liberal progressivism is no longer a political ideology. It has devolved into puerile, senseless incantations irrelevant to the problems facing the citizens of the American republic ............ Read more

So, Louis Farrakhan Can Call Jewish People Termites...And Not Get Suspended By Twitter

Matt Vespa Oct 18, 2018

Well, conservatives have more fodder against Twitter. The social media giant will not suspend, ban, or do much discipline-wise against Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who compared Jewish people to insects (via Newsbusters):
In a video tweeted by Farrakhan, the minister compared  Jewish people to “termites.” Gripping the pulpit, he called also called them “stupid.” This video was later tweeted by the official Nation of Islam account which Farrakhan leads. Ordinarily, this kind of behavior would get someone suspended or banned from Twitter, because of its hate speech policies. But not so with Farrakhan...........To Read More..... 

Cory Booker accused of sexual assault ... by a man?

October 21, 2018 By Monica Showalter

Sen. Spartacus Booker of New Jersey is shaping to be quite a piece of work. After grandstanding through the Senate confirmation hearings about the evils of sexual harassment as he sat there in high-eyed judgment on the blameless Judge Brett Kavanaugh, calling himself 'Spartacus' for his feigned moral courage, he found himself exposed as a hypocrite as word of his 1992 first-person essay about how he sexually harassing a woman made its way back to print, in that Internet-is-forever reality. Not much moral authority over Kavanaugh, pal. Now it's gotten even worse: Some man has come out and said Booker sexually assaulted him, in 2014. According to GatewayPundit, which has a four-page written statement from the still-anonymous victim:...........Read more

My Take - Is this "anonymous victim" believable? Probably not, and actually I'm going to be shocked if it is true.  But truth no longer matters.  What seems reasonable and rational no longer matters. We now live under an eleventh commandment.  Booker has been accused and now we must believe the accusation, no evidence is necessary, just believe because now, according to Booker and his mob, an accusation is enough.

So following the Booker commandment - I hereby denounce Booker as a grandstander, posturer, attention-seeker, and sexual predator, who must apologize for his egregious behavior and resign, whether he did it or not. Isn't that the new commandment laid down by Booker and company?

Another leftist restaurant harassment of a Republican - with a different ending

By Monica Showalter October 21, 2018

The antifa-style left, egged on by Democrats to harass Republicans in public places, is at it again, targeting a Republican in a restaurant. But this time things didn't go the way they thought it would go. A pack of them went after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as he dined in a Cuban-style restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, along with his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, mobbing, screaming, throwing trash and basically doing what they do best............. But this, time, things didn't go the way they thought things would go.

Patrons, the people they could care less about disturbing as they made their protests, rose up, waved their hands, and confronted the screamers, protesting their disturbance of the peace. In fact, they told them to get the hell out, their presence was not desirable. One man in a camouflage hunters hat got right in their faces as they bayed............The public is fed up, and won't stand for this anymore.

Obviously, they no longer are interested in playing unwilling audience to the left's theatrics and thuggery...........Read more

Employees and execs are failing drug tests at shocking rates

By John Aidan Byrne

New York City employers are squarely blaming a raging drug epidemic for much of the trouble they have filling jobs in one of the tightest labor markets in a generation.
More local prospective workers are testing positive for substance abuse, or showing up stoned for work, according to industry analysts.

And even as weed is legalized in some places, or viewed as more socially acceptable, it’s not just marijuana’s job-impairment side-effects that bother these hiring managers. The abuse of hard drugs, such as cocaine and methamphetamine, has exploded, and further threatens productivity.

Many jobs in New York City now take 60 days or more to fill. Thirty percent of the openings in New York City for registered nurses, bartenders, delivery drivers, program managers and machine operators that are posted on professional job Web sites go unfilled for 60 days or more, according to the employment portals...........To Read More......

DNC: 'Top Sekret Plan for Midterms'

By Clarice Feldman October 21, 2018

I was buying a gallon of kombucha tea at Whole Foods for a block party by my neighbors who fancy themselves upscale members of the "resistance."  I had hoped that this disgusting concoction would clear their heads and digestive tracts so they'd stop pestering me to vote for the Democrats.  Stuck at the bottom of the grocery cart was a memo a prior shopper had accidentally left behind.  The name of the author was lost under a splotch of what appeared to be gluten-free, fat-free, sugarless soy yogurt, but I could make out most of it.

Forewarned is forearmed, so I'm sharing it...............Read more

Ever Get the Feeling Someone Out There Is Bi-Poller?

Dov Fischer  October 22, 2018

In just a few weeks we’ll know if history repeats itself by correcting actual voter preference numbers.  With polls sometimes going one way, and with results sometimes going another way, do you ever get the feeling that someone out there is bi-poller?.......Indeed, what Caucasian married woman in America does not wear a button that says “Please, Maxine, Destroy My Family’s Finances”? .......Maybe the pollsters correctly gauge that voters miss the days when we were losing our manufacturing base to China and India........Maybe the pollsters have identified power voting districts of people who can’t stand winning the re-shaping of the federal judiciary to reflect a respect for the Constitution as it is written and as it was conceived by our Founders.

Maybe the suburban voters rue the reduction of judges who basically skip over the Constitution.......Maybe there is a wave of voters breathlessly panting for their homes to become Sanctuary Cities, too, where Illegals can return again and again — after being deported again and again — and , sooner or later, kill someone innocent like a Kate Steinle… and then have a jury let them off...............In a fortnight we will know whether we are polls apart and whether Americans really are sick and tired of winning. Because if they are, the good news for them is that Nancy Pelosi is ready to emerge from mothballs and lead Congress again, and Maxine is ready to be chair of Financial Services. Truly a choice to test the wisdom of the American people...........To Read More...

Arthur Jensen: A King Among Men

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 2003
Frank Miele, Intelligence, Race Genetics: Conversations with Arthur R. Jensen, Westview Press, 2002, 243 pp.

Probably no man in the 20th century has contributed more to the study of human intelligence than Arthur Jensen — and probably no scientist has been more hated for it. Were his contributions in any other field, Prof. Jensen, emeritus of U.C. Berkeley, would have received every scientific award and honor. Instead, by demonstrating the unitary and hereditary nature of intelligence and the genetic origins of racial differences in mental ability, he has been viciously attacked by the ignorant, while earning the mostly private admiration of specialists.

Ever the detached scientist, Prof. Jensen has never let personal or political considerations affect his work, and has rarely revealed much about his private life. This collection of conversations with journalist Frank Miele clearly summarizes his most important scientific ideas, but for readers who are generally familiar with recent findings on intelligence, the best part of this book is the glimpse it offers of Arthur Jensen himself.........To Read More....

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Why Is Khashoggi Being Made The Defining Issue Of U.S. Foreign Policy?

The alleged killing of Jamal Khashoggi reveals far more about the nature of the American press and political establishment than it does foreign policy

By 19, 2018

Why has the media and much of the political establishment made the presumed murder of an Islamist Saudi dissident on Turkish soil a defining issue in American foreign policy?

Jamal Khashoggi is not a U.S. citizen.....nor is he a lover of liberty..... Khashoggi mourned the death of Osama bin Laden......was also an ardent proponent of political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood............One also wonders why so many in the media are quick to fawn over such a figure given his regressive views................ Kpublished an article........ “The U.S. is wrong about the Muslim Brotherhood — and the Arab world is suffering for it.” In it, he blames the United States’ aversion to the Muslim Brotherhood for the “loss of a great opportunity to reform the entire Arab world and allow a historic change that might have freed the region from a thousand years of tyranny.”
Get that? It is the Sharia supremacist Muslim Brotherhood that in Khashoggi’s view would have “liberated” the Arab world. Khashoggi continues:
There can be no political reform and democracy in any Arab country without accepting that political Islam is a part of it … the only way to prevent political Islam from playing a role in Arab politics is to abolish democracy, which essentially deprives citizens of their basic right to choose their political representatives …It is wrong to dwell on political Islam, conservatism and identity issues when the choice is between having a free society tolerant of all viewpoints and having an oppressive regime.................  (Emphasis Mine. RK)
Who knew that Muslim Brotherhood rule would foster liberty and plurality................

The globe is filled with murderers and thieves. In this dangerous world, our government’s paramount role is to protect us. The pursuit of our national security and national interest requires at times partnering with immoral regimes, requiring keen judgment, and the prioritizing of principles versus objectives. Doing everything we can to protect ourselves does not make us immoral..............

The Iran Deal and Muslim Brotherhood echo chamber chorus, led by none other than Ben Rhodes is wholly hypocritical in its criticism given the evil regimes with which the Obama administration colluded, self-evidently to the detriment of our national interest.   (Ben Rhodes was the former deputy national-security adviser to Barack Obama.  No self serving hypocrisy there.....right? RK)

The Khashoggi affair has revealed significantly more about the nature of our media and political establishment than about the Islamic world and American foreign policy.................To Read More....

A.F. Branco Cartoon Roundup – Liawatha


Using American Tax Dollars, Pro-Tax OECD Bureaucrats Launch Attack against Nations that Attract Successful Immigrants

October 19, 2018 by Dan Mitchell @ International Liberty
If you live in Illinois or California and you’re sick and tired of high taxes and crummy government, should you have the freedom to move to a state with no income tax, such as Florida or Texas?

The answer is yes (though Walter Williams joked that leftist politicians may start putting up barbed wire fences and watch towers to keep taxpayers imprisoned).

What about if you want to move from one country to another? I’ve written many times that people should have the liberty to leave a country (including the United States) that mistreats them.

But let’s look at the issue from a different perspective.

What about the nations that explicitly seek to attract new residents? Especially new residents that can help boost the economy with new jobs and investment?

The United States uses the EB-5 visa to attract this type of immigrant, and many other nations have similar programs.

Needless to say, politicians from uncompetitive, high-tax nations don’t like this competition for entrepreneurial talent. And neither do politicians from poorly governed nations in the developing world.

They know they’ll suffer a “brain drain” if their most productive citizens can freely move to nations with better governance.

Needless to say, they should fix their bad policies if they’re worried about people leaving.

But instead they’ve decided to attack the countries that roll out the red carpet for newcomers. And they have convinced the statists at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to create a blacklist of nations with attractive “citizenship by investment” and “residence by investment” programs.

Here’s the list of countries that the OECD is condemning.

The bureaucrats at the OECD receive tax-free salaries, so it’s especially galling that one of the conditions for being on this new blacklist is if a nation offers a “low personal income tax rate.”
You may think I’m joking, but that condition is explicitly stated on the OECD site.

And the U.K.-based Guardian says something similar in its report on the OECD’s latest effort to rig global rules so governments can grab more money.
A blacklist of 21 countries whose so-called “golden passport” schemes threaten international efforts to combat tax evasion has been published by…the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The Paris-based body has raised the alarm about the fast-expanding $3bn (£2.3bn) citizenship by investment industry, which has turned nationality into a marketable commodity. …foreign nationals can become citizens of countries in which they have never lived. …concern is growing among political leaders, law enforcement and intelligence agencies that the schemes are open to abuse… After analysing residence and citizenship schemes operated by 100 countries, the OECD says it is naming those jurisdictions that attract investors by offering low personal tax rates on income from foreign financial assets, while also not requiring an individual to spend a significant amount of time in the country. …The OECD believes the ease with which the wealthiest individuals can obtain another nationality is undermining information sharing. If a UK national declares themselves as Cypriot, for example, information about their offshore bank accounts could be shared with Cyprus instead of Britain’s HM Revenue and Customs.
This blacklist is very similar to the OECD’s attack against so-called tax havens, which started about 20 years ago.

Only that time, the OECD was trying to help high-tax nations that were suffering from an exodus of capital. Now the goal is to prevent an exodus of labor.

By the way, the OECD exempted its own member nations when it launched its attack against tax havens.

So you won’t be surprised to learn that the OECD also didn’t blacklist any of its many member nations that have CBI and RBI programs. And it also let some other nations off the hook as well.

In other words, the OECD is advancing statism and being hypocritical at the same time.

For those of us who closely follow this bureaucracy, this hack behavior is very familiar. For instance, it has used dodgy, dishonest, and misleading data when pushing big-government policies regarding poverty,pay equityinequality, and comparative economics.

So this new blacklist is simply one more reason why I’m a big advocate of cutting off the flow of American tax dollars to this parasitical bureaucracy.

P.S. To give you an idea why high-tax nations want to choke off migration of taxpayers, check out this poll showing that 52 percent of French citizens would be interested in moving to America.

After successful demonization campaign against herbicide glyphosate, anti-GMO activists and environmental groups take aim at atrazine

| | October 18, 2018

In July, the US Environmental Protection Agency issued an extensive report that reviewed decades of science and declared that a very popular herbicide did not present any human health problems. As they have in reaction to previous EPA reports exonerating herbicides, anti-GMO groups howled in protest.

But this time, the herbicide was one that, while widely used by farmers, hasn’t yet gathered the headlines and legal focus of that ‘other’ popular herbicide, glyphosate (known in its patented version as “Roundup”). The subject of last summer’s report was the herbicide

atrazine. There are increasing signs that atrazine is the next target of groups opposed to GMOs (although atrazine is applied to conventional and GM plants) and synthetic chemicals used in modern agriculture.

According to the anti-modern agriculture Environmental Working Group, “EPA Ignores the Science, Dismisses the Risks to Children’s Health from Syngenta’s Atrazine.” EWG is now demanding a ban on the use of atrazine in the US:..............To Read More....

Mother Nature? More like ‘Mad Scientist Mama’—creator of chemicals good and bad for humans

| | October 19, 2018

We frequently see a contrast drawn between what is “natural” and what is “chemical.” Sometimes products are described as “chemical-free” even though every physical object is made of chemicals.

As much as this suggests a problem with our science education, it speaks to a missed opportunity for wonder. Nature is not some sort of cosmic mother figure; on the contrary, nature is composed of diverse biological and physical processes, including some pretty amazing examples of chemistry continually taking place. If we indulge the human personification of nature and its “children” a bit, we could say the following about these “chemists”:
  • They are extremely creative.
  • They can make really complex molecules.
  • Some of their chemicals last a really long time – which is sometimes good and sometimes bad.
  • They are really good at making polymers.
  • They make some extremely toxic things.
I’ll give a few examples below............To Read More.....

Cancer and genetics: Why smoking threatens more than just your lung

| | October 19, 2018

 Of all the people who die from cancer each year, more than 30 percent of them could have avoided the disease had they done one thing: quit smoking. And that’s not just cancers of the lungs and throat. Seventeen cancers are strongly linked to cigarette smoking including kidney, cervix and colon cancers. 
That percentage increases state by state depending on smoking prevalence according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In Kentucky, for example, 34 percent of cancer deaths in men and 29 percent in women can be attributed to whether or not a person smoked cigarettes. In Utah, where smoking is a relatively rare habit, those numbers were 16 and 11 percent, respectively.
Lung, throat, larynx cancers make sense. Those tissues come directly into contact with cigarette smoke and the cancer-causing chemicals it contains. A study published in Science showed that for each year a person smoked a pack a day there were 150 new genetic mutations in each of his or her lung cells. But how could smoking affect something as distant from the respiratory organs as the colon, bladder and pancreas? From the LA Times:........To Read More........

The Eponymous Reagan

Craig Shirley Oct 20, 2018

I was honored several weeks ago to participate in a one-day conference on Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II sponsored by the Reagan Institute of Washington, a branch of the Reagan Foundation and Library in Simi Valley, California. The conference was titled, “Ronald Reagan & Pope John Paul II. The Partnership that Changed the World.”

And, change the world they did. Millions live in freedom, in economic prosperity, because these two men forged an alliance for progress; an alliance hated by the left in America, but loved by everyone else, especially the hundreds of millions imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain.

In the eight years of his presidency, the Editorial pages of the Washington Post almost never took his side---America’s side----in any conflict with the Soviets………Charles Lane idiotically wrote, “It has been 33 years since Mikhail Gorbachev took power in the Soviet Union, catalyzing internal reforms that escaped his control and led, in 1989, to the downfall of Eastern Europe’s communist governments. 1991 saw the collapse of the regime in Moscow itself.”

Not a whisper about Reagan, Pope John Paul II or Margaret Thatcher, or the fact that conservatives were right and liberals----including and especially the Post---were wrong about Moscow. Gorbachev himself said Reagan deserves all the credit for the defeat of Soviet Communism, but the former dictator’s own words are not good enough for Mr. Lane...........To Read More.....

Why the Media Couldn’t Care Less About Khashoggi

By Sebastian Gorka October 20th, 2018

People die. Every day. It’s our lot. Some deaths attract more attention than others. Sometimes for good reasons. Sometimes for nefarious and dishonest ones.
The largest metropolitan U.S. cities see deadly violence every weekend. And those run by the Democratic Party for the last several decades are especially prone to it. Recently, Baltimore witnessed seven murders in less than 24 hours. How much coverage does the Washington Post or CNN give those murders? In fact, New York City made headlines this week for having had the first homicide-free weekend in 25 years. This was news because it is so anomalous. How perverse.
So what about Jamal Khashoggi? Yes, it is now clear that Saudi Arabian man was murdered. But what are the facts of his death and do they matter to you? Or to America?

Khashoggi was a Saudi national who recently moved to the United States.........Secondly, he was not a journalist...............With a straight face its employees have lavished praise on the missing Saudi national, lauding him as a champion of free speech and democracy.

“Free speech” and “democracy?” This is a man who was a fully paid up member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological mothership that gave us Hamas, al-Qaeda, and, eventually, the Islamic State.............Khashoggi did not deserve to be killed. At the same time, in their coverage of his murder, the majority of the American media has proven that they do not deserve America’s respect............To Read More....

How Obama Treated Slain Journalists

Journalists should not be slain by authoritarians, tyrants, or ideological fanatics for their views, but they have been – and, in the case of President Obama, with an attitude of callous indifference.

October 20, 2018 Daniel John Sobieski

As facts are gathered concerning the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the foreign-policy implications are pondered by a liberal chattering class willing to blame President Trump when a sparrow falls from a tree, consider the reaction by President Barack Hussein Obama to the murder of journalists and the press treatment of a president who actually bowed to a Saudi king.

President Trump’s caution against a rush to judgment concerning our Saudi allies has the press moaning that the condemnation of the Saudis is not coming fast enough or will not be harsh enough.

Any reaction comes in the context of the need to keep Iran from building a deliverable nuclear weapon or otherwise expanding its hegemony in the Middle East. Listening to Trump’s critics could easily result in a strategic disaster as we sit after the gust clears in our smug anti-Trump motivated self-righteousness.............More

The Party of Antifa Fascists?

Paul Driessen Oct 20, 2018

Who are the “Antifa” mobs? What are they doing to our country? How long will we tolerate them?

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were their latest excuse for tantrums and intolerance. Dismissing fairness, propriety and due process, they screamed that mere allegations of misconduct were enough to bar him from the Supreme Court, despite no corroborating evidence or witnesses.

Vicious harassment of senators and White House officials in restaurants, streets, grocery stores, and Senate offices and elevators was matched by ambush tactics and despicable behavior by Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats. If Justice Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearings were “an electronic lynching,” those hearings were an electronic assault on a respected jurist, his wife and young daughters.

When Kavanaugh fought back, the same Senators and their media friends said he “lacked the proper temperament” to be on the Court. (Apparently, he should have just tried to enjoy the experience.)

The fact is, Democrats and their allies had said in lockstep and from the outset that they intended to keep any Trump nominee off our highest court. The Women’s March mistakenly released a statement saying it opposed the “nomination of XX” to the Court. (They forgot to fill in the blank.) They view the Court as their supreme state and national legislature: it’s far easier to get 5 votes than 5 million or 50 million.

In reality, this ongoing attempted rule by mob (with Portland, Oregon a prime example) goes back to the 2016 elections that put Donald Trump in the White House. The mobs weren’t just disappointed that Hillary Clinton had not won. They were enraged. And they’ve remained so ever since.

In fact, their furor goes back even further – to mounds of excrement they left behind in North Dakota, for instance, where they tried to block the Dakota Access Pipeline, by burning and bombing bridges, threatening local residents and killing cattle. One “peaceful protester” tried to shoot a deputy sheriff In another example, they enlisted state attorneys general, universities, wealthy leftwing foundations and private law firms (on a contingency fee basis) to bring RICO and other actions against scientists and think tanks that voice skepticism about “cataclysmic manmade climate change.” On college campuses they have banned, disinvited, mobbed, harassed or just plain screamed over 300 conservative speakers into silence. Being a Republican or wearing a Trump MAGA hat can get you beaten, or worse.

They forget President Obama’s dictum: “Elections have consequences.” One is the President’s right to nominate Federal judges. But from their perspective, “consequences” must never apply when they lose – and the Electoral College must be abolished when it works as our Founding Fathers intended: to keep populous urban areas from dominating presidential elections and imposing a tyranny of the majority. (The fact that 85% of all US counties voted for Donald Trump illustrates this principle in action.)

In most of these cases, “they” are the Antifa mobs. Antifa being short for “anti-fascist.” Don’t be conned.

The Antifa mobs are fascists! And they have become the ski-masked thug wing of the Democratic Party.

They (and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kyrsten Sinema, Andrew Gillum, Bernie Sanders and other favored candidates) certainly espouse socialism as their vehicle for wealth redistribution. However, in almost every other respect, their philosophies and actions reflect fascism, which is generally defined as: A political system in which an authoritarian government does not own businesses and industries, but strictly regulates and controls their actions, output and rights – while forcibly controlling and suppressing citizens and their thought and speech via stringent laws, intimidation and even violence.

Sadly, the Democratic Party is slipping further into these tendencies, becoming ever more closely aligned with these radicals. It relies on Antifa thugs to “rally the base,” intimidate and abuse Republican voters and candidates, and get Democrat (and “undocumented”) voters to the polls. Like too many in the “mainstream” news media, Democrats refuse to condemn the mob behavior – and say it’s wrong to even call them mobs. They’re just concerned citizens, peaceably assembling and seeking redress of their grievances. Right. (Hint: You don’t like being called fascist mobs? Stop behaving like fascist mobs.) “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Hillary Clinton said recently. So instead of civil debates we’re to have civil war over whose vision and agenda will rule? Is there something wrong, antiquated or “threatening” about debating issues?

Former Attorney General Eric Holder said, when Republicans “go low” with their rhetoric, “we kick them.” Rep. Maxine Waters (R-CA) incites Antifa mobs by ranting, “If you see anybody from the Trump Administration in a restaurant, in a department store, tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Now on top of the speech codes, trigger warnings, boycotts, censorship, groupthink and identity politics, Google, Facebook and Twitter control and restrict access to conservative views; crowd funding sites prevent conservative groups from raising money; and the Obama IRS prevented Tea Party groups from getting the tax status needed to operate. When all that fails, we’re supposed to tolerate mobs and riots.

On campuses, LGBTQ diversity is virtuous. Diversity of viewpoints or political affiliation is intolerable. Some say Republicans want to control what you do in your bedroom. But Democrats want to control everything you do anywhere outside your bedroom. And Antifa mobs will keep you quiet and in line.

Antifa thugs fire-bombed a North Carolina Republican office and trashed another one in New York City, where they left a note that said, “This is just the beginning.” Others knocked a 71-year-old female congressional staffer unconscious! It even reached the point where a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter tried to gun down Republican legislators and staffers who were practicing for a charity baseball event.

Indeed, death on a large scale, to serve state or other “higher interests,” is another aspect of fascism. We see that with millions of people dying every year in Africa and Asia, because pressure groups deny them access to energy, insect control, water purification, agricultural and other modern technologies, in the name of protecting the environment from dangerous climate change, chemicals and biotechnology.

There are crazy ironies, too. Google helps the Chinese Communist Government prevent its citizens from accessing “forbidden” knowledge and ideas – but then claims helping the US Defense Department with Cloud computing or artificial intelligence surveillance would “violate its principles.”

Around many neighborhoods, signs proclaim “Hate has no home here,” in multiple languages, with an American flag heart logo reminiscent of the Obama campaign logo – in liberals’ yards. The signs are part of a project that “promotes just and inclusive communities.” Trump supporters need not apply. Democrats appear to be depending on all of this to counter a possible “red wave” – and regain control of the House of Representatives and maybe even the Senate. If they succeed even with just the House, Democrat congressional committees will investigate, interrogate and try to impeach Trump, Kavanaugh and other officials. They will impede and obstruct everything the Trump Administration tries to do.

They’ll also try to abolish ICE, block the Wall, pack the Supreme Court, take our guns, bash Israel – and replace the fossil fuels that provide 80% of our energy with “100% renewable energy” that is so expensive and unreliable it will bring our industries, economy and nation to its knees, while blanketing rural and habitat land, damaging people’s health and property rights, and butchering birds and bats by the millions.

Our rebounding energy, employment, economy, markets and living standards would get rolled back.

Victorious Democrats would also end congressional investigations into the Hillary-Deep State-DNC-Russian-Clinton Foundation collusion and corruption. All the players in these massive, sordid affairs will be deemed “too big to jail” – and too closely tied to the Democratic Party to be investigated further.

Some say the Antifa-Schumer-Pelosi-Clinton-Holder-Waters strategy will backfire. I hope that happens, because it would be disastrous if these people run Congress, America and our lives. But I won’t bank on it.

If you’re worried too (and you should be), get inspired and involved. Above all, VOTE! Vote to preserve our democratic Republic, our freedoms, our booming economy, reliable and affordable energy for all Americans – and equal justice for all, based on the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Paul Driessen writes books and articles on energy, environmental, human rights and political issues.