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Monday, March 11, 2024

Leftism Has Always Been Wrong, Destructive, and Evil

You know that little voice inside your head that keeps you from saying things you shouldn't say. Yeah, I don't have that.

.......poor hair colorings of the entire rainbow, lots of that nose piercing of a sort only cattle should have, an “I’m-rebelling-against-my-parents” wardrobe provided by Hot Topic, and dozens of what could be best described as prison tattoos entered the building—and of course they were all there midday which implied that they had nowhere like a job to be...........In a simple glance, you’d identify that they don’t deserve even a second of your respect. These are the people who are pushing the extreme cultural shifts onto society.

The purple-haired woman who wants her pronouns to be ze/zir and who believes in only using natural deodorant—the one who also pierced her nose to look like a bull, who has what looks like a poor attempt at drawing a 3-D box on her arm she did while high and who wears small ripped up shirts, but should be in 2XL—is among the vanguard of people who want you to change your life to make “zir” feel more comfortable. 

He goes on to say:

These are the people who wanted you banned from society for not getting the same medical treatment they believe in; the same people who want toddlers to be taught sex in schools; the same people who want to ostracize you for your faith in God; and the same people who scream that you’re a hateful-phobe or an -ist for having opinions that differ from their own.  You’d laugh at them in person........ They don’t deserve your respect or your tolerance—they never did.  

And if you ever lose that perspective or feel intimidated by what you’re seeing from the Left, just take a trip to your local independent coffee shop and reclaim your confidence in knowing that you are on the correct side of history.

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