Monday, December 23, 2019

Time for Climate Sense

By Viv Forbes December 23, 2019

Svante Arrhenius (1859-1927) was a Swedish scientist who first claimed that the burning of hydrocarbons like coal, oil, gas, peat, and wood may cause global warming. In 1895 he calculated (incorrectly) that a doubling of the atmospheric CO2 concentration would lead to a 4-5o C rise in global temperature.   However, Arrhenius suggested that this increase could be beneficial, making the various climates on Earth “more equable" and stimulating plant growth and food production.

Then a showman/politician, Al Gore, gave life to the theory that extra carbon dioxide due to human activities will cause dangerous global warming.

But temperatures refused to obey the alarmist computer model forecasts. So they switched to the universal boogieman -- climate-change, where every bit of bad weather was blamed on western industry. But this did not scare enough people, so it morphed into climate emergency, which allows coal, oil, gas, cars, and cattle to be blamed for everything bad -- floods and droughts, snowstorms and heatwaves, bushfires, coral bleaching, species extinction, and pollution anywhere.

But the carbon dioxide scare is proving false -- it’s time for some climate sense........ Alarmism over climate is the great gravy train for academics, bureaucrats, speculators, globalists, and politicians seeking excuses for more power and more taxes. “Climate emergency” is an exercise in global politics, not science. The plan is to scare us into transferring money and power from western nations to the UN -- a fake answer to an invented problem.......... .......To Read More....

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