Friday, December 27, 2019

The Democrats' bleak midwinter as their coup attempt is unraveling

December 27, 2019 By Patricia McCarthy

The deep state and the Democrat party have, from the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy, set out to destroy the man, his candidacy, and then his presidency. They did this, as the Horowitz report has shown and the Barr/Durham report will expand upon, by attempting to frame Trump with a despicable, treasonous plot that would, they were certain, invalidate his campaign and subsequently his presidency............. They are in a venomous symbiotic relationship bent on destroying America as founded and remaking it into some sort of sop to the anti-American, globalist left. The Democrat party will never recover from their malfeasance in this endeavor, never...........How spineless must one be to pretend Adam Schiff is an honest broker?..........

They are so proud of themselves for their sham impeachment they have yet to realize they have made utter fools of their party.........When the American people learn who and how traitorous all the players in this Machiavellian ruse have been and are, they will all want to drain the swamp that is the DC bureaucracy and their partners in this vast crime..............To Read More...

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