Saturday, December 28, 2019

Sword and Scimitar: Weekly Score Card

By Rich Kozlovich

I'm sick of those who attempt to equate actions by "Christians" and westerners against poor abused Muslims living in western nations with a foundational Judaic/Christian moral foundation as being equilivant to all the violence and criminal activity of Muslims world wide.  I see TV shows and movies where some Muslim will be outraged at "what they have to go through daily" in America for being Muslim. Well, I'm sick of it and I've decided we need to keep a weekly score card.

One of the things we really need to qualify is this: Christ didn't tell his followers to kill those against Christianity, or those who were simply members of another religion, or kill Christians who decided they didn't want to be Christians any longer and converted to another faith. The Koran requires Muslims to kill those who convert from Islam. The followers of Islam who are murdering, raping, robbing and brutalizing non-Muslims, and even Muslims of a different sect of Islam, are doing exactly what Muhammad told them to do in the Koran.

The intent of this series is to demonstrate the real moral foundations that create the social paradigms of peoples raised with Islamic values, versus the people who were raised in nations founded on Christian values.

It might be noted there are those who commit acts of violence and intimidation against Muslims, but those acts are not condoned or promoted by Western governments, unlike Muslim ruled nations.  Nations  that actually promote and sponser violence agasint non-Muslims.  That's required of them by the Koran.

Yet in Western nations we find the leadership actually tries to cover up what's normally considered criminal behavior by Muslims, and yet they whine they're not treated fairly.

Let's see who did what to whom this week, and then let's talk about "fair".

We might wish to explore the idea that Islam isn't a religion at all, but a criminal, political movement masquerading as a religion. The Constitution stands for freedom of religion, but the Constitution wasn't meant to be a suicide pact. We need to define things properly, and that's done by seeing what people do, not what they say.

There's one article here that shows why America has wisely refused to abandon U.S. sovereignty and sign on to a leftist scam laughingly call the International Criminal Court and allow it to destroy Constitutional guarantees.

Muslims, Anti-Semites - This will be defined in this weekly series as believers in Islam, or anti-Semites, who commit, promote or defend violence against Christan, Jews, Non-religious Westerners, and other religions around the world, and even Muslims against other Muslims.
  1. Crackdown on Iranian protests killed 1,500, says report
  2. CBN News Video: Raymond Ibrahim Exposes Turkey’s Role in Slaughter of Nigerian Christians
  3. Video: Raymond Ibrahim on Pensacola and the Pelosi-CAIR Alliance
  4. Queen is the enemy of Islam and must die’
  5. French Jewish principals urge their students to leave France
  6. India: Muslims come out of mosque after prayers and throw stones at police
  7. Chad: Muslims murder 14 people in jihad massacre at fishing village
  8. Arizona: Muslim migrant punches, kicks police officer, throws him to the ground
  9. Pakistan: Professor sentenced to death and fine of $3800 on blasphemy charge
  10. Turkey: Veiled Muslima on plane says she has bomb, “I will blow up the aircraft”
  11. Fatah top dog: Murdering Israeli civilians is one of the “values, customs” of the “Palestinians”
  12. International Criminal Court Prosecutor Pursues Sham Anti-Israel Investigation    
  13. Jewish-Israeli student files complaint alleging anti-Semitism at Columbia University
  14. Another Christmas in the Age of Jihad
  15. UK’s Jihad Prisons: Sharia Trials in British Prisons
  16. India: Muslim cleric says “we will not hesitate in waging jihad” over law granting asylum to persecuted non-Muslims
  17. Washington state: Muslim cleric who led prayer at state house says Allah transformed Jews into “despicable apes”
  18. Indonesia: Christians celebrate Christmas in tent after authorities forbid rebuilding of churches Muslims destroyed
  19. Erdogan tells Turks in Switzerland not to integrate into Swiss society
  20. UN Commission on the Status of Women slams Pakistan for persecution of religious minorities
  21. Somalia: Muslims murder at least seven people in jihad martyrdom suicide attack at hotel
  22. San Diego State cancels Jew-hater Ava Muhammad after antisemitism charges
  23. From dictator’s legal adviser to ICC chief prosecutor going after Jewish state
  24. Christmas Terror: Grenade Attack Near Cathedral Leaves Several Wounded in the Philippines
  25. Germany: Eight Muslims Attack Christmas Party at St. Nicolai and Stab Parish Employees   '
  26. Burkina Faso: Muslim murder at least 35 civilians, mostly women, in jihad attack on town
  27. Iran: Qur’an expert says Qur’an commands that protesters “should die in agony, not merely be killed”
  28. Maldives: Security services reveal that close to 1,400 Maldivians would kill in the name of Islam
  29. WSJ condemns “new war” on Christians in Africa which is “massive in scale, horrific in brutality”
  30. Netherlands: Convicted Muslim migrant rapist charged with three more sex offenses
  31. Another Christmas in the Age of Jihad: Oppression and Appeasement
  32. Sweden: School forces non-Muslim fifth graders to kneel on prayer mats facing Mecca and worship Allah in Arabic
  33. 'Silent Night': Persecuted Palestinian Christians Kept Out of Sight
  34. The Genocide of Christians in Burkina Faso
  35. Switzerland: Masked leftists storm worship service of Islamocritical female pastor on Christmas Eve
  36. Nigeria: More than 6,000 Christians killed by Islamic terrorists since 2015
  37. Jewish Mom walking with child beaten in SIXTH ATTACK ANTISEMITIC IN NYC THIS CHANUKAH, , “We are coming after all you Jews”
  38. Seattle Area Mosque Apes Muhammad’s Jew-Hatred

Christians, Jews, Non-religious Westerners - This will be defined in this weekly series as those who perpetrate, defend or promote violence against Muslims.
  1. Maldives: Three Islamic scholars suspended for encouraging jihad terrorism (Editor's note: 
  2. I guess firing maniacs for preaching insanity could be construed as an attempt ot promote anti-Islamic thinking. RK)

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