Sunday, December 29, 2019

Impeachment: Big Ego's, Bad Attitudes

By Rich Kozlovich

It's so clearly obvious there's no criminal activity by the President of the United States.  Every accusation the Democrat party has thrown up has not only been debunked by their own investigations, it's actually come back to bite them on the can.

It's easy to understand the stupidity of the Democrats because they're afraid of the far left wing lunatics running the party.  They're afraid of the far left wing lunatics in the Congress like Ocasio-Cortez and her moron mob.

Robert Ringer, in January of this year, almost a year ago, notes:
First, absurd as it may sound to an intelligent, rational person, AOC’s lack of knowledge is actually an advantage when it comes to appealing to the Moron Mob.  These intellectually challenged bobbleheads comprise a huge segment of the population — from the guy in the street to Jim Carrey … from social activists to LeBron James … from college-campus snowflakes to media propagandists like Don Lemon — that has been growing at an accelerating pace ever since the Dirty Dems took off their masks a few years back and openly declared war on America. 
What’s scary is how easy it is for race hustlers and hate mongers to appeal to the Moron Mob.  One need only offer them free stuff — the more, the better — and they quickly morph into modern-day Jacobins shouting “off with their heads.”  Let’s face it, everyone likes free stuff — even me! — but rational, intelligent people of goodwill realize that “free” is nothing more than an illusion and that the true cost of so-called free stuff is a loss of freedom. 
Second, when bold, charismatic accidents of history like AOC are cheered on by the media, they inevitably become enamored with themselves and start believing their own gibberish. This misguided belief often evolves into a sadistic ruthlessness toward others. History is filled with examples of young people who were not taken seriously when they first came on the scene, yet went on to establish brutal dictatorships.
John Sobieski ran a piece entitled, "Murkowski is 'Disturbed,' All Right" saying the Senator is:
"disturbed by Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's statement he will be working closely with and taking his clues from President Trump in any impeachment trial in the Senate".
Amazing! She wasn't disturbed by all the manufactured testimony and corruption exhibited by Chairmen Schiff and Nadler. She apparently wasn't disturbed by the fact there has been no real evidence against Trump. She apparently wasn't disturbed by the evidence of the total corruption of the FBI, CIA and the DOJ by Obama. Apparently she wasn't disturbed by all the forged documents and failure of Democrats to turn over exculpatory evidence to the Republicans on the appropriate committees.

But she is disturbed by "McConnell objecting to and refusing to participate in this charade", because she wants a "full and fair process". What's "full and fair"mean? It means the Senate has to do what the House Democrats tell them to do. And that doesn't disturb her?

She wasn't disturbed by the Star Chamber process conducted, probably illegally, by Adam Schiff. She wasn't disturbed by hearsay witnesses.

What should disturb everyone else is her utter lack of consistency, and her utter lack of the Constitutional understanding. The Constitution gives the Senate total control over how any impeachment process is handled. What should disturb everyone is her failure to understand the President of the United States cannot be charged with "obstruction of Congress", one of the articles of impeachment.

It's called separation of powers and the Constitution gives the Executive broad powers to challenge Congress, but it didn't disturb her or the Democrats when Obama actually did abuse those powers.

There are a lot of things in her history that should have legitimately disturbed her, yet she remained silent. Now, it appears after:
 "Bill Kistol of the now defunct Weekly Standard and his group, Republicans for the Rule of Law, targeted Murkowski with a million dollar ad buy to persuade her and other wavering GOP Senatore to turn on Trump."......wanting her to criticize President Donald Trump for asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden...."
She's seems disturbed by a lot of things, but fails to be disturbed by slander, lies and the utter corruption of the Congress by House Democrats. Let's face it, Murkowski has never been a profile in courage, not uncommon for a politician.

But one thing this impeachment process has made abundantly clear, she's disturbed.

After 2022 she may be a whole lot more disturbed.

One more thing.  Think Third Party, filled with RINO's and "disturbed" Democrats with no hope to be re-elected in their districts, and nowhere else do go. 

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