Monday, December 30, 2019

Impeachment: 2020 and Beyond

By Rich Kozlovich

As the world looks over the field of candidates the Democrat party is fielding they must be wondering if we put mind altering drugs in our water. This impeachment charade the Democrat House has imposed on the nation isn't playing well, anywhere, including among many Democrats. The blue collar backbone of the Democrat party has been broken by statements from Obama and Hillary. The party has now been taken over by what one writer calls the "Moron Mob", and the term fits. There is no candidate running for the Democrat nomination that's not doing everything in their power to appeal to the lunatic left.

Warren is now waning in the polls. There's got to be a screw loose in that lady's head. She keeps making up stuff that can easily be exposed as horsepucky. Her own brother is upset at her for calling their father a janitor, which is an honorable position if there ever was one.

But it wasn't true.

It turns out he was a maintenance man, which most would consider a better position requiring more skills. Calling her dad a janitor makes her look humble, coming from unskilled people, doing the same kind of jobs performed by uneducated and unskilled immigrants.

Unlike most kids, Warren doesn't brag up, she brags down. Why? To give all these little people she's forced to appease a favorable view of her "struggle" to become as wealthy as she is today.

She claimed she was too poor to go to college. The truth?  She lied, again! As Monica Showalter notes:
It's part of a chain of fabrications so typical of Elizabeth Warren. As if the fake Indian scandal, the fake pregnant-teacher-firing scandal, the fake college-admissions scandals didn't teach her to be very very cautious about what she claims about herself...She just keeps on going and assumes no one will notice the inauthencity pattern.
All these fabrications are costing her, as pointed out in this article, Lying Liz Warren’s campaign facing embarrassing drop in fourth quarter fundraising,   Can she recover?  In my opinion, no.  She's now given the impression she really is nuts, not at all bright, lacks any understanding about economics and has nothing to offer but lies.  If she has so little confidence in who she is and where she comes from, why should anyone else? 

The Impeachment charade the Democrat party has embraced will impact their party for a long time, maybe to the end of the party.  It certainly isn't a party of the loyal opposition.  I find it inconceivable that so many elected members of Congress hate America so much, and the so many people in the nation think that's just fine.

Biden is done, Take him off the grill.  His complicity with his son's corruption has exposed him for the corrupt Deep Stater he's always been. He's bombing with Latinos.  While touting his support of unions, he actually killed himself by embracing the New Green Deal.

It gets better. It turns out Bernie Sanders is starting to scare them.  He might actually be able to pull it off and get the nomination, although I still think there will be a brokered convention, and there's even been some talk about Ocasio-Cortez being picked. Very small talk I might add, but it shows what a mess the Democrat party is.

Along with those left running who aren't in the top four, let's take a look at those who've dropped out.
Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Robert "Beto" O'Rourke, Eric Swalwell, Jay Inslee, Bill de Blasio, John Hickenlooper.  A few other non-notables padded out the clown car, including an obscure state senator and Trump voter, the most anti-war progressive to run for president since William Jennings Bryan, and a governor who resembles a stolid yet handy Hallmark movie hunk.
Can you even remember some of them?

The impeachment coup attempt is failing, badly, and it's costing these candidates badly.

Patricia McCarthy outlines the real problem for the Democrat party in her article, The Democrats' bleak midwinter as their coup attempt is unraveling ”, and it all revolves around the corruption involving “The deep state and the Democrat party have, from the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy, set out to destroy the man, his candidacy, and then his presidency.”

She notes:
........they will stop at nothing; no fabricated smear is too low, no lie is a bridge too far. The left media will do the Democrats' bidding and vice versa. They are in a venomous symbiotic relationship bent on destroying America as founded and remaking it into some sort of sop to the anti-American, globalist left.  
They are like angry toddlers whose parents have rewarded every demand without rancor, just craven indulgence. They are used to getting their way and cannot abide their loss of the Left's presidential power over us all. Thus, we are afflicted with Pelosi's ridiculous, bungled management of their long-planned impeachment scheme.  
The Democrat party will never recover from their malfeasance in this endeavor; never. They are scoundrels..........
Does anyone really believe the public hasn't become aware of all this? The impeachment process has exposed them for the corrupt cabal they've been for decades, but were able to hide until now.

It will impact the 2020 Presidential and Congressional elections and I believe the elections in 2022 when a lot of Senators who've upset a lot of people. Bernie, Warren, Biden, Buttigieg are done, stick a fork in them.

As for the rest, those who've dropped out and those who're left, all the did, and alll they're doing, is eating up presidential contribution money. The hundreds of millions going into these primary races are going to come back to haunt them in the election.  No matter what anyone says, even with the Soros, the guilty rich, and the Hollywood cabal, there's only so much election money available.

There’s an old fairy tale entitled, The Emperor’s New Clothes”, about an arrogant vain Emperor wants everyone to admire him, spending large amounts of money to make him look grand. He’s conned into buying non-existent “invisible” clothing. Everyone can now see the Emperor is naked, but everyone has to go along to get along in fear of upsetting the Emperor praising his magnificent attire.

Well, this impeachment has exposed the Democrat party as a party with no scruples, that has to be praised by the media, leftist elitists, deep staters and their leftist sympathizers. People like Rep. Debbie Dingell telling the world how her husband "looking down from heaven would be so proud".

But the public isn’t impressed with the lies and underhanded corruption this impeachment process has exposed. As the third part of this series, tomorrow we’ll explore the long range vision of the Soviet Socialist Democrats.

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