Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sword and Scimitar: Score Card

By Rich Kozlovich

I've had some interesting discussions with those who have to be considered left wing in their voting patterns and thinking, and who also take offence at condemning Muslims for their morally depraved thinking and actions. Generally using a red herring fallacy saying "they did it too!"   We'll explore this more in depth in 2020, as part of a weekly series outlining whose done what to whom. Since I'm retiring I should have time for this later in the coming year. I won't have a job that will be interfering with my life.

The intent of this series is to demonstrate the real moral foundations that create the social paradigms of peoples raised with Islamic values, versus the people who were raised in nations founded on Christian values.

It might be noted there are those who commit acts of violence and intimidation against Muslims, but those acts are not condoned or promoted by Western govenments, unlike Muslim ruled nations.

Muslims, Anti-Semites - This will be defined in this weekly series as believers in Islam, or anti-Semites, who commit, promote or defend violence against Christan, Jews, Non-religious Westerners, and other religions around the world, and even Muslims against their own people.
  1. Member of Al Sharpton organization defends Jersey City official who said Jews had it coming
  2.  Man breaks into Yeshiva University, sets fires as students sleep
  3. Trump’s Historic Rebuke of Campus Anti-Semitism
  4. Canada: Appeal Court says Muslim who attacked soldiers and said Allah told him to do it is not a terrorist
  5. Russia: Muslim “shouting slogans typical of Islamic State” opens fire at security HQ, BBC says motive unclear
  6. Florida: Muslim who wrote about taking revenge on non-Muslims not charged with terrorism for sabotaging plane
  7. Sweden: Crime statistics agency pressured to manipulate findings for political purposes
  8. Indonesia: Christians banned from Christmas home celebrations in West Sumatra
  9. Turkey: Officials say statements on anti-Jewish, anti-Christian billboards are from Qur’an, and so aren’t incitement
  10. Australia: Muslims sentenced for plot to commit jihad massacre on airplane with meat grinder bomb
  11. Germany: Islamic State Muslima takes truck driving lessons, says “I’m going to the next Christmas market”
  12. Germany: Islamic State Muslima takes truck driving lessons, says “I’m going to the next Christmas market”
  13. UK: Muslim rape gang jailed for sexually abusing girl who was “passed around like a piece of meat”
  14. Turkey is allowing senior Hamas operatives to plot jihad attacks against Israel from Istanbul
  15. Indonesia to deploy 200,000 police to protect Christmas celebrations from Islamic jihad massacres
  16. India: Muslims throw stones and torch vehicles in riots against new law admitting non-Muslim refugees
  17. UK: Muslim police officer among 15 Muslims charged with sex offenses against teens
  18. India: Muslims vandalize police vehicle, thrash cops in riots over law letting in non-Muslims from Muslim lands
  19. Gambia: Christians demand that the declaration of the country as an Islamic Republic be reversed
  20. Austria foils Islamic State plots to attack crowded holiday targets, including Vienna Christmas market
  21. Congo: Muslims murder 43 in door-to-door killing spree
  22. Connecticut: Muslim tries to join ISIS, says “I can kill maybe…like a hundred kaffir”
  23. Islamic Republic of Iran begins arresting Christians in run-up to Christmas
  24. Pakistan: Muslim parents stone daughter, 10, to death in honor killing, imam also arrested
There's actually a lot more, but I think this will do.

Christians, Jews, Non-religious Westerners - This will be defined in this weekly series as those who perpetrate, defend or promote violence against Muslims.
  1. Brooklyn: Bullying Muslim Community Patrol officers get bullied back by the Bloods ( Editor's Note: This really doesn't fit the profile I outlined, but It's becoming embarrassing, so I threw them a bone. RK
  2. Nationwide Anti-Mosque Activity
That's it for this week.  Next week we'll cover another round of violence, etc.  On either side.

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