Thursday, September 26, 2019

Air war breaks out between Fox News Channel hosts

September 26, 2019 By Peter Barry Chowka

The ideological war between prominent Fox News channel program hosts that I first reported on eighteen months ago has gone hot – and this time the dust up is approaching near-nuclear levels of direct on camera mano a mano................. The [prime time] opinion programming side of Fox is openly mocked in the halls of Fox by what they [the opinion programming hosts and staff] call “the so-called news division.”

The horrendous ratings of Chris Wallace and Shep Smith [Smith’s total viewing audience is about 50% of what the prime-time hosts pull in] show how out of touch they are with the Fox audience, and the general consensus is that both Shep and Chris should just pack up and go to work for MSNBC or CNN because the Fox audience hates their biased views.

One need only to look at Fox News election night [coverage in] 2016. They [Smith and Wallace] were absolutely and visibly stunned by Donald Trump’s victory. And now the internal Fox News battle is joined anew. Stay tuned for further developments that are almost sure to come............. To Read More

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