Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Candace Owens Smacks Down Virtue-Signaling White Liberals

By  | September 24th, 2019
Nothing says ‘I feel superior to you’, like a white woman lecturing a black woman on ‘white supremacy’, but that’s what happened this week on Capitol Hill, with white liberal women patronizing black conservative Candace Owens in the latest of what seems an endless number of congressional hearings on the matter.
Candace Owens, the ideological Harriet Tubman of our time, who’s said she ‘wants to start an ideological civil war within the black community’, is doing just that, and exposing the hypocrisy, racism and race-baiting tactics of both black and white liberals in the process.
During the testimony, one of the witnesses, a white professor of white nationalism studies, tried to infer Candace was somehow responsible for the Christchurch massacre while saying she wasn’t trying to say she was responsible.
With an oh-so-self-righteous and patronizing tone, much like Ted Lieu did in the previous hearing, she deliberately smeared her as having said the massacre itself was ‘hilarious’, which of course she didn’t. She said it was hilarious that they’re having yet another hearing on this problem that isn’t nearly as much of a threat to black Americans as other real issues like father absence, education, abortion and immigration, and said it was all because it’s election time, which is true.
Besides, she had acknowledged in her opening statement that white supremacy is a real issue anyway, so trying to act like she hadn’t was deceitful.......To Read More....

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