Monday, September 30, 2019

At least 130 State Dept. officials notified of possible ‘culpability’ in ‘security incidents’ related to Hillary’s private email server

September 29, 2019

The wheels of federal bureaucratic responsibility, like the wheels of justice, grind very slowly, so only now are we learning that the scandal of Hillary Clinton’s private email server used for official business is still being scrutinized. And while the Big Fish, Hillary Clinton, is out there shooting off her mouth accusing President Trump of the corrupt practices she undertook, the smaller fish in the State Department are learning of their own culpability in corresponding with her on a private server.

Just the kind of leverage a determined prosecutor could use to obtain plea deals implicating higher ups. Ask General Flynn or Paul Manafort what that sort of pressure could mean. The Washington Post reports:...................

My own suspicion is that we are headed for an orgy of scandals between now and Election Day next year. The rush of House Democrats toward impeachment reflects their own understanding and fear of what is going to be made public. In the meantime, about 130 State Department officials -- "including some of the Democratic Party’s top foreign policy experts" -- are going to need the services of some very expensive DC lawyers, the kind of help that can force a person to sell his house. Or else, tell all to prosecutors and make a deal............ To Read More

My Take - So why were these people so sloppy in their duties?  Because Hillary was a vicious monster, and anyone who didn't play along with her corrupt practices would have been punished, so they accepted these criminal practices and played along. 

They also thought Hillary was going to be President of the United States and never dreamed they would be held accountable.  They didn't just "want" Hillary to win, they "needed" Hillary to win.  The day of reckoning for many in the Obama administration is coming due, and it's going to get ugly for the top people in his administration, and I believe it will all lead to Obama. 

"Let's Make A Deal"!  That's going to be the clarion call now. 

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