Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sarah Palin and the Collapse of the Democrats

Did Sarah Palin bring down the mighty Democratic Party?

Gordon Wysong

The Democrats don’t have lousy Presidential nominee candidates merely because the good ones were keeping their powder dry. A Black Swan candidate of 2008 is appreciably responsible for it, and no one seemed to notice. When Sarah Palin became the focus of the hopes of committed conservatives, the swamp did everything in its power to destroy her. Venal Republican operatives were so beset with personal jealousy, they were willing to crash the ship on the rocks to ensure against her ascendancy.

They won their battle, sadly. But, a single line -- just one -- provided the foundation for conservatives. Mrs. Palin told America “Do you know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick!”........... in 2010, the Tea Party revolt wiped out the budding careers of a huge number of Democrats -- about 1000 existing Democrat officeholders were sent packing, as were a large number of what the Democrats thought were viable challengers. It was not just a loss; it was the creation of a schism in Democrat Party, one that has gotten worse in the nine years since.

This one election left them without a pool of sane people at the party’s center................The schism which has done this has roots in the Tea Party, and one of their great inspirations, the candidacy of Sarah Palin. She’ll never be credited. But, when the loony leftists finally choose their loony candidate, Sarah will be a large factor in the evolution, which brought the Democrat Party so low. ................. To Read More

My Take - But the real story here is you have to begin to realize the supporters of those ‘center’ Democrats are still center Democrats, but without representation in the party.

Who will they vote for?

I will tell you this. There is no impeachment without a floor vote, and any Democrats that have a "center" base of any size will not vote for an impeachment. As for the Republican's? They're either going to support this President or they're going to be "impeached" in the 2020 election primaries.

One more thing. This is only September 2019. There's over a year left before the election and in the coming months when the campaigns really get moving, the Democrats are going to be eviscerated by the Republicans.

Even the weak sisters in that party....and there's a ton of them.... will get on board for fear of Trump’s supporters, who've made it clear they will punish any Republican that doesn’t jump on board. It may not appear like it, but this is the calm before the storm for the Democrats. They have the stage, but like an aging actor, the lighting is going to kill them.

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