Wednesday, September 25, 2019

No Red Flags for Gangs

Commentary by Gregory Hood 45 Comments

Few people oppose disarming dangerous people, but who gets to define “dangerous?” President Donald Trump wants authorities to have the power to seize guns from anyone who is a “grave risk to public safety.” But “red flag” laws of that kind won’t protect us. They will be used against us.
The political views of relatives and mental health professionals may well determine who is a “grave risk.” In 2018, police killed a Maryland man while confiscating his weapons. They haven’t explained why someone reported him.

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris recently proposed laws to “stop violent, hate-fueled attacks before they happen.” As USA Today reported, “White nationalists could have firearms taken under red flag law proposed by Kamala Harris.” No prominent Republican objected.

Democrats think white nationalists are dangerous but they don’t seem to be worried by gang members. Republican Ken Buck recently proposed issuing red-flag orders against anyone in a gang database if there were probable cause. Democrats objected, suggesting the databases were unreliable. Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler tried to argue that someone could be mistakenly labeled an MS-13 member for “doodling because it is the 13th of June.”.........To Read More....

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