Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A College Student's Take on Howard Zinn's America-Is-Evil

By Zachary P. Wilson, Class of 2020, Grove City College; Posted September 23, 2019

America is evil. The United States has been founded on genocide, slavery, oppression, and imperialism. President Ronald Reagan stated that the Soviet Union was the Evil Empire and now that it has collapsed, the new Evil Empire is the United States of America. These are the words of “historians” at schools and universities around the United States today; they make these claims from what history tells us. This is the reason I became a historian.

This revelation came to me while talking with a friend in junior high, and somehow the conversation of Native Americans and their role in American society came up (like what normal thirteen-year-old boys talk about in their spare time). I was surprised when he told me that America obtained our land by committing mass murder against the Indians, more specifically selling them smallpox-infected blankets in order to weaken them. I immediately thought to myself, “I don’t remember hearing that in my history classes,” but something also told me that this just did not sound right. I had to learn the truth. It was shortly after this event that I came across one of the figures I will never forget: Howard Zinn..................To Read More....

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