Sunday, September 29, 2019

The truth is what we (Democrats and the Media) say it is –

By |September 28th, 2019
America is anything but stable and transparent, that went out the window with Obama’s Deep State. Compared to the Trump administration Obama re-invented the dark ages where lies are the truth and the truth doesn’t matter because they are lies, and the truth is what we (Democrats and the media) say it is.
Who is responsible for the instability in American politics? It’s the media of course, totally and completely!
  • If they don’t have a story they’ll make one up.
  • If they have a story they don’t like, they’ll change the facts to fit the theory.
  • If they don’t like someone, they’ll set about ruining them.
  • They flood the airways with “stuff and nonsense” and expect, nay, demand that America should believe them because they are journalists of the “fourth estate” working in the best interests of all Americans.
Presently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been conned by the recently elected Marxist cabal of AOC’s admirers, to agree Trump must be impeached. Nancy did say “we can’t let him (Trump) win again.
When Nancy made her remarks on the subject public, she looked as nervous as a Clinton witness. Nancy knows that Trump has “Trumped” everything the Democrat party wants to do, including impeaching him.
Even after Mueller’s total failure as the Left’s shining knight for the Deep State’s treasonous coup plotters, including Hillary Clinton, Trump has never stopped doing what he campaigned he would do, making America great again. Ever since his first successes in rolling back Obama’s marxist policies, the Left’s derangement syndrome has grown more deranged and violent. They should all be “Red Flagged.”............To Read More....

My Take - My Take - Many years ago I was criticized by the President of our state pest control association for my views on the where the industry was going, which was "green" at the time. Since then we don't hear that much about "green" pest control, and I hope my articles had something to do with that.

At any rate, I said I publish the truth, and he said, "what's truth"?  I had a reasonable answer, but it wasn't definitive enough to avoid rebuttal. Since then I've developed what I consider the unrebuttably definitive answer to that question.

"Truth is the sublime convergence of history and reality. Everything we're told has an historical foundation and context. Everything we're told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality. If what's presented to us fails in either category, it's wrong."

With the left, truth is whatever fits the lasts philosophical flavor of the day. If facts don't support their narrative, they ignore the facts and make up their own. In short, leftist "truth" is always lies of commission, or lies of omission.

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