Sunday, September 29, 2019

Obama, The Bidens, The Clintons, The IMF And Others Pillaged Ukraine Then Forced Its Citizens To Pay Excessive Natural Gas Prices At 50% Above Market

Gateway Pundit

 President Obama, his Vice President Biden and his son, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Mueller, the Podestas, the IMF and others all pillaged the Ukraine and then delayed loans to the country before forcing Ukrainians to pay grossly inflated natural gas prices. Now these vultures claim they are innocent.

More than a year ago we reported that Robert Mueller was charging Paul Manafort for actions that Mueller committed himself.

The Gateway Pundit reported in August last year that Paul Manafort sits in solitary confinement for crimes he allegedly committed stemming from his work as a lobbyist in Ukraine years ago before Donald Trump ran for president...........To Read More....

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