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Friday, September 13, 2019

A Nation In Crisis

By Rich Kozlovich

Please think about this as you read today's posts.
  • Entirely too many "Americans" don't think they're Americans.
  • Too many Americans hate America.
  • Too many Americans are remarkably ignorant of American history.
  • Too many Americans fail to realize how unique American style democracy is in all of world history.
  • Too many Americans graduate from school semi-illiterate. 
  • Too many Americans graduate from college filled with false information on how the world works, or should work, and are arrogant in their ignorance. 
  • Too many Americans no longer are people of faith, and as a result have no moral foundation other than the latest philosophical flavor of the day.
  • Too many of our institutions have been infected with leftist thinking and action.
Is it any wonder our society is being washed back and forth like waves crashing against the rocks to its destruction? I’m now 73, and my optimism has waned.
  • I don’t believe Social Security will there for my children and it may not be there for me for much longer.
  • I don't believe my children and grandchild will have a better life than I did.
  • I don’t believe Medicare and Medicaid can survive the decade.
  • I don’t believe crony capitalism will be less but more – especially since this pattern goes back to the Whiskey Act of 1791.
  • I don’t believe those who left California because they made a mess of it won’t attempt to make a mess of the states they moved to.
  • I don't believe you can convince liberals their leftist philosophy has been the most misanthropic secular belief system in all of world history.
  • I don’t believe the national debt can be paid except if the government were to sell its assets - which amounts to 150 trillion dollars – and they won’t.
  • I don’t believe academia can be purged of its Frankfurt School aficionados.
  • And finally, I don’t believe anything can be fixed until the 16th and 17th amendments are repealed.
However, what I do believe is this.  If Hillary had been elected none of the treasonous actions by high ranking officials in government would have come out.    If Hillary had been elected the federal judiciary would have forever become corrupt beyond belief.

It's now clear all the parts were in place to impose a socialist state on the nation.   The Obama administration corrupted the thinking of the military by promoting only those who were on board with his politically correct vision.  The FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, all the bureaucracies and the federal judiciary, were all corrupted in ways that can only be construed as an effort to overturn the Constitution.  I also believe if no one goes to jail over all of this, it will only be an encouragement for these treasonous actions to continue.

Have a good weekend!

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