Saturday, March 23, 2019

Trump's endorsement of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights a vote for reality

March 22, 2019 By Thomas Lifson

Yesterday, President Trump pulled off one of his trademark policy surprises via Twitter and characteristically managed to outrage all the right people.   The president recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights almost 52 years after that nation acquired control over the vital escarpment overlooking much of Northern Israel during the Six-Day War...........By reversing previous American policy denying Israeli sovereignty, President Trump thumbed his nose at the U.N.-as-world-government crowd and acknowledged the fundamental right of a sovereign nation to survive. Ultimately, the theorists of world governance by the U.N. seek to endow that body with life-and-death control over nation-states...........To Read More

My Take - As the article points out this move by Trump will give the Democrats one more reason to show their antipathy to the very existance of a Jewish state. How brilliant is that?  Unlike Obama who was playing checkers while the rest of the world was playing chess, Trump not only plays chess, he's playing on multiple boards.  Brillantly! 

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