Sunday, March 24, 2019

Welcome to Islam

By Rich Kozlovich

So many find it hard to understand why the main stream media hates the western world so badly and America in particular. I know they claim to be patriots, but in reality they are primarily leftists. I even heard Mike Wallace tell his son on Fox News one day that these leftist journalist were patriots.  Perhaps if Mike Wallace was alive he could explain how Lenin was a patriot also. The reality is he hated Russia.  Why?  Because there was unfairness and inequities - and most importantly -  he wasn’t in charge!

That last part is the real reason.

Unfortunately the day did come when he and his mad followers were in charge, and they turned this new Russia - a new Russia they now loved - into a human nightmare.

So what happened to those themes of fairness and inequity? They simply became quaint slogans that no longer mattered because now they had mass starvation, mass murder and absolute tyranny. Does anyone really believe these radicals from government or religion would be any different today?
  • History, and today’s reality, give more than ample evidence that Sharia law is antithetical to western values, which are based on Christian/Judaic principles.
  • History, and today’s reality, give more than ample evidence that Sharia law is antithetical to the values the leftists claim to support, which has no stable philosophical foundation and are as shifting as dunes of sand.
That is the key to understanding this seemingly unholy alliance between the leftists and Islamists.

Those who support conservative traditional western concepts have the stability that Christian/Judaic thought inspires, which is their philosophical foundation. The left only cares about power and will shift their values as easily and rapidly as mercury will flow out of a container.

The Islamists will just as easily find common cause with anyone that is against whomever they determine is their enemy, and Islam can always find a new enemy. Both have this one absolute all consuming concept for their philosophical foundation. They hate everyone.

You disagree?  Ok, let’s try this. You will go to Venezuela and tell them  you're starting a new completely democratic political movement with the intention of overturning the socialists ruling party in power there. You will end up in a nasty South American prison, or dead.

Or how about this.

Go to Iran and tell the Ayatollahs that you are there to start a sectarian society that will make all religions equal and Sharia law will not be allowed to infringe on the rights of individuals.

They will both kill you, and do it on television!

So what happens in America if that's tried! That should be easy to find, because we already have a lot of groups attempting to overturn American democracy. In America we make them members of the House of Representatives, United States Senators, Cabinet Secretaries and President of the United States.

Islam is in many ways like the environmental movement. They are so splintered that they don’t really have a command and control system and they hate everyone! They even hate other Muslims, calling them heretics because they have a slightly different take on what Islam should be. There is absolutely one thing the leftists and the Islamists have in common; that is their way of persuading those who disagree with them to change their minds. They kill as many as they can find and those that are left either change or are also killed or enslaved.
No other “religion” preaches death to believers of other faiths. No other “religion” demands that apostates who convert be sentenced to death. No other “religion” resorts to intimidation on the scale of Islam. It is fascism masquerading as religion. - Alan Caruba
It turns out Islam and the left have much more in common than you thought!  But let's look closely at this "partnership"!

For example, "a Muslim leader in Saudi Arabia is calling for the destruction of all Christian churches in Kuwait because he believes that is what Islam demands, according to a report...........Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, declaring it is “necessary to destroy all the churches of the region.”........As with many grand muftis before him, the sheik based his proclamation on the famous tradition, or hadith, wherein the prophet of Islam declared on his deathbed that, ‘There are not to be two religions in the [Arabian] Peninsula,’ which has always been interpreted to mean that only Islam can be practiced in the region,” Ibrahim wrote."

"The soft bigotry of low expectations. Burn a Bible and everyone expects Christians to respond peacefully. When a Koran is burnt, we apologize profusely and expect the "religion of peace" to murder multiple people for weeks".  We can see this in the New Zealand attack on a mosque.  Somehow everyone's forgotten about all the atrocities committed by Muslims worldwide against Christians, Jews, and for that matter any non-Islamic religion, and even Islamic religions that aren't in harmony with other Islamic religions.

Clearly both leftists and Islamist find harmony in both of those examples.  

However, leftists support Islamists while at the same time support women's rights and gender transitions, all at the same time.  Talk about cognitive dissonance!  True Islamists will never give rights to women and they will kill anyone who's homosexual or in some form of gender transition.  That's the reality of Sharia, and if anyone who converts, or rejects that view, they're executed as heretics. 

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