Sunday, March 31, 2019

Black and White TV

By Rich Kozlovich February 3, 2012

What you will be viewing below has been sent to me an number of times, and strange as it may seem, I enjoy reading it each time. This was an amazing time to grow up. It was an amazing time to live! After this many times of receiving it, I've decided to post it.

Some of the pictures sent in the e-mail aren't posted because I have some copyright concerns. I have no doubt that the Walt Disney Company would not be happy if I posted a picture of Annette Funicello as a Mouseketeer, but I have posted those that I think will pass muster.

I have no idea who originated all of this, but it does clearly depict the stability of a by-gone time. It also generates strong feelings of nostalgia in those of us who are growing old far faster than we like, and seeing a world that would have seemed like an alien planet sixty or even fifty years ago.

From this point on this is the product of someone else's work. Please enjoy!

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