Friday, March 22, 2019

What the heck is happening to American conservatism? Are We Losing Our Rights

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What the heck is happening to American conservatism? Fox News canceled Judge Jeanine’s Saturday show for supposed negative remarks she made that questioned Islam’s stranglehold over women by denying them freedom of speech and freedom of equality, rights all Americans should enjoy. Fox has jumped off the Conservative ship by their public condemnation of Judge Jeanine, either in the name of Islam or political correctness. The Judge’s views and opinions about the requirement of women to wear Hijab’s (Omar’s), was deemed Islamophobic and bigoted. No they weren’t! Oh, my! What is Fox News scared of? Islamic retaliation?
Fox is also hiring Hillary Clinton slug, Donna Brazile as a commentator apparently to keep up the pretense of being “Fair and Balanced.” Maybe, but something is rotten in Denmark and it’s not fish.
The New Zealand attack against two mosques by a white man, is having serious repercussions because, even Chelsea Clinton, attending a vigil for the New Zealand victims, was accused of being responsible for the attacks there. And for the record, Chelsea is married to a Jew and her children will be raised Jewish as well. But that’s not the reason for the attack against her, it’s because she is white, not because she called out Omar on her anti-semitism. That means Chelsea Clinton, as a bigoted Islamaphobic Jewish white girl, must be shamed.
Trump’s success at Making America Great Again, is driving the “Leftist” media nuts. In response, If Trump doesn’t utter or Tweet it, they’ll make it up just to keep people thinking that Trump must be a mental case. Therefore Trump’s opinions on terrorist attacks, by a white man, must agree with their assessment that Trump and White Nationalism is a clear and present danger to America to be combatted at all levels, never mind the vast number of murderous attacks worldwide, by Muslims against us “Infidels” (non muslims), that the media totally ignores.........To Read More.....

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