Friday, March 22, 2019

Cuomo's Out of Control Craving for an Opioid Slush Fund

by Jeff Stier RealClear Policy March 21, 2019

Sometimes a bad idea is a bad idea, no matter how you package it. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying again, after his $600 million opioid tax was slapped down in December by an Obama appointed federal judge.  Proponents of the earlier tax scheme pointed to a key provision which forbade manufacturers from passing along the cost to patients. This was an essential element of the plan, who in their right mind would want to punish patients whose doctors legitimately prescribe opioids for acute pain?.............As a result of the ruling, Governor Cuomo was in a bind. He could have simply abandoned the cash grab, or he could have tweaked the law to make it constitutional by permitting the tax to be passed along to pain patients. Unfortunately, he went with the latter. Like an addict, he went for the fix, regardless of the harmful consequences........To Read More..........

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