Thursday, March 21, 2019

K–12: Fake, like Adulterated Milk

March 20, 2019 By Bruce Deitrick Price

In the 1800s, adulterated milk was common.  Milk produced by swill herds, as muckraking journalist Robert Hartley wrote in 1842, was "very thin, and of a pale bluish color," the kind nobody in his right mind would buy.  So distillers added flour, starch, chalk, plaster of Paris, or anything else they could get away with to make the milk look healthy.  This adulteration only increased the bacteria in milk that we today would consider undrinkable.

The common theme in adulteration is that you pay for A, but they give you B.  It's not what you want.  Additionally, it's likely to be dangerous to your financial health, your physical health, and your mental health. Whole Word, a theory that children can learn to read by memorizing sight-words, is a lot like living with Chinese drywall.  You get headaches and respiratory problems.  Your health is shot from worry and failure.  After years of going to school, the victims still have nothing to show for all that work and expense.  Memorizing sight-words is difficult to do and counterproductive.  Once you have these designs in your brain, you can rarely be a fluent reader.  More than 40,000,000 people, known as functional illiterates, are victims of this peculiar adulteration.  Reading is promised but not delivered............

Progressive educators don't seem to care about wholesome.  They want their intellectual junk food if that can help their social engineering schemes.............Students may go to school for 12 years and not know how to find Alaska on a map.  They may waste months learning cumbersome Common Core methods but never use them.............To Read More....

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