Saturday, March 23, 2019

Caught On Camera: CNN Panelists Forced To Admit Mueller Report Is...

Beth Baumann @eb454 Mar 22, 2019

President Donald Trump and CNN have been at odds with each other since the 2016 presidential election. There have been many, many tiffs between the president and the news network, especially concerning their reporting of the Trump administration.  Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report has landed on Attorney General William Barr's desk, and it has been revealed that no collusion took place between Russia and the Trump campaign, CNN panelists are forced to say the news "vindicates" the president...........To Read More....

My Take - Now's the time for the Justice Department to set up a task force to investigate their own department, the FBI, State Department, CIA, NSA, James Comey, Rod Tosenstein, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, the Democrats in their involvement with the Russians, the Deep State conspiracy to overthrow the President, and how deep the corruption of Hillary, Obama and their bands of miscreants went before, during and after the election. 

Not to mention the Clinton Foundation their blatant violation of federal laws in so much of what they did, along with the rest of the Obama administration.

Chess, not checkers!


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