Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Robert Mueller vs. Saul Alinsky, Bullshit, no matter how loud or eloquent, is still Bullshit.

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There’s no smoking gun; that would have surfaced a long time ago if it existed. There are no major Indictments; and many abandoned minor ones. Mostly, in the grand scheme of things, it’s much to do about nothing.  I’ve been saying for months that nothing would come of the Mueller investigation. At long last, we have a report that says exactly that.

About the only thing the Mueller investigation did prove is that President Donald Trump had some oddball personalities who orbited him. What man of means doesn’t?
Mr. Muller was certainly methodical and thorough. Thorough to the point that there aren’t really any stones left worth turning. Despite what some people may hope, there’s nothing worth looking into further. And don’t give me any of that Southern District of New York double speak.
Any investigation that squeezes stool pigeon after stool pigeon granting immunity to obtain accusations is another dead end. The wait for the shoe to drop game is over. The fat lady is singing.
I suspect Mr. Mueller wanted it that way. To have a conclusion that an Attorney General would have overwhelming guidance to either pursue an indictment or let it go. In this case, US Attorney General William Barr quickly determined the conclusion is the latter.........To Read More....    

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