Tuesday, March 19, 2019

84-year-old Ordered to Stop Holding Bible Study

By Todd Starnes March 17, 2019

An 84-year-old widow of a World War II veteran has been told by the state of California to either cease hosting Bible studies or face eviction from her home.

For the past nine years Artis Breau has been living at the California Veterans Home in Yountville. For many of those years she had volunteered in the chaplaincy program and hosted voluntary Bible studies.

The key word here, folks, is voluntary.

Last September a resident took issue with Mrs. Breau's beliefs about heaven and hell. The resident reportedly accused her of elder abuse and emotional abuse. Her volunteer status was suspended pending an investigation, but she was still permitted to host Bible studies.  But that changed on March 1 when Mrs. Breau was told she would be evicted from her home unless she stopped leading Bible studies.............“CalVet’s treatment of this widow is shameful,” Pacific Justice Institute attorney Matthew McReynolds said.

He said they are deeply disturbed that veterans home leaders believe ‘Discussing religious views on the eternal state of the soul is somehow elder abuse or emotional abuse.”........ To Read More....

My Take - If this is a voluntary effort on the part of the participants, how can someone who isn't participating be offended?  If they did participate and didn't like what they were hearing they could stay away.  But these snowflakes are offended because someone has the audacity to say things they don't agree with and don't want to hear and insist no one else hear it either.  Someone in this institution needs to be fired.  There's nothing like a good firing to get everyone's head straight.

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